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Subject: Moving In With My Son, Part 9 I rejoined the others and grabbed a water off the bar. I drank three quarters of it before setting the glass down. Susan slapped me playfully and said something about filling the empty tank back up. Brent leaned in and filled me in on what had been planned in my absence. “I figure we’ll be ready to head out pretty soon. Last call is coming up. But Kevin said there’s some big finale show or something and that we should stay to check it out.” The girls cheered in response to what he said and clinked their glasses together. Brent looked at me quizzically, half smiling. “You gonna be alright, Tom?” he asked. Maybe he was concerned I was getting tired or too inebriated, but there seemed to be some other meaning lurking in his tone. All I knew is that if I was going to get through some kind of finale, I would probably need at least one more drink. So I got one. Part 9 The music at the club was pounding, and the dance floor was full. Mostly with men, but a few women. The crowd at the back bar where we were was a bit thinner, which was fine with me since I was a little overheated. And more than a little drunk. The whole night had been a bit overwhelming even as I was having a great time. I was out with a hot woman, and had my new buddy Brent along with me. He had a hot woman of his own and I was pretty sure the night was going to end up with both of us getting laid. But I had also seen my son Jake dance at a gay bar for the first time, which was a little mind-blowing. And just 20 minutes earlier I had accidentally stumbled upon Jake getting nailed at both ends in a bathroom stall. And it had turned me on so much that I’d shot a load moments after I stepped away from watching. Jake had been loving what was happening to him and I wasn’t bothered about any of it. It wasn’t even the first time I had seen Jake having sex. But it was still a lot to take in. I was looking forward to a slightly sobering walk back to the hotel room we were likely all going to end up at. But Jake’s boyfriend Kevin had told Brent, his father, that there would be some kind of show right at the end of the night. The four of us moved back toward the stage as the music got quieter and a drag queen stepped up to stand by the DJ and spoke into a microphone. The queen said something about a lapdance contest but there was so much cheering and whistling happening I couldn’t make out most of the details. I realized out the crowd was making noises at the four scantily clad dancers made their way through the crowd and up on a small stage. Jake was one of them. He couldn’t see me from where he was making his way through the crowd but I could see him. He had a big smile on his face and was playfully flirting with guys as he passed by, some of them no doubt groping him. He was still shirtless of course, and as he climbed up the steps to the stage I could see he had changed into a black jockstrap. I briefly wondered if he still had Ty’s load in his ass. As they all stood facing us, the queen said that now they would need four volunteers from the crowd to come up on stage and receive lapdances, and the rest of the audience would vote for the winner with applause. Of course every guy there raised his hand to volunteer, with lots of shouting, waving and jumping mixed in. Neither Brent nor I raised our hands, since we were with Susan and Marissa. And maybe that was what made us stand out to the drag queen. Suddenly there was a opera-gloved finger pointing at Brent and me, and the queen asked if we were straight guys there with our girlfriends. Brent just laughed and shouted out “yeah” in response. They weren’t our girlfriends but were obviously out with them, since both of them had hands around our arms. And then of course everyone wanted us to be the ones going up on the stage. Both Marissa and Susan were cracking up and pushing us forward, thinking it was he funniest thing ever. Had it even occurred to them that I might have my own son giving me a lapdance? Would they get a kick out of that as well? I was wondering how I would deal with that if it happened. Did the dancers get to pick who they gave lapdances to? My head was swimming from all the alcohol and I was secretly glad that someone was leading me up onto the stage since I might have fallen flat on my face trying to get there. Before I knew it I was seated in a folding chair and facing the crowd. Bright lights made me squint and the noise of the crowd seemed louder up here than it was when I was in the middle of it. I was on the edge of “too drunk” but I was keeping it together. Did I look okay? A few buttons of my shirt were undone but it didn’t look sloppy. I still had Brent’s cockring on and nothing needed adjusting down there, thankfully. My pants were snug but not constricting, and my cock was just a bit to the side of my fly. Looking pretty packed, I thought to myself. Suddenly there were some rock hard abs in front of my face. The drag queen had been talking but I hadn’t been paying attention. I