Mona, the Uber Ride Home Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 gets a lot kinkier, with mature woman dominant sex, as well as trickery which leads to mother-son incest. If that interests you, read on.

After Mona had picked me up, driven me to Mom’s house, and teased me into cumming all over her (and her car), I thought I’d had the best sexual experience of my life. Turns out, it wasn’t even close to the best of the day.

After loosely buttoning up her blouse over her braless cum-covered breasts, Mona fired up her BMW and backed out into the street. It was the middle of the day, and now I noticed how many people were out and about in the neighborhood, walking past her car in our driveway as she had molested me.

As we drove slowly down the street, I saw Mrs. Snyder, the busybody of the block, walking her dog. She waved and stepped towards the car. I was terrified when Mona slowed, urging her to keep going. But she just giggled. “What’s the matter, Tommy?” she teased, are you embarrassed to show off that beautiful cock of yours?

I looked at her, her nipples showing obscenely through her cum-splashed white blouse, little droplets in her hair and on her skirt, and begged her to just drive. Thank god she did, and I waved as we passed the nosy neighbor.

I leaned down to pull up my boxers and jeans, but Mona shook her head, and sternly told me to leave them off. “I want to see what it takes to get you hard again,” she smiled, reaching over and grasping my slippery member. That was about all it was going to take. It was guaranteed when she said, “now reach over here and pull my panties down for me, no fair you get to be the only one naked!”

For a second I thought she was just teasing me, but she lifted her ass up off of the seat, and flipped her skirt up, revealing her perfect smooth firm thighs, the tops of her black stockings, and a lacy pair of black panties. I bent to my task, astounded at my luck with the object of so many fantasies. She wiggled her little ass as I peeled the scrap off of her trimmed black bush, and lifted her feet, one by one, in their sexy black heels to release it to me.

I held it carefully in my hand as she laughed, “Well, go ahead, give it a little sniff. I know that’s what you love about me.”

God, did I. Heavenly. Warm and fragrant, just a little damp with some of Mona’s secretions. That nasty tart smell I craved.

She watched me carefully, then smiled and said, “Hmm, give Mrs. Wilson a little sniff, I want to see what it is that gets you so excited.”

I held her panties to her nose, and she took a deep sniff. Her face relaxed, and she purred, “I don’t blame you, my pussy smells amazing.”

“Just wait, my young friend,” my dream woman smiled, “You’re about to drink from the fountain, so to speak.” She squeezed my cock, and was delighted to find it rock-hard again. “Oh god, I love a young cock.” Then she seemed to have a sudden idea, “Honey, we’ll call your mom and tell her that I have a ton of work for you to do at my house, and ask if it’s ok if I bring you home later. Don’t tell her that it might be a couple of days later!”

Another squeeze, and now she began to play her finger around the head, sliding in the lubrication that had begun to bead up from her torment. Lifting her ass again, she reached her hand down to her honey pot and scooped her fingers through her pubic hair, digging into her pussy and came up with her fingers glistening with her own lube. She played her fingertips over the head of my cock now, and I groaned and closed my eyes. It was just unbelievable, this mature vixen smearing her pussy juice on my cock in public.

When she formed her little hand around the shaft and began to long-stroke me, I started to rise in my seat, fucking her hand, getting close.

“Uh uh, don’t you think about cumming yet,” she warned, and stopped her ministrations. I think I sobbed when her delicate fingers left my lap. We were at a red light, and I looked at the car next to me. It was a prim-looking housewife in a big SUV. She looked down at us, and suddenly her expression changed from blasé to wide-eyed shock. I looked to see Mona licking her fingers, her pussy on full display and I realized that the driver could see her and at least part of my naked cock as well.

Enjoying the attention, I stroked myself a few times, looking at our voyeur with raised eyebrows, and was rewarded with her literally dropping her jaw open. As Mona’s hand again wrapped around my shaft, she looked up at my face, and blushed furiously, roaring away as the light turned green. Too late, I realized that she had been a substitute teacher at my high school!

Then Mona’s phone rang, and, as though it was a completely normal thing to do, she took her hand off of my cock and punched a button on the steering wheel to answer.

My mom’s voice came over the speaker. “Hi Mona, what’s up girlfriend?”

“I’m just driving home with the most handsome young man.”

“Well thanks for rubbing it in,” Mom replied. “And what are you planning to do to this one? Do you have him naked and hard yet? I can be over there in 20 minutes, save some for your best friend!”

My eyes shot open as I looked Kıbrıs Escort at Mona. WTF? My mother? My married mother? Asking about sportfucking? I was blown away.

