Mother Madison Ch. 04

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To say Tammy was disappointed would be an understatement. She’d gone to her father’s apartment with one purpose in mind; help him and her mother get back together. And she was planning on seducing him; if that’s what it took to make it happen. She entered her mother’s house, shut the door behind her, locked the deadbolt and headed straight for her bedroom. She flung herself on the bed and buried her face into her pillow.

Jeff had been at his computer when his sister entered the house. He stood and turned around just in time to get a brief glimpse of Tammy as she passed his open door. She didn’t look too happy.

“What’s wrong, sis?” he asked as he entered Tammy’s room and walked over to her bed.

At first, Tammy didn’t answer him. Jeff asked her again.

Tammy turned onto her back. “Nothing, really,” she told him.

Jeff sat on the bed beside his sister, took off her shoes and dropped them on the floor. He put her nylon clad feet in his lap and began to massage them. His cock got stiff and hard. Just rubbing her feet was enough to make him that way. The fact that she had nylons on made it even more enticing. He was sure she could feel his stiffening dick as it tried to poke a hole in his pants.

Tammy let out a long, drawn out sigh. “Ohhhhh, Jeff. That feels so good. Just what the doctor ordered.”

“What’s the matter?” he asked. “Dad turn you down?”

“No, dammit. He wasn’t there.”

“Maybe it’s just as well, Sis.”

Tammy raised up on her elbows. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean,” he began, “that if you bring Dad in on this, it’s gonna limit my time with you and mother.”

Tammy rubbed the heel of her foot against his cock. “Don’t worry, Bro. I’ll always take care of you.”

Jeff moved his attention to Tammy’s other foot. After a few moments, he began to massage her calves. He massaged her lower legs and then slid his hands up past her knees until he found the top of her nylons. “I don’t want anyone or anything to come between us; that’s all.”

Tammy lifted her feet from her brother’s lap and set them on the floor. She moved along the edge of the bed until they were sitting side by side; thighs touching. She leaned in and kissed him. Her tongue slipped out and brushed his upper lip.

Jeff quickly opened his mouth and sucked her tongue inside. Jeff’s tongue swirled around hers and began pushing it back into her mouth. He held her by the hips and pulled her close. He could feel the pre cum leaking out of his dick and wetting his shorts.

Jeff’s right hand left her hip and slid up her stomach. He cupped her breast and ran his thumb across the tip of her nipple.

“Mmmmmm,” Tammy moaned as she rubbed the ever prominent bulge in the front of his pants. Jeff wrapped his arms around her neck and pulled her down on top of him. Together, they wiggled and squirmed their way towards the center of the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled, putting himself on top of his sister.

Jeff pushed Tammy’s short skirt up to her waist and was surprised to see that she was not wearing her panties. He eased his middle finger between her lips and buried it inside her sex. With a slow and deliberate tempo, he finger fucked his sister’s cunt..

Tammy’s pussy was heating up. The fires of her incestuous, sinful lust spread quickly throughout her young body. When Jeff pulled his finger back and readied himself for yet another digital invasion, her pussy followed along until his finger was once again in to his last knuckle. Her hips were in constant motion as she fucked her brother’s finger like it was his cock.

“Hurry,” she told him. “I need the real thing.”

Working quickly, Jeff knelt between her legs, undid the button on his pants and pulled them and his shorts to his knees. He leaned forward, his cock leaving a trail of pre cum as it rubbed along her leg on its way to Tammy’s Promised Land.

Hot and getting hornier by the second, Tammy eagerly reached for her brother’s cock to guide it inside her. Both brother and sister felt the surge of electrical impulses that settled in their groins the moment they first made intimate contact with each other’s sexual organs.

Just as Jeff steadied himself to enter his sister, the bedroom door opened. Framed by the doorway, Rachel looked upon her children with a bit of amusement. “Oops,” she said. “Was heading for my room when I heard some strange noises behind the door. Just thought I’d check and see if you’re okay.

“We’re just fine, Mother,” Tammy said with a bit of irritation in her voice.

His desire somewhat diminished by his mother’s sudden and unexpected appearance, Jeff’s cock lost most of its rigidity and was temporarily unable to make an entrance into his sister’s sex.

“Shit!” Jeff muttered.

Tammy sensed his frustration. “What’s wrong, brother?”

“Goddam thing’s gone south on me.”

Tammy slid her hand down her stomach and across her bushy mound. She wrapped her hand around his wilting fuck stick and stroked it a couple of times. She shifted beneath him. “Bring that thing up here,” she beylikdüzü anal yapan escort told him. “I’ll take care of it like I did in the bathroom the other day.”