looked up and escort bayan it was a Latino dancer that I had seen earlier. He was wearing some black briefs that were sheer everywhere but the front. And they were barely containing why looked like a pretty massive cock and set of balls. He was smiling down at me with a big smile, and he was really quite nice to look at, from head to toe. Music suddenly started and he leaned over and whispered in my ear. “If you’re straight, papi, don’t worry about it. Just go with the flow and have fun. I do all the work, just sit and look handsome…” For the first time I thought to look to either side of me and saw that the three other guys were in chairs like mine. All of us lined up in a row across the stage. I was on one end, and next to me was Brent. And Jake was the dancer in front of Brent. As I was looking over at them they both turned to look at me briefly. Their faces made me laugh a little. Brent had kind of an “oh shit” look but was about to crack up too. Jake looked a little more calm but determined, and had a half smile on his face. He winked at me and then turned his head back to look down at Brent. I couldn’t help but remember that the last time I’d had eye contact with my son, he’d had a cock in his mouth and another one in his ass. I felt my own cock throb. As the music got going the dancers did too. My dancer started slow and sensual and was mainly just moving around in front of me, but showing off his body to the crowd. As more bass kicked into the music, he got closer to me and spread his legs to straddle mine. He was facing me and at felt natural to put my hands on his hips. I did it without thinking about it, really. He smiled and got even closer, his abs in my face as he gyrated and showed his firm ass to the people watching. By the time he moved away and then turned his back to me, I was rock hard in my pants and my cock was outlined pretty clearly for anyone near me to see. My dancer had definitely noticed because he backed up close to me and proceeded to grind his ass right where my cock was throbbing. Damn, I thought — he really knows what he’s doing. It was like his ass muscles were squeezing my cock even as he was moving backward, forward and side to side in small motions. My hands returned to his hips and I pulled him down onto my lap more. He adjusted his balance flawlessly and was grinding me harder. I leaned my head back and moaned in pleasure. Here I was, a supposedly, mostly straight guy on a date with a hot woman, up on stage at a gay bar with a sexy young guy grinding on my hard cock. Wasn’t life funny? I moaned again as the dancer’s ass squeezed my cock once more. I rolled my head to the side and I saw that Jake was in almost the same position with Brent. My son was facing the crowd and slowly grinding his jockstrapped ass onto his boyfriend’s dad’s lap. Brent had his eyes closed and was also hooding Jake by the waist. I noticed that Brent’s fingers were under the waistband of Jake’s jock and he was slowly working his hands forward toward my son’s abs. Only semi-conscious of it, I mirrored his actions and soon was caressing the front of my dancer’s hips, just under the waistband of his sheer briefs. Brent looked over at me and smiled as he saw that we were a matched set. We made eye contact and something clicked. Without exchanging any words it became a competition between us. Brent moved his hands up and started caressing Jake’s chest. The crowd and Jake both responded positively. So I moved my hands too. When I brushed my fingers over the dancer’s hard (and very large) nipples I started to play with them, pinching and some light twisting. I heard the dancer let out a small moan, audible even with the music, and his grinding on my cock became more intense. My eyes never left Brent and Jake though. Brent matched my movements and began playing with my son’s nipples as he stared back at me. His wicked smile reminded me so much of Kevin, and of the night I caught them playing and Kevin saw me. Jake was also loving the nipple attention and had his eyes closed even as he continued to play to the audience with his movements. I moved my hands lower again and was caressing the rock hard six pack of the young guy in my lap. As expected, Brent did the same. Then he upped the ante by sliding his fingers under Jake’s waistband, going inside the pouch, probably enough to have his fingertips in Jake’s pubes. Fuck. Brent was on the cusp of having his hands on my son’s cock. And it was turning me on so much. I knew that there was precum leaking out of me, helped along by the stripper’s firm ass rubbing along the length of my own member. I moved my hands lower too, since I was not going to lose this silent competition with Brent. Both my dancer and Jake were basically sitting in our laps now and leaning back onto our chests. Our heads were in between their shoulders and we were sort of trapped with our heads turned. Not uncomfortably, but we had no choice but to look at one another and egg each other tuzla genç escort on. My hands went under the waistband of my dancer’s briefs and I felt his sparse