Momma Connie

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Momma ConnieMomma ConnieA Short Story by Dave*****Dave’s sexual content disclaimers:The following material is an original erotic fictional story, intended exclusively for an adult audience. If you are not of legal age to view such material, please exit now, thanks.Graphic language and detailed descriptions for all aspects of various sexual situations and encounters are central to this story, from beginning to end. The content within may be considered taboo and therefore offensive to some readers. Proceed at your own risk.All characters engaging in sexual situations and/or activities are assumed to be consenting adults (18+ minimum) within the story. This includes all sexually active characters that are described as a teenager, or the c***d of another character.The characters are fictional. Any similarity in description to real-world individuals is strictly coincidental. *****With a trembling finger, she closes the browser on the laptop and takes a deep breath. The images still fresh in her mind, Connie holds two fingers tightly against the bridge of her nose. She squeezes her eyes shut while the parade of erect cocks being stroked by their hot young studs endlessly scroll by in her mind’s eye. She lets out the slightest whimper of a sigh, and then releases her grip. “This is crazy,” she mutters to herself.It had only been a few weeks since Connie woke up one morning feeling a bit odd. She couldn’t quite put her finger on the issue until she went to change out of her pajamas. She was quite surprised to discover that her panties were soaking wet! She quickly peeled off the damp undies and tossed them into the hamper. She decided to check herself before pulling on a fresh pair, and was again surprised that her pussy was swollen and slippery wet. “What the hell is that all about,” she thought to herself. Without thinking, she put her right hand to her face and took a curious sniff. Sure enough, her fingers were pungent with the sweet aroma of her natural vaginal juices. “Holy shit! That must have been one amazing dream!” She thought to herself. Though she was amused, she remained confused as she had no memory of touching herself.Later that week, Connie confessed to her best friend, and little sister, about her discoveries that morning. Her sister giggled at first, then quickly got serious and said, “Well shit, sis. Are you still not getting any?” The truth was that she wasn’t. The two had already discussed on a few occasions about how her sex life had gone stale. She didn’t think her marriage was bad, but something was seriously missing in the bedroom. The two decided that Connie’s husband’s libido just wasn’t what it used to be. “I think you’re cock hungry!” Connie’s sister, Liz, suggests in a fit of giggles. This was a term Connie had heard Liz use for years, and she knew exactly what it meant!“You know? I think you might be onto something!” Connie admits through her own giggles. Her voice became serious; concerned. “What should I do, Liz? I mean, it’s been forever since he made me cum during sex! Ugh, I’m so frustrated! Sometimes, I just wish I could get my hands on a nice, hard cock and have my way with it!”“Well, maybe you should do just that, Connie! You deserve it after what HE did!” Liz replied.“Okay, okay. Fair enough. Let’s just drop it.” Connie dismissed the comment, and changed the subject. As usual, their conversation wandered around from topic to topic. The two sisters had always been close and could talk about anything. After a while, the conversation began to draw to an end.“Well, good luck with your cock hunger! Lord knows I’m in the same boat! Okay, gotta run. Luv ya, sis!” Liz chimed cheerfully.“Luv ya, too, bye.” Connie let out quickly before hanging up the call.Connie sits at the kitchen bar; her usual hangout spot this time of day. She always tries to have an after-school snack ready for her son, Nathan. As usual, he drops his stuff at the foot of the stairs when he gets home and heads to the kitchen so he can greet his mother, quickly devour his snack and make his retreat to his bedroom; leaving Connie alone to clean up his mess and to get started on dinner preparations.This is her routine, and she loves it. With the knowledge that bright young man will be heading off to college in just a few months, Connie tries her best to spend time with him. The fact that this is her one and only c***d only makes Connie even more anxious. He may be an adult according to the laws of man, but he will forever be her baby.Connie checks the time on the laptop just before closing it. It’s three o’clock. “Okay, time for a quick shower before this roast needs to be put in the oven,” she thinks to herself. She turns the oven on to preheat, gathers up her laptop and heads upstairs; her mind still consumed with thoughts of hard cocks and young faces staring into her eyes through the camera lens.On the second floor, Connie pauses a moment. She’s standing outside Nathan’s closed bedroom door. She can hear him in his room. He’s not talking, but makes vocal noises every few seconds. She can also hear a rhythmic, high-pitched sound. Connie’s eyes widen with honest surprise as she realizes he in in the throes of jerking off!She knows she should just move along and leave him to his business, but instead Connie takes a cautious step towards the door so she can listen. The young man lets out a grunt as his pace begins to quicken. Connie closes her eyes as a warm sensation rushes down her spine. Her free hand goes directly to her pubic bone and immediately begins to rub herself through her clothes.Nathan reaches his climax and lets out a series of muffled moans. Connie can see his cum shooting out in her imagination. The urge to watch takes over her, and without thinking her hand releases her aching pussy and takes a firm grip on the door knob.It’s locked! “Damn it!” A hungry voice calls out in her mind.Realizing what she’s doing, Connie releases the knob and takes a quick step back. She pauses for just a moment, then turns to go to her room. Once safely inside, the door against her back, she begins to breathe deeply; her heart rate racing at full speed. She closes her eyes and replays the sounds she heard in her mind. In a rush, she tosses the laptop on her bed, disrobes and heads directly for the shower.She can barely wait for the water to reach full temperature, and steps in. She stands with her back to the flow of water, lifts her right leg and places it on the little shelf along the rim as if she were going to be shaving her legs. Eagerly, Connie slides her fingers inside her engorged pussy and firmly begins to attack her clit. The orgasm comes quickly; with a force like a sledgehammer driving home a tent spike! Thankful for the protection of the walls separating her from his young ears, Connie lets out her own series of satisfying moans.Moments later, as she stands there cleaning herself, her knees still trembling and weak, Connie smiles to herself. “Holy fuck! That was the best orgasm I’ve had in a very long time!” She says to herself internally. “I wonder how often he does that.”As the days pass by, Connie makes it her new routine to get this answer. On a few occasions, she finds him sitting at his desk, working on homework or typing on his computer. But, most days she finds the door closed. She checks it each time to see if it’s locked, and listens as he strokes himself until he answers the call of his raging teenage hormones. Each and every time, Connie rushes to the shower to do the same thing. This routine continues for some time.On one particular day, Connie is shocked to find that the bedroom door isn’t closed completely. She can clearly hear the familiar rhythmic sounds of the young man’s hand assaulting his cock with his usual enthusiasm. She’s now familiar with his pattern, and knows he’s getting close to reaching orgasm. Without hesitation, Connie stands close to the door, pushing it open enough for her to get a full view of the activities.He’s lying in his bed, sideways to her view. She can see the full length of his erect cock. “Hmmm, at least he’s bigger than his father!” She thinks to herself with a twisted sense of a mother’s pride. She watches intently, one