“Jesus, Angela! It’s your Son! I’m driving him to my house to help me move some furniture.”

“Oh my god, I’m not on speaker, am I?”

“Luckily not,” Mona lied, returning her delicate fingers to my still-erect shaft.

“Thank god,” Mom giggled in relief, “I forgot that he was coming in early today.”

“Well, he’s here. Would you like to talk to him?” Mona asked as she turned into her driveway. She nodded to me, then leaned across my lap. As her breasts flattened my cock against my stomach she reached across and reclined my seat.


“Hi Mom.”

For some reason the nastiness of talking to Mom while being molested by her best friend gave me a surge and my cock swelled. Mona gave me a look, then lifted and moved towards it.

“How was your flight in?”

“Oh,” I couldn’t help myself from exclaiming as a hand wrapped around the base of my cock, and I felt the tickle of Mona’s hair brushing against the head as she studied it up close. “It was ok.”

“Well I’m getting off in a little while, can’t wait to see you.”

A pair of soft lips kissed the engorged head of my cock, a tiny tongue licked lightly around the crown. I gasped, a vision of my mom suddenly popping into my head as her voice came over the speaker. My mom watching her friend suck my cock, reaching in to share, kissing the head herself. Suddenly it was her tongue flicking inside my slit instead of Mona’s.

Fuck, she wasn’t the only one getting off soon.

“Me too, Mom. Mona should be finished with me soon.”

Mona grinned at that one, shaking her head at me as she took a few inches in her mouth.

“Ok, I’ll meet you at home. Tell her to take it easy on you.” I felt Mona shake with laughter as she sucked me deep into her mouth.”

“Sure will, bye mom.”

I punched the hang-up button and lay back, relaxing and enjoying. Mona was an absolute master, I’d never felt such a slow, teasing blowjob.

Seeing this elegant woman, already decorated with my semen, slowly and lovingly suck my cock into her mouth, then feeling her tongue circle my head was amazing. She would pull back, sucking strenuously, until I was almost out of her mouth, then ease back down, a little deeper each time.

When I was buried in the back of her mouth, I couldn’t help myself from lightly pulling her further with my hands on her head. No novice, she didn’t fight me even a little, but worked my fat erection into her throat, completely engulfing it. Her throat now did the caressing, and her perfectly manicured fingers began to lightly tickle below my sack. My vision alternated between the amazing sight of Mona burying me in her throat, and a fantasy of my mom doing the same.

When her finger began to press on my anus in little circles, I jerked involuntarily, jamming deeper into her, and she took advantage of my sensitive entrance, sliding her fingertip inside me. No girl had ever touched me back there, and I never would have asked for it, before…

But as she slid her thin finger deeper inside, touching my new-found sensitive erogenous zone, stroking with her other hand, I groaned and threw my hands over my head in surrender.

Mona slowly rose off of my cock, taking a breather, and I was electrified to see her face, that famously perfect made-up face, drooling saliva and pre-cum.

She dropped a huge glob of the mess on my cock, and blew my mind when she smiled and said, “guess who taught me how to do that? My best friend, Angela!”

My mom? Deep throating? I grabbed Mona’s head and fed my cock back into her, sliding steadily all the way back into her throat. Again she massaged me with her throat muscles, then pulled off, gasping. “Wow, somebody got superhard when I mentioned Angela!” To my dismay, at the mention of Mom’s name, my cock swelled in her fist. Mona gave me a long searching look, then laughed with delight, “Tommy, I just had the nastiest idea. Follow me.”

Mona partially got herself back together and reached over me to open my door. She started to climb over me, but settled on my thigh, face to face, her pussy wet and slick against my skin, and gave me a long soulful kiss. “I think we might make some dreams come true today, baby.” Then she climbed off and out the car door, and headed up the walk, unconcerned with her state of undress.

I wrestled my jeans back on over my hard-on and followed, though anybody watching would have been able to see the bulge in my pants as I hurried into her house. I followed her up the stairs, followed that shapely ass in the tight skirt, until she fiddled with the waist and suddenly it fell around her ankles and she stepped out of it, leaving it on the stairs, her ass now naked, accented by the lace tops of her stockings. Her blouse followed, her back was as sexy as her ass.

I was hypnotized following that vision up to the second floor. The perfect tight white globes swaying back and forth, each step opening her up to give Magosa Escort me a view of her secrets, her wonderfully trimmed bush, her pink labia just peeking from it, and her sweet little puckered anus. I leaned in as I climbed closer, smelling that heavenly Mona scent, which had given me so many hard-ons when I was younger.

