Mothership Wilderness Pt. 19

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

The crew hustled about the Errand into the Wilderness. After a few minutes of frantic searching for the cause of the life support failure, Mary gave new orders to Pricilla, asked Maureen for help, and called Jacob to join her in a logical place. Environmental engineering would one day be responsible for much of their acclimation to New Canaan. But it also filtered and remixed the air aboard the ship. Jacob trotted into the room to find his mother pressed up against a translucent wall, banging on the invisible barrier.

“Mason, gosh darn it, I’m your mother. You come out of there right now!” Mary’s eyes were fierce and her body tense.

Jacob looked through the clear partition. Mason had apparently sealed himself in. He was working at a panel, partially facing his mother. Jacob blinked. His brother was wearing a full space suit. The ones built for vacuum. What was he doing?

“You’re not yourself, Mother. None of you are.” Mason glanced up and saw that Jacob had entered the room. “Especially him.” He pointed at Jacob.

“What’s going on?” Jacob looked at his mother.

“There you are, Jake.” Mary turned and brought him in for a tight hug. After a moment, she held him at arm’s length and looked down into his eyes. “Your brother’s gone mad.”

“I’m the only one still clinging to sanity.” Mason went back to his work.

“Errand, open the door.” Jacob waited for the computer to comply, but nothing happened.

“He’s shut down Errand’s higher functions. She can’t help us.” Mary turned an angry frown on her eldest son. “He’s locked the armory. He’s disabled the Henderson’s ship and locked their armory, too.”

“The ship can’t help you.” Mason pointed a gloved finger up in the air like he was making a salient point. “Errand injected Jacob with something ungodly. It turned him into a demon.” He glanced at the thing posing as his brother. “Heaven have mercy, I can see his foulness squirming about even now.”

“Jacob is the messenger, he is the messiah, he is –” Mary was interrupted by Mason.

“He is darkness itself.” Mason sighed. “He spread his filth through our air system with the ship’s help. And I have suspicions about that milk you want everyone to drink, Mother.” He looked up and smirked through his face shield. “Yes, I noticed. I think we all would have noticed if those evil chemicals hadn’t clouded our minds.”

“Stop it, Mason. This is blasphemy.” Mary turned to Jacob. “What should we do?”

“You want me to tell you?” Jacob stared at his mother. “I don’t know. What’s he doing anyway?”

“I’m trying to scrub the air, but Errand messed these systems up. You better hope I can get the scrubbers online, birthday boy.”

“What?” Jacob had forgotten it was his nineteenth birthday. It seemed ages ago that he was partying with his women in the holopark. “Why? Why should I hope you get the scrubbers online?” He was trying to wrap his mind around the situation.

“If I don’t, I’ll have to knock out all of you. Let the crew hibernate until we’re established on New Canaan,” Mason said. “It’s one way or the other.”

“Hibernate? What’s he talking about, Mom?” Jacob took his mother’s hand.

“I’m not sure.” Mary banged on the barrier. “Mason, what are you doing?”

Mason hummed to himself as he worked, ignoring the question.

“I think he plans to lower the oxygen until we’re all unconscious. And then put us in your quarantine cryohold.” Maureen walked into the room. The wag of her hips exuded authority. This was her element. Even if life had shifted under her feet. Even if she had opened her heart to this strange God. She clicked right into familiar patterns in a crisis. “Of course, that might kill us. Especially if he tries it manually. It’s tricky to get the oxygen level just right for a plan like that.”

“What if we go into quarantine willingly?” Jacob stepped up to the barrier and pressed his nose against it. “What if we just go back to sleep until New Canaan is established? Will you stop what you’re doing, Mason?”

“Sure, but there’s a catch.” Mason moved away from the panel and looked at his brother through the partition. “You say ‘we,’ but there is no ‘we’ for you. Not anymore.”

“No, he’s your brother.” Tears welled in Mary’s eyes. “He’s our savior. You can’t.”

“What do you mean? What’s the catch?” Jacob watched his stony-faced brother. “What is he talking about?”

“He means to quarantine the rest of us.” Maureen’s voice was slow and calculating as she worked through the parameters of the problem. “But he’ll put his brother out an airlock. Is that it?”

“Something like that.” Mason nodded. “So, do we have a deal, demon? Sacrifice yourself for the others, and they willingly go on ice? Who knows, if you really are Mother’s messiah, maybe you’ll float right back into the ship as good as new.” Mason’s smile was devoid of mirth.

