More than an Office bonus

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More than an Office bonusSoooo, I started a new job a while ago and moved to a much smaller business. Before I’d work in extremely corporate environments where everyone was in business attire and there was a very serious atmosphere in the office. My roles have always been financial and quite straight laced. It’s a go go go environment. The new place however is very different pace of life. I still have a lot of responsibility and I’m semi senior, but we have some pretty high flyers because everyone is generally qualified in whatever field they are in. no one just has a diploma or standard qualifications, almost everyone is either further studying or has completed.Anyway, in this new place there are only 80 or so people in the office. the building we are in is too small and this is evident by the toilet facilities. there are two men’s rooms. one on the right hand side of the building and one on the left.Each room consists of 3 urinals and a toilet. The standard behaviour as most of us know is to leave the middle urinal spare unless the other two and the toilet is in use.So the other day i went to use the urinal and a guy from our programming unit heads in, he stands in the third urinal we do our business and leave. then a few hours later i go back in and he comes in again after me. this time he stands next to me. so i thought it was a bit weird and found it odd that we were on the same pee cycle.I forgot about that until a few weeks ago when again he stood next to me again. I thought maybe something was up with this guy. I mean he’s pretty senior but he’s a dweeb. he has stupid long curtains hairstyle and is about 5’5 in height tuzla escort bayan and not built at all. he also seems really nervous and has little confidence. could he be gay, or is he jealous or what ??So last week again, for the third time, he stood next to me. This time i clearly caught him looking at me. Anyway, i had to work late that night and pretty much in my new office everyone is out the door come home time. So anyway he wonders over to me as there’s literally 3 people in the office and asks if my boss is still around. i told him he’d gone home and if I could help. so he asks me a totally long winded question.We sit down to look at the issue and we start talking in between. I’d never really spoken to him but he seemed quite cool. he told he was married which calmed my nerves about the gay thing and then continued to tell me all about all the stuff going on with his house. he was doing some extension work, plus he was looking at buying a new car and planning to go on holiday. it’s obvious I picked the wrong job. this guy gets paid probably double. lolAfter about 20 mins he starts asking me personal questions about relationship status etc. and after we chit chatted a bit it turns out i didn’t live to far away from him so he told me i should come around his house sometime and he could introduce me to his wife and show me all the extension work etc. he’s making a game/movie room/guy cave. so being sociable and wanting to leave for the day i agreed.That evening i got a text on my work phone telling me about his wife and how basically he is in a cuckhold and all the time i was at the toilet he wasn’t scoping tuzla escort bayan me out for him, but for his wife. he said he glimpsed it the first time and had to stand closer the next few times. he basically wanted me to fuck his wife. looking at the guy you’d think his wife would be average but man oh man shes hot and a fucking nympho. i guess he is rich and if he lets her fuck other guys then she’s happy.anyway. i went to his house last night and fucked his wife. I entered the house and there was a nice hall way which lead to a kitchen which was an open plan style and led on to a sitting area. His wife was there in a tight black dress, her boobs barely containing themselves. I stared at them right away and she giggled and said hi. she was pretty fairly petite and had shoulder length blonde hair, she had loaded herself up with make up and had bright red lipstick on. She looked good, she could tell i was nervous and told me to relax. she came and out her arm around me and led me to the sitting area. so commented on my clothes and told me i was smart and to give her a twirl. it was a bit weird but what the hell. as I twirled she pinched my ass. I jumped a little, she laughed out loud and told me not to worry she was just playing and that i could do much worse to her ass later.Instant boner, my trousers were tight and so it was easy for her to see that the image of me putting my big dick in her ass had got me rock hard. ooohhh. someone’s excited. she took her hand and started stroking the outside of my trousers with her open palm.she had a nice voice. a bit high pitched but not in an annoying way and she started telling escort tuzla me what she had planned. at that point her husband walked in and offered me a drink. are you two getting along he asked, are you playing nice ?? lolhe looked me in the eye and asked me if i was ok, i nodded, i’ve never fucked someone else’s wife with them being there and knowing about it. So doesn’t my wife look good. shes even put on her fave blowjob lipstick. maybe she should give you a blowjob. she clapped her hands and approached me on all fours. she unzipped my trousers and lowered my boxers which were barely containing my bulging cock. My my my she said. her eyes widening. she glanced over her shoulder and smiled at her hubby. you were right. Yummy she said as she opened her mouth and took a mouthful.after a lovely deep blowjob she stood up and took off her dress.By this point i’d totally forgotten we weren’t alone and began doing what i wanted to do since i saw her. i put her breasts in my mouth and sucked her nipples. she squealed with excitement. we teased and touched and caressed. she then took me over to a larger sofa and jump up on me and wrapped her legs around Me I spun and placed her on the sofa with me on top of her. we kissed and she whispered for me to put my big dick in her and fuck her hard. i could contain myself. i slowly placed my throbbing dick into her slippery wet pussy. her eyes squinted and she bit her lip. she let out an almighty sighh of delight. ahhhh. i began slowly thrusting into her and we got into a groove. we later fucked in a few other positions and eventually i found my way to her tight ass, but before i could give it a good stretching i came, i got her to quickly get on her knees and she took my load on her tits and face. wow it was amazing.She said shed read this and look for me on line. hope your are enjoying it mrs porter. lol see you next week

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