Mutual Masturbation

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The room was quiet. It was cluttered with clothes, text books, computer parts, and basically random crap. Bunk beds were stacked in one corner, and two college freshmen were lying awake. On the bottom bunk Mary was having a hard time falling asleep. She was wearing a tight t-shift, and sweat pants. Those being enough to keep her warm, she had kicked off her covers. She was staring up at the top bunk wondering if her roommate was asleep yet.

Mary wondered if she could turn on the reading light on her headboard. Her roommate’s breathing was steady, but Mary didn’t want to disturb her. Mary closed her eyes and rolled over on her stomach. She sighed and tried to go to sleep.

Alison heard Mary roll over and wished she could swear. Alison knew that her roommate was awake, and wished that she would finally fall asleep. Alison was lying on her bunk topless. Her nipples were hard, mostly because she was continually brushing them in anticipation. She had been horny all day, and wished she could play with herself in peace. Her hands would lightly brush against her nipples and they would send waves of pleasure down her chest. She couldn’t venture anywhere else though, for fear of moaning or making some identifiable sound. She ran her finger along her nipple and wondered how long Mary would toss and turn before falling asleep.

Mary rolled over again. She opened her eyes and decided she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep yet. She moved as quietly as she could, and turned on her reading light. She heard the top bunk creak and she held her breath to see if Alison would say anything.

Alison had been startled by the light, and rolled over towards the wall. Her bare back was facing the open room and her heart had started pounded. She felt like she had been caught touching herself, but her rational mind knew that wasn’t the case.

Mary pulled out a book and began reading. She had another idea, and pulled out her portable CD player. She picked up the headphones and turned the music on softly. She began reading her science text book, because if anything can put you to sleep, it’s school.

Alison heard Mary open her book, and then heard her turn on the CD player. In the quiet room Alison could hear the music softly going. She rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. The reading light gave the whole room a small glow. She looked down and surveyed her own body. She had large breasts, spilling flat against her chest, with her large brown nipples hard as a rock. Her stomach was flat, because she swam religiously. She closed her eyes and gently started tweaking her left nipple. Her mouth opened with pleasure but no sound emerged.

Mary read totally unsuccessfully. The words were swimming before her eyes, and she knew she was tired. She closed the book, but decided to leave the headphones on. She turned the light off and curled up. The music she was listening to was soft, and she hoped she would fall asleep soon.

Alison was startled again by the light, this time going out, and she quietly fumed on her bed. She wondered if anyone would be in the bathroom at this time of night. Twelve girls shared one large bathroom, with multiple toilets, and several adjoining shower stalls and four sinks, so while there were usually not any large pile-ups, there was rarely any privacy.

Alison listened to Mary’s rhythmic breathing and the quiet hum of the CD player. Alison slowly let her hands travel down her stomach. Mary won’t hear anything, Alison tried to convince herself. Alison’s hand reached the top of her underwear. She strayed gently down the white material. Her finger reached the top of her slit and she pushed down against the cotton hard. Her whole body twitched and she bit her lip. She decided not to wait, and slipped her hand inside her panties. Her fingers pushed down and against her clit. She kept going down and in one motion slipped two of her fingers inside of herself. She paused a moment as her vaginal walls adjusted and then slowly withdrew the fingers.

Alison pulled her fingers up higher, and began rubbing the now lubricated fingers against her lips and clit. She began concentrating on her breathing, keeping it regular and quiet. Her left hand strayed to her nipples, and she pinched herself hard. She began massaging her chest, while her right hand worked quickly on her clit. She could already feel an orgasm building and she had barely begun. She listened but couldn’t hear anything beyond her soft caresses.

Mary felt herself dozing off, and pulled the headphones off of her head. She put them right by her pillow, so she could still listen to the music while she fell asleep. She was drifting to sleep when she heard the softest whisper from Alison. She thought she heard Alison exclaim “Oh” but it was so quiet she wondered if she was hearing things and tried to recapture the sleepiness she was just experiencing.

Alison was trying to be quiet, but she could feel herself cumming before the first wave hit her. Her pussy was on fire and her panties were soaked. Her stomach bahis firmaları clenched and she jerked on her bed as the orgasm rolled over her. She managed not to cry out, but only by holding her breath. Her fingers continued to roll her clit in her fingers and slide up and down her slit.

