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MOM, JEFF, DEE AND MEWhen my best friend finally told me he had been sleeping with his mother, I was stunned. We had been going out ‘double’ since junior high and I knew that women were always on his mind so when for months he didn’t want to go out, I thought something was up. We were seniors and right before winter vacation I told him, “Stevie, I have Linda and Dee lined up for the weekend, can you get your mother’s car?””No man, I can’t make it; I have some other stuff to do.”I said, “Are you nuts, you wanted to go out with Linda for a year and now she wants to go for a weekend and your turning it down?””Danny, I’m going to tell you something but if you ever tell anyone, I’ll break your face…understand?”I laughed, “Ooohh big doings in Stevie-land.””I’m serious.””Oh all right…what is it, you know I’m not going to say anything.” “Ok…well…I’ve been with someone for the last few months and…I was going to tell you sooner but…it’s my mother.””Get the fuck out of here…what are you saying?””We’ve been sleeping together Danny””Fuck me…whoa. Hey you’re not off in fantasyland or yanking my chain are you?””No man…it’s real.””How’d this happen?””Oh man…I don’t even know. One night she’s telling me how lonely she is and how she can’t find anyone and she starts kissing me. You know what she looks like…I mean just those tits…and before I knew what was happening …well…””You went to bed with…””My mother, right””Boy oh Stevie boy; what’s going on now?””It’s intense man…we’ve been screwing night and day, any place and every place; she even did me in the car one day. I think she gets off doing it in places where people can see us.””Oh man I would flip if I saw you doing your mom.””I’ll tell you Danny, I think she’d like it.”I laughed, “Ok man I’ll be over tonight. What time does the show start?””You think I’m k**ding but I’m really going to ask her. I’ll call you later.”When I got home my head was buzzing. My mother and I always had a great relationship and we always kissed both cheeks hello and goodbye ever since I can remember. That night when I came in, I gave her a quick kiss on the lips instead. She looked at me quizzically but didn’t say anything.Later on, I was considering all the things that Steve and I had in common which I’d never thought about before. Both of our mothers had married and divorced while they were young, we were both the only c***d and they were both beautiful women. I felt strange the first time I did it, but that night I looked at my mother as a sexual being. I examined the swell of her breasts and the roundness of her ass and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I started thinking what it would be like to do to my mom what Steve said he was doing to his – even if I didn’t quite believe him.After dinner the phone rang and Steve asked me to come over. He didn’t go into details but I didn’t really think I was going to watch him have sex with his mother. When I got there, I expected to hear what a dope I was to believe him but that’s not what happened. His mother was in a slinky dress that showed off her well-proportioned body. No sooner was I in the door than she said, “Daniel, can we trust you not to say anything about this to anyone?”I said, “Of course” and we went downstairs to the small guest apartment they had made out of the basement. Before I even sat, Steve and his mother were kissing. Within a minute she was down to bra and panties and on her knees. I watched in awe and with an awesome boner as she sucked his cock. Steve had his eyes closed but every once in a while she looked over to watch me watching. My hand was on my crotch and when her panties came off and he started to bang her from behind I almost creamed in my pants.When they were done she looked over at me and asked, “Did you like that?” I nodded; I could see that my watching pleasured her.I went home promising myself that I would never do that again. It was too frustrating to watch and not participate. What stayed with me though, was the look on his mother’s face as he did her. It was so much better than a porno film because the heat and the emotions were genuine. She was really feeling good.I stayed up with my mom and I listened to music for about an hour while she read. I was watching and thinking and before long, I had to get out of there and masturbate. I kissed my mother ‘good night’ on her soft lips and said, “I love you”. There are many kinds of “I love you” and we always said that to each other when we left the house or went to bed. The “I love you” that I said to her that night was the ‘other’ one. My mother is a smart and sensitive lady and when I looked at her and said it, she knew which ‘I love you’ it was. She hesitated for a moment and then gave me the usual “I love you” and the usual kiss.I tried in the next few days to act ‘business as usual’ around my mom but we could both feel the tension and now it was sexual tension. It seemed that we were both reluctant to talk about it so I decided to do something about