Moriyama sisters

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Moriyama sisters”My name is Eiko Moriyama. I have reservations, two rooms, together.” I punched her name into the computer and, sure enough, two rooms with an adjoining door. As I entered her credit card information I looked her over out of the corner of my eye. She was in her forties, pretty but kind of conservative, her deep black hair cut straight across at her shoulders, parted on the side, and she wore a trim knee length skirt and blazer. I sort of compulsively flirt with women, and when I handed her the room keys and asked her if she needed any help with her bags I tried to catch her eye and give her a smile, but she stayed serious, not meeting my eye, giving me a formal, “No, thank you, we will carry our own bags.” She turned to the couches in the middle of the lobby and called out, “Nobuko, Keiko, come.” I hadn’t noticed the two teenage girls sitting on the couches, evidently Mrs. Moriyama’s daughters. They got up and lugged their suitcases to the elevator, which was right next to the desk. As they reached the desk their mother turned to me and asked, “Please, where may I purchase a newspaper?” I pointed her toward the gift shop, telling her she could find one there. She instructed the girls to wait where they were while she was gone.As she walked away, I turned to the girls. “Which one of you is Nobuko and which is Keiko?”One of them gave a bashful little laugh and said, “Oh, I am Nobuko, she is Keiko,” Pointing at her sister. The girls looked similar, but evidently had very different personalities. Nobuko, the one who had spoken up, was wearing a baggy pair of jeans and a tight tee shirt that showed off her belly button, and had on bright pink lipstick. Her long black hair had streaks of brown dyed into it and she really seemed flirty, looking me in the eye and grinning, in contrast with her sister, who shyly looked at the ground while we talked. Keiko didn’t seem to wear any make-up at all, her hair cropped a little past her ears, with bangs in front, and she was wearing a red and yellow dress that was several inches below her knees. I found out from the girls that they had just arrived with their mother from Japan, and were on vacation for a week in LA before heading to Hawaii for another week. As we talked, Mrs. Moriyama returned and herded the girls into the elevator. I certainly had my hopes up about bumping into the girls during the week, though.And I ran into them sooner than I expected. My shift was over at midnight and I stopped by the kitchen to talk with a friend of mine for a minute, then headed toward the parking garage. As I cut through the central courtyard and approached the swimming pool I saw someone at a poolside table, reading something, and as I got closer I saw someone else sitting by the edge of the water. To my surprise, I saw it was Nobuko and Keiko. Keiko was leafing through a magazine and Nobuko had her pants legs rolled up and was dangling her feet in the water.”Hi girls. Staying up late?””Oh, hello!” Nobuko said with a big smile. “We cannot get to sleep. We are not used to, um, you know, change in time yet.””At home, it would be afternoon now.” Keiko added, looking at me shyly. I sat on a table between the girls and asked them how they liked LA so far. Nobuko said they hadn’t seen much of it yet, but told me all the things they were planning to do. She got up from the edge of the pool and sat down on a chair at the table I was sitting on, looking up at me with her big friendly grin. Keiko stayed in the chair she was in, about ten feet from me, looking me over, kind of warily though, with her knees together and her hands in her lap.After talking a while, I asked them, “Do either of you have a boyfriend?”They both looked at each other and giggled. “No, not really,” Nobuko shrugged.”You’re both so pretty, I thought you would.” They both looked at the ground with bashful grins.Nobuko asked, “American men, they only like women with blond hair and big.” Holding her hands in front of her chest.”Nobuko!” Keiko whispered, embarrassed.”Oh, not me,” I answered. “I like Asian women a lot. Japanese women are absolutely beautiful.” Their faces brightened as they looked at me expectantly. “Do you two like Japanese or American guys better?””I don’t know. They are both nice,” Nobuko shrugged.”She likes all boys,” Teased her sister.”Shut up!” Laughed Nobuko. We sat there talking for the next half hour or so. I asked the girls if their father was traveling with them, and they told me he had died over two years ago.”Our mother had not gone out or dated much since,” Said Keiko. “We asked her to take us on vacation to America. We hope that it will help her, having her meet new people.””It probably will. I hope the two of you have some fun too.””Having our mother around, I don’t know if we will,” Laughed Nobuko. “You think I am pretty?” She asked with her flirty little grin.”I think you’re very pretty. In fact, I’d like to kiss you. I want to make sure you have some fun while you’re here.” She laughed, putting her hand on my leg, then got up and sat down on the table next to me. I circled my hand on Nobuko’s back, her breathing a little heavy, her beautiful almond shaped eyes wide in anticipation. Her sister was still at the other table, half reading her magazine, half watching us. I rubbed my hand around her back and kissed her, softly a couple times, then I pressed into her soft lips, gradually working up the intensity. I opened my mouth a little and ran my tongue around her lips. She opened her mouth, circling her soft slippery tongue around mine. I stroked her long silky hair, then slipped my hand under her tee shirt. I ran my hand over the smooth skin of her back, then worked around to her stomach. We came up for air after a few minutes, looking at each other and smiling. Nobuko rubbed her arms. “Brrr, it is getting cold. Would you like to come up to our room for a while?” There was a little twinkle in her eye.Keiko looked over at us. “I don’t think mother would like that, Nobu.””I’m sure she is asleep by now. We will be quiet. She will not know.”Nobuko quietly unlocked the door and, peeking in, saw that the adjoining door to their mothers room was ajar. She tiptoed in and carefully closed it, then signaled for us to come in. With sort of goofy smiles on our faces, I reached my hand out to Nobuko. She took it and I sat her down on the edge of the bed. Keiko seemed kind of wary, and sat down at the table at the other end of the room and began nervously flipping through her magazine. Her sister and I resumed where we had left off. Under her tee shirt, I felt her small breasts underneath her bra, skimming them lightly at first, then pressing into them, feeling the bump of her nipple. She ran her hand over the muscles of my arm and chest, then worked down to my stomach. Our lips locked together, I guided her hand toward my dick. Feeling the outline of it through my jeans, big and hard as a rock, I felt Nobuko take a sharp breath.I took my mouth away from her. Taking the bottom of her shirt in my hands, I pulled it over her head, her long black hair, with streaks of brown, cascading down. She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I undid her pants, and as she stood up the loose fitting jeans dropped to the floor, revealing a pair of brief pink cotton panties. In her underwear she was