She turned, looking down at me, and laughed, her delighted giggle so sweet and sexy. Stopping suddenly, she caused me to drive face-first in to her naked ass.

I couldn’t help myself from wrapping my arms around her waist and licking her, my tongue dragging through her pubic hair, feeling the warmth and wetness of her pussy.

She peeled me off of her, “Patience, now…” and continued up.

When we reached her bedroom, Mona spun around and wrapped her arms around me, drawing me in for a long lingering kiss. She turned us and pushed me back onto her king-sized bed, then went about undressing me. I sat naked before her and watched, fascinated, as she peeled her stockings off, and was left wearing earrings and a smile.

She pushed me, indicating that I should move to the center of her bed, then climbed over me, her pussy dancing over my cock, her breasts hanging in my face. I latched onto a nipple, and she squealed in delight. But she had a plan, and it was a devious one.

One by one she took her stockings and wrapped them around my wrists, then climbed higher on me and tied them to the bedposts. I didn’t mind a bit, this brought her pussy within tongue reach, and I reached. The scent and taste of my dream woman’s pussy had me intoxicated, and she settled over my face long enough for me to enjoy a long exploration of her. I used my tongue to follow every line between her legs, feeling the coarse pubic hair, tracing the manicured edge down between her legs. I kissed her clit, and dragged my tongue down her slippery groove, over the smooth skin, all the way back to her asshole.

That brought another delighted giggle, and I followed Mona’s center back up to slide my tongue inside her pussy, reaching deep to taste the true essence of that amazing hole.

Mona had me where she wanted me now, and began to give me a lesson in eating pussy. Her fingers spread her lips to give me access deep inside her, and she wasn’t shy about directing me exactly where she wanted my tongue.

I licked and sucked her exactly according to her wishes, reaching deep inside, then lapping at her clit as she shuddered with each assault. Her hips rose, centering her rear entrance on my lips, and I happily obliged, circling the brown puckered hole slowly, easing my way to the center, then stabbing into her tunnel with my tongue. I was straining at my bonds, but she would not release me, even to allow me to increase her pleasure.

After a few minutes, the lesson was complete, and my dream milf settled on my willing and eager face, allowing me to practice on her sweet pussy and ass. I reveled in the smells and tastes of her, loving her juices as they dribbled around my mouth.

“Now my clit again, baby.” I nibbled and lapped at her little nub, she squirmed and gasped as I found her rhythm, and a few seconds later she ground her pussy against me with her full body weight as she released herself to her orgasm. “Oh my god, baby. Mommy’s cumming, fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, Ohhh yeahhhh!”

She froze then, her body twitching and clenching as she came on her best friend’s son. It lasted long enough that I started to panic, I couldn’t breathe, and wasn’t sure if she would release me before I suffocated in her gash. But what a way to go!

Finally I bit her clit a little, and she lifted up as I gasped for air. She laughed then, and I reached up and sucked her sensitive clit into my lips.

With a little yelp, she climbed off of me and left the bed. She stood smiling down at me for a second then kissed me, seemingly enjoying her taste on my lips. A second later, she wiped my face off with a pair of her panties, then they were rolled up and stuffed in my mouth.

She sighed, then turned to her dresser, bringing another pair of stockings to quickly tie my legs up, as she had my arms. She had me at her mercy now, and showed little. Climbing onto the bed again, Mona stood over me, her legs spread and her pussy just slightly gapped open. I shuddered with arousal.

Then she looked down at me and I saw her phone in her hand. Her expression was pensive as she dialed. With the speaker on, I heard Mom answer. I was confused by this strange turn of events. I was about to become even more so.


“Angela, Tommy was tired so I just left him at your house. He said he needs to take a long nap.”

“Ok Mona, thanks for driving him home. I’ll see ya.”

“Wait a sec, girlfriend. You gave me a nasty little idea when you called a minute ago, want to come on over and play for awhile? I’ll have you home in time for supper.”

I was starting to get an idea of what Mona was up to, but, lying there naked, hard and tied up, I was having a hard time comprehending it.

“I don’t know baby, Tommy just got home.”

“Don’t Girne Escort worry about Tommy, he’ll be out for awhile, come over for a little bit.” Her tone was soft and teasing. “Pleeease? I’m right on your way.”

Mom hesitated, I was in a mini panic. Fantasies swirled through my mind, interrupted with the rational, and apparently real, fear of my mother, seeing me in my present state.

