Moments of Comfort

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Moments of Comfort


Her lunch with Tony had passed as if in a whirlwind, their slow walk, afterwards, along the quayside of the canal-boat basin taking in a small gallery, set up in one of the converted barges that was moored there, his companionable ways only heightening her sense of anticipation of what Tony would say to seduce her into being with him, at his place or at hers, and when that would be.

‘I had a sleepless night thinking about this…having lunch with you,’ she had confessed, ‘whether to go through with it, but that would have denied me the chance for us to be together.’

‘So no regrets, then?’ He too had felt conflicted about seeking her company and all that it might lead to with the undoubtedly attractive and well-dressed woman who was a near neighbour. The exchange of pleasantries, whenever they met, had brought them to this moment.

He had looked at her over the rim of his wineglass, his eyes never leaving her. It had been that way, or so it felt, from the moment she had seen him stand up and beckon to her, a table for two set out on a terrace, his smile letting her know the pleasure he felt on seeing her.

‘No, no regrets. The dream also had me thinking of someone else in your life…’

‘This morning was a bad one for us,’ he had soon admitted. ‘I came away from Oaklands and got here with minutes to spare. Alison scarcely recognised me, so…so I left when I knew she’d settled back into what I can only assume is her own world…the nursing home helps her with that when I can’t. I delayed taking her there…only did so when I could no longer offer the care she needs. Not being recognised anymore takes some getting used to…’

She had offered a soft smile of understanding. ‘I’m sorry…for you…for both of you,’ she had consoled, ‘though I know you better and have had to imagine the rest…how it feels for someone not to recognise you after being together for so long.’

‘You’ve done that?’ he had asked in some surprise to hear her confess to it.

‘Yes, of course I did that. I have to understand the reasons for you wanting to be with me…’

They had spoken of it again as they strolled along the quaysides of the canal basin, stopped on the arching bridge over the lock-gates, before retracing their steps, unsure how to end their time together. Tony had held her arm, at the elbow, for only an instant, his touch arousing a shiver of expectation in her and as they stood facing each other.

‘I’d…I’d like your company in other ways. Beth…I know that now, after our lunch and talking to you…hearing how life’s been for you.’ He’d brushed fingertips over her lightly made-up face and had met her answering stare. She hadn’t moved away from his touch. What had he seen in her nature, or behaviour when they had first met, to suggest that he could behave in the way that he had done?

‘I…I don’t know if I should…or that I can.’

‘I’m having to live two lives,’ he had chosen to admit, ‘one emptier than I ever thought possible or that I want. I have to fill the other with such work that I can still do, or choose to do, as I make up losses in the other. I can’t put it any simpler than that…selfish, I know, as it may sound. That’s just how it is for me.’

‘But honest…I appreciate that.’ His explanation held no hint of an apology, simply the harsh statement of the fact, what his life had become.

They had walked on, only to stop and start, as they considered what had been spoken of and where that might take them.

‘We’re two adults seeking company, uncomplicated where it concerns them alone…’ Tony had taken hold of her hand and kissed her fingers. ‘I’ll leave you here to think about it….’

‘I will…and I now have your number.’

‘As I have yours, lovely Beth,’ he had smiled in that captivating way of his. ‘I’ll understand if….’

‘Don’t go reaching any conclusions, not now and after all that you’ve said…and not on my behalf!’

He would have heard the vehemence in her voice, but how was she to deal with a man who had asked her to sleep with him in the ways that Tony had? He sought comfort, with and from her, for what played out in another life that she was no part of. Was that what she wanted or was willing to offer him?


She stood in her darkened living room and stared across the lane to Tony’s house. It was late, but the lights were still to be seen in his bedroom, she supposed, for Tony’s small back garden had its views over the fields beyond and he, as well Alison, would want to make the most of them from their living room and kitchen windows.

The man had been in her thoughts since she had arrived home and she bahis siteleri had looked out for him, like some young girl besotted with a new love. She had seen him park his car on the short, gravelled, driveway and not in the timber-clad garage as he usually did.