awesome-;A small, delicate little body, but it looked like she spent a lot of time outdoors, and was fairly athletic. Her olive skin had a glow to it, and her leg muscles looked very firm, maybe from gymnastics or track and field. I pulled off my shoes and pants and we both lay back on the bed. Keiko was studiously trying to ignore us, keeping her head buried in her magazine. We kissed some more, Nobuko breathing heavily, running our hands over every inch of each other’s bodies. Stroking her back, I popped open her bra, then ran my hand underneath it, feeling her unbelievably soft little tits. I took the shoulder straps of the bra and pulled it off. Her small nipples were standing erect, and her soft pink areola, about the size of a dime, were quite swollen as well.Putting my lips around one of them, I sucked the small breast into my mouth and ran my tongue around. Nobuko squealed and groaned, stroking my back. I moved down a little and slid my hands along her hips, under her panties, pulling them down slowly, Nobu squirming around to help them off. I circled my hand around her sparse, deep black pubic hair as she giggled and scrunched up her face in nervous anticipation. She sat up and put her hands on the waistband of my boxer shorts as I lay back. Pulling downward, my stiff throbbing dick, which had been uncomfortably confined for some time now, sprang instantly upward. She drew a deep breath through her mouth, her eyes even wider.She looked up at my face, then back down to my pounding erection, half laughing, half in shock. She called over to her sister excitedly. “Keiko, look at how big it is… Keiko, look!” Her somewhat more innocent sister slowly, a little reluctantly took her gaze from her magazine and glanced over. Asian women can’t hide it when they’re turned on- Keiko’s face instantly turned a deep red as her eyes settled on the long, thick, red veined pole pointing toward the ceiling. Her lips slowly parted and her eyes grew wide. She seemed shocked, but couldn’t take her eyes off it. Propping herself up next to me on her elbow, Nobuko traced her fingertips along my erection, squeezing the stiff shaft with its bulging veins, feeling the big, spongy feeling head. She lightly, tentatively wrapped her hand around it and stroked, looking at my face for approval. Seeing her soft little hand around the thick shaft, delicately jerking me off, I gave a sigh, which encouraged little Nobuko, her hand moving faster and more firmly, a big grin on her face.I reached around and circled my hand over her pussy. She giggled and squirmed around nervously at first, but as I worked my finger in a little, exploring, finding her tiny little clit she relaxed, opening her legs a little. We played with each other for a few minutes until Nobu seemed like she was about to come. She let go of my dick and dropped her head down on the pillow, breathing deeply through her mouth and closing her eyes. Her face was flushed and a sheen of sweat formed on her forehead as I firmly circled my finger around her clit, the young Asian girl sighing, then groaning as she exhaled, till she squeezed her eyes shut, opened her mouth and let out a long squeaky gasp. She lay there, massaging her tits with her fingertips till she recovered, slowly opening her eyes, gazing at me with a look that seemed to say, “Oh, I would do anything for you.”I lay back, stroking her arm, looking from her face to my dick. Biting her lip, she seemed to think it over a second, then as she delicately stroked the shaft she bent down and kissed the throbbing, pounding head, her lipstick leaving a soft pink smudge. Holding onto the shaft securely, she took a little of the tip into her mouth and dragged her lips along it as she went upward. Gently bobbing her head up and down, she took in a little more each time. When she had gotten the head and an inch or two more in, which was quite a mouthful for her, she started working up and down, not sucking hard though, and just letting the tip of her tongue touch my dick. She wasn’t being very vigorous, but that was fine with me. I wanted this to last a while.Putting my hand behind my head, laying back on the pillow, I took a deep breath and groaned, taking in the sight. Nobu’s beautiful almond shaped eyes looking up at me, her cute little nose, her small delicate mouth, pink lips stretched around my big, deep red erection, sucking up and down. I stroked her long silky hair and ran my hand over her soft body. Her skin was a really beautiful color, a light yellowish-olive, lighter where a bikini top and bottom would usually cover her. I looked across the room at her sister. Keiko had given up any pretense of reading her magazine, instead staring, mouth slightly open, transfixed at the sight of her sister sucking my dick. Keiko’s cheeks were blushing a bright red. I reached around and rubbed Nobuko’s pussy, then worked on of my fingers slowly inside of her to see how difficult a time I would have with her. Nobuko wiggled around and squealed as I eased my finger in and out, which felt great with my dick still in her mouth. She seemed like she would be a very snug fit, but she felt slippery and well lubricated enough, so I figured she could take me okay as long as I took it slow.I sat up and guided her down on her back. Circling one hand over her little tits, I tried slipping two fingers in her to loosen her up a little more. After coming just a minute ago Nobuko was very relaxed and pliant, her eyelids heavy, her legs wide open. I figured she was ready as she would ever be, so I got on top of her and put the head of my dick against her little opening. Pushing, the head popped in easily, but her young vaginal muscles resisted allowing any more in. I eased as much as I could in and out, coating it in Nobuko’s slipperiness, every so often giving a firm push, working a fraction of an inch more in. Poking, prodding, feeling her soft, warm pussy gradually but reluctantly open up for me, I finally got enough lodged in her, but had some difficulty when I started trying to pump her.”Nobuko, try pushing your hips up when I push down,” I whispered to her, but the young Japanese girl was totally out of it. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was gasping through her mouth, and I don’t think she heard a word I said. With her young vagina still clinging tightly to my desperately throbbing erection, I put my arms under her legs, lifting them into the air. With her pelvis elevated a little I was able to start pumping, groaning as I plunged my dick into her, her velvety soft little pussy squeezing down on it. I was trying to go slow, not only to take it easy on her but also so I would last a while, but as she produced more lubrication, mixing with my own pre-cum, I couldn’t help taking a few quick pumps and, with a loud grunt, my orgasm suddenly hit. My first spurt instantly filled the girl, spilling out of her, then spurt after spurt followed, each one gushing out of Nobuko’s completely flooded little private area. After I had shot it all into her I started easing in and out again, the feeling of her tight pussy coated with my hot, thick slimy semen better than I could believe.With an exhausted groan I rolled over on my back and lay there, hands over my eyes. I don’t know how long it took me to recover, but after a while, with another groan, I hauled myself out of bed and headed to the bathroom to wash off my dick. As I marsbahis güvenilirmi walked back out Nobuko walked in, and I heard her turn on the shower. I pulled on my boxers and sat on the bed. I glanced over at Keiko, who had a kind of glazed expression, her face flushed with a little sweat on her upper lip, looking like she had gotten a good fucking herself. We sat there while her sister showered, the silence getting a little uncomfortable.”Um, I hope we didn’t bother you, Keiko.” She gave me a quick glance and a bashful smile, shaking her head, before looking back down at the floor, clasping her hands in her lap and crossing her feet. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I might have read a little something into the shy smile she gave me, like maybe she was a little interested…Nobuko came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, taking off a shower cap and shaking out her hair. She gave me one of her big grins, squinting her eyes. She went over to where Keiko was sitting and whispered something in her ear, tugging on her sleeve. Trying to stifle a smile, crinkling up her nose, Keiko shook her head. “Please,” Nobuko said, turning toward me, “Would you like to do it with my sister?” “No!” Keiko squealed, giggling, yanking on her sister’s arm, trying to get her to stop. Keiko seemed like she had lightened up a little bit, looking at me more directly and showing a little interest in the way she looked at me, but she still seemed pretty nervous, and kind of hesitant to come over to me.I got an idea to get her to relax. There was a bathrobe over the back of one of the chairs, and I reached over to it and pulled the belt out. I sat back down on the bed and put my hands behind my back. “You can tie my hands behind my back, Keiko. I won’t be able to do anything you don’t want me to.”Nobuko looked enthusiastically at her sister. “OK?” Keiko didn’t answer, just kept looking at me, biting her lip, slowly starting to smile. She looked at her sister and gave a little nod of her head. Nobu jumped on the bed and put my hands together behind my back and carefully tied the belt around one wrist, then the other. I rolled over on my back as she turned toward Keiko and enthusiastically waved her over.Nobuko pulled off the towel she had been wearing, exposing her naked little body to me, and said, “Kei, take your clothes off!” Keiko, blushing, bashfully unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head, then pulled off her loafers and short white socks. In her white bra and baby blue panties, her body was a little paler than her sisters, with thin arms and legs like she spent most of her time indoors, studying or practicing music. She walked over to the bed, carefully sitting on the very edge. Nobuko grabbed the bottoms of my boxer shorts and pulled them down. My semi-erect dick was flopped over to the side, drawing giggles from the girls.”Keiko, take off your bra,” I said. She was still a little bit anxious, but I think she liked the power of having me tied down, with her sitting over me. She thought a moment, then reached around and undid it, shrugging it of and putting it on the bedside table. Her tits were the same small beautiful shape as her sister and her areola were the same puffed out light pink kind, but hers were noticeably larger than Nobuko’s, almost the size of a quarter. She took a deep breath, trying to stifle a shy smile, and slipped her panties off, revealing a thin, neat triangle of pubic hair.”Kei,” Nobuko said softly to her sister, pointing at my dick. It had started to slowly rise, and the girls watched in fascination as it got more and more erect, eventually reaching its full height, throbbing gently. They looked at one another, teenage horniness not only in Nobuko’s eyes, but also in Keiko’s. With the two naked sisters on either side of me, Nobu made the first move, eagerly wrapping her hand around my hard-on. Jacking me off, she smiled as she heard my groans of pleasure.After a minute she pushed it over to her sister. “You try.” With a quick peek at my face, Keiko bit her lip and took the thick shaft in her hand. “Go up and down!” Encouraged her sister. She began carefully stroking, every so often squeezing it, finding out how this strange new thing felt.”Kei, here, I will show you how to suck on it.” Bending it toward her, Nobu leaned down and took my stiff dick delicately in her fingertips, then kissed the head, ran her tongue up and down it a few times and then opened her mouth wide and engulfed it. Her lips stretched around the thick shaft, the head filling her small mouth, she started bobbing her head, sucking more confidently than the first time. Nobuko was being a little more aggressive this time, caressing my dick with her tongue and using a lot of suction. After a couple minutes she pulled her head up, making a ‘pop’ as my erection pulled out of her mouth.She pushed it over toward her sister. “Now you. Do it just like I was doing.” With Nobuko holding onto the shaft, Keiko, with a nervous deep breath, bent down, closing her eyes as she took the head in her mouth. She held still, frozen in place for a second. “Suck it,” Encouraged her sister, giggling, “Go up and down!” Keiko started very slightly bobbing her head, just a fraction of an inch.”More than that,” Laughed Nobuko.”Let her take her time. She’ll get used to it,” I said. After a while she got more confident, relaxing her tongue and throat muscles and taking in as much as she could, although just skimming it lightly with her lips and barely letting her tongue touch it. I groaned, telling her how good it felt. Her sister, getting a little jealous I think, pulled my dick away and started working on it herself, sucking quickly and enthusiastically. The two traded off every minute or so, Keiko getting more and more into it, really loosening up and getting giggly. With my hands tied behind my back it was really a new experience for me, and I kind of liked it, laying there helpless, these two young girls able to do anything they wanted to me.I don’t think she even realized she was doing it, but I noticed Keiko had let one of her hands slip between her legs, and was massaging her pussy. As they took turns they both tried to outdo each other, really sucking hard and moving smoothly up and down the long shaft. While Nobu had her mouth full, Keiko sat up and really started rubbing her pussy, using both hands and rocking back and forth. Nobuko and I looked at each other and gave a little laugh, watching her shy little sister humping herself, eyes closed, face red, letting out a faint, ‘uh’, every so often. Watching her as Nobuko stroked my dick, eventually she opened her mouth and took a deep breath, tilted her head back and let out a soft, satisfied sigh. With her eyes tightly shut she kept rubbing herself, keeping her orgasm going. As she slowly recovered, I started trying to untie my wrists.”That looked like it felt good,” Nobuko grinned to her sister, reaching over and putting her hand on her knee, Keiko looking bashfully downward. It was pretty easy to untie the belt behind my back, and as I got it off I sat up, scooped Keiko up in my arms and laid her on her back in the middle of the bed, then sat on her legs so she couldn’t get up.”Aaaa!” She squealed, laughing and shrieking, gigglingly trying to keep me from running my hands along her naked little body, trying to squirm away from me. When she saw she couldn’t get away