“Angela, I’m really wet right now,” Mona purred. “Really wet, and so hot. And after you got me thinking, I picked up somebody for us to play with. She squatted down and centered herself over my cock. As she talked to my mom, she began to polish the head with her wet lips. I’ve got everything you like here, he’s just your flavor too. My little pussy really misses you baby. When was your last gusher?”

Holy shit, this threw me sideways. I mean, Mom and Mona having their way with young men was crazy. Mom and Mona together, holy fucking shit. My cock bobbed against her, Mona acknowledged it with a wink, then sat down on me, my shaft settling in her groove. I was afraid that I was going to cum, and would have if this wasn’t round 2.

Mom giggled over the phone, “I’m on my way. 10 minutes. Anybody I know, or have you found a new victim?”

“You haven’t tasted this one, butI know he’ll just love you! Don’t worry, blindfolds! Don’t want to ruin your perfect marriage.”

“Ouch. Ok, I’ll be right there, feel free to start without me,” my mother laughed delightedly. “Oops, I’m going to have to change panties, you got mine all gooey!”

Mona giggled again, looking at me. “Oh, be sure to save them for my boy, he loves stinky panties, don’t you?”

I nodded my yes, the taste of her wet ones in my mouth, memories of Mom’s making me shudder.

My head was swimming. I didn’t entirely know what this twisted plan was, but one thing was pretty clear; Mona was going to bring my mom into her bedroom, where I was staked out naked and hard on her bed. I had little doubt that her plan involved trying to get her friend to fuck her son. But there’s no way Mom would even… would she? And, in spite of my fantasies, there was no way I could… could I?

But, deep down, there was no kidding myself, no matter my reservations, my cock was all in.

And deep down, I was all in. I could have escaped my bondage if I really wanted to, but it seems all of my fantasies were about to become reality in one afternoon. Just tasting Mona’s panties seemed out of reach a day ago. Now she’d sucked me, stroked me, fed me her cunt, and was bringing my other fantasy woman into the mix. My mom.

I never had any intention of trying to sleep with Mom. Sure she was hot and I had plenty of taboo fantasies about her, but that was all brought on by access. Access to her dirty panties and an occasional peek at her naked. She was beautiful, especially for her age; late 40s. Tall, at 5’7″, thick black hair and dark eyes set off by unusually pale skin. She had full, round hips. Breeder hips, she called them, but they were shapely and looked amazing on her tall frame.

Mom had great breasts, I was always giving my buddies shit for checking them out, but given the way she dressed to show them off, I understood. When I would see her in her nightgowns occasionally, I was mesmerized by her fat nipples. Once she’d caught me staring on a morning when they were particularly hard, and teased me, “not ready to give up breastfeeding just yet Tommy?”

So, yeah, I looked at mommy porn, and dreamed about sliding my cock into my own Mom, but all just in fantasy. It seemed this day fantasy was going to rule the day.

Mona pulled her panties out of my mouth. “So, lover, what do you think of my plan?

“Please Mona, don’t let Mom see me like this, let me go, just get one of your boytoys to come over,” I begged her, but deep inside prayed that she’d ignore my pleas.

Mona laughed, that lilting musical titter. Her green eyes sparkled, she lay down full length on my body, kissing my neck. She offered me her compromise, “I tell you what, Tommy, I will. I’ll untie you. I’ll let you go without your mommy seeing you here, with your big fat hard cock naked and exposed. Just prove to me that you don’t want to fuck your mommy. All you have to do. I’m gonna hold on to your big fat hard cock, and when you hear her voice if it doesn’t stay hard, if you can lose your mommy hard-on, you’re free. But if your big old cock says it wants what your Mommy’s got between her legs, her sweet pussy, well I’m going to have to believe that.” She lifted up and looked down, face to face, and kissed me lightly. “And we know what it’s going to want, don’t we? Mommy’s tight wet pussy!” Then she grasped my cock and spoke to it, like a microphone, “But it’s all up to you, my rock-hard friend.”

I turned away in defeat and excitement. I was picturing Mom as I’d seen her last summer. I’d come home unexpectedly one evening, and as I walked in the door I’d heard the unmistakable sounds of her having sex. Specifically, my mom moaning as my stepfather licked her to orgasm. It was a deep, guttural growl, and I was able to watch them from a hidden vantage point as she thrashed on the couch, then spread her legs to show a soaked hairy bush as he drove his cock into her, fucking her to another climax. Seeing your mom cum sets off all kinds of crazy emotions, but the main one was lust. And that led to a minor obsession with incest and taboo porn.

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