“We will never give up our new world.” The tears now streamed down Mary’s cheeks. “Repent, Mason, and come back to adiosbet yeni giriş the fold.”

Mason shook his head and went back to work.

“I don’t know.” Jacob squeezed his mother’s hand. He knew how she felt. “What do you think, Mrs. Henderson? Should we give up?” He wasn’t ready to die, but he wasn’t about to let his brother suffocate the rest of them.

“Well …” Maureen teetered on the edge of a decision. She looked at the young man and thought about what he had shown her. The world looked beautiful and miraculous to her after she’d given herself to his gravity. There were so many more eyes he could open to new realms of consciousness. “Come with me.” She ushered them out of the room. They had to find somewhere private to talk.


“Mom said for you all to stay here.” Penny sat by the door to her room. She made a poor guard for her crew, but no one seemed to want out. Not even her father, who was so often the first into the hornets’ next. He sat complacently. The only people that looked nervous were her sister and Doctor Cole. Especially Doctor Cole.

“Why don’t we just leave?” Judy held Don’s hand tightly, sitting on her sister’s bed. “We’re charged up and ready. We’ve been ready for days. Leave these zealots on their own.”

“We can’t,” Doctor Cole and Penny said at the same time. They eyed each other suspiciously.

“There’s something wrong with both ships. Mom said to stay here until everything is resolved. She wants to help these people.” Penny studied Doctor Cole. What would she do if the woman made a run for it?

“Yeah, makes sense.” Judy nodded. Her mother wouldn’t leave the Errand to its own destruction. And their ship was somehow caught up in the mess. Maybe that’s why she’d waylaid their departure. “But why aren’t we helping? We’re a team.”

“Well, yeah. Mom said you’d say that.” Penny smiled. “She said to tell you that sometimes a team needs to lay low. She’ll be back soon.”

“Well, that’s stupid.” But Judy didn’t try to leave. She sat there with the rest of her crew and waited.


“Everyone stay calm.” Pricilla was surprised at just how little the men needed that command. Her husband, father, and Max sat at a table placidly drinking glasses of her mother’s milk. When Mary had located Mason, she’d called Pricilla and told her to hold the men in the mess with plenty of drink on hand. Pricilla had found the task downright easy.

“Where’s everyone else?” Max looked up at her with tranquil eyes.

Heather stood by the door and rolled her eyes at Pricilla. It seemed guard duty was unnecessary. But here she was, following orders like a good member of Colony Control.

“Lil is on the bridge. Mom and Jake are in environmental engineering. They’re dealing with the problem.” Pricilla put a hand on her protruding belly. Jacob would get them out of this mess. He would prove to be the father she knew he was and not let any harm fall on the babies he had placed in their bellies.

“Okay, good.” Max looked back at his milk and took another gulp.

There were no other questions. Pricilla sat tensely on the edge of her chair.


“So, our robot will work on the far bulkhead, while you and Lil do your thing. Sound like a plan?” Maureen eyed Jacob. How odd that she would be asking his approval rather than giving orders.

“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with Lil and I … doing that.” Jacob folded his arms over his chest. “Maybe we could just go with the robot plan. We don’t need a plan B.”

“That bulkhead is twelve inches thick. I don’t know if it can get through in time.” Maureen shook her head.

“Your life is at stake, sweetie. And the lives of everyone else awake on our ship.” Mary kissed him on the lips to give him courage. “Not to mention the new world you were sent to create. It is His will, but our works.”

“Okay.” Jacob nodded. “Put the robot to work. I’ll ask Lil if she’ll help.”

“The robot started cutting four minutes ago.” Maureen’s smile was almost as grim as Mason’s had been.

“And Lil is already on her way.” Mary kissed him again. “Of course, she’ll help you.”

“Okay then.” Jacob could feel his stomach doing cartwheels. “I’ll head back to environmental engineering.”

“First, let us pray.” Mary took hold of Maureen’s hand and Jacob’s hand. The other two held hands and finished the circle. They bowed their heads and silently prayed.


“You’ve come back to plead for your life, demon?” Mason stood and moved over to one of the transfer pipes. He pried at the filter housing with a screwdriver.

“I’m your brother, Mason.” Jacob walked over to the translucent barrier and put his open hand on it. “You don’t want to kill me.”

“The Jacob I knew on Earth is already dead. You are a hollowed-out vehicle for evil now. And after I deal with you, I’ll turn my attention to the ship. I’m guessing some heathens infiltrated and sabotaged the Errand.” Mason turned his head awkwardly in his helmet and looked at Jacob. “I miss my brother. But you are an imposter. adiosbet giriş No matter what anyone says, you’ll go out an airlock.”