Mary heard the bunk creak again and she opened her eyes. She could hear a small sound of movement above her. Mary heard another small exclamation and she wondered if Alison was crying. Mary was about to say something and propped herself up on her elbows.

Alison came hard, and she knew she had made a few soft noises. Her hand was still rubbing her pussy hard and she started to slow down. Her fingers and palm were now a little sticky as she eased the pressure up on her clit. She was still coming down from the orgasm when she finally pulled her hand out of her panties. She reached down farther and pressed the panties hard into her slit, soaking up the moisture. She slipped them off and pushed them down to the end of her bed. She didn’t know it, but she accidentally kicked them off her bed.

Mary was lying with her legs stretched off the bed. Alison’s underwear happened to fall and land right on top of her foot. Mary stared down at her foot in astonishment until she identified what it was. She lifted up her foot and caught the underwear in her hand. To her surprise it was very damp at the crotch level. She almost cried out in surprise but then Alison sat up above her. Mary clutched the panties to her chest and quickly rolled over, hoping to be taken for asleep.

Alison climbed off the bed as quietly as she could. She slipped on a short bathrobe and silently slipped out of the room for a trip to the bathroom. Mary watched the door close behind her and sat straight up. She turned on her reading light and stared down at the panties.

Mary stretched them out and examined the warm damp spot. Her fingers lightly rubbed against the wettest area. She brought the panties to her face and took a small sniff of the scent. Mary dropped the panties in her lap and her mouth fell open in shock. She realized what she just did and she couldn’t believe it.

Mary just sat there stone still trying understand what she had just done. She had deliberately smelled another girl’s used underwear. She wondered why in hell she had just done it. Mary could not for the life of her come up with a reason, and so, hoping to regain some clarity, she did it again. The second time she did it slower, bringing the panties up in front of her mouth and then her nose gently touching the damp spot as she inhaled. Mary put them down again and wondered why she had done it. It came to her as a flash of insight when she realized the sounds she had heard were of Alison masturbating.

Mary just sat on the bed frozen in shock. Her heart was beating wildly and she wondered why she was so excited. She would have remained frozen in place, but she heard footsteps out in the hall. She quickly turned off the reading light and rolled over to face the wall. She clutched the panties close to her chest as the door opened and Alison returned.

Alison tried to be quiet as she slipped off her robe and climbed up into her bunk. She hoped Mary was still asleep, and lay down feeling better. She curled up into her pillow and pulled one of her lighter blankets over her.

Mary listened as Alison got comfortable. Mary forced herself to take regular steady breaths. After a few minutes of this, Mary rolled over onto her back again. She stared up at the top bunk, and started thinking about Alison masturbating. She tried to think of other things, but she kept visualizing Alison touching herself. Mary wondered how often Alison did it. She also wondered why she was so excited.

Mary again pulled out Alison’s panties. She held them tightly in her hand and pictured Alison naked. Mary had seen Alison dozen’s of times in the shower, but had never Really looked at her. She could vividly picture Alison’s nipples, and even her thin trail of closely shaved pubic hair. Mary wondered if Alison had ever looked at her in the shower. Mary became aware of her own body, and she realized she was hot. She reached down and started pushing her sweat pants down and finally off. She pulled the t-shirt over her head and tossed them off the bed.

Alison heard Mary move around on the bed and wondered if her friend had been awake the whole time. Alison sighed and rolled over, trying to make herself more comfortable.

Mary was still picturing Alison above her, naked save for the thin blanket. Mary wondered what Alison had been thinking about when she was playing with herself. Mary kept thinking thoughts along these veins as her right hand slowly brought the panties to rest on her stomach. She propped one leg up and brought her left hand down to gently stroke her thigh. She had never masturbated when Alison had been home, but since that hadn’t stopped Alison, why should it stop her? Mary thought to herself. She brushed her fingers up and down her thigh and continued kaçak iddaa to think about Alison.