pubes under my fingertips. He gyrated his hips sideways and my hands were shifted around, and I suddenly found his cock in my hand. It was warm, almost hot to the touch, and hard as a rock. I could feel he had a cockring on and thought about my own erection which showed no signs of abating. His cock and the part of my hand holding it were still covered by his briefs, it was obvious to anyone watching that I was stroking him. The crowd was going wild and I heard the drag queen say something into the mic. I had one ear covered by the dancer’s back so I couldn’t hear much over the music, but whatever the crowd heard it made them cheer more. Brent’s eyebrows went up and he shoved his hand further into Jake’s pouch, matching me again. His hand found what it was looking for and Jake’s expression changed subtly. Brent was stroking my son, and Jake was loving it. Ever mindful of how things looked to the audience, Jake and his fellow dancer never missed a beat and kept moving in time to the bass-heavy music even as we molested them in front of countless pairs of eyes. I briefly wondered what Kevin was thinking as he watched his dad feel up his lover on stage, but then realized he probably was into it as much as Jake was. I saw Jake and the other dancers trade looks and then they all moved together stepping away from their seated gentlemen for a moment. Still facing the crowd, they all bent at the hips, with their legs spread, showing off their asses to us. The crowd was unable to see what we were seeing but still cheered in response. My dancer’s briefs were sheer between his legs, right up to where the pouch began. So I could see his smooth hole about two feet in front of me, covered only my a thin black mesh. I glanced over and saw that Brent had an even better show. Since Jake was in a jock, his hole was on full display to Brent. And what a sight it was. The hairs on Jake’s ass were a little matted from sweat, and that darkness made the pink of his hole stand out even more. Truly, it was bordering on red, and I was reminded that Jake was getting fucked not long before he had come up on stage. The wetness that was making his hole glisten could have been sweat or just leftover lube, I was too far away to tell for sure. Brent’s eyebrows went up in a look of surprise that he quickly parlayed into something sexy for the crowd. But he looked over at me and had that same wicked smile again, for a fleeting moment. Jake was still bent over in front of him. Brent reached out and put his hand between Jake’s legs to caress the outside of my son’s pouch, which contained his obvious erection. I did the same to my dancer, still thinking we had our little game going. Then I noticed that Brent’s thumb was extended up along Jake’s balls and had its tip right on my son’s hole. Brent was massaging Jake’s hole gently with his thumb as he looked right at me. This was all becoming too much for me at that moment. I felt more precum leave my throbbing cock and for a flash of a second I though I might shoot in my pants. I was so turned on watching Brent with Jake. Fuck!! And I was too drunk to give any deeper thought as to why and if it meant anything. I did remember that Brent and I had two dates out in the audience watching. They probably couldn’t see anything Brent was doing. And before I knew it, the music was fading away and the crowd got louder. The dancers stood up and we all pulled our hands back to ourselves. The lap dances were over. How long had it been? Five minutes? Ten? My head was swimming and when I realized I might have to stand up soon, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to. Luckily I had a moment to collect myself as the winner of the contest was announced. It was Jake! I had no idea how the contest really worked, but clearly Jake (and Brent) had stolen the show. The fact that Brent — a straight guy — had stroked Jake inside his pouch for the crowd’s pleasure no doubt helped. And it made my cock throb to know that the show had been for me as much as anyone. When it was time for me to stand up, Brent was right there. He must have known I needed a little help, he supported me as I walked down the stairs, but made it look like we were just buddies congratulating one another, not like I was a stumbling mess. I was keeping it together, but barely. I knew how to stay presentable and interact with others when I was intoxicated, but in my head things were going in and out. Things started to happen in flashes of lucidity for me, and in between I could not remember much of anything. We are reunited with Marissa and Susan in the crowd. They’re laughing and saying how great we were up there. Marissa very close to me and groping my crotch. Then we head to the door, the bouncer saying something to someone else about all the women needing to leave before the doors were locked. I’m walking with Marissa. Then with Brent tuzla kendi evi olan escort as the girls walk in front of us. Brent hands me a pill and I swallow it, with him saying something like “in case you have whiskey dick”. More walking. A hotel lobby. An