hand firmly rubbing her clit, and is quickly rewarded as he cums into a tissue placed over his stomach. He continues to stroke for a brief moment as several waves of fluid erupt from the swollen tip.The site of his cum spewing out causes Connie to suddenly reach orgasm as well. She is totally unprepared and bites down hard on her bottom lip to stifle the moan which instinctively attempts to leave her throat. She ducks away from the door, leaving it open, and stumbles to her room. No time for the shower, Connie shoves her jeans and panties down together to her ankles. She takes a single step from them and plops into her bed. She presses her fingers firmly over the area where her wet clitoris is bulging and begins to rub it quickly.Connie’s second orgasm launches through her entire body like a jet plane launching to the sky. Her back arches high as her toes curl; her body wracked with ecstasy. In spite of herself, she lets out one long, satisfying moan as her hips thrust and thighs twitch while her hand attempts to continue. The moment passes by, and Connie feels her body beginning to relax. As she opens her eyes, she looks around to assess her situation. It’s only then that she realizes she’s left her bedroom door wide open. Her heart skips a beat, but Connie thankfully finds her doorway empty. “Safe,” she thinks to herself. Just as she lets the thought reassure her, Connie hears the soft click of a door being closed.A new rush of emotion slams into her. She begins to ask herself a series of questions. “Did I just given him the very show I’ve been seeking from him all these weeks? How much did he see? Did he enjoy what he saw?” On an on, her mind races. Eventually, she concludes that what’s done is done. He’s old enough to decide for himself how to deal with this. “Yes, but what if he wants to talk about it?” Connie shrugs; deciding to let the chips fall as they may.To her amazement, Connie never finds his door closed and locked again. Nothing is ever said about that day, but as time moves forward she becomes convinced that he is aware of her watching him. On the days he decides to jerk off, Connie gets a full view of the act from the hallway. He makes no attempts to hide it, but never once does he look to the door, or make any indication that he knows she’s there. And so, on these days she too masturbates in her own bed. With the shower having been abandoned and bedroom door ajar just enough, she puts on her own show…never knowing if she has an audience or not.Nathan’s schedule changes when soccer season starts. As a senior, and co-captain of the team, he spends most of his afternoons practicing with his team. At first Connie is disappointed at her loneliness in the afternoons. Then, she gets an idea one day, and makes the suggestion for him to invite his soccer buddies over after practice. To Connie’s delight, her house gets invaded the very next day by five gorgeous, and very smelly young studs. They’re all still wearing their practice clothes; loose shorts and even looser tank tops. Connie delights in their musky aromas as much as seeing their tight little asses with the clinging of their sweaty shorts.Connie struggles to keep eye contact with the young visitors as she daydreams of seeing them naked, stroking their hard cocks for her! More than once she catches herself staring at the significant bulges in their shorts as they enjoy her prepared snacks after practice. Luckily for her, the boys are too preoccupied with their conversations to notice her, or at least that’s the impression she gets. Either way, she is thrilled that her house has become the new unofficial after soccer practice hangout for the few seniors on Nathan’s team.On the days that she knows the guys will be coming, Connie spends the early part of the afternoon getting their snacks prepared. Once that’s complete, she usually takes a long, hot bath so she can rub out some of the sexual frustrations coursing through her. She’s typically bathed, dressed and already in the kitchen when the guys arrive.On one particularly frustrating day, Connie is running late, but manages to get the food ready, and decides that she has just enough time for a quick bath. She heads upstairs and makes the preparations quickly, accidentally leaving the bedroom door wide open. She gets out of her clothes, and plunges into the hot bath. Without pause, she begins to masturbate as her clitoris, being accustomed to her new routine, is already bulging with anticipation.The front door slams, and Connie can hear the sound of voices downstairs. Startled out of her sexual throws, she rushes to get herself out of the bath. She dries herself off briskly, abandoning the towel, and rushes to her closet to get dressed. Feeling rushed, Connie throws on an old t-shirt, some pajama pants and wraps herself in her robe. She runs a brush quickly through her hair, then rushes out to greet her gang of fellas.Connie, deep in thought, and taken off guard by the group’s early arrival, exits her bedroom in a hurried pace. As she steps from her room, Connie finds herself face-to-face with one of Nathan’s larger friends, Chad. Connie stops dead in her tracks, and gives out a little gasp of surprise. “Oh, my!”“I’m so sorry to startle you, Ms. Connie! I was just coming up to, uh, use the bathroom.” Chad apologizes. She can see by the look on his face that she’s startled him, too.“Why, hello Mr. Chad.” She attempts to mock his formal tone in good humor. “Uh, yeah, sure. The bathroom is, uh, well you know where it is.”“Uh, yeah. Got it.” Chad replies back warmly. “Hey, sorry we barged in on you so early. Practice was cut short because some sophomore started getting sick right in the middle of drills. Coach said it was a sign, or something like that.”They share a quick, nervous laugh. “Oh, it’s no trouble!” Connie blurts out quickly. “You boys…uh, I mean guys, are always welcome here!”Already standing close, she gives him a warm hug, her body turning so it’s in full contact with his. Maybe she’s just imagining things, but she swears she can feel the bulge of his cock throb once against her hip. Connie’s voice still a bit shaky, she continues, “I’ll see you downstairs, Chad.” She pulls away; brushes passed him and quickly makes her way to the kitchen.It’s a Friday, and the boys have already made plans to have a movie night and sleepover. This will allow them to carpool together to their game in the morning. Connie rushes down, and to her surprise, she finds Nathan alone in the kitchen, happily eating more than his usual share of her excellent cooking!“Hey, son. I heard practice was cancelled. Where is everyone?” She inquired as she took up her position as hostess.“Oh, yeah. Sorry, mom. The other guys couldn’t stay over tonight, so they decided not to come at all. Sorry.” He apologizes sincerely.“It’s no bother, hon! So, does that mean it’s just you and Chad tonight?”“That’s right. He’s upstairs…uh, using the bathroom, I think.”“Yes, I saw him on my way down.” Connie says with conclusion. She pauses a moment to consider what other plans she’ll need to adjust, then declares, “Well, I’m not going anywhere tonight. You guys enjoy your snacks. We’ll just be ordering pizza later, if that’s okay.”“Sounds great! Thanks, mom.”Before she can reply, Chad appears in the kitchen. He’s wearing a big smile which consumes his entire face; his eyebrows raised high in excitement.“Did I just hear something about pizza?” He asks in mock surprise. “Dude, your mom’s the best!” He pauses next to her and throws one arm around her waist and holds her firmly to his side. Although she welcomes the attention, this embrace takes Connie off guard. But, she just smiles and puts her hand up on the flat of his back.“Gee, thanks Chad!” She squeaks out with a giggle in her voice. “I didn’t think you’d mind that choice.” He gives her a familiar squeeze, then releases her and continues around the bar to sit with Nathan.While the boys eat, and chat about the team, and school stuff, Connie reflects on the friendly guest. Chad is tall for his age. Connie remembers hearing his mother complaining that he gets accused of being too old for high school soccer, and that it’s not her fault he has the body of a twenty-five year-old man even though he’s barely eighteen.Connie’s imagination bahis firmaları automatically drifts to her stored memories of his muscular legs and tight ass she’s been saving up over the recent weeks. She also remembers how large his “package” always appears. He always makes a point to hug her every time he comes over. This affection wasn’t lost on Connie in the least! “Oh, to be eighteen and single again…” Connie smiles inwardly; her thoughts betraying her better judgement.