Mary’s right hand picked up Alison’s panties and gently pressed the dampest spot against her nipples. She craned her neck up and gently blew on first one, then the other. She shivered with pleasure as the wind passed over her nipples and caused them to start hardening. She set the panties down, again on her stomach, and felt her fingernails. The middle finger of her right hand had the longest nail, and she brought the nail down against her nipple. She began gently bringing the nail down and lightly scratching the tips of her hardened areola. Her eyebrows drew in together as she felt her nipples respond enthusiastically.

Mary’s left hand was still lightly brushing her thighs, and Mary decided to be bolder. Her left hand came down to rest in her groin. She lightly started pushing the palm of her hand against her outer lips. She let the heel of her hand rest gently on her pubic hair, and let her middle finger alone brush against her outer lips. She began to gently tap them with only her middle finger and she let out a deep sigh of contentment.

Alison heard Mary start breathing hard. She moved as softly as she could to the edge of the bed. She made sure her weight was balanced as she extended herself over the edge of the bed.

Mary brought her right hand down and carefully spread her lips apart as her left hand began to rub against her clit. Her eyes were closed, and she was picturing Alison masturbating. She didn’t see Alison’s head lean over and freeze in startled shock.

Alison’s mouth dropped as she witnessed the scene beneath her. They had one small window in their room, but unfortunately there was a street light pretty close by. It served as a night light for either of the two, during nighttime trips out of the room. This time however, it allowed Alison to see Mary in her nude glory. Alison stared as Mary, eyes tight shut, was rapidly rubbing her clit. Alison watched for a minute and then she noticed the piece of cloth on Mary’s stomach. Alison squinted and then realized that her panties were on Mary’s stomach. Alison stared for a minute longer, staring at Mary’s hard nipples and watching as her fingers deftly manipulated her swollen lips and hard clit.

Alison silently rolled back over, her own heart pounding. Without giving it a second thought, Alison brought her own hands down to her lips. The sight below her had turned her on immediately, and she was eager to capitalize the brief window of time where Mary would be too distracted to hear her.

Both of the girls had their eyes tight closed, both imagining the other, both bringing themselves to the brink. Mary became aware of the upper bunk making soft noises. She was too close to consider them though, and let out a soft moan. Alison heard the moan and it only served to bring her closer to the edge as well.

Alison half rolled to the side and spread her legs wide. She inserted two fingers inside of herself and used her other hand to rub quickly against her clit. She began working the fingers into herself faster and harder, not caring if the noise carried anymore.

Alison felt a powerful orgasm building, and deciding to see what happened, whispered into the mostly silent room, “Oh god…”

Mary heard the whisper and her body shuddered as she came. Her middle finger was pressing down hard into her clit, and she rubbed it up and down furiously as the orgasm pulsed in waves through her. Mary was breathing heavy as the orgasm subsided and she slowed her fingers. She slowly traced up and down the length of her slit and she was shocked at how wet she was. She glanced down at the panties and brought them down to her pussy. She used the panties to gently dab at her own wetness.

Alison had came at the same time as Mary. Listening to Mary’s second moan, Alison came for the second time that night. She was breathing hard and she could hear Mary doing the same. Alison stared up at the ceiling as she recovered and a smile played about her mouth.

Mary held the twice used panties to her face again. She glanced up at the upper bunk and then tossed them out of the bed. Mary wondered if she should say anything. She suddenly realized the gravity of what she had just done. What if Alison told somebody? She blushed and pushed the thought away. Alison was the one who had started it anyway, Mary tried to rationalize. Mary took a deep breath and stared up at the upper bunk.

Alison had a sudden burst of courage and decided to confront her roommate.

“Mary?” Alison whispered.

“Yeah?” Mary replied.

Alison wasn’t sure what she wanted to say. She wanted to make sure things wouldn’t get weird, she wanted to reassure her friend that she wouldn’t tell a soul, she wanted to tell her how hot she had looked while touching herself, she wanted to try kissing her, she wanted them to do this again, and she couldn’t think of how to start.

“Are you okay?” Alison said lamely.

“I think so,” Mary said softly, kaçak bahis “You?”

“I am,” Alison said.

Both girls lay in silence for a while. This time, Mary decided to be the brave one, and whispered softly in the darkness.

“Alison, what were you thinking about?” Mary whispered so softly, that Alison thought at first she had imagined it.

“You don’t have to tell me, I shouldn’t have asked, I was just kidding,” Mary said, and she knew her face was beet red. She bit her lip and waited for her roommate to say something.

