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Mother in law – Seductions and gamesMy wife and I have been together for over 6 years now and we got married 3 years ago. We were young but knew for the most part were in love. Our family got along very well. My family accepted my wife like she was one of their own and sometimes I feel like they liked her more. Her family were just the same but with me. Being a young guy I was always made sure I help them with lifting heavy things for them, shoveling snow, and even clean the yard. My mother in law was one of the funniest and sweetest lady I know. She is an amazing cook and like her daughter is blessed with a nice set of racks and a pretty sweet ass. Although her body was amazing for someone in her forties, I never thought of her in a sexual way. Our relationship started so innocent and subtle. For me it all started the day I stopped by to help them clean out the garage. It was a very hot day and being a dumbass wore a thick black tshirt. As much as I wanted to just take my shirt off I did not feel comfortable doing it infront of my father in law and my mother in law. I was not fat or anything, actually I was in pretty good shape. I played a lot of basketball and football with my friends so my body has always been toned. Knowing my current situation my mother in law walked out and handed me a white t shirt. She said she felt bad that she could not find a bigger shirt for me but this was the biggest shirt my father in law had. He was a little smaller than me and wore a medium I am more a medium/large. With the temperature rising, I went in the house to change shirts. I put on the white shirt and it seems to be a little tight. But it was better than nothing. The shirt felt like I was wearing one of those super hero tights which shows ever muscles and just hugged my body. As soon as I got out the bathroom, I bumped into my mother in law. She looked at me, smiled, and apologize that there wasn’t anything bigger. She offered to go to the store and pick something up for me but I told her The don’t bother I can deal with it. I went back out and continued to work. I noticed my father in law wincing so I asked if he was ok. Just a strained his back sarıyer escort but he will be fine he says. I called my mother in law to help him in and told him I can take care of this. He went in but felt bad he couldnt continue to help. I told him it wasnt a problem. He went upstairs and my mother in came down. She changed her outfit as if she was going to help. She wore a tshirt and her yoga pants for comfort. We moved things out slowly and after s few minutes she said she would be back. When she came back I could not imagine what I saw. Her tits poking out of her white tshirt. She had taken her bra off but did not think I would notice. I continued to work and tried my best not to stare. She bent over a couple times and her tit was in plain view as the v neck shirt droops down. I tried to continue working but when I turned around I accidentally bumped the shelving unit, which toppled over the windshield washer fluid and splashed some on my back. I immediately took my shirt off and wiped my back. My mother in law quickly grabbed some old towel in one of the totes in the garage and tried to clean the floor. She then grabbed the ladder and tried to stand on top of it to clean the shelf but the ladder was unstable. I quickly ran to her and told her I got her back. She then asked if I can hold her by her waist since the ladder was unstable. I stood infront of her no lie her pussy was directly facing my face. Her cameltoe was very obvious and her pants was wet around the pussy area. Although it only took a minute it seemed like forever. I slowly guided her down and finished the rest of the garage. That whole week I was thinking about the weekend. Was she intentionally trying to seduce me or accidentally. I decided to play the little game and seduce her myself. She stopped by the house the following weekend to cook for my wife and I. Most likely as a thank you for helping her the weekend before. My wife was running late from work so it was just me and my mother in law. I said hello and gave her a hug. I told her I was going to the basement to workout and let me know esenyurt escort if she needs anything. I did some cardio and lifted some weights. My mother in law called me from the kitchen so I pretended I did not hear her. I wanted her to come down and see me with my shirt off wearing just a basketball short. And yes nothing underneath my basketball short.Sure enough I heard her coming down the steps and I popped in my headphone as an excuse why id didnt hear her. She came closer and asked if I wanted mashed potato or baked? I noticed her stare at my stomach and her eyes shifted to my package. She snapped out of it and asked me gain what I wanted.She went back up and continued to cook. I decided to go up and take a shower. I went back to my mother in law and told her I will be in the shower if she needed anything. I left the bathroom door slightly open and gave a view from the kitchen. I called m mother in law asking her if she was also making dinner rolls. Ofcourse I didn’t give a shit about the rolls but just wanted her to come closer to the bathroom. Once I saw her from the corner of my eye I began to play with my dick for show. With the shower door all glass you can see me entirely. I heard her yelp and just continue to stare. I shut off the water and decided to continue jerking off until I came. I decided to cum on my boxer I just wore and leave it right no top of the hamper. My mother in law did not realize this set up. She went to the bathroom right after. I went back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and also check my little evidence. Sure enough my naughty mother in law licked the cum off of my boxer. After dinner my wife and my mother in law and I watched a movie. I decided to open a bottle of Merlot and asked if anyone care to join. My wife passed since she had to work early but my mother in law asked if she can have a glass. We continue to drink until nearly the whole bottle was empty. My mother in law and my wife both fell asleep. I carried my wife up to her room and tucked her in. My mother in law on the other hand was too drunk to drive so I called my father in law to let avrupa yakası escort him know she is staying over. I picked her up and began escorting her to the bedroom. She seemed uncomfortable so I asked her if she wanted some pajama? She nodded her head and I took one from my wifes closet. I made sure a gave her one that was loose and could easily slide up if I wanted to take a peak. She was too drunk to change her own so she asked me to help her. I helped her take her top off and her pants. Before I can leave the room she began to take her bra and panty off. I was not going to miss this so I left the room but cracked it enough so I can still have a peak. As soon as she was done she called me back in and asked for one more favor. She wanted a massage. She said her shoulder was sore from last weekends cleaning. I began to massage her back and shoulder then worked my way to her feet. From her feet I slowly moved up to the calves then her thighs. She began to breath heavier and heavier and she spread her legs a little more wider. As I was ready to go back down to her calves again, she grabbed my hand and guided it to her pussy lips. With my hand on her pussy she put her hands on my waistline to take my shorts down. With no boxers underneath my dick sprung up and was as hard as can be. She grabbed my head and started to suck. I worked her clit while she worked my head. She was amazing and everytime I was about to cum she would grip my cock hard and stop me from cumming. Finally I could not wait any longer and jumped ontop of her. I began ramming her hard! I would pull all the way back and just ram my dick inside. She was so wet and it felt so good. She began to moan louder and louder. Fearing we would get caught I put her on all fours and put her face on the pillow. I began poundin her faster and faster and her screams were muffled by the pillow. As she screamed she was cumming, I felt her squeeze me inside her and I could not contain myself and came right with her. My dick just kept pumping out so much cum inside her that it was literally 10 seconds of me just cumming non stop. She collapsed and was out like a light! The next day she came down for breakfast and still a little hung over. She looked at me and asked if I remembered what happened last night. She seemed to have blacked out. Not knowing how to respond I smiled and said yeah me too. Did she asked what happened because she knew and messing with me or she really did black out? Regardless it was still an awesome night for me to remember!

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