Moni trained part 2

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Moni trained part 2The following day after our little episode with Lamont and the guys Marc and I went for lunch from our hotel. All was OK but the black waitress was eying me giving me some dirty looks. I had no idea why. She came to give us the bill and said you the bitch Lamont fucked last night aren’t you. I looked at her in surprise and looked around and saw him sitting in the far corner and waved at us.He got up and came over and sat next to us. I see you met my girl here he said. She is a little upset at me so to I gotta buy her stuff to get her on my good side again. But you see I gots no money so I figured you guys are going to help me out as one of the other guys sat next to Marc. I knew he had a knife to his gut as he just stared at me. Marc said he had a few hundred dollars and that was all. Lamont laughed and said that aint gonna do it. He leaned over and kissed me hard as his hand slid up my skirt , then whispered in my ear that I was going to be hid Ho. So how long are you in Phoenix he asked. I told him a week. Perfect he said, so here is the deal you guys do as we say no one gets hurt and you get to go home back to Canada when we are done, just to make sure Marc there is going to be accompanied by my b*o here at all times. Got it he said, yes I understand.My girl here is going to go shopping with you today so you can look presentable and you wont give her a hard time right. Hey I never got you name, Moni I said. Nice bursa escort its a good Ho name.He slid out and I went with him and his girl as Marc stayed behind. We got in his cat and drove a while till we came to a porn shop. I had never been in one before it was surprisingly filled with quite a few men even this early in the day. There were a lot of older men of all types,hispanics black white. I was hauled over to the clothing racks by Michelle I learned was her name from overhearing Lamont as he was talking to the owner, It appeared he knew him. She grabbed some short skirts and I mean short. How can I wear that I said. You will she told me, not that you realy need them. She also grabbed a few sheer tops and some crotchless pantyhose and the tallest heels I had ever seen. They were 6″ stilettos I had never worn more than 3″ and had a hard time with those. She hauled me to the change rooms and watched as she told me to put them on. I took off my skirt and top and was about to put the new clothes on. Take that bra and those panties off you don’t need them. But the y will see everything I said. Wow you are a dumb bitch aren’t you she said that is the idea Ho. I put the black crotchless pantyhose and then the skirt which fell to just below my ass cheeks, it covered my pussy as long as I didn’t bend over. Then I put on the top , it was so sheer you could see my tits very clearly, I was about to cry. None of that she said, I looked in the bursa escort bayan mirror after climbing into my 6″ heels I looked like a real hooker now I said. No you don’t yet she said. here is some make up put it on thick just like my Lamont likes it. I proceded to put on the mascara and eye shadow thick and then the bright red lip stick. Now that’s better she said you will do just fine. She grabbed my other clothes and stuffed in a bag and walked out. Tada she said as I nervously walked out into the main store. I walked carefully past the men standing there as they whistled and whooped at me. I stood next to Lamont as he leered at me and said you look mighty fine there Moni.He turned to the store owner , so Gus what do I owe you man. $225.00 bucks he said. Oh man that’s a lot Lamont said, I don’t got that on me. So Gus can we come to some sort of a deal as he winked at him. My heart froze as I new I was set up again. Sure Gus said she work for me for an hour in the back. I thought this wasn’t so bad, Lamont said you go with Gus here for an hour and I will be back to get you and you better do as he said. Don’t mess her up Gus I need her for a week. Ok he said as Gus grabbed my hand and pulled me past the line up of men ogling me. I got to the back and he said time to start paying up as he pushed me to my knees as he pulled out his black cock. I new the drill and grabbed his cock and started sucking it in my mouth. I stroked and sucked escort bursa him for a hew minutes as he grabbed the back of my head and came in my mouth , Swallow it all you married little white ho. I saw my wedding rings on my hand that was stroking his cock. I almost cried I hadn’t taken them off. I swallowed his cum and got up I thought I was done when he told me to follow him to a door he opened it , this is where you earn your money. I looked in, it was no bigger than a toilet stall with a chair, Get in he said, so I did and sat down, he closed the door and that is when I notices a hole in the wall on each side. I am not dumb but I realized what I was in. Just as a cock poked through. I had heard of this and knew I was in a glory hole. I also knew that I better do as I was told. I grabbed the anonymous cock and started sucking cock. I was glad I was alone in the booth since my pussy was betraying me, By now I had sucked 6 cocks and my pussy was soaking wet. I noticed now there was a cock on each side I stroked both and sucked on each but couldn’t handle the 2 easily. so I got up and bent over to suck on one as I backed up to the other. I first felt his hand rub my cunt then he fingered me as I came for the first time, Then he inserted a good size cock in me as he fucked me . I must have been quite the site sucking cock and being fucked at the same time just like a real whore as I looked at my wedding ring hand stroking a strangers cock. The hour was up, I had counted that I sucked 11 men during that time but somehow I felt this was the easy part and far from being the only 11 men I was about to have use my married body.Part 3 to follow soonMoni

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