My Babysitter

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I’m running late… I know that my supervisor, Martin, called me into the office five minutes before my shift was supposed to end on purpose. He is always being a jerk like that. Especially since it was just to go over the tasks he wanted me to complete tomorrow, along with my regular duties. Everything he could have explained at the beginning of my shift when I started the next day. That was the whole reason for our half hour shift crossovers. I have seen the way he looks at me when he doesn’t think he is being seen. What a creep. Ugh, as if.

I fluff my long blonde hair and shrug myself into a leather jacket over my pink scrubs. Shit, it was already after 10:30 pm, and Joe, was sitting for me and would be waiting so he could head home. Joe had known me for 5 years now, since high school graduation, when I and his best friend Jesse started dating. I was lucky that he was available to babysit on short notice. I knew that he did it because of me.

I was supposed to get off at 10:00 pm, but jerk Martin had to delay me. I hurry out to my vehicle and turn the key in the ignition, just waiting a couple minutes for the engine to warm. I apply a coat of berry lipgloss tinted the softest shade of raspberry on my plump lips. I was so ready to get home.

I pull up to the house and get out of the vehicle. Tonight was the night. I knew that Jesse had taken on another shift and would not be home until late. Joe was my babysitter tonight, watching my 3 year old Larry. I always knew I could count on him to step in to watch Larry on short notice. Just thinking about Joe had my heart beating faster and the tingle of butterflies flitting in my stomach. I knew that he was attracted to me… the way his eyes followed me as I moved about the house, how they lingered on my curves. He has never attempted to touch me, or made any moves on me whatsoever. It was time for me to make the moves.

I rub my sweaty palms down the front of my scrub pants and move to the door of the house, unlocking it and entering. I call out softly, not wanting escort ataşehir to wake Larry if he was asleep.

“Hi, I’m home.”

Joe was sitting in the living room with a sleeping Larry draped over his lap.

“So how did things go?” I ask.

“Pretty good. Larry just went to sleep around half an hour ago. We were playing lego tower, and he was Godzilla. Then he stole my fedora.”

I notice the fedora still perched on top of my son’s head. “That’s good. I am glad you two seemed to have fun. I will see if I can get the fedora back for you tomorrow. I’m just going to change out of my uniform. Do you want to tuck Larry into his bed?”

Without waiting for his answer, I move down the hallway to my room. I leave the door a little ajar, so that I can hear Joe as he moves to my son’s room with Larry in his arms to gently lay him down on his race car bed.

I pull the uniform top over my head and display my little leopard print push up bra with the lace detail on the cups. I shimmy the pants over my hips, and stand in the matching leopard print bikini panties.

“Did you want anything to drink, Joe?” I call through the open bedroom door.

I am listening for his reply as I contemplate my plan once again. I would just see where this would go. I shrug on a short hot pink robe, thankful that my underclothes look pretty sexy.

I make my way back into the living room to see that Joe has already returned to his seat on the couch.

“Can I grab you a Strawberry-rita thingy?” I ask as I move towards the kitchen.

My hands are trembling and I clasp them tightly to steady them. Just act natural… you can’t find anything to wear, so you are in a robe until you grab your clothes from the laundry, I tell myself silently.

“Sure, I’ll join you for one before I head home. You can tell me how your day went.”

I grab a couple of drinks from the fridge and bring them out. I hand one to Joe and plop myself down on the couch beside him, allowing the robe to display my upper thighs kadıköy escort and gape a bit to show more cleavage than what would be considered appropriate. I turn to him with a bit of smile and see how his eyes are glued to the skin that I am showing. I know that my plan is going to work.

I gently touch his arm, and say, “would you like to touch?”

I tug at the knot in the belt of my robe, and allow it to fall open. My heart is beating like a jackhammer in my chest and I feel my breath catching in my throat as I watch Joe look at me. He drinks in my appearance, his eyes alight with desire as he sees my leopard print clad breasts and the tiny scrap of material that covers the triangle of hair between my legs.

“Monica, you are so beautiful” he says.

I take one of his hands and bring it to a breast, cupping his hand around the curve. He brings the other up and gently massages me through the satin material of my bra. I can feel my nipples respond and get as hard as little pebbles. I sigh and throw back my head, thrusting my breasts more firmly into his hands. When he begins to gently pinch my nipples, I feel the heat build in my core and my panties flood with wetness in response. I lean in slowly to kiss him gently on the mouth as he continues to squeeze my breasts and nipples.

I use my tongue to place little licks along the seam of his mouth, wanting him to open to me by choice. I hear him groan as he allows me entrance. I kiss him more deeply, sticking my tongue in his mouth to let it dance and twine with his, plundering the sweetness. I am so hot, so needy, my breath coming in pants.

His hands have dragged down the straps of my bra to free the tanned skin of my breasts and he has continued to play havoc with my senses by tweaking my nipples and squeezing the surrounding flesh. I let go of his mouth and thrust my breasts up for his attention. He takes my left nipple in his mouth and suckles, still playing with the right nipple and increasing the heat that is growing in my core.

“Ahhhhhhh, maltepe escort bayan Joe” I sigh.

He takes the other nipple in his mouth and gives it the same thorough attention.

With trembling fingers, I fumble his zipper down to feel his hard length through the thin material of his boxers.

“Fuck Joe, you have such a beautiful cock,” I murmur as I free it from its confinement.

I bend my head to take him in my mouth, sucking gently on the head as I swirl my tongue around the ridge where the head and shaft meet. He caresses my hair as I pull him further into my mouth to lick at the shaft more firmly while stroking the rest of his length with one hand and gently squeezing his balls with the other. I bob my head up and down while keeping a steady pressure on his length as I stroke him in rhythm. Laving his cock with my tongue was turning me on even more. I suck more firmly, tasting his precum on my tongue.

He becomes even larger under my ministrations and I am now dripping wet… I need him inside me.

“Joe, I can’t wait anymore!’

He is growling softly, and I feel his cock jump at my words. He is ready too.

I pull his pants and boxers down his knees, tear off my panties and straddle him, guiding his cock into my wet hole. Oh god… it feels so good as I slowly ease my hungry pussy down his shaft until he is seated deep inside me. I grab his hand and place one of his fingers on my clit…” just rub there Joe.”

I slowly begin to rock my hips, sliding his rigid member in and out as I ride him. His rubbing was bringing me closer and closer to climax.

“Yes, Joe, yes… like that, please baby, rub me harder!”

My movements on his cock become quicker and quicker as I climb higher, the pleasure building as the rhythm increases speed. He grabs a nipple in his mouth and suckles which sends me over the edge, “yes Joe yes!” My pussy clenches and the tightening I felt in my core explodes as I rush into my orgasm. As my muscles clench around him, Joe lets out a yell and I feel his cum spread like liquid heat inside me.

“Fuck, Monica! Damn!”

My pussy slowly milks him as we both come down from the high.

I gently kiss him and climb off his lap.

“This will be our little secret, okay?” I say with a cheeky smile.

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