More Stuff Men should Know: By Fridagirl

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More Stuff Men should Know: By FridagirlWanting it From UncleIt was on the drive home I plucked up the courage to ask him if he missed his wife, who was my mother’s sister, my aunt?He looked across at me with a slightly puzzled expression, and I knew why, he thought girls my age were too young to have emotional opinions or concerns like that?”No”, he replied, as he studied my face for a reaction, and on seeing none, pushed his answer a little further, I guess to gauge my concern and see my response, “Then again, she was great in the sack, so yes, I miss the sex”, and at that he laughed out loud, perhaps to cover his embarrassment for trying it on, by telling me, but either way he did, I mean, after all, I was a woman, and I had a massive crush on him, but legally I was still a girl, a girl with all the attributes of a woman that a man could enjoy, perhaps more than being with a woman, so I laughed with him, not as bawdily, but enough to let him know I was cool with the knowledge, he was missing getting his cock pleasured.So, are you shocked a girl in her mid teens can talk about cock pleasuring, like a pro? I had just started in my new educational establishment when the leaders of the playground rounded up us newbies after dismissal and led us down to the toilets, where their councils were held.Initiation, was quick and decisive, each newbie, had a scarf wrapped around her head, to blind her, led into a cubicle, where the boyfriends of the senior girls were, and we systematically gave each boy a blowjob until we eventually, tasted cum, which we had to swallow, destroy the evidence, so to speak. I sucked twelve cocks and tasted two ejaculates, because I was one of the prettiest girls on her knees, and then I was accepted, and equally feared, because I liked the experience, and when I took my blindfold off, and met the boyfriends who had just been in my mouth, they began hitting on me, for the prize between my legs, which made their girlfriends jealous.So sitting beside my divorced uncle talking sex, might actually shock him if he knew just how long I had been doing it with boys.I had made my mind up before he eventually disappeared from our family circle I needed to bed him. He had been in my masturbation’s for years, ever since I let him put his hand down my knickers at a family get together, I was wet and had been rubbing against him all night, and feeling his finger swishing and flicking the skin of my bare pussy was an orgasmic experience of epic proportions for a young girl with an emotional attachment to a man, she wanted to learn from.”Do you remember that night in the summerhouse”, I asked him brazenly? It had been almost eighteen months since that summer, and even though we had never mentioned it, I was guessing he did or was too embarrassed to advance to the next stage,?”You remember that”, he retorted, suddenly taken aback by being confronted after all this time? “I wanted you to finish me”, I said calmly, “why didn’t you”?He was looking ahead and my eyes were on his crotch looking for the reaction I wanted, but there was nothing, he was slipping away from me.”I want to suck your cock as you drive”, I blurted out, and without even asking I fell across his lap and fondled his zipper, as my other hand felt the outline of his firming penis, his erection was encouraging, and when I opened hi pants, my mouth fell onto his cock as I pursed halkalı escort my lips, curled my tongue and slipped hi back and down into my throat.”Jesus Fucking Christ”, he blasphemed, as my head bobbed up and down as if trying to smooth the abrupt turn into my throat, it was that bending that provided the extreme pleasurable friction that make men cum quickly at the back of a good blow job throat, with zero taste of semen, on its journey down her throat and into her stomach for digestion.”One, two, Three,”, I mentally counted my throat perturbations, each slippery stick slip building until he exploded, swelling to block my airways, I could time my breathing to take eight bobs of my head before coming up for air, uncle lasted just twenty three, and as I rose triumphantly from his cock, a mixture of phlegm and cum ran down his shaft, as I sat back in the seat and undid my denims, I needed to wank myself, and fuck it, why should my soon to be ex-uncle not watch how a girl does it?Camping and CaningEver spanked a girl, ever wanted to spank a girl, or does watching a girl being brutalised like that sexually excite you?We left home in high spirits, four young girls on the cusp of womanhood, four of natures nymphs, looking for a good time, full of laughs and being at one with nature.Back packing by train and bus until the cities disappeared and were replaced by vistas of mountains, forests, meadows and glades, and the air full of sounds of birds and our laughter, there was something hypnotic and when Julie, stripped off to her panties and continued with her backpack bunching her heavy breasts together, we all laughed, some screamed, but no one heard us, it was that fucking crazy.Doing what was considered taboo so openly and without a care in the world, had a sexual edge to it and shortly after Julie did it, I did it and soon all four of us were starkers, except for woollen socks and hiking boots, we trudged naked daring someone or something to discover us.We took photos, of course we did, showing everything, we had a record of our outrageousness and lack of morality, but it was refreshing, seeing my friends naked bodies and comparing them to mine, we all did it and I liked what I saw in Julie, deep down I hoped she felt the same way and in some way, I hoped she did it for me.There were times when we squatted to release our pee, that was really out in the open air stuff, just squatting and relaxing, knowing the girls could see you do your toilet stuff without embarrassment, doing a number to might be a little more imposing.The sun was really hot so we stopped and cast of our rucksacks and lay down on the gorse and bracken, the smell was overpowering and some of us started to doze off, sunbathing naked, and I caught Julie fiddling a little with her finger, I felt horny too and I caught her eye and smiled warmly, to let her know, what she was doing, was OK by me.Then, suddenly and without warning the whole weather outlook changed as we dozed and bathed. The skies darkened and we could see the rain in the distance working its way toward us, as we clambered back into our clothing and looked for shelter before the storm hit.It was frightening, in the open it’s, well, just that, you see everything unfolding and you have this feeling you have no where to run, so you run, but there is no escape.We took the route of least resistance, şişli escort downhill, it was easier to run downhill with so much baggage. Then the wind