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Blue was watching the “Jaws” movie. I didn’t care about the Jaws movie. I cared about Blue, her heart, her mind, our love for each other…and her pussy.

I also cared about MY pussy.

That’s why I was playing with it during the Jaws movie.

I wasn’t watching the movie. I was watching Blue, with my legs spread, my right leg draped on the back of the couch, my left foot on the floor. I was wet as hell, sliding my fingers through my pussy, then licking them noisily and rubbing my juices on my lips.

Baby had her hand on my left thigh and kept watching the movie. She did look at me and my pussy every few minutes, smiling, but she kept watching that movie!

I used my hand to gather a lot of my juices and rubbed them on my tummy, making it all wet and glistening, then slid one finger WAY inside me. I sucked that finger in my mouth while making my butterfly pussylips flutter when she was looking.

She smiled and said, “Nice pussy you have there, Sunnybaby. It’s very tanned and pretty.”

“Oh! You noticed!”

She said, “Of course I noticed, but I haven’t seen this movie, okay?”

“You’re watching Jaws without any clothes on? I might have to fuck myself. I DO hope that won’t be a problem?”

She izmir escort patted my thigh and giggled. “No problem…just fuck yourself quietly.”

“A quiet orgasm? Me? Nope! I can fuck myself quietly, but I can’t cum quietly!”

There went that Jaws music: do do…do do…do do, do do…do do, do do…

I had been determined to let Blue watch her movie. Honest, I was. She’s always so busy, and she deserves this time to watch it. I knew, of course, she was turned on, but she also wanted to see the movie. I get it.

She took my hand and tugged on it for me to lie over her lap, and I happily did so! With my head resting on a pillow, Baby rubbed my ass. I spread my legs…knowing my pussy would be dripping on her any second.

“Gee, Sunny, can’t you ever keep your legs together?”

I giggled. “Where’s the fun in that?”

She gave my ass a light spank…that went straight to my pussy. Any more of that would make me soak her with Sunnycum. I said, “If you spank me, it will only make me cum all over you and I’ll blame you for it!”


It was very hot and very wet in the small amount of space between my pussy and her lap. Baby kept rubbing my ass…and alsancak escort I had an insane orgasm building inside me…

Blue knew what she was doing to me. She wanted me hot as hell when the movie was over, but my pussy was already overheated. If she, just once, happened to slide only one finger too far between my ass cheeks, my wild orgasmic screams would drown out that movie!

She seemed too careful not to let that happen, so I had to make a move. I waited for a spot in the movie with no fucking shark in it, and a time during which they weren’t WAITING for a fucking shark. I slid down, with my knees on the floor.


I pushed my face between her legs, spreading them…

“Sunny…the movie…something might happen…”

I pushed my face farther between her legs, spreading them more and humming that creepy Jaws music. “Do do…do do…do do, do do…”

Blue had her hands on my shoulders. “Sunny…Sunny!”

“Do do, do do, do do…do do…do do do do do do do do do do.” Then I pounced my open mouth on her pussy!!

She screamed and giggled, pretending to try wriggling away from me, squirming as I held onto her and sucked her, buca escort growling into her while burying my tongue as far inside her pussy as I could!


I fucked her hard with my mouth, sucking her, my tongue forcing all her juices into my mouth…my own orgasm was going to make me cum any second without touching myself!

With her ass off the couch and all her muscles tight, baby yelled out, cumming and cumming for me…I came hard from eating her, sending ALL my cum down my inner thighs…

I slid up and laid my head on her tummy and let her watch the rest of the movie, her tummy and breasts rising with her breathing. She had her legs spread and my body was against her hot, soaked pussy…I could feel it’s mini-spasms on my skin. Much more of that, and she’d have to fuck me…

But, the movie ended and she pulled me up to her. We smothered each others lips with kisses, then she told me, “Sunny, so you’ll know for future reference, sharks do not growl.”

“Oh yeah? Well, Sunnyshark does when she has a mouthful of your pussy, baby. Do do…do do…do do, do do.”

She gave me a hot, playful spank on my ass…

My pussy dribbled on her tummy…I took her hand and slid it under me to my pussy and fucked myself with her fingers…my hot orgasm made a slippery little pool of my cum on her tummy.

I touched her lips with mine and spoke softly, “I love you, Blue…”

“I love YOU, Sunny…”

The End

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


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