she lay back, smiling, breathing heavily, holding her arms out to the side and waiting for me to make the next move. After being teased for the last ten minutes by the girls, my dick was throbbing, pounding, hard as a rock. I massaged her little tits with my fingertips, then slid my hands up and down her body, working down to her inner thighs. I took her ankles and parted her legs. Rubbing her pussy, I slipped a finger in. She was even tighter than her sister, and didn’t seem to be very wet, even after coming just a minute ago. I worked my finger slowly in and out, and when I got an inch or so in I felt what I was sure was her hymen.Nobuko took her sister’s hand. “Don’t worry. He will be careful.” Without makeup, and with her short hair Keiko looked very young and innocent, and her skinny body made her look very delicate. Looking up at me trustingly, with a mixture of eagerness and nervousness, I promised myself I would take it very, very slow.I put a glob of spit in my hand and ran it along the stiff length of my dick, then another just to make sure. I lifted her butt up and slid one of the pillows underneath. Kneeling in front of her, I lifted her legs into the air, then worked my way forward and put the thick shaft up to her tiny little slit, rubbing it up and down, then poking the head in. I first carefully thrust just the spongy tip of my erection in and out, getting her ready. After a couple of minutes I pushed gently, squeezing maybe half an inch in. The saliva on my dick was helping, and I figured it wouldn’t be as difficult as I thought. Working into the incredibly soft, hot walls of her vagina, I pumped slowly, deeper and deeper, eventually meeting up with the thin membrane of her hymen. As I carefully worked further in I felt it stretching, then opening up against the sensitive head of my dick, allowing me into the most private and intimate parts of Keiko’s body.As I slid in and out the spit that was easing my entry began to dry up. The firm walls of her pussy were clinging tightly to the shaft, but further in the head of my erection was sliding along more easily. Her young, inexperienced body was trying desperately to produce enough lubrication to take me. Slowly pumping her, the little bit of moisture she was producing was pulled from deep inside her down along the shaft of my dick. Once I had a light coating all along the length I started an easy but firm motion, Keiko and I groaning together at the incredible feeling. Nobuko had her hand on her sister’s shoulder, watching carefully, making sure I didn’t hurt her. Kneeling in front of her, the young girls hips elevated by the pillow and her legs in the air, I pushed down on the backs of her legs to hold her steady. I picked up the pace a little, an anxious squeal coming from Keiko, grabbing onto my forearms, but it sounded like she was still okay.With her slick, tight pussy squeezing my dick, I felt my orgasm coming. Keeping my promise not to pump little Keiko too hard, it took an agonizingly long time, easing slowly in and out, but when I did it was incredibly intense. I let out a long groan as I began shooting jet after jet of cum, long thick spurts deep into the girl. Her cervix, only minutes before securely protected by her hymen, was now flooded with a thick coating of my semen.Laying next to each other, panting, Nobuko stroked her sister’s leg. “Wasn’t that the best thing you ever felt? He is very good at it.” Still breathing heavily through her mouth Keiko wasn’t able to answer, but managed to give her sister a little smile. She let out a long satisfied sigh, stroked my stomach, then headed toward the bathroom. Nobuko laid back on the bed and turned on the TV, clicking through the channels. I hauled myself up out of bed and followed Keiko into the shower.With her in the shower, I washed myself off at the sink. She had left the shower curtain open and I watched her soaping herself up in the mirror. The soapy water covering her skin, combined with the lighting in the bathroom made her skin a really beautiful color, kind of like honey. Seeing me looking at her a shy but still flirty smile broke out on her face. She slowly rubbed her hands over her body. I couldn’t resist. I stepped into the tub with Keiko, the warm water running over us and took the bar of soap from her, circling it around, then lathering her up with my hands, going over her little tits, her waist, the curve of her cute little butt. I was a good head taller than she was and had to bend down to soap her up between her legs. With the soapy water on her, her skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. Keiko took the bar of soap and ran it around the muscles of my arms and chest, lathering it with her other hand, working down, across my stomach, gigglingly circling her hand around my butt, then carefully running the soap around my groin. She lathered it up on my pubic hair then circled her hand around my limp dick, stroking, washing off the coating of cum.Did I say it was limp? As she thoroughly soaped it, my dick began to grow, Keiko watching fascinated as it slowly inflated in her hand. Once it was fully hard, she stroked the soapy water along the big, stiff muscle, then looked up at me shyly and said, “I, um… I kind of liked it when I was, you know, sucking on it in my mouth. I didn’t get to do it much. Nobu would not give me a chance.” I smiled at her and ran my fingers through her wet hair. She eagerly kneeled down, rinsed the soap off it, then without hesitation engulfed it, quickly running her mouth up and down the length of it. I closed my eyes and groaned, putting my hand on the back of her head.”What is taking you so… Hey!” Nobuko exclaimed, laughing, seeing the two of us in the shower, her sister sucking my dick. “You cannot have him for yourself.” She pulled off the tee-shirt and panties she had put on, then climbed in with us. With her younger sister on her knees, bobbing her head up and down, Nobu hugged herself against me from behind, stroking all over my body. “You are so wonderful. Could you do it to me again? Please? I reached back and squeezed her cute little butt. I patted Keiko on the head and pulled my now throbbing, rock hard erection out of her mouth. Turning toward Nobuko, my dick poking her in the stomach, I took her shoulders and turned her around, then bent her forward. With the warm water still running over us, she held onto one of the faucets to steady herself. I had to bend my knees quite a bit to line myself up with her, and then, holding onto her waist, I nudged the head of my dick against her little opening.Pumping, I slowly worked my way in, snug and tight but after the fucking I had given her I was able to squeeze myself in without a lot of difficulty. This being my third time I wasn’t worried about coming too soon so I set up a good quick motion, as fast as I thought she could take, little Nobuko giving out a squeaky gasp with each one. Enjoying the great feeling, I looked over at the mirror facing the shower and took in the sight- Nobuko bent over in front of me, my thick erection sliding in and out of the small, slender girl, Keiko behind me, hugging her arms around me.”Please,” Keiko’s voice spoke up behind me, timid but expectant, “Could you do it to me again, too?” What, do these girls think I’m Superman? marsbahis yeni giriş Just so she wouldn’t feel left out, after I had given Nobuko a good poking