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Mom JobsFrom kindergarten through high school I lived next door to Mandy. Mandy was the prettiest and most popular girl in my class. I was never part of the cool crowd, but because we were neighbors she and I were always pretty good friends.My mom always seemed to think that Mandy and I would get together one day. It was like she was oblivious to the social pecking order. She was always pushing me to ask Mandy out, even though guys like me didn’t date the most popular girl in school.Then one day my mom and Mandy saw each other outside and started talking. My mom brought up the topic of dating. Mandy said she wasn’t seeing anybody. My mom said I wasn’t seeing anybody. According to my mom, Mandy expressed interest in going out with me. When I got home that day, she was practically pushing me out the door to go over and ask Mandy on a date.I believed her when she told me that Mandy was interested. So I went over and knocked on the door. Mandy came out and sat on her porch with me and when I brought up what my mom had said, she looked kind of embarrassed.Turns out, she hadn’t said that she wanted to go out with me. She had told my mom that I was a nice guy and I was sweet and she was surprised I didn’t have a girlfriend. But she never expressed any interest. Mom just heard what she wanted to hear.Mandy was very sweet and apologetic, but I was horribly embarrassed. I went back home and when my mom asked me how it had gone, I started yelling at her and told her to mind her own business from now on. Then I went up to my room. A few minutes later she came up to talk. She apologized for putting me in that situation and I apologized for yelling. We hugged and that was that.The next day I went to school and these guys in the popular crowd started giving me shit all of a sudden. It seemed that word of me asking out Mandy had gotten around and they were laughing at me about it. This guy Danny was the main one who was bothering me, with two or three of his friends piling on for good measure.I could only assume that Mandy had thought it was a big joke and went around telling people. That hurt my feelings, naturally. I also didn’t like being picked on. I might not have been one of the cool k**s, but I wasn’t a door mat.After lunch that day, Danny was giving me shit in the concourse area where we all waited until it was time to go back to class. I had enough and shoved him. He shoved me back and then we started fighting. canlı bahis It got broken up pretty quickly, but he bloodied my lip in the process.We got dragged to the office and were suspended for fighting. My mom had to come pick me up and take me home.Later on that day, Mandy came to the door and told me how sorry she was for everything. She told me that Danny had also asked her out recently and she’d shot him down too. So I don’t know if he was jealous or maybe deflecting the embarrassment of his own rejection by picking on me.She said that she only told one of her girlfriends about me having asked her out. She promised that she didn’t say it in a way that made fun of me. She thought it was sweet that I asked. But her girlfriend didn’t know me and told some of the other popular k**s how this random guy had asked Mandy out. Danny and his buddies in the popular clique thought it was pretty funny.She was obviously sorry about what had happened and I forgave her. But like I said, that was later in the day.As my mom drove me home from school, she was both surprised and upset. Surprised because I wasn’t the sort of k** who got in fights or into any trouble at school, and upset because I was suspended. I was still upset about everything and I told her it was all her fault. If she hadn’t invented the story about Mandy wanting to go out with me, none of it would have ever happened.When I told her that it was me asking Mandy out that led to everything, she didn’t have anything to say. We were silent for the rest of the ride home. Then I went straight up to my room.After a while she came upstairs to talk to me, just like she did the day before. I knew she still felt bad about the thing with Mandy and now she really felt guilty that it had caused me problems at school. But I was still mad about everything and my mouth hurt from my bloody lip. I wasn’t in the mood for making up and hugging. I was short with her and acted like “OK, whatever, please go”.Mom took the hint and left. I sat on my bed for a couple minutes until I didn’t feel like thinking about the situation anymore. I didn’t want to go downstairs and be with Mom, and it was still only about 1:00 in the afternoon so I had nothing to do. None of my friends would be out of school for another two hours.Since I had nothing else to do, I figured I might as well jerk off. At least that would make me feel better. So I got to it.About a minute later my bahis siteleri mom came back into my room, sort of knocking and opening the door