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More Sand Sex & Suntan Lotion (P3)Although through my later years I have come to be more preferred to be a top there was quite often during my youth that I bottomed. As I got older and felt my stirrings to explore bigger and better things the call of the BIG CAPITAL was calling me; Sydney! These are not to do with my adventures in Sydney, but still dealing with Swanbourne Beach back in Perth. I had a no where job living in Sydney living in a tiny little bed sit for those of you in North America it means a Bachelor Apartment it was all in one, but you know the early 80’s in Sydney was sure FUN!So I digress my parents were devastated that I left home to move to Sydney, they were hoping I would go back to Canada to do University but it was all about taking time off exploring who I am etc. But my folks not wanting to give up their apron strings always flew me back for visits. For those of you old enough and I know there are a few do you remember the Village People? And I mean the late 70’s & early 80’s ones not the revamped ones of today.Okay the construction worker who was portrayed by David Hodo, yes everyone go do a web search cause he was HOT! Blond hairy chest, moustache not overly muscled but masculine, for a lot of us during this time period this was the epitome of what a gay masculine male looked like. I am actually going to upload his image to my profile for you guys to see what I am talking about.So you can imagine my surprise at meeting his identical twin on the beach, we skirted around a lot and eventually became friends. Every time I was horny he had just been with someone and the reverse every time he was horny I was already spent! We vowed that one day we would fuck, and eventually it came to pass.Here I was home and my Parents and I had spent the day cruising around on their cabin cruiser. Trust me it was a sweet boat but being with your parents sure cramps your style.As we are mooring who should be walking past but Wade the guy of my dreams. To this day I still remember the image the afternoon sea breeze was abating but his tousled blond lightly streaked brown hair was moving to the breeze. In his bright yellow windcheater, white tea shirt, with skin tight faded jeans he looked a sight to behold. Here was the man I had always lusted after standing at the front of my parent’s boat catching a line being tossed to him.“Hey how’s it going Tim?” He called up to me I was surprised to see him as I hadn’t seen him in nearly a year and the fact he remembered my name was remarkable. “Good” I called back, “Just visiting with my folks for Christmas.” “You want to come take a look at my boat?” he asked. I looked at my parents for their approval, hey I might have been an individual but not stupid I mean I was back home on their penny (or dime). My father nodded yes and I jumped over the gunnels to follow Wade his small Yacht was moored just a few berths across from my parents boat and the feeling of this was meant to be was washing over me. His yacht was the real McCoy only an18 footer but sleek and well maintained I followed him across the side and into the small cabin below. It consisted of a seating and sleeping area pinbahis güvenilirmi with shelves that folded down for cooking etc. Compact yet functional. As we chatted we both realized that the chemistry was still strong between us and this was one of those times that there was no stopping what was going to happen. I sat across from him in the berth looking at him my god what an amazing looking man and his resemblance to the guy from the Village People was just as strong as ever. We caught up on old times what was new between us etc, he mentioned he hadn’t seen me around and was wondering where I had got to, I told him about my living in Sydney and the excitement and the cost of living etc he was laughing as he said you should have stayed. The time was running away from us and he said it was getting late and told me if I was interested maybe a BBQ at his house. I told him I would have to check with my folks and see if it was okay. So we locked up his boat and headed back to my parents. They were obviously not happy but reluctantly agreed with my heading off with Wade. We jumped into his yellow jeep and headed off to his place. In the early eighties a lot of close inner city home in Perth where going really cheap major fixer uppers and Wade himself had bought one. He proudly showed me around the place showing the new Patio he had recently finished and built in BBQ there was a trellis with a g**** vine hanging over the back patio shielding the afternoon sunlight that was filtering through. I was still salty and sweaty after my day out on the boat and Wade was generous enough to offer me a shower in his new renovated bathroom. I showered hoping he would use that as an excuse to come in and join me but alas it never happened. Refreshed and walking out there was Wade standing there in a fresh pair of faded jeans and white T-shirt that was un buttoned from the mid chest up, his fresh crisp scent was invigorating to say the least. He explained to me he had a small bathroom that he just built of his bedroom that he used whilst I was in the shower. Dinner followed as we ate BBQ lamb, salad and enjoyed a flagon of cheap wine. Just after dinner we sprawled out to a game of Backgammon in the living room and played a few rounds. By this time the sun was well and truly set and you could hear the cicada’s chirping a mellow tune outside to the music playing inside. I cannot remember to the life of me what the exact measurement of a Flagon of wine to this day I think it is about the equivalent of about 5 bottles all I know we were getting close to the bottom. I do know we were sitting at about 3 games each with the games when he turned around to me and stated…….