Jeff’s eagerness was readily apparent as he straddled his sister’s waist and moved up on the bed until his dick was dangling in front of her mouth.

Tammy raised her head and had quickly accepted all that he had to offer. At the same time, she grabbed Jeff’s butt cheeks and pulled him closer. Her tongue danced around the shaft as it painted his glans with a fair amount of saliva.

Jeff felt his cock growing inside Tammy’s mouth. He groaned his approval and pushed it a bit further into her oral cavity. He pulled back and quickly pushed it back inside her mouth; this time, with a bit more urgency. In a matter of seconds his raging erection had returned. Every time that he shoved his cock into his sister’s face, he could feel it bumping against the back of her throat.

He pulled back again and readied himself for another trip along the flat of Tammy’s tongue.

Tammy grabbed his cock and held it still. She backed away from his mushroom shaped head. “As much as I’d love to make you cum this way,” she told him. “My pussy’s needs take precedence over anything else.” She gave his cock head a quick kiss and laid back onto the bed. “Now move back to where you were and make love to me.”

In a flash, Jeff’s cock was knocking at the door of Tammy’s love box. At the same time he pushed forward, Tammy wrapped her legs around his waist, rested her heels on his backside and applied as much pressure as was possible; silently urging him to go deeper.

As soon as his cockhead was fully inside her, Jeff paused as if to gather his strength and then he sent his steel rod barreling down inside her; the flared crown stretching the walls of her velvet lined vagina.

“Oomph!” Tammy’s sudden expulsion of air left her breathless.

Over and over again, Jeff plowed into the depths of her vagina, occasionally bumping against her cervix.

Still standing in the doorway, Mother Madison looked on with interest. “What a beautiful sight,” she told herself. “Brother and sister expressing their love for each other.”

Rachel’s hand slid inside the waistband of her shorts. Her fingers wasted no time in searching out her throbbing love button. A quick burst of sinful, sexual desire surged through her when contact was made. She went weak in the knees and had to struggle to stay upright

Jeff and Tammy were huffing and puffing as they both strove to reach their individual and collective goals. Withdrawals and insertions subsequently decreased their ability to breathe properly.

Tammy’s cries became whimpers as her orgasm neared. “Fuck me, Jeff!” she exclaimed between breaths. “I’m almost there!”

Then she was over the edge. One second she was screaming for her brother to fuck her. Then she was swept away with the overflow of her carnal desires.

Jeff could feel the walls of his sister’s sex squeezing his rock hard cock. It continued to squeeze him even as his balls gave up their load and filled her with his potent sperm.

Tammy lay still, her body quivering uncontrollably, her sanity having temporarily abandoned her. Her mouth was open in a silent cry. Her eyes were open and her nostrils were flared. The warmth of her brother’s issuance was the trigger for another small explosion.

Rachel moved over next to the bed for a better view. She went to her knees beside them; her hand still on her clit and her fingers deep inside her hot box. Her orgasm hit her a mere second or two after her children’s.

Fighting to stay upright, Rachel cried out. Her insides had turned to jelly. She succumbed to the light, allowing it to show her the way to sexual heaven. Her juices, flowing without restraint, covered her hand and dripped onto her legs and feet.

Jeff stayed on top of his sister, his cock still inside her and still hard. When he was sure he and Tammy had given their all, he began to slowly pump in and of her cunt.

“Not now, Jeff,” she pleaded.

Jeff stopped in mid-stroke; his cock almost halfway out of her pussy. “What’s wrong, Sis?”

“I’m a bit sore,” she told him.

Jeff pulled out of Tammy, swung his legs over the side of the sofa and put himself in the upright position. Rachel, temporarily finished with her foray into the world of sexual pleasure, stood and helped her daughter into a sitting position. She sat down between the siblings, turned to look at each of them and said, “Got some good news.”

“What’s that?” Jeff and Tammy asked at the same time.

Rachel coughed. “I’ve been to see my lawyer and he tells me that I am entitled to half of your father’s assets that were acquired during our marriage.”

“Will he give it to you?” Tammy asked.

“He’ll have no choice,” Rachel replied.

“What will we do until everything is split between the two of you?” Jeff asked.

“There’s plenty of money in our joint account,” Rachel told him. “Tomorrow, I’m gonna beylikdüzü balıketli escort withdraw my half and start a separate account.” She brushed back an errant strand of hair that had partially blocked her vision. “I just hope he hasn’t beat me to it.”

“Have you decided yet where you think you might want to move to, Mother?” Tammy asked.