came, it was cold, sending a cold shiver through us, as we stopped to take stock the rain started, and then it was torrential and we were still on high ground, and it felt as if our heads were in the clouds, we needed to get to lower ground quickly.Withing thirty minutes, we had gone from naked sunbathing to clad in soaked heavy clothing, and scared witless in an electrical storm, now we could hear the distant crackle of thunder, “WTF”, flashed through my mind.It was suddenly very dark and misty, as we stumbled downhill, some of us falling over and nearly drowning in the muddy fields as we traversed to what looked like a group of farm buildings.We all breathed a sigh f relief when our boots landed on the wooden planking and the feel of a solid building. We all collapsed as one, pressing ourselves up against the wooden wall, as the rain and noise drowned our senses.”Where are we One of the girls shouted”? It was obvious the building was empty, as there was no lights, from the one window at the end, and Julie had banged the door for help, but there was no response.”The owners are away”, said Sandy, “It’s a But and Ben” someone else said, “they are here for such instances as people to shelter”, she continued.I was starting to shiver, the cold was getting to me and even Julie, when she spoke you could hear her teeth chatter, suddenly this little two roomed basic cottage was a life saver, and the idea it was there just for us to shelter made sense, the sound of a glass pane being broken to open the door was not questioned, as we all poured into the room and closed the door behind us, the silence, when sheltered from the outside gale, was deafening.”Lite a fire”, Andrea suggested, there was firewood and lighters in the hearth, so I taxed myself that job and soon there was heat and warmth as we started to get out of our wet clothing and down to our underwear, all huddling around the blazing hearth.Night was closing in and in the small bedroom in the other room there was a bed, not big enough for four girls, but big enough for two, and looked at Julie and we volunteered ourselves, as Sandy and Andrea, opted for their sleeping bags in front of the fire, I guess they knew there was something peculating between myself and Julie that a night in bed might alleviate.We managed to drum up a cheese and wine dinner with crackers as we settled down for the night. It was still raining heavily, but this little life saver, was indeed well equipped for lost souls with lots of chopped firewood and provisions in cans and even a measure of hard spirits, as we sat drinking, and promising to pay for what we consumed and chop what wood we had used.Julie and I hit the sack and immediately relieved the days drama’s with lesbian sex, not caring that either of the other girls could hear our frustrations and orgasms, after which we embraced and fell asleep in each others arms.I suppose the whiskey we consumed did not help, when the room door burst open and we were dragged naked from our beds, to find the other two girls cowering in their panties, and shielding their breast with crossed arms.Three thuggish brutes of men were standing over us, all middle-aged, like our fathers, sarıyer escort but one who was seemingly older than the other two, who were visibly salivating over our nudity, as the bulges in their pants immediately suggested we were going to be ****d.but the older man spoke calmly, this was his house and we had broken in and stole his stuff, the other two were his sons.We explained as best we could, and I think he understood both our predicament and our misinterpretation of what we had stumbled upon, but we were four young beautiful girls, under his command and if ever there was an opportunity to have his evil way, it was now, he wanted justice as he eyed Julies fine arse, and went to the cupboard and produced a swish, he was going to cane us, one at a time and if we accepted his punishment we could could stay until morning and leave with the marks on our girlish arses, his words not mine.Julie agreed, and got up. I looked at all three men and the look on their faces as they drank in every aspect of her naked body, made me self aware of my own nudity, the other two girls were huddling together and crying, they were terrified, I was of sterner stuff, having been caned on occasions at boarding school for d**gs and booze related incidents.There was as sideboard mid thigh high, “Bend over it”, said the older man, looking more at Julie’s heaving full breasts and her pussy as she moved towards him, having that total power over a girl like Julie must have been an incredible feeling, even I felt a twinge of sexual excitement as Julie bent across the top and reached down over the back of it to try and reach the floor with her fingertips, crushing her beautiful breasts on top of the sideboard, as the older man positioned himself behind her, getting a good look at her open pussy and and arsehole, a woman’s very sole.The air crackled with a “Whoosh” and then a crack, followed by Julie’s cry of pain. My eyes followed the three men, the man with the cane, his eyes staring at the welt rising on Julies buttocks, rising like a wild fiery end result of his unfettered assault on her, and his sons, who simultaneously grabbed and fondled their cocks under their pants and both girls crying in unison with Julie.The cane came down again and again as Julie collapsed after about five. She cowered at his feet holding on, begging and saying she was sorry, never have i ever seen so much power in a man’s eyes and face.I stood up and faced him, “Why don’t you just fuck us instead of beating us”, I challenged him, all three girls stopped crying and stared at me in disbelief of what they just heard.The older man looked down at Julie, “You prefer that to this”, he asked her, waving the swish about? She too had stopped whimpering, and nodded her consent to be fucked.Andrea, who was engaged just recently to her boyfriend of two years said out loud she too would be willing, looking at one of the sons and smiling, “What a fucking tart”, I thought, “so much for being faithful”.Sandy got up and went to the other boy and together they peeled off, leaving me watching all the cock available about to be consumed. I completely missed Julie and the older guy going back into the bedroom and closing the door behind them.I do realise that you my readers might be traumatised by Julies brutal caning, to be well enough to hear how we were all fucked by the brothers and their brutish father for two day and nights, but perhaps as another story if you want?I do hope you enjoy your trips with me on my c***dhood and adolescent years of discovery and that it gives you insight as to how we girls feel and see when you men show your affection for us, by taking your cocks out and waving them in our faces.

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