it. I went 1xbet yeni giriş up to her and kissed her fully. My heart was beating while I awaited her reaction. It was none of the ones I might have expected. She said with a soft half-smile, “Daniel, I’m not ready for this.”I smiled back and just said, “Ok mom.”My urgency to have my mother intensified over the following weeks. I couldn’t look at her as I once had. Her lips were now lips I wanted to kiss, her breasts were breasts I wanted to hold, and her body was the one I wanted to possess. I didn’t press her but I didn’t give up either. Over months I drew my mother to me. It was excruciating. It took weeks to until she kissed me back. When I held her breast she said, “I’m not ready.” When weeks past and she put my hand on her breast, I reached between her legs. Again she said, “Danny, I’m not ready.” We stayed at each plateau for what seemed an eternity to me until almost six months to the day of our first kiss I came home to find her in the bedroom, waiting for me. She said, “I’m ready for you now Danny.”I’d never seen my mother completely nude and the sight was overwhelming. Her body looks almost average when she’s wearing clothes so I was surprised by how hot she looked standing in the dim light by the bed. I think it’s her unusually small waist that makes everything else stand out. I told her she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I took one of her tits into my hand and it overflowed. I cupped the pear shaped softness and began sucking on the protruding nipple. She undid my pants and in a moment I was as naked as she was. She touched my cock and it jumped. I said, “I want you so much it’s getting me crazy.”She smiled, “You don’t have to be crazy baby; I’m here for whatever you want. I’m ready and I want you too.”I put my knee between my mother’s legs and nudged them apart as I kissed her. She opened into a wide stance. I went to taste her pussy and stayed to lick and suck her as a long uninterrupted musical sound came from her open mouth. My mouth was covered with her juices when I returned to the soft lips and tongue that played with mine. At that moment, all I wanted was to be in her. Once on the bed my mother opened for me as I approached with a raging cock in my hand. I quickly penetrated the lubricated opening of her pussy and felt the exhilaration of finally being in her after months of waiting. I pushed into the wet haven and it was perfect until…something was wrong…I felt my mother stiffen…she started to cry – talk about frustration.After getting over myself, I tried to comfort her and find out what was upsetting her. As she cried in my arms, I figured she was having second thoughts because I was her son. That wasn’t it at all. When she calmed she told me the story.”Danny, the reason I’m having so much trouble is that…I met someone about eight months ago. His name is Jeff and he’s a pilot. It started about the time we started. I thought I could handle it all but…I guess it’s different this time…there are things about me you don’t know but now I want to tell you” She curled under my arm and with her hand on my chest continued the story.”I was very young when I started having sex and I developed an appetite for it. I guess a lot of my relationships have been ‘unconventional’. There were times when I went out with more than one guy at a time. The things I like to do are part of the reason your father and I split up. He just wouldn’t or couldn’t understand. I’ll tell you Danny, it doesn’t feel good when your own husband thinks you’re a whore. I want you to know these things because…”I kissed her forehead and told her I thought she was wonderful. She kissed my cheek and went on.”Well I could always ‘juggle’ men but with you it’s different. I love you. You’re my son but I think I love Jeff too…I’m so confused but I didn’t want you to make love to me and not know about him.””Thanks mom. Right now I don’t know what to think about all this but I know I love you and I want you more than anything.””That’s what makes this so hard; I want you very much too. Do you think you can still love me until we sort this whole thing out honey? Do you still want to make love to me?”I answered with my mouth on hers and she reached for my cock. I hardened in her soft hand. I kneeled to enter her again and held her legs apart by her calves. My straight cock found her pussy without guidance and reached into my mother’s belly. She put her hand at the spot where I was moving in and out of her to touch the cock as it moved. She moaned a little “Mmmm…it’s good Danny…good to have you in me…my baby…”We found each other’s rhythm quickly for first time lovers. Her pussy held me as I stroked and my mother began a steady stream of talk as we climbed to come. “Yes baby…I love the way you’re fucking me…oh, that’s good…don’t stop…do me harder …yes…I’m here for your beautiful cock…in my pussy… my baby’s in my pussy…I have my boy…yes love harder, harder…”I 1xbet giriş pumped into the wet center until she had all of me in her and couldn’t wait another second to come. The first