“Not yet,” Rachel said. “Been thinking hard about it. However, there’s something we need to discuss. Us three need to be in total agreement on this matter.”

Tammy looked anxiously at her mother. “What’s that?” she asked.

Rachel coughed. “It’s about Linda.”

“What about her?” Jeff asked.

“I hate to just drop this on you two but, I figure the sooner it gets said, the sooner the three of us can figure out how to deal with it.” She paused to gather her thoughts.

Jeff and Tammy were silent as they waited for their mother to continue.

Rachel looked down at her feet. “You both know that Linda and I have been spending a lot of time together. As a consequence, I’ve not been spending a whole lot of time with you two.”

“That’s okay, Mother,” Tammy told her. “I don’t mind. Jeff and I are dealing with it.”

Rachel snickered. “I saw how you were dealing with it just a while ago.”

Tammy pushed her hand under Rachel’s skirt, up her thigh and over to her hairy mound.

Without thinking, Rachel spread her legs so Tammy would have better access to her pussy. Tammy responded by pushing a finger inside her mother’s vaginal opening. She curled her finger and then pulled it out

Tammy drug her finger between Rachel’s outer lips, gathering some of the moisture that continued to leak from her well-oiled cunt. She pulled her hand from under her mother’s skirt, lifted it to her nose and sniffed.

“Smells like someone besides me and Jeff has been ‘dealing with it.'” Tammy remarked.

Tammy pressed her finger against her mother’s mouth. “Taste it, Mother. Taste your own juices.”

Rachel twisted her head about. She grabbed Tammy’s wrist and, with a great bit of difficulty, stopped her movements.

“Taste it, Mother. Taste it before it dries up completely.”

Cautiously, and with a small amount of trepidation, Rachel pushed her tongue between her lips and licked the end of Tammy’s finger.

“You like?” Tammy asked.

“Different,” was Rachel’s reply.

Tammy was about to bring her hand back to her own mouth when Rachel leaned forward and took the entire length of the proffered digit into her mouth.

Rachel circled Tammy’s finger with her tongue, licking it and cleaning it. When she could no longer taste herself, she wrapped her hand around the base of Tammy’s finger and slowly pulled back.

Once her finger was no longer inside her mother’s mouth, Tammy leaned in for a kiss. After many long seconds of battling tongues, she broke away.

“Well, how did it taste, Mother?”

Rachel looked pensive. “Good,” she said. “Good, but way different than yours.”

Tammy stood and yawned. “Think I’ll head on over to Lana’s,” she said.

“Didn’t you go there this morning?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, Mother, I did. She wasn’t home so I came back.”

Rachel patted the sofa cushion where her daughter had been sitting. “Can you wait for a few minutes?” she asked. “Got a few things that need discussing. Won’t take long. I promise.”

Tammy sat back down. “Sure, Mother. No problem.”

Rachel hesitated before speaking. She was worried how her children would take what she was about to say. “But,” she said to herself as she sighed. “It’s got to be said.”

“I’ve already mentioned this to Jeff,” Rachel told her daughter. “Now, it’s your turn to listen.”

“What’s that, Mother?”

“Linda and I have fallen in love,” Rachel said. “Will there be any problems if I bring her in to the family?”

Tammy thought long and hard before speaking. “I don’t know, Mother. I really don’t know. I want you to be happy. However, that being said; how will it affect me and Jeff?”

“Hopefully, not at all,” Rachel told her daughter.

“Already has,” Jeff said.

“I wasn’t aware that it had,” Rachel said. “How so?”

“This morning,” Jeff began. “You and Linda were in Tammy’s old bedroom and the door was locked. Are you going to continue to keep us separated from Linda? I mean; I really do want your happiness to be a top priority but, not at our expense.”

Rachel turned and hugged her son. “I’m so sorry,” she told him. “I honestly don’t remember locking the door but, I may have.” She pulled back and held him at arm’s length. “I love you, Jeff. I love the both of you more than life itself and would never intentionally hurt either of you. I will do my best to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

“I love you, too,” he said

Rachel continued. “After we decide whether or not to invite Linda into our family and explain to her that we do not lock doors in this household.”

“I’m all for your happiness,” Jeff told his mother. “I cannot ever remember beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş you being so happy when Dad was around. And, to be completely honest, there is part of me that wants him back. But, only if he learns to put your happiness first.”

A single tear ran down Rachel’s cheek. She caressed his forearm. “That’s so sweet of you to put it the way you just did.” She turned to look at Tammy; a questioning look in her eye.