I slipped my dick out of her and turned toward her little sister. I turned her around and bent her over in front of me and aimed my erect penis, pumped up, throbbing, ready to start spurting at any moment. As I touched it to Keiko’s pussy, I could tell her young body had learned quickly how to prepare its self for sex pretty well. Her little opening had a light coating of lubrication, feeling almost like it was pulling my dick inside her as I touched it to her little slit. Pushing myself forward, I put my hands around her waist and pulled her into me, the two of us riding each other, the warm slippery softness crushing down on my dick, faster and faster, till with a long groan I started spilling another quantity of cum into the young girl, the overflow being washed away by the stream of water from the shower.We were all pretty much fucked out, the girls looking like they wanted to fall asleep right there in the shower. I managed to get them dried off and into bed, then pulled the covers over them. As I got dressed, Keiko said to her sister, loud enough so I could hear, “It has been so long since our mother has had a boyfriend or has, you know, been close to a man. I’ll bet she would like to.”Nobu glanced at me for a split second. “I know. I am sure she would. Perhaps we could find someone for her…” She turned slightly toward me, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. Mrs. Moriyama wasn’t bad- no teenager, but she had a nice trim figure and a very pretty face. She seemed so reserved and businesslike though, I didn’t know if I could help them out. Then again, I had been admiring her ever since she had arrived, and, well, if it would make the girls happy, I could at least try to chat with her and see if anything developed. I quickly finished dressing and headed toward the elevator. Yes, I usually stick around till morning, but in this case, with their mother in the adjoining room and a hotel manager who looks down on things like this…Around five in the afternoon the next day, after straightening out some mixed up room assignments, I was handed the phone at the front desk. “Hello! It is Nobuko. I wanted to tell you that my sister and I had a very good time last night, ” She said with a little giggle. I told her that I had fun myself, that they were two beautiful girls. “That is very nice of you to say,” She answered. “Um… we were wondering if we could talk to you sometime tonight. We will be going out with our mother around 6:30…””I’m on my break at five thirty. Would you like to meet by the pool?” She said that would be fine and agreed to meet me there.There were a few people around the pool, and a couple of k**s splashing around in the water. I saw Nobuko and Keiko waving at me from the other end of the pool, at a table off in the corner. I sat down with them and we exchanged greetings, grinning, and I asked them what they had been up to.”Oh, we have been having so much fun,” Nobuko said. “We walked along the beach all morning, then visited Universal Studios, then went to Beverly Hills and walked along, um, that street…””Rodeo drive,” Offered Keiko.”Yes, Rodeo Drive. Tomorrow we will go to Malibu and see the museum there.””The Getty Museum?””I think that is the one, yes,” Answered Nobuko. “We were talking with our mother, and, um,” She jabbed her sister in the arm. “Tell him,” She whispered.Looking shyly at the ground, Keiko spoke up. “We were… We were speaking with our mother, and Nobu mentioned you, saying the man who was at the front desk when we checked in was very good looking, and I said I thought he was too, and she said yes, he was a very attractive young man.” The girls looked at each other and giggled. “You think she is pretty?” Nobuko asked.”I think she’s very pretty. I didn’t think she noticed me, though.””Oh, she does not show how she feels in public,” Said Keiko. “It is the way older Japanese people are. You would like to, maybe, go on a date with her?” The girls looked at me with hopeful smiles.”Please?” Nobuko added. “She has not had a boyfriend since our father died, over two years ago. You are so nice, you could make her very happy.” The girls exchanged glances.”Well… I’ll tell you what. Tomorrow’s my day off. I have some stuff to take care of in the morning, but maybe I could show the three of you around town in the afternoon, and we could see if she’s, you know, interested. Okay?”The girls smiled broadly and took my hands, thanking me. They were just getting up to leave when Nobuko pointed over to the door leading back into the hotel. “There she is. I will go tell her.” Mrs. Moriyama had evidently been searching around the hotel for them. Nobuko ran over and pulled her by the arm over to where we were both sitting, telling her mother about the offer I made.We shook hands and exchanged greetings, Mrs. Moriyama bowing her head slightly. “I had some free time tomorrow,” I told her, “So I thought I could show the three of you around town, if you’d like.”She gave another slight nod of her head. “That is very kind of you.” I was wondering if she would be worried about me trying to hit on her daughters, but she didn’t seem concerned, and really seemed glad to have someone show them around.At a little after three in the afternoon I knocked on the door to their room. They were all ready to go, dressed for the warm weather. It was quite a change for Mrs. Moriyama; instead of her skirt and blazer she was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a brightly colored short-sleeved shirt, probably bought for her by Nobuko and Keiko. I made a point of looking her up and down and telling her how nice she looked. She gave a little nod of her head and a “Thank you.” She didn’t meet my eye, but the corners of her mouth went up very slightly.They had already seen the Santa Monica Pier, but I walked them down to Venice, where w e strolled along the boardwalk. The three of them were wide-eyed, gawking at the street performers, musicians, bums, roller-bladers and basketball players. “This is not like Japan,” Nobuko said in amazement. As we walked by the open air section of Gold’s Gym the girls both grinned and giggled, watching the muscle-heads working out, but their mother seemed to be trying not to stare.I touched her on the arm and pointed over, encouraging her to look. “They like people watching them.” She took a brief glance at the sea of tanned, bulging, rippling muscles then quickly looked down, trying to stifle a giggle with her hand. The girls looked over, glad to see their mother having a good time, and Nobuko asked her, “Do you like them?” But Mrs. Moriyama was too flustered to answer. We walked along looking at the street vendors, and as Keiko and Nobuko tried on sunglasses and looked through tee shirts, I led their mother over to a bench facing the ocean.”How do you like Los Angeles so far, Mrs. Moriyama?””Please, you may call me Eiko.” She thought about my question for a moment. “It is very different, very colorful… Very nice,” She said with a smile and a bob of her head.I asked her about the part of Japan she was from, and we talked about the other parts of the world we had seen. We looked out over the water for a minute, then I turned to her and said, “You really look nice today. You look good in a pair of shorts,” Glancing at her legs. And she did. She was fairly short but her legs had a nice curviness to them, and looked very smooth. She tightened