jet of cum I shot into her pussy set her off too. I was loud and my mother was louder as we found release from the long wait to have each other. As we lay spent my mother petted my still hard, cum coated rod and said, “Beautiful…my beautiful cock…beautiful cock.”After a wondrous night of lovemaking, the morning brought more questions than answers. We decided to let things evolve and I agreed to meet Jeff.It would have been easier if on the night we all went to dinner he turned out to be jerk; no such luck. I actually liked him and we talked easily. I could see their genuine affection for each other but all through the evening I felt my mother’s reassurances. Her hands touched my face and arms and when they strayed under the table, they brushed my cock. I didn’t know what they were doing to Jeff.Before dessert, Jeff proposed that we all go to his apartment. We all exchanged looks that resolved into assent. When we arrived it didn’t take long for me to realize that this wasn’t mom’s first time with two guys. She took charge and pretty much directed who and what went where. Before any clothes came off she had both of our cocks in her hands. She rubbed us hard and then got down on her knees. She alternately sucked each cock for a minute or two until they were both straining and jumping. I thought I would be uncomfortable with another guy doing my mother but I found myself so turned on to her that it didn’t matter. All I wanted was to have her. I took her skirt down as she sucked Jeff off and when she realized what I wanted she positioned herself on spread hands and knees to give me access. I was pumping my mother’s pussy while holding and separating the rounded full globes of her ass. I’d never had a woman’s ass and I wanted my mother’s now. My cock was slick with her juices when I pulled out of her pussy and I pushed it past the ring and felt my mother squirm a bit while a small shudder shook her ass. When more of my cock filled her small channel, I could feel how much tighter and hotter it was than her pussy. She took her mouth off Jeff’s cock to moan, “Oh Danny…oh…you’re in my ass…oh…” She resumed sucking Jeff’s cock with an audible, “Mmmmm…mmmm.”It was excruciatingly good to be in my mother that way and the sight of her sucking only added to it. When all of my cock was in her, I pumped her with long hard strokes. I couldn’t believe how much of Jeff’s was down her throat. She took all of both of us but she seemed to be at her limit by the sounds she was making. Jeff’s face displayed the gratification he was experiencing as my mother sucked him and I watched him stiffen in anticipation of his climax. He held her head with a long moan and came in her mouth as she stroked his flanks. He collapsed in a heap when he finished. As I pounded her ass she asked for more. “Harder Danny harder…Ohh… I love it hard like that…yes baby…like that…for momma…yes…yes… yes…” With each “yes” of hers my cock was buried as deep as it could go and the pounding brought us both off. I felt myself erupting into her ass and the slickness made it easier to piston in and out of her. I took hold of both of my mother’s tits and I came calling to her; my name on her lips warmed me as she shook in orgasm. It was the most intense sexual experience of my life.We went home and mom asked me to lie with her until she fell asleep. I held her naked body next to mine and we talked. “That was so beautiful tonight mom…I’ve never had sex that way…have you?””Well Danny…I…””Oh… mom, I’m sorry…what a stupid thing to ask you. I shouldn’t make you uncomfortable and…””It’s ok Danny. I’ve had a lot of experience…but this was a wonderful one. I’m so glad I was your first. It makes it special for me too…and I loved having you in me like that.” She reached back and covered my cock with her hand. Within a minute it no longer fit and my stiffness found her wet pussy. My memory of that night is of spending a lot more time in her than out of her.Over the next few months I found myself making love to my mother with no particular pattern or schedule. Sometimes she went and stayed by Jeff for a few days and others times it seemed like she couldn’t get enough of me. I never got enough of her. Mother and I talked often and she always encouraged me to see women more my own age. She said, “Darling, we have a wonderful sexual relationship and a bond as mother and son that will always be; but you should have someone of your own generation to be with: someone who likes the same music and movies and books. You need that don’t you?”I said I was happy just being with her but she always brought it up. She started spending more time away so it wasn’t a complete surprise when mom said, “Honey, would you be terribly upset if I married Jeff?”I told her truthfully, “If that would 1xbet güvenilirmi make you happy, it’s great.” I kissed her softly and she returned my kiss with passion.”Baby, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want you to love me anymore. Jeff understands that.” I kissed her again flooded with the pleasure of