“The first time, or the second?” Alison asked.

“The second time…” Mary whispered.

Alison wondered what she should say. To tell the truth would certainly make things awkward between them… but then again, Mary did have her panties, Alison mused. She decided to be truthful and spoke softly towards the ceiling.

“I looked down and saw you,” Alison started, took a deep breath, and went on, “I saw you touching yourself, and I just started doing it too.”

“You’re straight right Alison?” Mary asked timidly.

“Yeah. You?” Alison asked nervously.

“Yeah, I’m straight,” Mary replied.

Both girls lay in silence again. They both wondered what the other one was thinking. After six minutes of silence Mary turned on her reading light and blinked in the sudden brightness. Mary sat up and reached down around her bed for a t-shirt. She found the small one she had been wearing and slipped it on. Alison lay in bed wondering what Mary was up to, when Mary stood up and locked eyes with Alison.

Alison sat up and they looked at each other for a minute.

“We can talk about this like adults right?” Mary said, in almost a pleading voice.

“Yeah. It’s no big deal, what happened, right?” Alison said quickly.

“Totally,” Mary smiled, and Alison returned the smile gratefully.

“Since I don’t think either of us is very tired, do you want to come down and talk about it?” Mary said.

“Sure,” Alison replied. She climbed down and found a big t-shirt to slip on. Mary tried not to stare at Alison while she slipped on the t-shirt. Mary then blushed when she realized she was only wearing her t-shirt. She sat quickly down on her bed and pulled the light blanket over her legs. She crossed her legs and sat on her bed and waited for Alison to sit down.

Alison pulled on a pair of pajama bottoms quickly. She grabbed her computer chair and pulled it towards the beds, and sat down. She stretched out her legs and let them rest on Mary’s bed and then her eyes met Mary’s.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Mary said quickly.

“Oh don’t be, god, I’m the one embarrassed. I was so horny all day today, I mean, I normally would never, you know, like, when you were in the room,” Alison said in a rush.

“I’ve had days like that. Or after a date sometimes,” Mary said.

“I’ve waited until you were asleep before, but tonight, I just couldn’t wait,” Alison said nervously.

“I’ve never masturbated when someone else was in the room, asleep or not, before tonight,” Mary said.

“Never in the shower?” Alison said with a giggle.

“Not in these showers, at home I used to do it in the shower all the time,” Mary replied with a grin.

“I think it turns me on, that I might get caught,” Alison said softly.

“So you’ve actually done it in these showers?” Mary asked with wide eyes.

“Kind of. Never like, explicitly, but I’ll take extra time soaping my chest, and soaping… down there, you know,” Alison said and blushed again.

“Yes, I know what ‘down there’ means you goofball,” Mary laughed. “You mean your pussy lips, your clit.” Mary and Alison broke into laughter together. “It’s so cute, you’re like bright red!” Mary exclaimed.

“I’m sorry. I just blush easily.” Alison giggled.

They sat smiling for a few minutes. Mary felt so relieved that things weren’t going to be weird. She got out of bed and leaned down to hug Alison tightly.

“Right afterwards I got so scared that things were going to be weird.” Mary said softly, still holding her friend tightly.

Alison was startled when Mary stood up and then was hugging her friend gratefully back. Alison rested her head against Mary’s shoulder.

“Me too. Me too. I feel a lot better now.” Alison whispered.

They held each other for a few minutes, neither wanting to let go. Mary gently rubbing her hand along Alison’s back, and Alison’s head gently resting against Mary’s neck. Mary realized she didn’t have any pants on and blushed. She let go of Alison reluctantly and sat back down, but she didn’t pull up the blanket right away.

“Maybe we could devise some sort of code, like the stereotypical hanger on the door, except for us it means, ‘I’m horny and need to get myself off, give me some time alone’” Alison said jokingly.

“Well, yeah.” Mary looked up at Alison. “but you know, I mean, we are both adults, and I don’t mind if you have to do it. And like, I don’t want you to have to leave when I get horny. We could just put headphones on or something,” Mary said quickly.

“I would be cool with that,” Alison said with a small smile. She laughed and Mary looked at her inquiringly. Alison continued to giggle and then explained to her friend.

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