up her mouth to keep from smiling and looked away bashfully. “I’m sorry if I offended you,” I said, touching her arm.”No, it is all right. I am just not used to people speaking in this way.” She glanced up at me. “In America you talk like this. It is nice to have someone say things like that.” “If there’s ever anything you’d like to say…” Just then Keiko and Nobuko ran up, tugging on their mother’s sleeve, asking her to buy them some tee shirts. It was close to six o’clock, and as we walked back I offered to take them to dinner. They agreed, and I suggested an Italian place that was around a fifteen minute walk away. Mrs. Moriyama said she would enjoy that, but as we walked along I noticed the girls exchanging glances.”Um… Keiko and I would rather go to the McDonalds across from the hotel. You could both go to the restaurant, though…” Evidently the girls had this pretty well planned out. We dropped Keiko and Nobuko off, then Eiko and I headed over to Montana Avenue.I made sure to order a bottle of wine. She had slowly been loosening up and getting more relaxed all afternoon, and with a few glasses of wine in her, well, the girls’ scheme might just pay off. She had started the day not meeting my eye at all, but as I complimented her and joked around with her, she would take a peek at my face every now and then, and toward the end of our dinner her gaze was really lingering on mine, her eyelids a little lower, the corners of her mouth coming up a bit more. Over coffee, I reached across the table and put my hand on hers. “You’re really beautiful, Eiko. The girls told me it’s been a while since you’ve been out with a man. You must think about it… a man running his hand slowly up and down your body…”She took a slow, deep breath, looked down at the table, then from side to side to make sure nobody could overhear, then softly said, “Yes.”We walked along the boardwalk back to the hotel, walking close to each other in the cool night air, the waves crashing in the distance. I had my arm around her, stroking the curve of her waist. In the elevator back at the hotel, I pulled her against me and, looking into her beautiful eyes, ran my hand up and down her back, working down to the curve of her butt. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As the door to her room clicked shut, I came up behind Eiko, hugging her against me, moving her hair out of the way and kissing her neck. I turned her around and kissed her on the mouth. I kept my tongue out of it, though, figuring a demure and straight-laced woman like her wouldn’t like me getting too carried away. As we kissed I ran my hands over her small body, curvier than her daughters, but still very petite and delicate. Mrs. Moriyama was getting a little more bold, feeling the muscles of my back, circling lower and lower. Eventually she gave in, stroking my butt gently, then really massaging it with both hands.I took a step back from her. She stood there anxiously, wide eyed, waiting for me to make the first move. I reached forward and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, taking it off, then undid her belt, unzipped her shorts and pulled them down. She stepped out of them, then I took her sandals off. I stood up and admired her body, slender and pale in her white bra and panties, Eiko blushing with her hands folded in front of her. I waited, and eventually she started undressing me, with a mixture of bashfulness and enthusiasm. Pulling my pants down, she came face to face with the large bulge in the front of my shorts, first quickly averting her gaze, then shyly taking in the sight out of the corner of her eye.I put my arms underneath her and picked her up, her body surprisingly light. I carried her over to the bed and set her down, then lay down next to her, propping myself up on my elbow. I ran my hand over her soft body, her legs, hip, her stomach, then slipped my hand under Eiko’s bra, feeling her erect nipples. I reached back and undid her bra, then pulled it over her head. I could see the family resemblance- she had the same kind of light pink areola as Nobuko and Keiko, but her tits were considerably larger, probably a B-cup. I sucked one of them into my mouth, running my tongue around, flicking her nipple. She let out a breathless gasp, stroking my back. After working on one, then the other for a few minutes I ran my tongue along the center of her body, circled it around her belly button, then pulled off her panties, exposing a neat, dark black triangle of pubic hair, straight rather than curly. I parted her legs and began rubbing her pussy, pushing in a little, finding her clit, massaging it, pinching it a little between my fingers. I figured I could be a little more aggressive with Mrs. Moriyama than I was with her daughters. Hopefully they would be happy with the job I was doing.With Eiko gasping, I opened her up with my fingers and ran my tongue around her erect little clit. I put my lips around it and sucked it into my mouth, flicking it firmly with my tongue, then scr****g it gently between my tongue and teeth. Demure, dignified Mrs. Moriyama was trying to keep quiet, but eventually gave in, groaning deeply, gasping, her eyes squeezed shut and thrusting her hips up and down. “Oh god…” She finally managed to gasp. After a few minutes of tickling her, Eiko off in another world, my tongue got kind of tired so I decided to take over with my hand for a minute. As I sat up, I happened to glance over at the adjoining door and- oh great. It was open a crack, and I could see Nobuko and Keiko peeking in. Their mother had her eyes closed and was pretty much out of it, so I kept rubbing her pussy to keep her that way, and with my other hand tried to wave the girls back, get them to close the door. They closed the door a little but kept peeking through. There was no way I could get up to lock the door without letting Eiko know her daughters were watching, so…I leaned back in and resumed caressing her, pinching her clit between my lips, working up the intensity, the girls’ mother gasping, her chest heaving, getting close. She ran her hands through my hair, pushing me into her. Breathing more and more quickly, after a minute she took a deep breath and let out a long, satisfied, uninhibited groan. Keiko and Nobuko had never seen their mother like this, I’m guessing. In the midst of her rather noisy orgasm, I took over with my hand and moved into position. I lifted her legs up into the air, worked my way up and poked the head of my dick into her, coating it in her slippery cum, then slid it in. Kneeling in front of her I eased it in and out, slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace. Her pussy gripped my dick nicely but she was definitely an easier fit than her daughters, my pumped up erection sliding along easily.I lay on top of her and really started giving it to her, pumping her small body, dignified Mrs. Moriyama wrapping her legs tightly around me and pumping herself into me, groaning, almost grunting with each thrust. With her face red, covered in sweat and breathing through her mouth, I felt like I was going to be coming in a minute myself. My thick erection intruding deeply marsbahis giriş into the snug confines, I took a few quick pumps and, with a grunt, my orgasm exploded, filling her with semen, jets of cum gushing out of my dick, flowing into her. After I had shot it all out, I resumed easing