all at once. It had only been a few minutes so I guess she didn’t expect me to be doing anything I needed privacy for. But I was laying on my back with my dick in my hand, so it couldn’t have been more obvious what I was doing. I don’t know what she wanted but I started yelling at her to leave.She started apologizing a bunch and shut the door. I sat up, completely embarrassed. I was thinking “God, could this day possibly get any worse?”Then Mom opened the door again. I was still so embarrassed, and then surprised that she would come back in, that I couldn’t even talk. I was just making noises like “Wha… wha…”.As she opened the door, she walked right into my room and sat down on the bed next to me. Now I was really speechless. I just kept making “wha” noises that were meant to ask “What the fuck are you doing?”, only I couldn’t get the words out.Mom started saying “Relax, just relax” and then I felt her hand around my cock. And just like that, she started jacking me off.I don’t remember either of us saying anything. She just gave me a slow and steady stroking. I had no idea why she was doing it. To this day I’ve never specifically asked what prompted her. She felt guilty about everything that happened, she saw me jerking off, and I guess taking over and doing it herself was like her way of letting me know how sorry she was.It didn’t take very long. I started saying I was going to cum and for some reason I thought she’d stop. But she kept right on going and kept stroking me as I came. I don’t remember anything being said afterwards. I know she kissed me on the head as she left, and then I just remember sitting there by myself, totally shocked.I tried to make sense of it and, like I said before, I figured that it was like an apology. A really really bizarre apology. But I had loved it, I didn’t care if it was weird.Once I recovered and could think clearly, I went downstairs. Mom was doing something in the kitchen and I walked up behind her and just hugged her. I wanted to say I was sorry, because I knew she never meant to embarrass me with Mandy. She certainly never wanted me to get in a fight over it. And I wanted to say thanks for what she had just done. So I said it with my hug.She turned around and put her forehead against mine, looking me in the eye. She güvenilir bahis told me that she loved me. Then she said that if I’d had any doubts about how much, I shouldn’t have them anymore. I said no, I definitely wasn’t questioning that. She said what had happened was just between us. Nobody else needed to know. I agreed.I don’t remember how I said it, but I asked if she would do it again. Not right then but in the future. She laughed. I think she was relieved that I wasn’t weirded out by what happened. She said we’d have to see.It probably sounds odd considering my own mom had jacked me off, but the rest of the day was pretty normal. My dad came home and heard about me getting suspended. He wasn’t thrilled but I think he was proud that I stuck up for myself. Then Mandy came over like I talked about before.I didn’t have to go to school the next day, of course, so I was home at noon when my mom got off work. She was acting like nothing had even happened. I was thinking non-stop about what she did, but it was like she’d already forgotten about it.Then about a half hour before my dad got home, Mom walked in as I was watching TV. She said Dad would be home soon and maybe the two of us should go upstairs. I asked why. She said “I think you know why”.Sure enough, we went up to my room and she jacked me off again. She said it would be our little secret. She loved me, she trusted me not to say anything, and if I didn’t mind having my mom do it, she didn’t mind doing it for me.From then on, she jacked me off pretty much every day.It never went any farther. Sometimes we would kiss a little while she did it, but not making out. Just repeated pecks on the lips. In the years since, I’ve wondered a million times what would have happened if I had ever tried to take things farther.If I would have just tried kissing her for real, a serious makeout kiss, would she have kissed me back? Would I have gotten more than just her hand? But I wasn’t thinking that way at the time. I was thrilled beyond belief with what I had.She still jacked me off now and then through college, when I’d come home during breaks. But once I moved out for good, it slowed way down and then stopped. It wasn’t like either of us ever said “no more”, but without me being in the house it just wasn’t very practical anymore. Then I ended up moving away, so it wouldn’t have been possible anymore anyway.I only see my mom about once a year now, but we’re very close. We communicate all the time by phone or email. What she did brought us a lot closer. I wouldn’t change it for anything.I wish I had more than handjobs to tell you about, but that’s my story. I hope you liked it.

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