Meeting him for lunch, and all that had been spoken of, had certainly set a hare running, and she was disconcerted that the offer of company, in whatever form it might take and its duration uncertain, was there for her to accept…succumb to, more like, given the way that she felt.

‘Why now, Tony…why me?’ she murmured, rubbing the skin of her bae arms, the evening chill not to be kept at bay by the nightdress she had put on, the lacey straps broad and holding the bodice in place, the fabric shaping the tumble of her breasts, their indolent sag unmistakable, the wrinkled fabric of the skirt scarcely concealing the apex of her legs.

She touched it, thought of his strong hands on her, cupping her breasts or stroking her, his fingers working their magic and seducing her into abandoning any restraint or remaining scruples.

‘I can’t possibly ring you…’

As she reached for her iPhone the contraption glowed then sprang into life, its musical ringtone filling the room. She looked at the screen, waited for Tony to speak. What a coincidence…

‘Hello, I wondered…?’ Tony said in a low voice as if not wishing to be overheard.

‘Yes, I’m still awake…and standing in my living room. I see that your lights are on…’

‘I wanted to thank you again for being with me…’ Tony delayed in giving her an explanation.

‘And you’re wondering where it may lead to?’ she suggested nervily, ‘and my answer to you on that.’

‘Yes, Beth, even at this late hour…I’m wondering about that.’ Tony paused. ‘I…we could both put an end to wondering…’ He paused again. ‘May I be with you…now…in a moment or two? No one will know…’

‘No one will know what we’ve resorted to…or fallen into doing.’ She looked across the lane to his house, saw that one of the lights had been turned off. ‘You won’t give me any time to think this through, will you…Tony?’

Beth’s tone of voice left him in doubt. ‘Being with you over lunch took my mind off everything for a while. Now, I need loving…want to give in to the heat of the moment…and if so, let it be with you, Beth…’

‘It’s all going a little crazy, Tony…’

‘I know, and it’s the same for me. How we were made me believe we could get close…that I might be a man you could be with…’

‘Tony…Tony,’ she sighed, torn between her sense of propriety and what had been aroused in her by the man who lived across the lane. He had never given any clue to wanting to know of her and she had been coy about what was wanted from him.

It felt as if she was on a roller-coaster ride, was at the op before a dizzying fall. She pressed her fingers to her belly on feeling the first rush of anticipation grip her and a tightening in her throat.Her lustful, well-made, neighbour and a man so sure of his ways was asking to be with her and for them to become lovers, the motivation driving each of them to the decision quite distinct.

‘The back door will be unlocked…I’m here for you!’ was all that she was minded to say.

Her phone clattered on the hall table, and she scurried to turn off the main house lights; the plug-lights on their timers, that she used in the hours of darkness, were already on. The man would find his way to her…

Tony noticed that the back door was ajar as he turned the corner of the house, the narrow garden pathway lit in a blaze of the security light that went off as he had turned the corner. The door he stepped through was son closed and locked.


‘In the bedroom…down the hall!’ came her nervy reply.

A distinct floral scent reached him as he saw Beth move. He gasped as the small bedside light revealed her to him, Beth’s nightdress but a skein of see-through cloth to cover her buxom figure that the clothes, he had seen her in at lunch, had only hinted at. She might just as well have been naked. He had time to see her stroke the fingers of one hand over her belly and down between her thighs as a beginning to her lover’s touches and massaging of her pussy.

He felt his prick strain against the lounge pants he’d decided on wearing, along with a sweatshirt, both easy to have her strip off him, if he didn’t beat her to it. His pulse raced and he rushed to close the space between them.

His arms soon held Beth to him, and he bent to kiss her throat, before she half-turned in his questing embrace to meet his hungering kisses, his hands holding her to canlı bahis siteleri him until she threaded her fingers with his.

‘I don’t give in to wild impulses…never have!’

She gasped through their kisses. She felt his hands, and agile fingers, drift to where she had touched herself and he now pursued these ways of it with her. ‘I just wanted to be ready for you!’