“And what if your wife asked you to stop, Mason?” Humility walked into the room wearing her smart Colony Control uniform. It wasn’t as baggy as it once was, with her burgeoning boobs and growing belly.

Mason dropped his screwdriver to the floor. “My wife would not willingly fornicate with my brother. The woman before me is under a demon’s thrall. But if you can hear me in there, Lil, I’m going to save you. I’m going to save everyone.”

“Everyone but your brother.” Lil put her hand on her hip like they were having a normal marital argument.

“My brother is already dead. I was just explaining it all to the demon over there.” Mason bent slowly in his bulky suit and picked up the screwdriver. He went back to his work.

“And what if you suffocate us to death?”

“I won’t.” Mason shook his head.

“And what will you do with the baby in my belly, dear?” Humility could see his shoulders tense even under all that Mylar and Kevlar.

“It’s early enough that those things can all be safely destroyed without harming the mothers.” Mason made sure to turn his helmet away so he wouldn’t have to look at his possessed wife as he said those words.

Humility gasped. “That is an unspeakable sin.”

“I think God will forgive me given the circumstances. And I’ll do it while you’re all unconscious. You’ll wake up on New Canaan like nothing ever happened.” Mason’s voice was tight and controlled.

“You’re the monster, Mason. Not me.” Jacob’s chest constricted at the thought of what would happen if they failed. If the robot didn’t get through in time, he and Lil would have to succeed. “Give him the ultimatum, Lil.”

“Come out of there, Mason. Join the crew.” Humility’s shoulders slumped a little. It seemed they would have to go through with it.

“I’ll come out when the air is scrubbed, or you all surrender, or everyone is unconscious.” He heard the zipper of a uniform slowly unzip. He turned to see Humility exposing a long gap of skin between her breasts on down past her belly. “What are you doing?”

“Come out, or Jacob and I will make love right here in this room.” She pulled her arms out of her sleeves, exposing her bra. “Either come out now, or watch me with your brother.” She took off her boots and stepped out of the legs of her uniform. It was cold in the outer chamber of environmental engineering in only her socks, panties, and bra.

“Look, Mason, I didn’t want to do this. But you’ve gone crazy. Lil and I have a natural connection.” Jacob didn’t mention that he seemed to have a natural connection with all women. He took off his own uniform, boots, socks, and underwear. His semi-engorged dick moved about languidly, growing slowly. “And if you don’t come out, we’ll be forced to show you … everything … I guess.”

“You are the devil himself.” Mason turned his eyes away from the grotesque display. “Just leave.” His hands trembled. The demon that had been his brother wanted to commit one final heinous act.

“This is your choice, dear,” Humility said.

“So be it. I know what you two have been doing. Having you in the room makes no difference. I …” A gurgling, slurping sound filled his ears. Oh no, Humility had put that abomination in her mouth. “Errand, shut off all communication.” The sounds continued. He could hear her murmuring, moaning, and gagging on the thing. “Computer, turn off all microphones on the ship.” But, of course, he had disabled Errand, and he hadn’t had the foresight to reroute those controls to his temporary base in environmental engineering. He glanced out beyond the barrier and his breath caught in his throat. It was truly horrid to see his sweet, faithful wife debasing herself with that fat, hideous organ. A penis that had clearly been designed in no place other than Hell.

“Come out of there and we’ll stop, Mason.” Jacob wound his fingers in Humility’s silky hair, looking down at her distorted face. “If you come out, I promise not to touch her again.” He didn’t like lying, but he had found the necessity of it more and more over the course of their journey.

“I … I …” Mason turned back to his work. Even if he got the scrubbers working, it might take hours to clear the air. And how long before the effects wore off? Hours more? He tossed away his screwdriver and moved to the regulator panel. “I’m cutting the oxygen level now. Your time is up.”

“How long do we have?” Jacob pulled Humility off his cock.

“Um …” She had to clear her head. There was so much happening that was completely outside any reality she’d known. Mason had turned into a murderer. She, herself, a heathen and polygamist with her own brother-in-law. And flaunting it like a paid streetwalker. Her mind tried to trace the threads that had led to that moment.

“How much time?” Jacob pulled her to her feet.

“I went … um … went over the numbers when your mother told me the plan. Just in case.” She adiosbet güvenilirmi wiped spit from her chin. “We’ve got about nineteen minutes.”

“Okay, well, we’ve got work to do then. Where do you want me?” Jacob eyed her heaving breasts.