knowing that I would make love to her again. She smiled and said, “Now go find yourself someone to share the ‘other stuff’ with.”That was easier said than done. I was determined to find someone who would fit in to my life without changing it. I came close with Cindy. We had ‘changed partners and danced’ once; and from the sex we had and all her talk about nothing being taboo as long as nobody got hurt, I took a chance. I invited her to mom’s wedding and went for broke. I took her into the room where mom was changing after the ceremony and she watched as I kissed my mother the way I always did now: fully and with my hands roaming over her breasts and ass. Boy was that stupid.Cindy just froze and had very little to say after we left. I started to explain the situation and what I was looking for in a person who could share my life but it fell on deaf ears. She was ‘outta here’.The person I was looking for turned out to be someone I had known since elementary school, Dee. We had gone out on and off for years but never pushed past the first stages of occasional sex. In my frustration one night, I told her that I had made love to my mother. She said, “I’m so glad you trusted me with that Danny, I’ve done things I’ve never told you because I didn’t want you to stop seeing me. Sometimes I like being with more than one guy and I’ve even been with a few girls. Do you think that’s terrible?”I assured her that for me that was the best news I’d heard in months and went on to give her all the details about mom, Jeff and me. She wasn’t put off, she was turned on and I was in heaven. We had the best sex we ever had that night. Her pussy was never so wet and her mouth was never so willing and I had the second beautiful ass of my life.The first night of what would become ‘The Foursome’ was amazing. Dee took to mom and it was hard to get her off my mother’s pussy all night. Mom wasn’t complaining. Dee also found Jeff attractive and I teased her later that she had as many orgasms with him as she did with me. There’s a picture in my memory that stays with me from that night: mom is on her hand and knees with me in her up to the hilt from behind, Dee is lying down and mom is sucking on her pussy, and Jeff is straddled over Dee with his cock down her throat. Incredibly we all came within a minute or two of each other.Over the next few months, Dee and I moved in together. We lived close to mom and Jeff and miraculously it worked for a while. We met as a foursome on special occasions and made them very special. Mom and Dee had ‘girls night out’ and once in a while Dee enjoyed Jeff and I for a night. Then I asked Jeff to spend the night with Diane because I hadn’t been alone with my mother for a while. While I was deep in my mother’s pussy she said to me, “Oh Danny this is the best isn’t it? Having you in my pussy is what I want. I want you to fuck me…I want to suck you…you’re what I need.” As I went deeper into her belly, she began to whimper, “Danny…Oh…I thought it would be best for you and …maybe for me too but it’s not…it’s not baby…” She started crying and I came out of her and held her.”Mom you were all I ever really wanted and you’re all I’ll ever need.” I kissed her, overwhelmed with my love for her and said, “Let’s do something about this now, before it’s too late.””Yes baby…yes.” She pulled me on top of her and the way she wanted me got me hard again quickly. She was as wet as I’d ever felt her and my cock searched for her end with each thrust. “Yes…fill your momma…only you baby…fill me with your hard cock…do it hard Danny…hard…hard…”I pounded her the way she needed it at that moment and it felt good to give it to her that way. After a minute or two she was clawing at my back and the sweat was pouring off us both. It wasn’t long before I let a torrent of cum explode into her pussy. She hadn’t come and was almost manic. She was on my cock with her mouth sucking off both our juices. I was amazed at how soon she had me hard and ready to fuck her again. I sucked on her clit to get her closer to her orgasm before entering her. Her honey was sweet and she was thrashing before I was done. I took her from behind this time because she always said she came quicker when she felt me against her ass. She clenched her pussy around my cock as I fucked her. I could hear from her sounds that she was almost there. Her hand went to her clit from underneath and I gave it to her as hard as she asked for it. She came with a sound as close to a scream as I had ever heard from her and I let go with more jets of cum than I thought I had left. She held me tight for a long while.We made softer easier love for the rest of the night between talking about how we would handle the situation. As it turned out it wasn’t as difficult as we’d feared. The situation as it stands today is that Jeff and Diane are living together. The divorce is being processed and mom and I are with each other, for each other, and happy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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