“Well, I have some work to do upstairs. Let me know if you need anything.” Connie announces.The two boys stop, mid-sentence. They both nod their heads, and then continue with their conversation. Just as Connie begins to turn, she sees Chad glance her way, just briefly; a mischievous grin sneaking out.“Enjoy your snacks,” she calls back as she walks away.“Hmmm, I saw that…you big strapping mom tease!” She thought wryly to herself as she made her way back to her bedroom. She closed the door this time, and stood there for a minute. “That look! What WAS that?” She pondered in her mind.Connie took her robe off, and sat at her desk. As her laptop came to life, she caught her reflection in the mirror on the backside of the desk. She giggled to herself. “You are a wet noodle, Connie!” She said out loud to herself. She stands to go freshen up, and notices suddenly just how sheer her t-shirt is! She can easily see her auburn nipples through the thin fabric. Immediately she wonders if the boys had noticed this little detail. Her robe was never tied shut when she was downstairs. “Oh, well.” She thinks to herself, and then proceeds to fix her wild hair.While looking through her wardrobe, trying to pick the right casual outfit for the night, Connie decides she’s going to try a little experiment. It’s going to be pajama night, and this old t-shirt is going to be just perfect!When the time comes to order the pizza, the boys make an appearance at her bedroom door. Connie has been waiting them out, and is pleased they’ve finally come to her! “Come in,” she calls back with a friendly tone when the door knocks.“Hungry boys?” She inquired with a knowing grin on her face.“Uh, yeah. Can we go ahead and order?” Nathan asks.“Sure thing!” She stands up and turns to fetch her credit card from her purse. When she turns back around, she sees the guys standing shoulder to shoulder in the doorway. A natural smile possessing her face, Connie walks over to stand before them; maintaining eye contact with only her son. “Order what you like, dear. There’s a coupon down on the kitchen bar. Try to make use of that, okay?”“M-hm,” Nathan nods and turns to leave. “C’mon, chad.” He snorts when Chad doesn’t move, too. “What kind did you say you like again?”Connie stood still. Her eyes move to Chad’s face, but his gaze was clearly not on her face. “Yess,” her inner demon hisses. She continues to smile at him warmly; waiting for him to realize the conversation was over.His eyes dart to her, then to the floor; his face blushing. Chad stammers out, “Uh, okay…thanks. Uh, bye.” He quickly turns to make his exit. He was busted; caught red-handed staring at her perfectly shaped breasts.Connie closes the door again. She turns her back against the door and tries to catch her breath. “So, he does notice me!” She thinks to herself. “Let’s just see how this goes.” She offers to herself…Connie spends the evening on her laptop in her bedroom. She passes the time catching up with a friend or two through online chatting, and browsing her social media feeds. No matter what she does, her thoughts remain on her son’s guest and the opportunities she’d like to offer him. Eventually, she gets bored of looking at pictures of men, with their hard cocks in hand, and decides it’s time to go “check in” on the guys.She’s already in her pajamas, but decides she needs to do something more. The game has begun, and she’s not one to disappoint. Once again, she goes into her closet to seek inspiration. She quickly slips out of her clothes and throws on a little silky robe she sometimes wears when nobody is around to see. Connie rifles through her options, but nothing jumps out at her. Suddenly, she realizes exactly what she needs to do. The drawers closed, she takes a deep breath; gathering her resolve.It was getting late. Afraid she might miss an opportunity, Connie opens her door to head downstairs; the faint sounds of the living room TV greeting her. As she makes her way down, Connie can see the two guys. They’re on the couch; their faces lit by the glow of the TV in front of them.Just as Connie hopes, Nathan doesn’t even give her the first glance as she walks through on her way to the kitchen. She can also tell that Chad isn’t missing a beat! She focuses her attention on preventing her facial expressions from betraying her naughty intentions.Chad sits on the couch, trying his very best to appear interested in tonight’s movie selection. However, his mind is trapped, remembering the lovely view from earlier. Every time he closes his eyes, all he can see are those beautiful, soft, inviting breasts…and the look in her eyes when she caught him staring at her.When his eyes catch the movement of her gliding down the stairs and coming towards them, Chad tries his very best not turn his head completely so he can stare directly at her. It’s a major struggle, but he does the best he can. When she gets close enough to speak to them, he tries his best to “play it cool” with her. But, as she walks up next to his side of the couch, his eyes catch on to what she’s wearing and he realizes he is dead meat! He can clearly see that she’s at least topless under the thin robe, his imagination wishing her to be completely nude. Betrayed again by his thoughts, Chad’s heart leaps into action; the pressure bulging in his temples while his cock stirs with the blood rush. He turns so he can get a better look.She comes to a stop at the end of the couch, right next to Chad; the two lock eye contact instantly. Standing here, she can talk to the guys without getting in the way of the TV. Careful not to break the eye contact, she takes a quick survey of the pair; not surprised to see that they are both wearing t-shirts and pajama pants. “Want anything from the kitchen, guys?” she inquires in an almost mechanical tone. Connie and Chad continue to hold each other’s gaze just long enough for her to give him a mysterious little smile; pure mischief dancing in her eyes.In a flash of recognition, his eyebrows go up. Breaking the trance of her eyes, he turns his head to Nathan; fearful his voice would betray his thoughts. “I could eat,” Chad declares. “How about you, Nate?”“Eh. Naw, I’m good, thanks.” Nathan mutters, never taking his eyes off the movie.“Okay. Don’t pause for me; I’ve seen this one before.”“M-hm…” Nathan’s eyes never flinching. “Enjoy.”Chad quickly hops up, and proceeds to follow Connie; grateful of his friend’s movie obsession. She walks more slowly now, almost beckoning for him to catch up with her before getting to the kitchen. He eagerly rushes up behind her. To his surprise, Chad can clearly see the wonderful shape of her firm ass as she walks; the silky robe flowing so effortlessly over her skin that it reveals her every curve.They enter Ms. Connie’s kitchen. Fighting the urge to reach out for a handful of her tempting body, he turns away and quickly takes his favorite seat at the island bar. She goes to the fridge to retrieve items; her small frame glowing beneath the tiny robe as the kitchen lights flicker to life. Chad’s eyes physically bulge as he takes in her womanly form.She stands there, absently staring at the various contents before her. Connie can feel herself tremble with anxiety. Her plan working flawlessly, the ball remains in her court to initiate; knowing that otherwise this fledgling of a man probably wouldn’t ever do it. She takes another deep breath, tightens the knot on her robe tie and gives a tug on the both top flaps. When she looks down to inspect herself, she’s pleased to find that her erect nipples are dangerously close to being fully exposed. “That’s a lot of skin.” Connie’s thoughts resound in warning.She grabs a few items and cradles them against her tummy. After taking one more deep breath to steel herself, she turns and walks slowly towards her prey.Connie holds his eyes in hers as she approaches him. She can feel a gentle draft flow over her naked flesh; the silk of her robe moving freely as she slowly sways forward. She pauses for a brief second when she reaches the counter in front of him, their eyes locked. With the slightest wink, she’s the first to look down.