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Hi. This is a story of incest and anal. If you’re not interested in that kind of stuff, just search the site for what you like. If it’s OK, I look forward to your 5 star reviews and enthusiastic comments 😉 This is the only evaluation of the author’s work on Litertica.

English is not my first language, so no need to throw stones at me.


The melody of the telephone broke into sleep and forced me to open my eyes. 7:10 on the clock. Emmy sniffled beside me, and I had to reach for the phone. My parents were calling, asking how I was doing, if I still had money, if I needed to bring anything in, and if we were having a fight. I answered in general phrases, reassuring, persuasive, in general, everything as usual. With my free hand, I crushed my sister’s firm ass. Emmy didn’t even think about waking up while I stroked her buttocks and reassured mine and her mother’s, by the way, that Emmy was fine, I wasn’t bored, we got along well, and I had time to entertain her before college classes started.

She arrived yesterday, explaining to her parents this early move, the need to get used to the new city, so as not to waste precious time during school. I kindly agreed to provide a spare bedroom in my rented apartment. Of course, after what had happened to us over Christmas and spring break, Emmy wasn’t going to sleep in that room one night. She claimed exclusive rights to my dick and reaffirmed them the same night. Four times.

A lot of cum spurted out of my sister’s pink pussy and onto the bed, dressed to wash the bedspread. I crumpled her peach-colored buttocks and tried to penetrate the dark hole of her anus with my finger. My sister was watching herself, and her ass was a real piece of work, perfectly shaped, soft, bouncy, and tight. Finally, Emmy woke up, feeling my caresses. She noticed I was on the phone and immediately reached for the phone. I was just glad to have my hands free. Now I was able to fondle my little sister. Her nipples instantly hardened, and she wriggled lazily in my arms while she talked to her parents. The short nap gave me strength and I was ready again. Emmy noticed this, too, so she quickly rolled me over onto my back and jumped on top of me. She didn’t stop chirping on the phone and started rubbing asyabahis yeni giriş her pussy on my hard cock. A few seconds and I realized that my sister was wet, I wanted to grab her by the hips and put her on my dick, but she didn’t want to give up the initiative.

– Just a second, Mom,” Emmy covered the tube with her hand and whispered. – Lie down and don’t move, now I’m going to fuck you.

So there it was, I obediently put my hands behind my head. Sis rubbed my cock some more, then took it in her fist and guided it into her vagina. Her breath caught as she came fully on top of me. The horsewoman’s pose allowed her to appreciate its full length.

– Yeah, okay. Bye,” Emmy turned off the phone and tossed it aside. With her hair disheveled, her nipples sticking out defiantly, and a slight frenzy in her eyes, she rested her palms against my chest. I felt her vagina clench, enveloping me. When she leaned back a little, the sensations became even stronger, I could hardly contain myself from grabbing my sister and starting to fuck her, but she wouldn’t torture me. Helping herself with her legs and hands, Emmy started bouncing on me. Her hips slapped against mine. My cock was squelching in my wet pussy. As she lowered herself I began to thrust my torso up a little, the collision of bodies began to respond with sweet pain and exhaustion. Sis sped up and galloped like crazy, I only encouraged her by thrusting my cock to meet her. Emmy started squealing funny and rolling her eyes, and she cummed with a quiet hiss, a few minutes before I did. I quickly wrapped my arms around her and without pulling my cock out, rolled to the side, cupped her under me and quickly began fucking her practically limp body. Again my cum hit my sister, and again we were frozen in a searing embrace, shaken by a mutual orgasm. Her cunt contracted rapidly, hard as a vise, squeezing the last drops out of me. After breathing a little, Emmy pulled away from me, so it wouldn’t be so hot. While she rested, I began to squeeze her ass again. The nub between her buttocks beckoned me.

– Do you want to get in the ass? – Emmy understood.

– Yeah.