‘There’s no rush…I just wanted to know if it would happen…could happen between us.’

‘It can…it will! I’ll help you through,’ she said on looking up at him, ‘but, please make love to me…nothing’s to be rushed.’

He wanted nothing more than to know of her and all that she brought.

Tony tore away his clothes as Beth pulled at the skirt of her nightdress and slowly lifted it over her thighs, then belly, revealing more of her body to him. His hands were on her to help, his gasp of longing soon silenced as he buried his face between the tumble of her heavy breasts, his lips soon tugging greedily on her nipples.

‘Yes, believe in it, Tony! It’s happening…I’m here for you…’

‘As I am for you..’

Her nightdress was thrown aside, and she kept his head to her breasts, then slid her hands wonderingly over his toned physique, his body that of a younger man. Obsessive exercise, to forget what was playing out in his life with Alison, the only explanation.

‘This isn’t all about you…it can’t be!’ she cried out, squatting before him and tearing his lounge pants and briefs down over his muscled thighs, gasping as his penis sprung free and brushed her face, his hands soon on her head to guide Beth in her claims, or what he sought of her. ‘Nothing’s off limits…save for one place!’

‘I’m not into that,’ he retorted on hearing her gasp, breathe awkwardly as she licked and sucked on his straining prick. He kissed her upturned face, his hands sliding down over her breasts and lifting them so that weighty flesh could be caressed. He rolled each nipple between his fingers, squeezed on them until she groaned in protest ‘Okay, I’ll stop for now…then I’ll love every other part of you.’

‘Starting with this…’ Beth brazenly took his hand to her pussy as she stood up and coaxed him to fall onto the bed with her, she lying back and desperately pulling on his hair to draw his head down to her belly, then between her legs. ‘Love me out with your tongue…your fingers…mouth, not that prick of yours…or not yet!’

His fingers and tongue soon swirled and dipped into her slicked folds, soon teased the bud of her clit, her body trembling from this assault on her senses, the devotion that he paid to her thighs and belly. She gripped his shoulders and bucked her hips to meet the claims of his agile fingers and flickering tongue, her restraint seduced away.

Tony moved to kneel beside her, and she reached for his arcing prick with one hand as he bent over her and caressed her body, his fingers moving from her slicked pussy lips, over her body before his mouth closed over her breasts, his lips tugging on her nipples.

‘I love what you have for me…’ He felt her gush as his mouth and fingers brought her on, Beth’s hand working him relentlessly.

‘And you feel so hot and hard. I want to feel you in me again. Let me do some of this in my way!’

‘Ina moment…in a moment,’ he kissed.

The more he fingered her pussy, or flickered his tongue into her, his fingers parting her pussy lips, the faster Beth bucked her hips to meet his claims, his fingers sliding between her butt cheeks and pressing the base of her spine. Her pussy’s lips had slowly opened, and he knew she was ready for him, but Beth kept pulling on his hair and pulling him down to her hot sex.

‘Do that some more…eat me out!’ she cried out to him, meeting his smile, ‘then let mo do some of this in my way!’

He moved and kissed her. ‘You can do that now and I can see the wonder of you…’

‘Enough of your soft words..’ she laughed out even as they rolled over and she tugged on his penis, stroked it over her moist slit and pressed the hooded tip to her opening, knelt so that she could settle on that shaft of flesh, her movements deliberately slow so that he could stretch her and she could take it deeper and deeper until he was fully buried in her sweet heat, her muscles contracting on him as a slow ride began.

She couldn’t stop; slithered and tamped on him, leaning forward to brush her nipples over his chest, Tony keeping his hands on her hips and not claiming them or to stop their mesmerising sway. Her hot breaths were on his face, a dazed look in her eyes as she breathed sharply in her efforts.

‘Beth!’ he yelled as her wrenching claims brought canlı bahis him to the edge and he clenched his muscles to stop from flooding her. What Beth now performed on him overwhelmed the senses.