“We have turkey and roast beef. Is cheddar cheese okay with you?” she inquires in a soft voice. She’s still holding the ingredients in her arms, and pretends to stare at them. She can feel the heat in his eyes as he drinks in the amazing view she’s giving him…Planted firmly in his seat, Chad is transfixed on his new prey as she stands at the fridge, her back turned to him. “She’s just standing there. Please don’t move! Look at that ass! Fuck! Does she know how that robe is showing every detail?” The flood of thoughts coming in a whir, he can’t help but imagine what this beautiful woman would look like if she were standing there naked. He has to shift his weight as his thoughts trigger his cock to grow, pinching his scrotum. Suddenly, she turns; holding several sandwich goods low in her arms. As his eyes naturally meet hers, he is slammed with a nearly perfect view of her right breast. Her cleavage well defined, he can just see the edge of her auburn areola. It takes every bit of willpower he can summon to prevent from abandoning her eyes so he could get a good look.She starts to walk towards him. She doesn’t take her eyes off him as she moves. In spite of this, he is rewarded multiple times with the glorious site of her amazing breasts. Her robe is so loose that when she stops in front of him and looks down to describe his options, Chad is left face to face with a full view of her breasts. Her chest rises and falls as she speaks softly to him, and her breasts sway gently. Mesmerized by Connie’s obvious peep show, he begins to systematically memorize every detail with his eyes.Connie finishes her offerings, but gets no response from Chad. Just as she was hoping, he is completely in a trance as his young brain tries to process what’s happening. She smiles inwardly; realizing that they have just reached the next level. She decides it’s time to get the party started.“What do you think?” Connie asks warmly.Chad blinks suddenly and again looks her in the eyes. She pauses a moment to enjoy his blood-red face. She keeps her face still, and repeats herself. “Chad, dear. What do you think? Do see anything you like?” she asks with a seductive smile.“Uh, yes! Um, you’re so beautiful!” he blurts out awkwardly in return; totally aware that he barely heard her questions.“Awww, thanks Chad. What kind do you want again?” She answers back; keeping the same grin on her face.“Sandwich? Oh! Uh, yes that’s perfect, thanks!” Chad returns. He swallows hard.“Coming right up!” Connie goes to work making the confused boy a sandwich. She makes no effort to cover her obvious wardrobe malfunction. Her breasts begin to bounce sharply as she prepares his snack. She revels in watching him as he doesn’t take his eyes off her exposed flesh.She slides his sandwich to him. He accepts it, and begins to eat. For the first time she adjusts her robe to properly cover herself. Connie moves around the island. For a brief moment, she catches a glance at Nathan, who is completely unaware of what’s brewing on the other side of the dividing wall between the kitchen and living room. She walks past Chad, who is trying his best to choke down the hastily prepared snack. She places one hand gently on his shoulder and lets it slide down his upper arm as she settles in the chair next to him. Her back now facing her son, she takes another calming breath.“How is it?”“Delicious, thanks!”“Hmmm, good. I’m glad you like it.” Her voice comes out softly.“Oh, yeah. I love it!”“So. Chad…is there anything else you want tonight?” Connie asks suggestively, her seductive tone remaining.“Uh, anything else? No thanks, this is perfect!” Chad replies quickly and attempts to swallow.She shifts in her robe slightly, and sees his eyes quickly dart to her breasts again. As suspected, she realizes that from this angle, and with her leaning forward just right, Chad is once again given a full view of one of her breasts. She makes no effort to hinder his view. She sits and makes casual chit-chat as he finishes.To her surprise, she suddenly feels a warm hand touch her inner thigh. Without her realizing it, Chad now held the sandwich in one hand, and was slowly reaching the other into the edge of her robe. The split was resting gently at the top of her leg, leaving her inner thigh slightly exposed. If she were to raise her leg any higher, she’d be giving his eyes even more to see!Her words end abruptly. His hand freezes, but doesn’t retreat. Connie, enjoying the feeling of his big hand as it explores her leg, takes a quick breath in and makes just the softest of moans as she lets it out. She takes in his eyes, and quickly realizes that he’s at the end of his bravado. She gives him a warm smile. When he smiles back, she pretends the crumbs on his plate are worth inspecting.It’s only when she continues their conversation, without any eye contact, that he works up enough courage to resume his exploration of her inner thigh. He stops again when his hand reaches the point where the two halves of the robe cross over each other. He hooks his thumb on the fabric, and starts to make gentle circles with one of his fingers on her tingling flesh. A rush of sensation shoots up her spine. “This boy is about to bite off more than he can chew!” she thinks to herself.Before he could muster any more courage, Connie places her hand firmly over his. As he looks helplessly into her eyes, she brings her other hand up and gives him the “hush” hand gesture as she winks at him. Chad nods quickly, his face becoming serious in a flash.“Uh, yeah. No worries there! Nathan will kick my ass if he finds out I just perved out on his mom…er, I mean…you! And, nobody else would believe me if were to tell them anyway!” His frown softens, instantly replaced by a look of mischief. “I mean, I feel like I’m in a dream right now,” Chad confides quietly.Connie gives an honest giggle. ”That’s good, Chad. So, we have an understanding then?”He nods again; the new smile consuming his face. His imagination wills her to let the silky cloth drop to the floor. Betrayed by the hunger in his eyes, Chad tries his best to appear in control of himself.To his disappointment, she gives him a quick pat on the back of the hand and then quickly gets up to clean his empty plate. All at once, Chad’s hopes appear to be crushed.“Go enjoy the rest of your movie, dear. I hope you find the couch comfortable enough tonight.” She lets out in a whisper as she gestures for him to move along. Connie turns away to finish cleaning up the food.He turns with a confused look as he struggles to catch up with this woman’s words. Just when he knew she was about to put some real moves on him, she instead pushes him away; his cock now completely ready for some action. ‘I hope you find the couch comfortable enough tonight.’ Her words echo in his mind. Chad’s face lights up as he finally realizes her suggestion. He was supposed to make a pallet on Nathan’s floor tonight, as he did the last time he stayed over. It wasn’t very comfortable, and he told Nathan so. Earlier that afternoon, Connie had made the suggestion that he try the couch instead tonight.Chad plops down roughly on the couch next to his best friend, still consumed with the action movie lighting up the room from the television.“Mom hook you up?” Nathan asks absently; not really expecting an answer.“What? Oh, uh, yeah. Dude, your mom makes the best sandwiches!” Chad offers back, unable to contain his smile. Just as he was making this proclamation, he could see in the corner of his eye the seductress slink her way towards the stairs…“You wanna try that new game for a bit?” Nathan inquires as he stands and stretches. The movie, which appeared to be four hours long to Chad, is finally over. The room suddenly feels dark as the credits scroll up on the screen. He stands up as well, naturally mimicking his buddy.“Naw, man. I’d love to, but it’s getting kaçak iddaa late.” Chad declines with a well-timed, full-body stretch of a yawn. “We can play it next week.”