Motorcycle Story

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Motorcycle StoryThis is the fantasy that was keeping me awake last night after our chat and picture fun…enjoy. It’s 11 pm and I am home, alone and horny as hell. My phone goes off and it is a text from you, “Now…” and your address is all it says, but I know what it means. I jump on my bike, and head towards your house. As I pull into your driveway I notice that the night is still and dark. I park my bike and wonder…should I go to the door, around back…? I climb off the bike and without taking my helmet off, I switch her off. As I do, the garage door begins to open. Unbeknownst to me, you have prepared…you have been horny all day, your pussy wet and aching for a hard cock, and all it has had is your finger, and fingers. You are dripping wet and your clit is hard and throbbing for attention. Knowing that I would respond to your text you took the time to back your car into your garage as far back as you could, to give us room. You brought a blanket for the hood of your car. You even went as far as to unscrew the light bulb from the garage door opener. And there you waited, in the dark, legs spread wide, bent forward betsobet yeni giriş over the hood, your left hand buried beneath you, fingers deep in your pussy, playing. Pinching your clit from time to time, sliding a finger into your wanton, swollen cunt. In your right hand, the garage door opener. Waiting, waiting, waiting… for me to arrive and shut off my bike. Imagine my surprise then, as the garage door slowly opens, and I find you, bent over your car. Your fingers buried in your dripping cunt. Your beautiful ass thrust up into the air. Silently begging me to fill it with the hard cock you have wanted all day. You are all pink and purple and wet and wanting. Gorgeous. You even went as far as to place the garage door opener atop of your ass in the last moment as the door began to open, as a gift to me. As it does, the light from my bike flashes you and exposes your beautiful naked pussy and ass to your neighbors, if any happen to be driving by, for who could know at this hour. Maybe the k** next door is out walking his dog. Who could tell? You had to take that chance though, the excitement betsobet güvenilirmi is to wonderful, the anticipation too rich. And you knew, you knew how much this would turn my cock instantly hard and that I would be dying to slide into you the instant I saw you like this, this gift to me. Slide deep and hard into you, to satisfy all of those naughty urges you have had all day. You stay there, bent forward, feet spread, waiting silently for me to take you now. Fingers still deep inside yourself as you hear my footsteps. At least you do hope that it is me, perhaps it is just some lucky stranger who is willing to satisfy your pleasures tonight. And at this point, it does not matter to you. You would let that lucky stranger fuck you madly, if indeed it is him. The steps draw near but you are frozen, unable to speak. You know how I am, he is, looking at your pussy, enjoying your wetness your fingers still deep inside yourself, forgotten. You hear a zipper, and another. You sense a presence behind you. “How will he, fuck me?” you think to yourself, hard, slow, quickly, “…in my ass!?”. You betsobet giriş hear a shuffling behind you and you finally feel a warm leg press up against your ass, as a hand reaches up and pressing you against your car hood trapping your own hand hard against your pussy. While another reaches up to remove the garage door opener from atop your ass. You are stunned, still not finding your voice. As you notice that the garage door has begun to close, you do finally look forward into the windshield for some kind of clue in the reflection. What you see grips you, but it only makes your pussy drip that much faster running down between your legs, wanting that release: A man in a motorcycle helmet and jacket, unknown, unseen. Suddenly you hear words escape your lips, you aren’t even sure is your own voice. “Oh god, please. FUCK me!!!” As you give yourself over to this stranger in a motorcycle helmet, you think to yourself “oh my god…” Your mind is a whirl, your thoughts are everywhere, your clit is still throbbing wildly, so hard you just don’t think you can take it any longer, your pussy has never ached in this way before, this is mad !! And you feel a very hard object begin to part your wet cunt lips, finally giving you what you have so needed: filling the deep needy places inside of you. And I begin to thrust my hard cock in and out of you, slowly in the darkness of your garage, on the hood of your car.

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