“Lay on the floor with your head facing the barrier.” Humility removed her socks, panties, and bra. “I’ll ride you.”

“Don’t do it. Just wait.” Mason had to find some way to stall them until the oxygen dropped low enough. “Let’s talk it out. Maybe there’s another solution. I don’t want to put you in the airlock, Jacob. You are my brother.” With the regulation program now running, there was nothing more for him to do, so he sat facing away from the outer room, staring at the blank, white bulkhead. “Let’s talk.”

“Okay, dear. We’ll talk.” Humility straddled Jacob and felt the head of his penis probing and searching her. “I don’t know how it does it, but his cock finds my hole on its own. Ohhhhhh.” She convulsed as the thing popped into her ass. “I don’t have to guide it in. But … the thing is … I never know which hole it’ll choose. Lately, it’s been wanting … ugh … my butt. That’s where it is … uuuuuhhhhhhhh … right now.” She sank down on him. “But … either way … it’s sublime. I never feel closer … to Him … and His works … when Jacob is … ugh … inside me.”

“I can’t hear you.” Mason put his hands up to the sides of his helmet to no avail. He could hear them just fine. His wife made soft, little surprised sounds and her vagina squelched. No, it wasn’t her vagina. The demon was in her butt. How was that even possible? When he finally got his wife back, would she be the same woman he’d known, or would she be stretched and deformed with entirely new appetites?

“Oh, gosh, Mason, he’s deep.” Humility bounced on Jacob, leaning back with her hands on his thighs to force him all the way in. “I don’t know how it knows, but his penis finds all my … ugh … spots. It … uh … uh … uh … is hitting one … right now. And … eeeeiiiiiiiiii.” Humility shuddered and came on her brother-in-law’s dick.

“You’re destroying her, demon. Stop!” Mason risked a look and wished he hadn’t. Humility bounced on Jacob with abandon, her eyes rolling back, her breasts swinging in countervailing circles. Her belly shook with each impact. “She’ll be utterly ruined.” Mason didn’t want to face the truth that the damage already done might be irreparable. He looked around for some way to stop them. He wished he had taken a weapon from the armory before locking it. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he had already lost. He looked back through the partition in dread and awe at his convulsing wife. How could they ever go back to the way things were?

“Come … out … of there … and this … all … stops.” Jacob grabbed her hips and forced her to bounce even more violently on him.

“I’mmmm … cuuummmmmiiinnnggg … aagggggaaaiinnnnnnn.” Humility forgot about both her husband and their predicament as she rode one wave of pleasure to the next.

Mason said nothing. He moved over to the toolbox and picked up a wrench. He squeezed it in his gloved hand.

As she came down from her orgasms, Humility’s mind returned to her. How much time did they have left? Normally she’d rely on Errand to keep track of the time. “How … much … time … Jake?”

“Maybe ten minutes.” Jacob looked up at her, trying not to think what would happen if they didn’t lure Mason out. “This isn’t working, let’s try something else.”

“What the heck is that?” Mason’s attention was drawn to the far bulkhead in his chamber by an orange glowing light. And then sparks flew into his chamber. He could see a glowing right angle, with a section a few inches long spitting little bits of superheated metal. “You’re trying to cut your way in?” He gripped the wrench tighter and took some deep breaths. That had to be the robot. Judging from the glow, it would take a lot longer than ten minutes to cut through that bulkhead. Low oxygen wouldn’t disable it. He would have to unlock the armory when the crew went down, lock the robot into the environmental section, and then come back with something big enough to kill it. Why hadn’t he thought of the darn robot before? When he looked back toward the demon and his wife, he staggered in shock. Her face and boobs were pressed up against the barrier as Jacob took her from behind. The savagery of their mating should have been enough to tear her in two, but she looked ecstatic. Was he still destroying her butt?

“He’s … oooohhhhhh … in my vagina now, dear.” Humility’s face was twisted with the rapture of the moment, one eye opened wider than the other and pupils dilated. “You can … still stop him … before he seeds … me.”

“It doesn’t matter. He’s already done his evil work.” But Mason thought it did matter. He couldn’t bear to see her so utterly lost to heathenism. He had married her for her innocence and devout faith. Colony Control had selected them for their conviction in God and the church. His body trembled. He understood the full breadth of the demon’s conquest. To know a thing was one thing, but to see his sweet Humility given over to such an unnatural lust with that abomination … Before Mason knew what he was doing, he ran to the door in the barrier and punched in the code.

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