“Yeah, okay.” Nathan shrugs as he moves to retrieve the pillow and blankets his mom had set out for Chad.“Are you sure you’re okay to sleep down here tonight? Do you want me to take the love seat?” Nathan offers sincerely.“Naw, I’m all good, dude. Besides, you can go snore in your own room. I’ll be just fine right here. See you in the morning.”“Whatever. Night.” Nathan mutters sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he turns and heads upstairs to his room…Connie is lying on her bed, completely restless. She’s on her back; her robe still wrapped around her. With her bedroom door halfway open, she listens as her son gets settled in for the night. Because his bedroom is almost directly across from hers, even with his door completely closed she can always hear what he’s up to.She keeps herself busy for a while by attempting to read. Suddenly she realizes that she has just read the same sentence about a dozen times and gives up on the book; her attention turning to her iPad. Connie checks her social media feeds, and is pleased to see she has a new friend request. She giggles softly to herself as she accepts Chad’s offer. “Good move, Chad.” she thinks to herself. She can see that he’s still active online and opens a chat window…“Are you comfortable enough on that old couch, Chad?”“…” appears immediately on the screen. Connie stares blankly as she awaits his response.“All good here, thanks! Hey, thanks again for the sandwich. It hit the spot!”“Well, good. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m always around if you need anything. Get some sleep. See you in the morning.”“Night”She exits the app and then opens a web browser. Feeling especially naughty, she keys in her favorite image search, ‘young hard cock’. She spends the next few minutes drooling as an endless assortment of dick pics scroll past her eyes; feeding the hunger growing out of control inside her like the wildfires from the Santa Ana winds.After a while, Connie realizes that the house has gone completely quiet. Upon further investigation, she decides she can hear all the guys as they breathe deeply in their slumber. She goes back to her social media app and confirms that Chad has been inactive for quite a while. She was alone with her thoughts. “The poor dear probably didn’t know what to think. I can’t believe he actually managed to fall asleep! Hmmm, I wonder if he had to jerk off first. I would’ve loved to watch that!”Connie slips quietly out of bed, careful not to disturb the peace. Still completely naked under her silk robe, she slips past the door; thankful that she’d known just how far to leave it open earlier. The door would make a loud squeak sound if opened any further. She moves across the hall and gently opens Nathan’s door. She can just make out his shape under all the blankets; his breathing reassuring her that he is fast asleep. She closes the door, and makes her way back down the stairs. She had “accidentally” left her phone charger in the kitchen. If discovered, that would be her excuse for her late-night excursion…Connie stands quietly before the couch, staring hungrily down at the young hunk of a guy; the images of all those erect cocks still fresh in her mind. Chad is lying on his back, his blankets under him; his right hand resting over his groin. He’s wearing the same t-shirt and pajama pants he had on earlier. When he moves slightly, his hand slides off its perch. Finally, she is just able to see the bulge in his pants.To her delight, Connie realizes his cock appears to be fully erect; a shiver or warmth stirring within her. The urges in her mind scream silently for Connie to take action. It took a lot of nerve for her to do what she did earlier. A pang of panic catches her off guard. She takes one more look around and reassures herself that she is the lone predator patrolling tonight.Her hands shaking, Connie unties her robe completely and lets it hang naturally. As she continues to stare at the mysterious bulge, her right hand instinctively moves in place to touch herself. Her middle finger slides easily into the warm folds of her slippery labia. She takes a sharp breath as her finger spreads the ample moisture enough to rub the tip around the hood of her swollen clitoris. It becomes quickly obvious that if she’s not careful, she’s going to have a full orgasm, so she releases her grip and lets her damp finger dangle at her side.Connie kneels down at Chad’s side, slowly raising her dampened hand to his face and gently touches her wet finger on his dry lips. His face twitches, but he doesn’t stir. She slides her hand up, her fingers moving into his blonde locks and begins to gently caress his head. Again, he doesn’t stir at all.Connie’s eyes have completely adjusted to the dim light. She can easily make out the length of his erect cock, bulging under his pajama pants. She reaches out with her left hand and gently, slowly rests it on the bulk of his shaft. Connie smiles to herself as she feels it pulse forcefully under hand; trying to imagine the contents of his dream.The hunger continues to grow within as Connie marvels at how rigid the cock is. She wraps her nimble hand around it further, and gives it a long, firm squeeze. Maintaining her grip, she moves her hand ever so slowly up and down. She leans forward and lays her face gently on Chad’s chest; her face pointed away from his. Almost immediately, his left hand comes to rest in her hair. Connie freezes; her confidence beginning to waiver. Without a word, or moving any other muscle, Chad thrusts his hips forward, forcing her grip to stroke his length. He lets out a long breath as her hand begins to move again; his pelvis moving in rhythm with her hand. Without a word, they stay like this for a long moment; maintaining a slow pace.Chad takes his hand away from her head. He slowly slides it across her shoulders, down her back until he finds her firm, round ass. She tightens her grip as he moves his hand around her ass a few times; giving each cheek a firm squeeze on each pass. Connie reaches her right hand back, over his left hand and pulls it around to her thigh; turning her body towards his head enough that his hand lands firmly against her upper left thigh. She keeps her hand on his as she guides him to her secret garden.With her robe out of the way, Chad’s hand quickly reaches her. Connie feels his entire body jolt when he realizes that not only is she dripping wet with desire, but that her pubic hair is neatly trimmed; his finger slides directly inside her moist folds. She abandons his hand to let him explore as he desires. His finger slips and slides around inside her moisture…searching for any part of her to caress which he thinks might turn her on. Eventually, his finger bumps across her clitoris enough to cause her body to twitch. They giggle together silently when he also twitches at the same time.Chad quickly realizes where the “magic spot” is, and starts to rub it quickly; eager to please her. Her hand returns immediately, and brings his vigorous strokes to a stop. Connie lifts her head, his cock still firmly in his grip, and whispers to him. “Easy, big guy. Slow and steady. Yes…that’s it. Mmmm, that feels so good!” She removes her hand again. She is pleased when he continues to rub his slippery finger in firm, slow circles around her most-sensitive of spots.Connie’s hand stops moving; releasing her grip on his cock. She can see a generous wet spot on his pants and swallows with desire; she can hold her hunger back no longer. Not knowing why she stopped, or what she was up to, Chad’s hand stops moving, too. Connie rotates her hips deliberately, inviting his finger to continue its assault on her clit. She lets out a soft moan, as his hand obediently begins to move in sync with her hips.Connie quickly unties his pajama pants. With all her strength, she begins to pull the unwanted pants down. He lifts his body and offers assistance with his right hand. The pants slide down, revealing suddenly that Chad wasn’t wearing underwear any longer. Connie smiles generously as she finds her face just inches from his rock-hard cock! Again, she swallows; her eyes captivated with the treasure waiting just before her. After a quick breath to steady