elevator. Sitting in a chair next to a big bed. Some water in my hand. Then Marissa. Kissing. Her nipple in my mouth. Her mouth on my cock (my pants are off?). Sitting the chair with Marissa’s head in my lap working my cock with her hands and throat. Looking at Brent on the bed with Susan. His huge cock already in her pussy as they wrestled around and grunted. His cock. It’s so fucking big. I watch it for a while. Marissa and I on the bed now too. Marissa on all fours, me behind her with my cock inside her. Looking at Brent and Susan across from us like they are our reflection. Susan and Marissa kissing as we fucked them. My hand touches Brent’s arm a few times, somehow. It’s hard to tell where one person begins and another ends. Except his arm is hairy so I know. On my back on the bed. Marissa’s pussy in my face. I love it — even drunk, my tongue knows what to do. My dick inside anther pussy, I can’t see but it must be Susan. And…fuck. Brent is in her ass, I can feel how close we all are. I feel his huge cock next to mine inside Susan, just a bit of her separating us. Thrusting. Marissa cumming from my tongue on her clit. She moans SO loud. More changes. Susan gets off my cock and Marissa climbs on it. I am close and I know I’ll cum inside her soon. I am so turned on and have been taken to the edge a few times already. Brent and Susan next to us, Susan on her hands and knees again. I think he is still in her ass? Brent is cumming, he shouts so loud. “FUCK” he says over and over. And I am even closer to cumming. Susan is breathing heavy, her head is close to mine. “Make me cum like she did”, she whispers to me. Then Susan’s pussy is on my face. Marissa is still riding my cock. They’re like before but switched. That makes me laugh for some reason. I am smiling as I go to work on Susan with my tongue. My eyes are closed and I’m working to find her clit using the rest of her as a guide. She tastes SO FUCKING GOOD. Like no pussy I’d ever had before. She is so wet and I can’t get enough. It’s thick and running into my mouth. The taste is… The moment I realize what it is, I cum. I shoot my load deep in Marissa as I realize I am eating Brent’s load from Susan. My mind switches over into some place I can’t describe. I am connected to all three of them in that moment. Brent isn’t even touching me but somehow I feel the most connected to him. His seed is in my mouth. Susan’s orgasm floods me with the taste of her. And my own juices are coating my cock inside Marissa’s warmth. Breathless. Collapse. Arms. Legs. Kisses. Laughter. Sleep. Or something like it. It might have only been a few minutes. But it helps clear my head. *** Slightly more sober now, I was pulling on my pants and shirt, not bothering to button either. Shoes. A few goodbye kisses with the girls, and Brent and I were back in the hotel elevator. He was still helping me stand up straight. We got in a car. An Uber or cab I guess. I was fading in and out and Brent was laughing at me, chatting with the driver. Back at our place — at Jake and Kevin’s place — we stumbled in the front door. I was clear headed enough to know I needed to get to bed before I passed out. “Told you it’d be a good night! Tom! Didn’t I?” shouted Brent. He was laughing at himself, even as a I mumbled an affirmative reply. He was one of those guys who got goofy when he was drunk but still seemed put together. Motherfucker looked as nice as he did when we left the apartment earlier. I knew I was a mess, my pants had almost come off just getting out of the car outside. But I was still smiling. Groping a stripper, watching Jake get felt up by my new friend Brent, and a hot foursome in a hotel room. Probably one of the wildest nights of my life. And Brent was at the center of it. Sitting on the bed and watching him hang up his shirt, I was moved to speak. “I love you, buddy”, I said, surprising myself. Why had I said that? I knew it was true, but it still seemed like a bit much for the moment. But I was wrong. Brent let out a hearty laugh and sat down next to me on the bed. He put his arm around me and planted a wet kiss on my cheek. “Love you too buddy! Ha!”, he shouted. “Thanks for letting me crash with you all week. I hope tonight helped make it up to you.” “I need to sleep”, I said. I realized I was already naked (was that my shirt he was hanging up?) and with a fluid motion I slid under the covers. A moment later, Brent almost crushed me climbing over to what had become his side of the bed, and I’m not sure which one of us was out first. Hours passed, I’m not sure how many. The light of morning was not creeping through the window yet. Why was I awake? There was a noise. Someone coming in the apartment’s door. Jake. Or Kevin. Probably both of them. I didn’t hear any voices though. Steps in the hallway but that’s it. The light from the hall coming into the room a little, but not enough to bother me. I was almost back to sleep when I heard my son’s voice come from the door to the hallway. “Do you know if Kevin’s coming home?”

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