Ms. Marca Ch. 20

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Angela White

I have to admit that I love Ass Fucking! A cock in my ass always gives me the most intense orgasms… but there’s something more to it. Getting fucked in the ass is so… raw and primitive! And dirty! Dirty sex always turns me on.

The first thing that I have learned, the hard way, I got to get into the bathroom and started getting myself all cleaned out. I usually get started the night before or no later than breakfast by not eating anything past that point. I will take a laxative the night before and come morning determine if more is needs to be done to help prepare for the actual act itself six to eight hours later. I deal with what I call “finish up;” I have to do later on in the day. If everything so far has worked as planned and I was feeling real empty by now, and even a bit hungry. I have not and will not eat anything, if I do I would pay for it later, and I put the hunger out of my mind.

I fill my old bag up to about a quart-and-a-half, of warm salt water and hang it on the side of the shower. The white tube and tip cleaned and ready to insert in my rectum, as I get on the bath room floor. I get myself over all on my side. I reached around and work it in and around. I love the feel of it in my backside. All I need to do is release the clamp now. Once I do that I just laid back and relaxed while I feel the warm water going inside me. It really feels good, as I am accustomed to having enemas on a regular basis.

I make the most of the feeling. It doesn’t take long for just a quart-and-a-half to run out, and feel my stomach to the point I make it punch out. I will work my stomach and lower section to try and loosen up any stuff that may be on the intestine walls. After it is empty I took the tip out and laid it on a towel beside me. After that I just lay on my back and let the water do its thing. The feeling of the water moving around inside me and going from place to place is something you have to feel to understand. As much as I enjoy it I have never been able to explain just how it feels so others can understand. After 20 minutes are so and having rubbed my lower stomach, I know that the water had done it’s thing and I needed to get up and go sit on the john. I have learned and taught myself to completely relax as that it makes expelling the water much easier. As I relaxed more and more, it all comes out. If it is not as clear as I needed it to be, I know that I will need at least one more. I usually wait at least thirty minutes between enemas as that has proven to be a better method for cleaning myself out. About an hour before I do the act I will insert a butt plug to help make me adjust to the size of the man that will gaziantep escort bayan do the act with me.

I will forgo all the instruction about foreplay and get to the anal sex act. I want a guy to be behind me looking at my ass as I’m on all 4’s and say ” Marca your ass makes my cock hard and your hole is open to me!” I want a guy to get hot and hard just thinking about ramming that cock up my ass. When I feel his hands on my butt, I wiggle my ass and jiggle my cheeks to get him thinking about that love hole he wants. I spread my legs out and look back and reach back between my legs and rub my pussy and run my fingers up to my ass hole. I make my knees slid farther out as my butt is lifted into the air as I get more excited. With the guy in back of me I will reach back with both hands and take my ass cheeks and open it to him and he will massage my hole and when I tell him he will apply over my hole a tube of KY jelly. I have let guys use oil or lotion and stick it up my ass cheeks opening. Some guys have bent down to tongue my ass hole before applying the lubricate and end up eating my ass and pussy.

If a guy slid his tongue ups the crack of my ass and pushed it into my anus. Men have told me, ” Marca you’re a screamer and girl you do cry out.” I end up thrusting my ass at the guy’s face, trying to get more penetration. They usually pulled back and put some oil/ lubricate into my hole, pushing a finger into my ass. “Oh god! Move it around; thrust it in and out!” I pinch my nipples as he fingers my ass hole, and then I close my eyes as I lose myself in wantonly pleasurable sensations. The next move is two fingers into my ass and this is where I began to work my ass and hump the fingers. I scream out, “Shove it all the way up my ass, you fucking bastard!” It makes my pussy ache and throb with need to say something so nasty. I get nasty when I fuck and normally talk this way during sex… and when a guy wants to get down and dirty and fuck my ass… well, those words just spurt out of me like hot cum shooting out of a cock. This will get him excited with the sight, sound, and scent of my ass as it tries to suck his fingers in. I always tell the guy to grease that fat cock of yours too if you want any of this tight ass!

I tell him to move up close to me and place his cock head up next to my opening of my ass hole. I get the guy to hold it and let me slide back on just the head. I suck in my breath as I prepare to take his thick, hard pleasure deep into such a naughty place. “Nice and slow, okay, big boy!” “I’ll make my ass fuck your cock and make it pleases us both, Mmm, fuck me! Fuck me, big guy!” By telling him how good it is going to be, just makes him more excited and this will speed up the big blow he will have. The head finally will pop in, and it always seems to go in smoother after the head is in. Once the head is in I tell the guy to just hold still let me take it from here. I let it rest in me until I feel my rectum expand to the size of the head. When I give him the OK “go slow just a little at a time!” He will nudge more in carefully to see what response he will get from me.