– I’ve never been there before,” she warned me. – They say it hurts… “Let’s be careful, I’ll try to be patient. asyabahis giriş Emmy was lying on her stomach, resting against the pillow, and I sat between her spread legs. First, I pulled her buttocks apart and explored her sphincter. The hole was unbelievably small; I would have to work it out. I remembered footage from a porn movie, and spat into my sister’s anus; Emmy flinched in surprise, but didn’t say anything. The spit was a good one, precise and abundant. With my index finger, I gathered as much saliva as I could and pressed on the sphincter.

– Quiet, you fool! Quiet!” Emmy squealed as I plunged my finger in sharply a few inches. – Take it out!!!

I obediently pulled my finger out, let my sister catch her breath, and pressed again. This time she endured longer, her index finger went all the way in, only then she demanded to stop again. I stopped the pressure, but I did not take my finger out. So I sat there with my finger in my little sister’s ass. Emmy rested her elbows on the bed and knelt down. This position relaxed her sphincter a little, and gave me a gorgeous view. My cock was already ready for a fight, but my ass was still completely undeveloped. I impatiently continued plunging my finger in and drove it all the way in. Emmy tensed her whole body, hesitated a little, and in a strangled voice asked me to take my finger out. Slowly. I obediently removed my finger from her asshole as well, and the hole immediately closed.

– Ew, you’re filthy,” I showed my sister my dirty finger. She turned pink with embarrassment:

– Gotta take a shower. I just haven’t been to the bathroom this morning. Fool, go wash your hand.

We had to take a little break, but we weren’t going to back down. It was like we were going crazy that day, determined to experience the most incredible, most forbidden sensations. When I peeked into the shower room, Emmy was twisting and shoving her own soap-soaked finger up my ass. I didn’t get any objections, so I went in. The shower room was big enough for two, if not three.

– Let me do it,” I put my little sister up against the wall so that she rested her arms against it and arched her back a little, giving me access to her ass. Emmy guessed to spread her legs wide and bend her rims a asyabahis güvenilirmi little. My ass was like the palm of my hand. All that was left was to work it out. I soaped my hands and began to rub a thick layer of soap on the sphincter hole. Then I inserted a finger, which easily slid inside. There was no telling what was behind that ease, though. Emmy was trembling with her whole body and breathing heavily. I began to fuck my sister with my finger, letting her asshole get used to the sensation. As the ring of my anus stretched under the pressure of my second finger, my sister began to moan. Then I added soap and sped up the movements, Emmy was already shaky, moaning and biting her lips, but she was honestly patient. I took my fingers out and started soaping my cock, I couldn’t take it anymore. When the soapy head hit the ring of her anus, Emmy flexed even harder, preparing herself for penetration. My ass wouldn’t let me in, I stretched my sphincter, pushed my cock forward, Emmy moaned, but nothing worked.

Then, completely dazed with excitement, I grabbed my sister’s hips, and forgetting tact and caution, I thrust in one motion. Emmy cried out, but my cock had already burst into her asshole. Sis was beginning to forgive me for stopping, but I decided to go for broke. My deceptively light movements caused such moans from Emmy that it seemed we could be heard far outside. I fucked my sister as fast as I could so that I could cum as quickly as possible. My dick was flickering, it seemed like my ass was about to smoke. The edges of her anus were red, Emmy was already scratching the wall, and I kept thrusting and thrusting her tight asshole on my cock. I could feel the walls of her anus clenching as my sister tried to squeeze the foreign object out. But I was stronger, I rammed the narrow passage with all my might, I drove my cock all the way in and out all the way to the head, so my little sister could feel the thickness of it with her hole. When I started to cum, Emmy howled with ecstasy. An orgasm came over her, too, and she began to fall, and I was the only one holding her down. I gripped her hips and cummed into her asshole, burning her tender insides with hot cum. When it was over, we sat under the cool jets of water for a while longer. Emmy personally washed my cock, helping herself with her mouth, and I cleaned her pussy and asshole, causing another violent orgasm.

We walked back to the bedroom tired and satisfied. I don’t know about her, but I was already imagining what we were going to do for the rest of the summer.

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