Movie Night

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“I don’t understand why people in horror movies make such dumb decisions,” Kyle says. He’s sitting close to my right side on the small couch.

“Because they are idiots,” says Sam, on my left.

“I agree,” I say, before shoving popcorn in my mouth.

We’re sitting in Kyle’s living room watching some poorly done horror movie – just one of many we’ll be watching this weekend while downing a couple of drinks. We’ve all been friends for a long time; Kyle’s quite the frat boy while Sam is more reserved, but we’ve always gotten along.

“Do you want another beer, Sam?” Kyle asks.

“You know it!” Sam replies. “What about you, Kristy?” Sam looks at me.

“I think I want something harder to drink,” I say. “This movie is pushing me to my limit.” The beer has already made me tipsy, but I want to get wasted.

“Time for whiskey!” Kyle howls, running to the liquor cabinet.

“Are you sure about that?” Sam asks me.

“Yeah? Why wouldn’t I be? I don’t have work tomorrow,” I reply with a questioning tone.

“Well,” he stops and sighs. He eventually says it, though: “You get kind of wild when you drink.” He’s always been a little protective over me, but that’s something I like about him.

“It’s just you guys. How wild can I get?”

“Liquor for the slam piece!” Kyle shouts, running over with two huge glasses. He hands me one of them, full of what I think is Jack and Coke.

I turn red and laugh. “Please don’t call me that,” I say. Kyle often makes sexual jokes around me, not knowing I actually have a huge crush on him.

“You love it,” he teases. He hands the other glass to Sam. My heart flutters in my chest.

Sam looks at it and shakes his head. “Dude, I don’t know about this. Isn’t it a little early in the movie stack for this?”

“Just drink it, Sammy,” Kyle goads him.

“Yeah, get wild, Sammy,” I add. I lean on him. His warm body feels nice against me.

“Okay,” he says. He smiles at me and takes a sip.

Two more movies fly by as we down more and more liquor.

“These movies bahis siteleri are getting worse!” I blurt out, extremely drunk. The room spins as I lean back into the couch. “I wanna play a game.”

Kyle and Sam laugh at me for being a lightweight, even though they are getting pretty drunk themselves. “What do you want to play?” Sam asks.

“How about we strip for every horror movie cliché in the next movie?” Kyle laughs at his own idea.

“Let’s do it!” I yell over Sam’s immediate protests, throwing my arms in the air. I’ve always fantasized about Kyle getting undressed. Kyle high-fives me, then loads the next disc.

“The lady has spoken,” Kyle says, pressing play on the menu screen. “Looks like we’re getting naked.”

“Wait, no, guys,” Sam laughs. “We can’t do that.”

“Really, Sam? Did you just say you don’t want my clothes off?” I smirk at him suggestively. Sam blushes. He opens his mouth to say something but just closes it instead. Sam has always been fun to play with.

After watching the movie for about five minutes, I see a cliché. “Oh! A cabin in the woods! Our first cliché!” I grab my t-shirt from the bottom, pulling it up to expose my lacy purple bra. Sam’s eyes grow wide and his jaw tightens at the sight of my cleavage.

“Woo! Take it off!” Kyle encourages. He pulls off his tank top, flinging it across the room. I blush at the sight of his chiseled chest. His good looks make my pussy damp.

Sam starts unbuttoning his shirt slowly; his hands are shaking. He finally gets to the bottom and slides it off his arms. He actually looks pretty nice.

“You have more clothes on, counting your bra,” Kyle says to me.

Without thinking, I reach to undo the clasp behind me. The alcohol has lowered my inhibitions. My bra falls to the floor after I brush off the straps. My large breasts are now exposed to the room, making my nipples hard instantly. “Are we even now?” I giggle, enjoying their hungry stares.

Both Kyle and Sam sit with their mouths open for a moment. Sam closes his eyes and nudges Kyle. canlı bahis siteleri Kyle snaps out of his daze and says, “I think we are.” Sam opens one eye directly looking at my breasts. He grunts. I squeeze them together with my arms to entice Sam. I can tell he wants to touch them.

The movie crawls along, and I can’t wait to take something else off. “Another cliché! The killer has a mask!” I say, standing up. Excitedly, I undo my jeans and slip them down my legs. I can feel the guys staring at me. This is way too much fun. Once at the bottom I kick them away. I fix the way my purple thong fits around my waist; the band snaps against my skin. I look up at the guys. “Well, take your pants off,” I say.

Kyle quickly throws off his sweats, not breaking his stare, and says, “You don’t have to tell me twice.”

Sam turns away from me to grab the remote. “I think this is enough,” he says.

Such a buzzkill, I think as I stride up to him and grab his waist from behind. I can feel his whole body stiffen as I press my breasts against his back. I run my hands along his waistband to find his button. His body relaxes, becoming putty in my hands. Perfect.

I undo his button and pull down the zipper. I push the jeans to the ground. Compliantly, he steps out of them.

“That wasn’t that hard, now was it?” I ask laughing.

He turns back around and pulls me by my waist. I can feel his erect cock against my pelvis. I look into his eyes, which are now full of determination. My heart pounds in my chest. He leans down and kisses me. His tongue touches my lips, sliding in between them. I open my mouth slightly and meet his tongue with mine. He picks me up, and I wrap my legs around his waist. He bends over and lays me on the couch, our lips never breaking contact.

I’m pressed against the couch as he hungrily gropes my breasts. He kisses down my body, running his hands along my waist. Each touch gives me butterflies.

He rips my thong off, putting his fingers in my pussy. I never knew he could be such an animal. Pulling canlı bahis out of my pussy, he slowly strokes along the clit, sending tingles throughout my body.

After a long minute of ecstasy, I feel Sam stop rubbing me and pull my butt onto the armrest so that I’m at the same angle as his hips. Lining his huge dick up with my pussy, he slides into it easily. My breasts jiggle as he begins to thrust faster and harder. I have never really thought of Sam this way, but this is too good. I’m not stopping him now.

I look over to Kyle, who is watching while rubbing his cock through his underwear. Just what I want to see. Smiling, I manage to gesture for him to come over. He walks over to us while taking off his underwear. He moans as I grab his hard throbbing cock and stroke it. It’s warm in my hand, just like I always thought it would be.

I sit up, and Sam slips out. I pull Kyle by his cock, putting it into my mouth. I get a little excited when I taste his precum. As I lick the shaft up and down, Kyle moans. It makes me happy to hear his pleasure. I close my mouth around his cock again and suck, bobbing my head. Kyle grabs me by my hair and thrust his hips into me, fucking my face. I’m in heaven.

I see Sam in the corner of my eye. He is stroking his cock while staring at me. Suddenly a perverted thought runs through my head. I pull off of Kyle’s cock and he lets go of my hair. “I’ve got an idea,” I say, sliding down to the wooden floor. I get on my hands and knees and look up at them. “Pick an end.” My body is yearning to be filled.

Kyle pushes Sam out of the way and gets on his knees. He shoves his cock into my pussy and starts thrusting. His long cock hits my g spot, making me cum instantly. My toes curl and I moan. Sam steps in front of me and takes advantage of my open mouth. I start to suck as he pushes into me. I use one of my hands to stroke his big cock as I suck up and down. He grunts in pleasure.

Their cocks feel so good inside of me. I cum over and over. My pussy clenches around Kyle’s cock, making him moan.

They both thrust faster and faster until I feel both cocks twitch. Cum spurts in me from both ends, making me weak with pleasure. They slip out of me, panting, and sit back on the floor. I lean against the couch and smile.

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