in and out of her, kissing her. I hope the two teenage girls in the other room enjoyed the show.I rolled over on my back, exhausted. Mrs. Moriyama was breathing through her mouth, legs still apart, not knowing where she was. Blinking, she slowly opened her eyes, looked at me and gave a little “oh,” and reached over and stroked my stomach. After a minute she got up to pee, and I took the opportunity to push the adjoining door shut and lock it for a little privacy.She came back and lay next to me on the bed, wrapping her arms around me tightly, and, with a sigh laid her head on my chest and closed her eyes. I slowly stroked her butt and hip, trying to get her to sleep. After five minutes or so her breathing became slow and deep. I called her name softly and shook her arm and got no response, so I figured she was out for the evening. I carefully disentangled myself from her arms, got up and put the covers over her, then pulled on my shorts and gathered my clothes together.I unlocked the door to the other room and stepped through, the girls peeking in, seeing their mother fast asleep. Both the girls were dressed for bed, Nobuko in plaid pajama bottoms and a white tank top, Keiko in an oversized Mickey Mouse tee shirt. As I quietly closed the door they both stood on their tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek. “Oh thank you! You are so nice to make her feel good,” They said enthusiastically, “She has needed to be with a man for so long.”I flopped down on the bed. “Well, you two shouldn’t have been watching, you two little perverts.”Nobuko giggled, “What is pervert?” I didn’t answer, and she sat down beside me on the bed and tugged on my arm. “What is it? We are not!””Someone who doesn’t think about anything but sex,” I answered.”We are not!” She said, socking me on the arm. “You are pervert.” I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me and held her as she struggled, laughing, to get away. I tossed her on the other side of the bed and smacked her butt.She smacked back at my hand and jumped off the bed. “You are pervert,” She grumbled, sitting in the chair across the room, pouting. Keiko lay down on the bed on her stomach, kicking her feet up in the air, looking up at me. “You enjoyed it, with our mother?” I nodded. “How many, you know… how many times with her?””Just once.””Why only once?”I shrugged. “I think it was enough for her. She isn’t a sex maniac like both of you.””What is… sex maniac?” Giggled Keiko. “Shut up, you are mean,” She said, pushing my leg. “It looked very good when you were, you know, putting your tongue between her legs.” She looked at me invitingly. “Did she use her mouth on your penis?””That’s none of your business, nosy,” I said, pinching her cute little nose.She laughed and rolled over on her back. “You are very nice. If there is anything you would like us to do for you…”I asked them, “When you were both little, did you ever wrestle with each other?””When we were little, yes, we used to wrestle all the time,” Nobuko said, adding, “I would win every time.” She jumped out of her chair and flopped on her stomach on the bed next to her sister.”No you didn’t,” Laughed Keiko, shoving her Nobuko’s shoulder. They argued back and forth, pushing at each other, Nobuko eventually grabbing both her sister’s skinny wrists. They both got up on their knees, laughing and shrieking, trying to push the other back. Nobu twisted around, throwing Kei on her back, sitting on her and pinning her arms down.”Whoever can get the other one naked wins,” I suggested. With both the girls struggling, Nobuko grabbed the bottom of Keiko’s Mickey Mouse tee shirt and pushed it upward. Keiko fought, but her more athletic sister managed to get it over her head and pulled it off, exposing Keiko’s pink panties and beautiful little tits. To help skinny little Keiko out, I grabbed Nobuko’s arms and pulled her off, and pushed her onto her back. Keiko took advantage, and quickly sat up and grabbed the waistband of her sister’s pajama bottoms and pulled them off, taking her panties with them.”That is not fair,” Whined Nobuko, now only wearing her brief tank top, her very narrow hips, cute little butt and sparse patch of pubic hair exposed. With Keiko wearing only her panties, the two rolled around, battling, first one on top, then the other. I pulled my dick out of my shorts, stroking the now very stiff length of muscle. Nobuko finally gained the advantage, sitting on top of her sister, facing toward her feet. She tried to pull her little sister’s panties off, but Keiko kept her rear end firmly pressed into the bed, preventing it. With Nobuko concentrating on trying to pull them off, Keiko sat up as much as she could and managed to pull her big sister’s tank top over her head.”I win,” Keiko said triumphantly, “She is naked!””You cheated- he helped you!” Protested Nobuko, wrestling her sister over on her stomach and yanking off her panties. They both collapsed, breathing hard, red faced, exhausted.After they had caught their breath I asked them, “Did you two like that, being naked together, rolling around?” They glanced at each other with bashful grins. “Lots of girls like to have fun with other girls, to kiss them, rub them, make each other feel good… “After a moment of shyness, Nobuko said, “When Kei and I used to wrestle, when we were little, it would give me a strange feeling. Afterward, I would rub myself, you know, here,” She said, putting her hand over her little pussy. “It felt extremely good.””You did?” Keiko said in surprise, looking at her sister, adding bashfully, “So did I.”With me on one side of the bed, Nobuko on the other, and Keiko in the middle, I told Nobuko to stroke her sister’s stomach. She reached out and gently ran her hand up and down. “Now rub her breast.” Anxiously, biting her lip, she very softly circled her hand around. “Does that feel good Keiko?” Wide eyed, mouth slightly open, all she could do was nod her head. “Kiss her. On the lips.” Nobuko hesitated a minute, exited but nervous, then slowly brought her head down, the pretty, delicate Asian features of her face approaching her sister. Breathing nervously, they touched the pink lips of their small mouths together for just a split second, pulled away, then touched them together a moment longer.”Lay on top of her, Nobuko.” Her almond eyes wide in wonder, she glanced up at me, then down at Keiko, and slowly, gently lay on top of her, their small breasts touching, little nipples erect. With their lips softly together Nobuko slowly ran her fingers through her sister’s short hair, Keiko tentatively touching her back, working up her nerve gradually, stroking up and down. I took her hand and ran it down Nobuko’s back, bringing it to rest on the curve of her cute little butt. She held still for a moment, then slowly circled it, pressing down, feeling the soft flesh.”Try sucking on one of her breasts.” This was a totally new experience for her, and she seemed like she was in a bit of a daze. Looking up at me, wide eyed and breathing deeply through her mouth, she worked down and softly kissed her sisters little tit, very slightly sucking on it. Keiko moaned. “She likes it Nobu,” I said. This encouraged her, more boldly sucking the nipple and areola into her mouth.”Run your tongue down her body.” She thought a moment, took a deep breath and stuck out her pink little tongue and ran it down, between her sisters