“Okay whoever is the winner of the next game gets to fuck the loser.” I remember looking at across at the intensity of his blue eyes and I melted all I could think about was the act of having sex with this man would be the ultimate closure to my fantasy. The dice rolled and the game seemed to finish far to fast with me losing the game outright, he leaned over and kissed me then pulling back slowly he muttered “You don’t know how long I have wanted pinbahis yeni giriş to fuck you!”And with that he moved in really close and took me in his arms. His breath was coming in fast and deep as he hugged me tightly I could feel his hands moving down my back to grab my ass cheeks with his firm strong hands. “Let’s go into the bedroom and finish the bet!” He grabbed my hands and pulled me up off the floor. The bedroom was a mess it was obviously still being worked on the plaster was peeling and everything was covered with a drop cloth but the light from the living room filtered in enough to make out the large king size mattress on the floor. He put me on the bed and lowered his body on top of mine and we began to kiss deeply out tongues playing a dance of lust and horniness that implied our long time of desire for each other. It didn’t take long and soon we were both naked his chest hairs tickling my belly as we both took each other’s cocks into our mouths savouring our pre-cum trickling in a hot and fiery 69. His cock was definitely longer than mine but thinner although the head was big and round and it kept banging at the back of my throat trying to drill its way into my stomach. With effective ease he spread my cheeks and I felt the cool jelly feeling of his fingers probing at my ass. Out of the corner of my eyes I spotted the large economy size bottle of Vaseline opened and near the corner of the mattress. As he spread my ass cheeks more he moved slightly changing the angle of his cock in my mouth and it suddenly made sense to me as why. With his slippery fingers opening me up slowly his expert tongue was releasing my balls and moving closer to my ass hole. With his chin all of a sudden firmly planted at the base of my balls and his moustache tickling the base of my spine I felt his hot breath on my exposed ass hole and without mercy he dealt my asshole a lethal blow with his strong and pointed tongue. MY GOD I saw stars I swear to god, and even to this day I appreciate a good rim job! But Wade took me to places I would never thought I could go as his tongue lapped at my ass it jabbed every time at my hold making me want more making me want his tongue to go into the deep recesses of my soul. I gripped his now very hard cock and played with it as it was now not at an angle to suck, the pre-cum dripping in long strings from his cock onto my chest. He lifted his head up and looked back at me. “You like that?” he heaved gulping for breath. “Fuck yeah!” I responded and with that he said “Get on your knees face the head of the bed and stick your ass in the air. “Time for dessert!” I quickly obliged leaving myself open to his suggestion, and he followed by sinking his face into my quivering ass cheeks. The sensations of having my ass eaten for the first time was incredible the more I pushed back into his face the more his tongue seemed to enter me. By now I felt like jelly, his tongue was eating my ass, his hand was playing with my hard cock, pushing the foreskin over my head back and forth, it was at this time he said this might help. He pushed a little brown bottle towards me, what is this pinbahis giriş for? I asked. He told me to unscrew the bottle and place my mouth over the top and inhale, that it would make me feel so much better.I did as he told me and within seconds the warm and buzzy feeling washed over me it felt like every sense of my body was coming alive and all I knew was every sensation I felt was only highlighted but the euphoria I was feeling. So began my introduction to poppers not like the water down stuff we have today but the strong untainted high that makes you float for what feels like hours although only minutes. During my floating Wade pulled his head up from my ass and I felt his fingers slowly stretch my ass. What came next I think was expected but still a bit of a shock. I heard him inhale on the bottle of poppers and then he passed it to me with his thumb covering the top. “Here snort on this!” I reached back and grabbed the bottle from him and inhaled as instructed, during the inhaling process I could feel his cock head sliding back and forth across my ass hole each time pressing a little into me. After the buzz began to ride me he asked how I felt, I told him good it seemed like little fireworks where setting off all around me but that was nothing compared to the major firework to come. With that he pushed forward and his cock head opened and forced its way through my anal ring. By now it wasn’t fireworks it was FUCKING NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS! I screamed and tried to force myself off of his cock, he shushed me and rubbed my shoulders, take it easy baby it will be alright! He passed me the poppers and told me to inhale again, to which I complied. The relief of the poppers assisted me at accepting the anal assault on me and within moments the feeling was not so bad to the point I was pushing back on his slow thrusting into me. Within moments we were pushing back at each other but his thrusts where becoming more forceful as he slammed into me. Then he hit the spot and all of us who have bottomed know exactly what I mean! He HIT THE SPOT! My cock was bouncing back and forth side to side, streams of pre-cum where practically hitting me in the chin from each thrust it made my cock thrust forward so hard! He was deep fucking me I was a drooling mess and then I was wondering why my head was starting to hurt, he was fucking me into the wall. My head was hitting the wall and I don’t mean thumping it, it was hitting it hard! To the point a crack was appearing in the plaster. I called back and he dragged my ass back within inches of the wall which in all made his cock burrow deeper into my ass. Without even touching myself as he buried deeper and harder in it brought me to the edge and my cum sprayed out of my cock my ass ring clamped down hard on his cock and he felt my orgasm all up down the length of his cock. As I kept cumming he blew his load deep within me grunting and swearing my head was again hitting the wall, but this time hard and painfully. He eased back and I felt his long thin cock start to slide out of my ass, the final pull back was his big head pulling out and I felt it stretch my ring for the final time. “Fuck I needed that” was all he could say, for me I wanted loving and attention but all I got was “go have a shower and clean up”.Later as he drove me home I looked at him and can you believe this I actually said sorry for your wall, his response was that’s okay I need to replace it anyway.

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