her nerves, she returns her hand over his warm cock, and gives it a firm squeeze; reveling in the smoothness of the skin on his shaft. When she pulls her hand up, a large glob of clear semen erupts from the tip and begins to run down.Before Chad can respond, Connie pulls his erect cock away from his body, the bulk of his shaft in her tight grip, and presses her closed mouth to the head. She lets the warm, salty liquid pool up on her lips, her tongue darting out draw in tasty samples. Keeping her lips pressed together, she rubs her slippery kiss all over the tip of his wonderful cock. She softens her grip slightly, lowers her hand down his shaft, then squeezing hard again draws out more of his warm pre-cum. To Connie’s surprise, the next glob is three times larger than the previous! Once again, she uses her closed lips to spread the fluid all over the slippery gland.Chad lets out a low groan of pleasure. Connie turns her head to face him, and gives him an absolutely lustful grin. In response, his lips rise in his own grin. She quickly lunges her face to his. Without hesitation, they lock their mouths together in a passionate, wet kiss. She is sure he can taste himself, as she realizes she can taste her essence on his lips, where she had smeared her moisture earlier.For a moment, their hands move in sync with their passionate embrace. Connie realizes that she’s getting too close to reaching orgasm, and suddenly ends the kiss. Her hand stops moving at the same time. At this Chad stops, too. Her face still close to his, she stares him in the eyes. When he smiles again, she whispers, “I want you to relax and just let me take care of everything, okay?”Chad nods slowly, but doesn’t move. Connie’s hand appears over his again. She gives his hand a firm squeeze, and pulls it free. Drawing back up, still on her knees, she takes his other hand and pulls it inside her robe to her breast. When she removes her hand, he quickly releases her breast so he can pull the robe open, fully exposing both her breasts. Only then does he return his hand. She gives him a warm smile as he uses the hand to explore her chest.Connie gives out a little sigh when he begins to play with her erect nipples. She draws his left hand to her mouth, still smothered in her sex. Staring into his eyes, she plants a gentle kiss on his sticky finger. He extends his finger and rubs the tip gently over her perfect lips. With her eyes locked firmly on his, she plunges his finger into her mouth. She bites down gently at the base of his finger as her tongue envelopes it. Her eyes glide shut and a soft moan sneaks out as she begins to suck on the finger, reveling in the taste of herself spreading within her mouth.All at once, Connie releases the digit from her mouth, removes Chad’s hand from her breasts and plants her hand firmly on his chest, pushing him back. Without resistance, he lays back completely. Connie pulls the front of his shirt up high enough to expose one of his nipples. She gently bends forward and takes his entire nipple area into her mouth. She sucks firmly while her tongue swirls around and rapidly flicks his miniature nipple. Connie bites the small nub, just enough to hold it between her teeth. She pulls away, nipple in tow, then lets it pop out of her mouth. She looks up into Chad’s eyes, and gives him a wicked grin.“Now, I need you to lie perfectly still. Whatever happens, I want you to remain calm. Okay?”Connie squeals with delight, internally, as she sees the fear in his eyes when she says this. He swallows hard.“Yeah, ok.” is all he can think to say.She giggles, gives him a friendly wink then swiftly turns and lays her head on his chest again; her auburn hair hiding her face. Connie slowly slides her left hand down his stomach, trying to avoid touching his cock, but slides her fingers all around it. She playfully digs her fingers through the locks of his soft pubic hair. Her hand brushes the side of his hard shaft. The entire cock pulses with the sensation; an utterly evil giggle escapes her mouth.She takes the cock into her firm grip once again. This time she doesn’t squeeze him like she did before. Instead, she just holds it securely enough to keep it away from his stomach. She gently caresses the tip with her thumb, playing with the slimy droplets of his semen. By the sounds of his breathing, she could tell he was getting worked up again.Connie takes her thumb off his sensitive tip. She rotates her head towards him and whispers, “Easy, big boy. Deep breaths…just relax and let me take care of you.” He nods again, and takes a deep breath. When he exhales, she gives him a cheerful smile. She winks and then turns her head away from him once more; her attention returning to her fierce grip of his iron cock.Chad takes another deep breath and tries to relax; closing his eyes and letting the pillow take on the weight of his head. He glides his hand slowly up and down her inner thigh; his fingers gently brushing her soft skin. He smiles as her lips kiss the head of his cock, causing it to pulse each time. In his mind, he tries to imagine how sweet her pussy must taste and the warmth of her ample juices being smeared around his mouth. Just then, his thoughts are interrupted when he feels something warm and wet consume the length of his cock. He feels something soft bump his pelvic bone, retreating a moment later. Cool night air stings at his cock. His eyes flash wide open, only to see the back of Connie’s head as she pulls her mouth back up the length of his throbbing organ, quietly gasping as she takes a breath…Connie turns away from her prey once again. “It’s time to get this show on the road!” She thinks to herself; lowering her lips to his tip to kiss it softly several times. Before she could get nervous again, she opens her mouth and slams his cock into her. She marvels at the stiffness and length of his cock as she feels it reach the back of her mouth. Without hesitation, she presses on as the tip finds passage into the depths of her throat. Deeper, the shaft travels into her…until her lips bump against the small tuft of tightly curled hairs on his pubic bone.Ever so grateful for her college roommate who taught her how to defeat the natural gag reflex, she held her position as long as she could. Only when she was out of breath did she finally allow herself to slide the firm member back out; pausing only once she’s out far enough to allow her to take a gasping breath. She can feel the young man’s cock pulsing against the edge of her throat as his salty pre-cum pumps out to cover it. She swallows jubilantly as she swirls her tongue playfully around the tip.Connie squeezes the cock hard and draws her small hand up to her mouth. She releases the pressure briefly and then tightens again. Just as she begins to squeeze, she plunges the pulsing member back into her. The pathway defined, his cock fills her throat. Quickly, she rotates her fist ninety degrees on his shaft, and rises for another stroke; pressing her hand against her lips. This time she lets the entire unit escape the clutches of her hungry mouth. She gives the swollen head a forceful twist in the palm of her hand then squeezes again, and repeats the process of plunging and twisting.At first the pace is even; deliberate. She can tell by his reactions that he’s not going to make it long with this level of attack. Connie doesn’t care. She will have her prize, tonight!Faster and faster, Connie continues to slam Chads delicious, rock-solid cock into her mouth; her fist gripping him tightly, her lips and tongue sucking his juices greedily, swallowing every drop. Her moans confirm her delight as his hips instinctively thrust in time with her movements; face fucking her.Chad tries to hold on as long as possible, but begins to reach climax in what feels like zero-point-two seconds. He realizes he’s about to cum, but he’s not sure where she wants him to put it. Not knowing what to do, he attempts to pull her from him, lest he spill his seed directly into her mouth; risking her to be disappointed and upset…Connie can tell the young man is about to blow his load. Preparing kaçak bahis for the wonderful moment, she begins to take shallower strokes; careful to leave room for his cum to fill her mouth. Suddenly he