He holds me down with his hand on my round ass as if I might actually attempt to escape. With my face buried in the sheets and my 40DD tits smashed against the mattress, I inhale and exhale at an alarming rate. Partly because of my increasing excitement and partly because of the rough manhandling he gives my ass. My legs dangle over the side of the bed, with my feet several inches from touching the floor. In this position, I feel deliciously vulnerable, decadently submissive, and delightfully fuckable!

If the guys has fucked my ass before he knows that “Marca the ass fucker” will groan and moan all the time we are having sex. Pushed back with my ass opening and expanding as his head engulf me. My ass as all women is tight but KY/oil will let him slide in easily. Once I feel it and I’ve expanded, I’ll tell him to go slow but go. He will start to slowly pump into my butt as he continued fucking me as if my ass is my pussy. Most men will tell you, the ones that have fucked my ass, ” Marca loved ass fucken!” When I get a cock just the right size and on top of that he knew what to do with that cock when he has me, I’ll ass fuck every time. Having him behind me, fucking my ass doggy-style, and thinking how dirty it must all look, is almost enough to make me cum. I grind my partially impaled ass back against his cock, hoping my urgency will cause him to drive harder and deeper into my tight, gripping flesh. But he penetrates me slowly, with just the head at first. Then he buries his entire length inside until I feel his hairy balls kissing my pussy.

Men with small cocks are the ones that I end up letting them butt fuck me when I see that they just can’t cut it when it comes to getting me off the normal way. When a woman tells you size does not matter, she has not fucked the guys I have had! 4″ in your pussy is not going to compete with 9″ I don’t care how good-looking he is. Take that 4″ and put it up my ass and he can make me feel like a virgin on my first date. Men with small cocks feel like they are taking care of a woman when they butt fuck her and in a dog position he always feel like it is him making me moan.

As I climax with a loud cry while I keep squeezing my ass around the cock, trying to milk it. When we are going full out the guy will grip my hips with both hands and thrust into me, his front slapping into my ass and I can feel his balls hitting my pussy. As he continues to rock into my ass I reach back between my legs and hold his balls to keep him from going off to soon. However if I want him to shoot off I’ll massaged his balls.

As he gets more excited, he roughly will push hard and force me back on to my face and started to fuck as hard as he could. I get so hot and tight as he slam’s into me. I know when Marca girl is having a good time and enjoy the feeling I start to grunt and moan with each thrust as he grip’s my ass, back, shoulders and anything else he can hold on to. I began to push back in, slightly faster. I repeated this, several times, and gaining more speed with each thrust. “Oh. God! Yes… that. Feels. So Fucking Good! Oh!” I cry out, speaking between thrusts as I slammed my ass back to meet his raging hard that is pumping into my tight little anal entry. It always feels incredible.

“Yes. So good! Right there! Don’t stop! Harder! Fuck my tight little ass as hard as you can!” I can get carried away when I get a cock up my ass, for that matter I get carried away when I have anything up my ass or pussy!

Most of the time I braced my hands in front of me to keep from sliding too much because of the anal assault. I’ll collapse my head down on the bed and keep my ass up and ready for more and let him keep pumping into me as my tits spread to the side as I lay on the bed. His body reacts to me cumming, and it fuels his own orgasm. The sexy, primal sounds of a female climaxing, and seeing his cock swallowed up by my ass, is all he needs to shove him over the edge and force him to erupt inside me. I clench my ass tightly and pump his cock until I feel him go limp.

One of the things I have found that can be a problem is the air suction that may accrue. This can be rather embarrassing; it is if you’re passing gas from your ass as he pumps his cock into you. It can fuck up the mood if think about what is happening. Just go on fart in the guy’s face as he fucks your ass off “I don’t think so!” If his cock is a good fit, air will build up in your ass and when he pulls out, that is when you expel the air and you better hope that the salt water took care of that odor. He will get the full effect of what it is like to have it in the face. That is true love to make a guy get it full blast and he still tells you how great your ass is.

Keep a wet cloth near by so you can clean his tool and get him to shower before you move on to the next step. By the way, Iv was told I have a walk that looks like Iv had a corncob up my ass. “Oh you’re so nasty!” I just smile.

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