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Mom, Daughter FunHi I’m Kathy 19 years old well built female fitness freak, I have nice long shoulder length black hair, tight firm abs,legs and arms. I’m into fitness because my mom is a female body builder. She extremely built, huge arms and legs and a set of amazing abs and I must say very sexy, well at least for me.Me and mom were on our way to a hotel because she was going to participate in a body building competition. We arrive at the hotel and begin unpacking our bags. My mom has such nice, sexy clothes. I see her take her thongs and dresses out when she quickly takes her strap-on dildo out trying not to let me see her big black 10″ strap-on. I was surprised to see and very excited at the same time. It got me thinking how naughty my mum must be so I asked her. “Pity I left mine at home”, she turns around and looks at me. “Excuse me” she says trying to see if she hear right the first time. “I said its a pity I left mine at home”. I point to the strap-on under her towel. My moms pretty cool she lets me talk a lot of shit to her but we never spoke about sex things yet. So I was surprised by her response. “Oh you saw it hey” she laughs. Then looks at me “You must get that fun side from me, but I’m glad you have a good apatite for sex, its healthy and fun” she give me a dirty smirk. “I hope you using protection when having sex bostancı escort with guys”I look at her shocked and get a little bit more excited, “I do have a good sex life but I always feel like I’m not good” I respond. She gets up and walks over to me. “When fucking men you must own them and make them yours, thats why I have that strappie, nice and big and show them that pussy roles. Guys like that, love begin fucked in the ass” she give me another dirty look. “I never knew guys like that” I say getting up and setting on the bed. “Do you puund them hard with the strappie”. She picks it up and says “Yes”. My mom can be a bit force full which makes her super sexy for everyone. I tell her I would like to try it out with some guys some time. She tell me she has to teach me first and takes the strappie from me.She gets naked and st****s it on. I look at her shocked and a bit scared she walks over to me I back away a little. She grabs my hair with her sexy strong muscular arms and pulls my head back, with the other hand she grabs my mouth and forces my jaw open when she begin kissing me. I taste her sweet tongue and feel it swirling in my mouth. She stops, first thing taking control, she ripes off my clothes fast, she then begins taking my bra off. I’m just sitting there helpless letting my sancaktepe escort mom do to me as she pleases. My pussy getting wetter and more moist as she continues.She forces me to my knees and rubs the strappie on my lips. I open up and begin sucking it, she slowly thrusts in going deeper and deeper with each thrust. She grabs my hair and begin thrusting harder making me gag as she does. “Don’t forget they are here for your pleasure like you are here for mine” as she says that she thrust hard in my mouth making me gag hard on the strappie. She pulls out and says “It nice and wet, time for some more fun”She pulls me and throws me on the bed and bends me over, she spanks me hard a few times showing me whos boss, with one hand she spreads one check open and with the other she guides the dildo in my ass. I scream with pleasure and pain, because this is my first anal. Once again she slowly thrust in and out of my ass spanking me as she does. She then grabs my hips and begin driving the dildo and the way in, she goes harder and harder with each thrust making me scream as I do. “OHHHHHH yes MOOOOOOm oh yessss”. I feel how strong she is with each thrust because my body flies forward hard and fast and she bring me back quickly with her big biceps. She begin going harder I can see it in her zeytinburnu escort eyes I’m here just as a toy to her. Each thrust moves the bed forward and me, I think I’m going to fly into the wall by how much strength she using.She then flips me over, brings my legs up so that my knees are on either side of her head, she leaves forward and begins fucking me hard in the ass again my head banging the wall she she does. My ass is in show much pain and pleasure I cannot help myself but cum hard. “Good now its my turn to cum” She goes harder and faster making me cum a few more before picking me up she stand up holding me in the air with my legs wrapped around her and the 10″ black dildo in my ass, she begin bouncing me on the dildo as she walks towards a wall, once there she fuck me hard once again bringing me to an orgasm, my body shaking with this one. After 5mins of being pin between my mouth and the wall she begins to cum as well.She pulls out and drops me on the floor where I’m forced to suck the dildo do clean. “Thats how you fuck guys got it baby”, I node and say yes. “After the competition tomorrow me and you are going to hunt for some guys and I want to see you use what I taught you to day” I smile. “Yes mom, this is going to be the best days of my life”. “I love you Kathy and want you to dominate guys and girls with me”, I hug and kiss my mother before we go sleep I lay in her in muscular body and think of all the fun I’m going to have with her.(This is my first story, I wish to make a series that continues from here, but I first would like you opinion on the story. Hope you liked it and I promise I’ll continue with Kathy and her mom)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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