She bent again to kiss him, brushed her nipples over his chest as she pushed fingers between them to feel how she was impaled on him, her movement stretching him, her muscles tugging on his swollen prick as best she could.

‘Yes…go on, love me deep, Tony. I’m here for you!’

He rolled them over, yanked a pillow from under her head and pushed it under Beth hips. Kneeling between her thighs he thrust in deep, slammed into her and he was again enthralled by the sight of her beneath him, her wails of dismay at the frenzied act of loving, or fucking as she’d asked, like a drug; words of encouragement not heard for a long time and the yank on his driving prick too much to bear.

‘You’re so big, Tony! Let it all go in me! Let it all go!’ she cried out, shuddering in her climax, raising her legs about his waist and holding them at the ankles, then her hands pinching his hips as she felt him shudder. She dragged on him with her failing strength and to meet his frenzied strokes. He wanted to lose all of it in her, the raw emotion that he had to live through and, until now, having no one in his life with whom to seek release or a reprieve from all that had possessed him.

He couldn’t stop and gazed down into her upturned face, felt Beth arch her back as he withdrew to the edge before slamming back in while his penis was still hard, sought to go as deep as he could and to do so in a frenzy of lust that she would satisfy.

‘No more…I can’t take it any more Tony!’ she said on a drawn-out groan, shivering as he finally withdrew and moved to lie down beside her.

‘You’ll mend me…I’ll let you be the one.’

She met his look across the space between them, and moved to lie on her side, her head propped on one hand as the other slowly caressed his body, stroked his flaccid flesh that was slicked with their juices.

‘We’ll see, Tony…we’ll just have to wait and see.’

She again felt conflicted, the offering of comfort in these tempestuous and wonderful ways jarring against her sense of propriety, her intrusion, at his behest, into a marriage under unimaginable strain.

He met her kiss before Beth nestled against him, his renewed touches to her breast not keeping her from turning off the bedside light.

‘I’ll stay a while longer,’ he murmured drowsily.

‘Yes, I want that. What we’ve shared is not going to be a one- off moment, is it? I don’t want that.’


They had fallen asleep, but Tony was woken to feel her hands, and then mouth on him once more, Beth’s hands and breasts weeping over his chest as she wrapped moist lips around his length.

‘This, before you have to go…it’s nearly five, Tony, but I can’t let you go…not just yet.’

‘I could get to love these early wake up calls…’

Beth laughed softly as he pulled her on top of him and she soon lowered herself onto him. From their earlier times of loving and in her renewed arousal, she took him with little or no resistance.

‘I love how you kiss and touch them!’ she gasped as his hands gripped her swaying breasts, his claims to them no hindrance to the frenzied rut that they pursued, their shared moments of orgasm seeing him spurt his seed over Beth’s belly, she bending down to stifle her cries of passion and gratitude for what had again been discovered. She gasped and moaned as he took her, Beth uttering her demands incoherently as her hands gripped his chest and had him take in her in her chosen, or preferred, ways.

Finally, she slumped down on him, felt the clammy wetness of his sperm on her belly and Tony’s as he held her tightly for these last few moments.

‘Let it be me,’ she whispered against his lips, ‘whenever you need moments of comfort?’

‘Are you sure? We’ve only just met…and now we’ve gotten together like this…wonderfully so.’

‘No, I’m not sure,’ she answered over trembling lips, ‘but I don’t want to think of you living alone and me being here and not offering the distraction and comfort that you need. What you’ve shared with me reveals how it is…how it is inside you, here, and here…and even…here.’

She had touched his face, his chest at his heart, then, his long flaccid prick that she now held gently, wonderingly. The man she kissed and comforted, as far as their tempestuous rut had succeeded in achieving that, could not be shut out of her life or kept at the margins.

Too much had happened between them, already, for her to consider the likelihood of that ever happening. She would bring light into the darker corners of his life, what had become of it, and she would find lustful companionship and not the emptiness of a solitary life.

Somehow, she would be reconciled to what she had done.

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