tits, along her stomach, stopping when she reached Keiko’s thin patch of pubic hair. She then looked up at me. “Remember what I did to your mother, with my tongue?” The girls looked at each other, eyes even wider. With Nobuko’s face at her sister’s hips, I parted Keiko’s legs. I took Nobuko’s hand and put the tips of her delicate fingers on Keiko’s little opening, then ran it around in slow circles. I let go of her hand. She kept circling it around, Keiko looking down, sighing, watching her sister playing with her. After a few minutes, Kei really getting into it, I took Nobuko’s hand away and opened her younger sisters’ little slit with my fingers.I touched my finger to her tiny clitoris. “Run your tongue around it.” Although nervous, Nobuko complied, sticking her tongue out and poking at the little bump, pulling back, then trying again. With some instruction from me, she started carefully running her tongue around it in circles, then flicking it back and forth. Keiko dropped her head back on the pillow, gasping, putting her hand on her sisters head. With them started, I lay back and stroked my dick, which was hard as a rock by now, protruding from my boxer shorts. It didn’t take long before Keiko’s chest started heaving, her face flushed and shiny with sweat. With Nobuko wiggling the tip of her tongue inside her sister, Keiko let out a little squeak with each breath, then a high-pitched squeal, pushing her head back into the pillow. She lay there for several minutes, gasping, eyes squeezed shut.When she recovered, Nobuko asked, “Kei, it felt good?””It was… It was better than… Oh, it was incredible!”Nobuko looked at her sister and the corners of her mouth went up in an eager but sort of bashful smile. “You will do it to me now?” Nobu lay back and little Keiko got ready to start licking her pussy, but I encouraged her to take her time, kiss her sister for a while, stroke her body, suck on her tits and run her tongue along her body. After spending several minutes up and down Nobuko’s small, beautiful body, she opened her up with her fingers and started exploring with her tongue, sort of tentatively at first but slowly working up her courage. Nobuko really began groaning as I gave Keiko encouragement, running the tip of her slippery tongue around Nobuko’s delicate little vagina. Nobuko came even quicker than her sister, gasping and squealing with her eyes squeezed shut, stroking Keiko’s short hair.”She’s coming, Keiko, keep going. Really push your tongue in.” She firmly flicked her tongue up and down, then back and forth on her sister’s clit. After a couple minutes Nobuko opened her eyes, took a deep breath and let out a long sigh.”Oh, I never imagined it could feel like that.” I rubbed Keiko on the back and told her she could stop now. “Thank you for showing us how to do that,” Nobu said with her wicked grin. Noticing the long, stiff pole poking out of my shorts, Nobuko nudged her sister, pointing at it. I stroked it, looking over the bodies of the two young, naked Japanese girls. The girls looked anxiously back at me. Finally Keiko giggled, “What would you like us to do?””We would do anything,” Nobuko said, biting her lip to keep from laughing.I lay back and put my hands behind my head. “Pull my shorts off.” With the sisters on either side of me, they took the waistband in their hands and slid them down, the girls laughing as my erection sprang back up. Nobuko put her hand on the tip and let go, the stiff rod springing upright, then Keiko tried, both of them looking at each other and giggling. I told the girls to take turns sucking my dick, but do it nice and slow. Nobu made sure she went first, grabbing my dick and bending it toward her. She took the head in her mouth and, following my instructions, slowly lowered her mouth along the upper part of my long erection, then carefully brought her head back up, teasingly caressing it with her lips and tongue. I relaxed and took in the sight, knowing this was going to last a while.It was an interesting contrast, Nobuko’s soft, smooth, glowing honey-colored skin and her soft pink lipstick, compared with the color of my erection, deep red and heavily criss-crossed with blue veins, disappearing into her mouth. After watching her sister slowly working on my dick for a minute, Keiko pulled it away from her. With both girls holding onto the lower part, Keiko, remembering my instructions, slowly and teasingly ran her mouth up and down the head and upper part of the shaft. I lay back, groaning, putting my forearm over my eyes, concentrating on every sensation. Keiko didn’t wear any lipstick but her lips felt very soft as they slid along my dick, like she used Chapstick or something. Her tongue, slippery with saliva, tickled the sensitive underside of my erection as she slowly and carefully sucked, and the big head of my dick, filling her small mouth, felt the roughness of the roof of her mouth.The two traded off every few minutes, and after ten minutes or so began speeding up, Keiko laughing as Nobuko began bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. My dick had about enough teasing and I was about ready to start coming, so I let them go. Keiko took over, her lips stretched around the thick shaft and tried to go even faster than her sister, giggling as she did.”I can go faster than that!” Laughed Nobuko as she took over. With the two sisters working on my dick like crazy, I knew I’d be coming any minute. Frantically bobbing on the rock hard shaft, first one then, the other, as I felt it coming I told them to take their mouths away from it and jerk it up and down, squeezing hard. With Keiko gripping the shaft and Nobuko’s hand on the head, they eagerly stroked it, cum spilling and gushing and spurting out as they both quickly jerked my throbbing erection with their delicate little hands. I lay there groaning as the girls smeared the slippery semen up and down, still squeezing tightly. They both squealed and scrunched up their faces at the feeling of the warm, slimy cum running over their hands.I pulled the two sisters up next to me, one on either side and hugged them against me, running my hand along their soft little bodies. I was completely knocked out and just about asleep when Nobuko jiggled my arm, saying, “You ought to get back in bed with our mother. I’m sure she would like to wake up with you. Hey…” She shook me till I opened my eyes. With Nobuko pulling on my arm and Keiko pushing me from behind, I stiffly got up and staggered to the door to the other room. I slowly pulled the covers back and slipped into bed with Eiko, who was sleeping soundly. Just as I pulled the covers over us she woke up, looking over at me, sighing, smiling. She turned on her side and started stroking my chest, then my stomach, and then she ran the palm of her hand around my overworked dick, which had seen more than its share of action over the last couple days.To my surprise, and probably Mrs. Moriyama’s delight, I felt myself get very slowly hard. When it was about half way up she climbed on top of me, reaching back and pushing my dick in her. With the bed squeaking, my erection gradually reached its full length as she eagerly bounced herself up and down. I remember I told the girls their mother wasn’t a sex maniac like they were, but maybe now I was beginning to see the family resemblance…The End

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