begins to stiffen. Both of his strong hands grab her by the shoulders; pulling her away. Sensing what he was attempting to do, Connie smiled to herself. “I knew he was a gentleman. Mmm. Don’t worry, I’ll fix this soon enough.” She thinks to herself as she shakes his grip and continues her assault with a long moan.The moment arrives just as suddenly for the young man as his erection did the first time he stole a glance at Connie’s finely crafted curves. Chad takes in a ragged breath, his entire body going rigid. His hips quiver and jerk involuntarily as he hopelessly thrusts himself into her; his seed exploding into her mouth in rhythmic waves. He has to bite his lip to keep from shouting at the top of his lungs; the explosions of sexual energy overwhelming him.Connie lets out a deep, satisfying moan as the back of her throat begins to feel full. She swallows deeply and moans again. Her grip stiffens on the pulsating cock as she begins to milk every drop of hot essence from him. She sucks hard on the tip, her tongue a flurry of movement as it swirls about. She pulls her mouth free of the tip with a “pop” sound. Her eyes go wide and she giggles with pure joy as another squeeze and tug produces a large, creamy drop. It overflows and begins to run down the length of his shaft. Tilting her head sideways, she pursues the runaway liquid as if it was nectar from the lotus flower.“Please” Chad gasps; trying to keep his voice down. He has a fist full of her hair, tight against her head; desperately trying to pry her mouth free of him. If she doesn’t stop, he’s going to let out a wail that would wake the neighborhood. “O-oh, oh-my-god…Please…I-I can’t take anymore” his begging continues, the words coming out choppy as he fights the convulsions in his hips and chest.In a completely manic state, Connie gives the shaft one last tug, the tip one last hard suck, and pops her mouth off one last time. When she releases the spent member, it lands against the young man’s stomach with a dull, “thwack.” Her head resting on his chest again, she heaves quietly to catch her breath. A low rumbling giggle of satisfied hunger shakes through her.“Fuck me…” Chad exclaims breathlessly; his chest rising and falling sharply as he also tries to get his breath, and his heart rate, to settle down.Connie’s soft laughter deepens. She pulls herself up and looks him square in the eyes. “Mmm..Oh, we’ll get to that, hon. Don’t you worry.” She gives him her mischievous, wry smile. His eyes lock into hers; a look of warm affection filling his face. She gives him a wink and struggles to contain her humor as his face betrays his thoughts.“R-Really?” He stammers out and swallows hard in disbelief. His smile fades to consternation as the reality of what just happened, and the possibilities of future events she’s suggesting, begins to set in.“Well, I guess that depends on you, dear.” Connie answers and leans in for a kiss.Without pause, Chad lunges forward, his open mouth locking with hers. They each moan quietly as their embrace consumes them. With one arm firmly around her small frame, he pulls himself up, carrying her with him. He continues to kiss her deeply as he holds her tightly against him. Connie melts into his muscular grip; her body’s lust betraying any doubt in her mind.When he takes in a fist-full of her silky robe from between her shoulder blades, and gives it a strong tug, the fabric slides free of her small shoulders, piling onto his arms. With the confidence of one much more experienced, Chad gives the dainty garment one last tug. It obediently slips free at her waist; leaving the beautiful woman completely exposed before him.He releases his mouth from hers and instantly plunges it to her frail neck. She rocks her head to the side; small gasps escaping as her breathing becomes shallow. His meaty hands take full possession of her ass and pull her firmly against him. She can feel his cock already beginning to harden against her stomach.“Oh, my! That’s impressive!” Connie thinks to herself in surprise. Her breath sharply escapes her when he suddenly whips her around and lets her body land on the pillows where he previously lay.“My turn…” Chad says with a serious look of determination on his face.“Mmm…,” she moans in consent as she closes her eyes, bringing her hands up to his head; her fingers weaving deeply into his blonde locks. Connie kneads his scalp gently as his mouth travels down from her neck, his tongue leaving a cool, wet trail over her collarbone; landing softly on her erect nipple. She pulls his head against her tightly as he sucks in as much of her breast into his mouth as he can; his tongue rapidly swirling around and over her nipple.For longer than Connie can stand, the young man moves from one breast to the other. He continues to suck in her flesh fiercely, each assault dancing along the line between pleasure and pain; sending sharp surges of sensation down her body. Her womanhood longing for release, she begins rocking her hips in mock thrusting motions against his thigh; her warm moisture coating him. A sense of anticipation begins to well inside her.At last, he releases her breasts from the clutches his powerful mouth. He moves his head slowly down toward her navel, purposely taking his time. Connie pushes his head forcefully; completely unaware of her doing so. She wiggles her body under his weight. As her legs slip out, she pulls them apart as much as she can, her glistening vagina swollen with desire moving up and down as she continues to rock her hips in invitation. Her body surrenders itself to him completely as she can feel the soft stubble of his chin bump against the bulge of her public bone.Chad slides his body out on the couch with one leg extended over the side; his knee bracing him firmly on the floor. His face hovers not an inch above her beckoning pussy. He pauses for a brief second and takes in the beauty of her womanly curves; her sweet aroma filling his lungs. In the dim light, he can just make out the oozing, glistening liquids gathering along the rounded crease of her swollen outer folds. The bump at the very top, where her clitoris hides, is also swollen; now appearing to be a small marble wedged beneath her skin.His tongue involuntarily runs across his lips just before he lowers them over the upper portion of her sex; his upper lip resting on the base of her pubic bone as his mouth begins to open as wide as possible; his lower lip descending as his tongue begins to explore. Inviting his mouth and tongue to take her completely, Connie’s head pushes hard against the pillow as her back contracts sharply and her hips pivot forward.Chad pushes his tongue stiffly forward; slipping easily into the folds of her labia. Just as he had done previously with his finger, he lowered his tongue until he could taste her salty-sweet liquids pooling over the entrance of her vaginal canal. Sharply, he plunges his extended tongue inward. She gasps in surprise; not expecting the sensation. Inspired by her reaction, he pulls his tongue straight out, then quickly and with as much force as he can, plunges it stiffly back in. The penetration going deeper, he can feel her hips rotate even further; willingly inviting his strong muscle to fill her. Slowly and firmly, he sets a rhythm as he tongue fucks his best friend’s mom. Her hands continue to pull him to her in invitation as her hips quiver.With one last, deep and long thrust, Chad holds his tongue inside her until it begins to cramp. Relenting, he curls the tip upward; gathering her slick juices and then spreading the slippery moisture all over the hood of her swollen clitoris. When the tip of his tongue nudges the leading edge of the clitoral hood, it suddenly slips back; the main clitoris glans popping free. Only then does he realize how large her clitoris is! He pauses once again to take in the sight.Chad places his pursed lips around the clit. Without touching the main bulge, he draws it into his mouth with strong suction. When the bulge slips between his lips and into his mouth, Connie’s nails dig into his scalp as a massive rush of sexual current surges through the fabric of her being. He releases the pressure, but quickly draws her clit back in. Just as she had done a few minutes before, he