Tammy wiped the tear off her mother’s cheek. “I agree with Jeff. It is your happiness that concerns me more than anything else. I, too, would like to see both of you reconcile but, like him, do not want it to come at your expense. So, unless Jeff has any objections, I think that inviting Linda to be a part of our family would be great.”

Rachel pulled both of them to her bosom. “It makes me so happy to hear you say that. Once again, I assure you that Linda will never come between us.”

“Except in bed,” Tammy joked.

And. . . I’ve come up with an idea that just might fit into all our plans.”

“Oh?” Tammy said. “Let’s hear it.”

“Okay,” Rachel said. “Here goes nothing.” She took a deep breath as she rubbed their shoulders. “We all move to Illinois until you graduate and then we move to Arizona. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds fine with me,” Jeff said.

Suddenly, Tammy was excited. “Mother, that is a wonderful idea. But. . . here’s another suggestion. Let me go back to Illinois State by myself. You, Jeff and Linda move to Arizona. I’ll put in for a transfer to Arizona State and join you as soon as it is approved.”

“I don’t know,” Rachel interjected. “You’d be sacrificing a lot just to be with us. You’ll have to leave all your old friends and make new ones. I think that it might be best if we follow you to Illinois instead of you following us to Arizona.”

“Mother, you remember Danica?”

“How could I not remember her? All through school, you were practically joined at the hip.”

“I know, Mother. She’s been my BFF since kindergarten. Anyway, Danica is going to Arizona State. She’s been after me to join her and I keep putting her off.”

Rachel hesitated. “I don’t know, Baby. I just don’t know.”

Tammy extricated herself from her mother’s grasp. “Think about it for a while, Mother.”

Tammy looked at her watch. “In the meantime, I’m on my way to see Lana. I really need to be going, Mother.”

Jeff and his mother both stood at the same time as Tammy. Tammy kissed her mother lightly on her lips. “Love you, Mommy.”

“Love you too, baby.”

She then hugged her brother and kissed him full on the lips. For a couple of moments, they were swapping spit as their tongues did battle. She broke the kiss and told him, “I love you too, Bro. When I get back, I want us to have a go at making a baby.”

Jeff embraced Tammy. “Thanks, sis. I love you, too.” He sucked in a deep breath. “I definitely want to give you my. . .our baby as soon as possible.”

“What about school?” Rachel asked. “Having a baby will put a damper on those plans in one big hurry.”

Tammy placed took Jeff’s hand in hers and interlocked their fingers. “We both really want this baby. At the most, it will set me back one semester. We can handle that.”

“Okay,” Rachel sighed. “Just remember it won’t be no picnic.”

Tammy released her hold on Jeff’s hand. She hugged him and then hugged her mother. “I know, Mother. I know.”

* * *

After Tammy had left, Jeff and his mother sat in silence, taking casual glances at each other. It was Jeff who broke that silence.

“You sure have Arizona on your mind, Mother.”

Rachel laughed lightly. “I guess I do at that, son.”

“Any reason why? Or is that something you’d rather not disclose?”

For several seconds, Rachel stared at the ceiling. Her gaze returned to encompass her son. “When I was just a kid . . . my grandmother used to go on and on about how she used to live there. She talked about the wide open spaces. She told me many times that her nearest neighbor was nearly two miles away. I guess that the little girl in me wants to experience what Grandma experienced. So far, I’ve only seen Arizona through her eyes. I want to see it through mine.”

Jeff pulled his mother to him; so close that he could feel her nipples hardening against his chest. He gave her a soft kiss on the top of her head.

“You know that Tammy’s birthday is coming up soon, don’t you, Mother?”

Rachel looked up at her son and smiled. “Oh, yeah,” she said. “And I know just what to get her.”

“And what might that be?”

“A dildo,” Rachel told him. “A big fat fucking dildo that vibrates.”

“Sounds good, Mother.”

“And what is my dear son going to give his sister for her birthday?”

“Dunno. I’ve been giving it a whole lot of thought but, haven’t settled on any one thing. I’m leaning towards getting her a butt plug.”

“A butt plug?” remarked Rachel. “What on earth for? I mean; what is a butt plug used for?”

“Well, Mother, a butt plug is just one way of several to prepare someone for anal sex.” Jeff paused for effect. “Some people use them for hood ornaments. Others place a few of them in their windows during Halloween in hopes that it will keep the kids away.”

Rachel pulled herself from her son’s embrace and remained still while she stared at him; searching for signs he was only joking. She poked him gently in his ribs. “You’re fucking with me, aren’t you?”

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