sucked hard then let her glans “pop” out of his grasp. Her entire body lurches, and she stifles a moaning gasp.Connie’s head begins to thrash side to side as he sucks her in again, but this time his tongue begins to rapidly swirl and flick at her. Faster and faster, his mouth sucking her in sharply, his tongue assaults her throbbing clit. She releases one hand from his head and begins to slam it violently into the back rest of the couch; her breath cutting off as her body drives over the cliff of sexual elation.Just as he had done previously, Connie begins to beg for mercy as his rhythm becomes even stronger. Deaf to her words, Chad only listens to her body as it cries for more. She begins to pull on him as the waves of energy surging through her grow beyond her limits…All at once, Connie sits straight up as the orgasm lets loose its fury upon her body. Chad struggles to keep his mouth in place as her body begins to convulse violently. Realizing defeat, he lets her quivering mound fall free from his mouth. To his amazement, her convulsions don’t slacken upon his release. A pang of guilt began to rise in his throat. “Oh, shit! What did I do?” he says to himself; too afraid to say anything out loud. He draws up himself so he can look her in the eye. Still struggling to find the right words, Chad just watches helplessly as Connie continues to shudder; her head hanging low, moving slightly up and down with her rapid breaths.“F-U-C-K…M-E…N-O-W…” The words came out in a slow growl. An angry scowl scars her mouth as her face comes up; her eyes meeting his. Her entire body continues to heave.Incredulous, the words come out in a soft whisper, “D-Did you just say you want me to fuck you? Are you sure?” Chad had never heard of a woman being in this state before. He hesitated, not sure what to do next.Connie leaps up to her feet, grabs him by the shoulders and roughly throws him back down as if he were a stuffed bear. Before he is able to get fully settled in, she throws one leg over him and sits firmly down on his hips; pinning his rigid cock to his stomach with her completely engorged pussy. She sharply slides herself forward; spreading her ample juices along his long member.Reaching one hand between her legs, she shoves the tip of his cock sharply upward. Chad can feel as it rounds over the rim of her vaginal opening. With delicate precision, Connie slides the entire length into her; a low sound erupting from her throat. She leans forward to brace herself with both hands on his muscular shoulders; her fingers digging in cruelly. His hands instantly shoot up and take her supple breasts into his grip; squeezing firmly as he gropes her enthusiastically.Keeping full control, Connie rises up slowly and then brutally thrusts herself back down upon his cock. Her eyes go wild and her angry scowl remains as she fucks him as hard and fast as her body will allow. Realizing her intent, Chad’s hands release their savage grip on her breasts. Simultaneously, he lunges his hips upward to meet her thrust. As their pubic bones sharply collide, his hands firmly wrap around both her ass cheeks; his fingers digging in as he pulls roughly on her. The instant her hips rotate back in reaction to his fierce grip, Chad instinctively draws his cock out and then slams it hard back in; a short grunt escaping her. He repeats this movement, keeping a hard and fast pace…Ecstasy. That is the only word Chad can think of as his body slams into her, over and over again. The fear of injuring her begins to fade as he is rewarded each time he thrusts himself into her with more force; Connie’s grunts transforming into higher-pitched whimpers of pleasure.“DON’T…STOP…” She growls again. “YES…HARDER…HARDER!” The words come out harshly through her gritted teeth as she gives him full control over their passion.“I’m going to cum!” He exclaims with a raspy voice. “I can’t hold it….any…longer…”“YES! BABY, YES! CUM FOR ME! CUM IN ME NOW!” She demands, her words barely a whisper.Chad slams his cock completely inside her and holds himself in place as he feels his cock bulge; burning hot liquid gathering in the tip. He takes in a sharp, hissing breath as the pressure builds until his seed explodes within her.“YESSS!” Connie yelps thru her clenched teeth. He retracts and then shoves his cock deep inside her again. The tip pulses again, as another rush of his cream bursts inside her. “Mmm” the deep moan rumbles within her. Another pulse…The next orgasm comes on so hard and so fast that Connie goes into a trance state. Her eyes roll back as her whole body begins to tremble violently. Her full weight comes down on the cock. She leans back as she her spine arches; her head thrown back. Her hand shoots to her clitoris and begins to rapidly flick it, side to side; her fingers a blur of motion…Again and again, Chad’s cock pulses as the entire length of Connie’s vaginal canal begins to sharply clamp down on his shaft; squeezing him tighter than he thought possible. He watches on with wonder as her hand attacks her clit so rapidly that her fingers become a blur of movement.A gush of warmth hits Chad’s pubic bone. Confused, he looks to see what’s causing this. A second gush sprays him. Connie’s hand stops moving, but she holds it firmly over herself like a shield. When the third squirt comes rushing out, the warm fluid hits her hand and flows from all four of her extended fingers; covering Chad’s stomach completely. This burst seems to last forever! It stops suddenly and then a few tiny squirts spurt out.“Mmm” Connie continues her low moans; her spent body beginning to sway as her muscles release her. “Mmm…Oh god…Oh god…Mmm…Oh, my fucking god!” Connie keeps repeating to herself.Chad grabs up his t-shirt and tries to mop up the mess before it runs off of him and onto the couch. “Holy shit! Are you okay?” He inquires; a look of sincere concern on his face. “Uh, Ms. Connie? A-Are you okay?”A chuckle comes low; her head now hanging as she attempts to brace herself and stand up. “Am I okay?” She giggles out loud in disbelief. “Uh, yeah. I’m fine, dear. It’s okay. Just give me a second.”“Uh, yeah…sure!” He blurts out, not knowing what to think or say in this moment. “What just happened, Ms. Connie?” Chad asks quietly.“Chad,” she hisses with a sharp tone; a serious look of reproach on her face, “after what we just did, I don’t EVER want to hear you call me ‘Miss’ again!” She glares down at the terrified young man; his spent cock still bound within her clenched cavity.“Uh, yeah…sure.” He answers back quickly.Connie’s face softens finally, and her naughty, wry smile spreads over her once again. “That, my dear boy, was one helluva orgasm you just gave me! Well, several to be honest!” She wiggles her ass against him playfully. “I haven’t cum that hard in ages!”“Really?!” Chad’s reply comes out quickly; his face suddenly beaming with pride. “So, all that stuff…that’s normal then?” He lifts his soaked t-shirt to emphasize his question.“Um, no. No, that’s not what you’d call normal.” She admits, still smiling. “Haven’t you heard of a woman squirting before? I thought you boys all knew about such things these days” Her tone of mischief clear as she mocks being shocked.“Ahhhh…” He mutters as he finally realizes; his head nodding his reply. “Holy fuck! I can’t believe that just happened!”“You and me, both!” Connie chuckles with her response. She draws her face down to his and plants a gentle kiss. She delights in the taste and aroma of her pussy; still smeared heavily around his mouth. “Mmmmm” She coos in his ear softly. “I think we are going to have fun, you and me. Is that okay with you? Hmmm?” She looks him in the eye; a wicked grin plastered on her face.A darkness flashes over Chad’s face; a blank expression taking over. “Well, I guess if I HAVE to, MISS Connie” The words come out in a mocking hiss. Her eyebrows shoot up as she realizes his game.“Call me…” Her words pause in dramatic fashion, “MOM”“Mom…” Chad repeats back; his own mischievous grin betraying him. “Momma Connie, I love it!”“Mmm…” Connie moans sexually. “That’s a good boy. Now, how about you let ‘mom’ wash you up, eh? Don’t we have a soccer game in the morning?”To Be Continued… (The End, for now)

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