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mom dad and meDear ISS readers, my name is akil, from a Tamil Brahmin family, and I am a diehard fan of i****t sex. I used to read many i****t stories and watch many i****t movies as well. I used to always dream of fucking my mother, and masturbate knowing that it could never happen in reality. But things that I thought could never happen, turned out happening. This is a true life story that happened to me when I had just turned 18 during summer vacation in Kerala. Now am in an engineering college. Before continuing, let me physically introduce myself followed by my family. I was a tall well built boy (and still am) with good abs and an 8 inch long rod. I was the only son and c***d to my mother, Padma, a woman in her early fourties, but with the features of a girl in twenties. She had quite big boobs, which I was and still am a great admirer of, and my father, Suresh, 44 working in a finance company, with average looks and body, but was good enough to satisfy my mother in all aspects of life. Most of the things happening were spoken in Tamil, but am translating in English for your convenience. Usually on all Saturdays, we go out for dinner and return by nine after which I go in to my room to proceed with my studies while my father and mother had their own stuff to do (not yet sex). Then, on 1 Saturday, it was during my school holidays, that our usual Saturday routine took place and we came back home. But this time, since it was holidays, after dinner we visited my uncle’s house where I and my cousin secretly watched some porn movies, and came back home at around 10p.m.Mom and dad went in their room to change and get ready for bed and I told them I was going to sleep early because I was tired. I then changed my mind about sleeping early and went to watch T.V. Now, since my room does not have an AC, I usually sleep only with my boxers and pajamas on and no shirt or vest. At times I also used to only wear a dhoti at home. This time, I wrapped on my dhoti and went to the t.v. Room. I surfed the channels on T.V. for a while but they had nothing intresting, so I decided to go back to my room and chat with some unknown girls through the internet. On the way to my room, I passed my parent’s room and heard my father saying to my mother ‘ c’mon baby lie down on me’. The door was closed well and I couldn’t look in, but by now I had realized what was happening and my cock had got erect too. However, this was not new to me as many times before, in our old house, which was just a one bedroom apartment, I used to sleep in a separate cot but in the same room as my parents and I used to hear my dad’s hand movements and also the bed shaking while was massaging, or perhaps fucking my mom without my notice. I later found out that she never used to wear a bra/panty at night so that it would be easier for them to do this, as undressing to remove the bra/panty while I was around would be difficult. I continued to walk back to my room switched on my laptop, and went online to chat with some girls on cam, who in turn stripped for me. I sent them some fake pics of other nude guys telling them that it was me, and they grew hornier and hornier, and continued stripping more. I then masturbated several times until it had reached about a few minutes more than midnight. I closed all the programs and while shutting down my computer, my father just dashed into my room wearing only a dhoti and not any underwear. I knew this as I could see his erect cock, through his dhoti, partly wet. Before continuing, let me inform you that this is not a gay story. I am just trying to narrate the true events in the exact order in which they happened, for the sake of my writing and your reading pleasure.He thought I was fast asleep and came into my room to take something. He was shocked to see me awake and so was I. I immediately told him that I was working on my project, and he made an excuse to use the toilet in my room. I wondered why because there was one in his room as well, but i let him use it and since even I wanted to use it, I went to the one in the other room. I later came to know that he wanted to take the camera from my room cupboard. On the way I passed my parent’s room, and through the little gap on the door, with the dim bed lamps on, I could see my mom lying completely naked and holding a cigarette on her right hand. She dint notice me, and I dint want her to, so I cleared the place as fast as I could, and went back to my room. I was completely shocked about what I saw because she was so much hotter and sexier than I thought. And the cigarette made her even sexier. I never knew she smoked, because she never did when I was around. Before I reached my room, my dad had come out of the bathroom and I think he knew that I had seen my mom. But without saying anything, he proceeded to their bedroom. I switched of the lights in my room, got completely naked on the bed, masturbated a few more times and finally dozed off. The following Sunday morning, I woke up completely naked, put on my underwear, dhoti and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I thought of my mom again and masturbated. After this, I went to the kitchen where my father was as usual wearing only a dhoti, but was shocked to see my mother wearing a pajama bottom and only a bra. Whew, it was a really sexy black bra. This was unusual because my mother never used to expose in front of me. It was not those really fancy bras or something. It was a very normal one, but yet it looked more than sexy on her. It was a bit transparent, and I was standing on the side, which meant that I could catch only a glimpse of her nipples. They were dark brown but weren’t erected. She lifted her hand up to take something from the cupboard as she greeted me. I was busy staring at her black armpit hair, which was looking magnificent, and hence didn’t hear whatever she was telling me. Both of them had by now understood what I was busy doing, and my father on a loud tone exclaimed something that really surprised me. He said ‘ ah, you know Akhil, it is very hot nowadays and I don’t think that keeping the AC on 24 7 will be good for my wallet, and at this temperature, the fan is also more than useless.’ Mom just smiled and I hesitantly said ‘ yes…yes.’ I was actually thinking that with my mom around in her bra would mean that it gets even more hotter, bursa escort though I did not say it. We then had breakfast as we discussed normal stuff, while actually I was greater interested in viewing her great voluptuous boobs and navel. Both of them talked less to me, but they had noticed what I was doing, but did not say anything about it. I then stood up to go and wash my hands and came back to the kitchen. My mum was standing alone near the sink. I suddenly got the urge to go and hug her on her waist. On doing this, she kind of yelled at me asking me what the hell I was doing. Well she sounded serious, but not angry. I told her ‘mom, I know it might not be right of me doing this, but, I can’t resist telling you that you’re a gorgeous Goddess…I Love You’ I thought that after this she would slap me or something, but instead, she pushed me back, smiled and said ‘ Akhil, thanks and I know that for a boy of your age, it is completely normal to think of me so, but I think you should control yourself a bit. Love you too.’ My father had been seeing this from behind though he did not say anything, and simply walked away. After all this, I was completely confused of why all such things happening at home? Was I dreaming? No I wasn’t. But it just seemed too strange. I then sat in the sitting room trying to analyse all this while pretending to read the newspaper. I always read the sex column of the paper first. Meanwhile my parents had got ready to go shopping for the daily groceries. This time, my mom and dad were fully dressed up as a normal decent middle class couple, but for me, I still had the picture of my mum in the bra, and my dad with the dhoti. They left me incharge of the house and said that they would return home for lunch. I took over, had a shower, and as usual, whenever I was alone in the house, stayed naked with only underwear. I spent the rest of the good three hours watching porn movies and masturbating fantasying of fucking my mother. I couldn’t help not thinking of her. As it was getting about time that my parents be back home, I washed my still erect cock and put on my dhoti. I was still feeling so horny. Suddenly, I heard our car drive in and my parents had come. I went to open the door and welcomed them. We had our lunch and after that, my parents went in to change. I thought of peeping through the door to see my mom, but I was scared of getting caught. Once again, my parents walked out after changing, this time, my mum wearing a white semi – transparent vest. Infact, it was better this time as I could see the deep cleavage that separated her two juicy melons, and her dark brown nipples firmly resting on the cloth, very clearly through them. She was not wearing any under garments. Below, she was wearing white panties which I could see through her transparent green salwar bottom. It was the best sight that I had ever seen till now of my very own mom. Behind her followed my dad, asusual with a dhoti and no top, just like me. They both sat on the sofa, and I pretended to not have seen anything at all. My dad started off by talking some general stuff while I did not pay much attention. After his every line, I kept on glancing at my mother’s boobs, and they noticed that. After like an hour, my mom stood up and went to her bedroom, I don’t know for what, and my father came and sat closer to me. He put his hand on my laps, covered by the dhoti. I had no clue of what he was up to. He slowly started talking to me in a very normal tone ‘ Beta, I know what you saw last night in my bedroom, and I also know what you did after that in your bedroom’ On hearing this, I was really shocked because this meant that he had seen me masturbating. But wait a minute, if he really knew why I masturbated last night, then he and mom should’nt have been walking around semi-nude. That was what I felt. He continued ‘I also saw you hugging mom this morning and I know that it was not the normal mom-son hug’ I had nothing to say, but he still continued ‘ How did you know all this?’ I answerd back, with tension, ‘Know what?’ though it was obivious. He put slowly slid his hand onto my cock, which was erect. This made me extremely uncomfortable, and made me think that my father is gay. But this is what flowed from his mouth ‘Ha ha….nottiee boy, already exited huh?’ I was totally confused and showed a blank face, but this time I got the courage to answer his questions, as I knew he was not angry at me. He said ‘beta, it is very normal for any boy of your age to think in such a way, and do such things. Tell me what all do you do, and have you done anything till now?’ his hands were still on my cock. Though I felt uncomfortable about that, I openly told him ‘ Dad, I have been fantasying such things for long. No have not done anything like that’ he then said ‘ I know, today before you woke up, I checked your computer and saw the things that have been exiting you’ bloody hell, he had seen all those porn videos and read the i****t stories.I hated him for this at first, but then, it turned out to be my luck day. He had also seen me sleeping naked. I said ‘ am really sorry dad, I will try to keep out of this in future’. Even before I completed, he interrupted ‘It’s extremely okay, I told you. Infact I and your mom are very proud that our son has become a complete man, and this proves it’ On hearing this, I was yet shocked, but completely overjoyed….strange! He continued ‘beta, you will only be staying with us for a few more days now before you go for your higher studies, and mom and I will miss u, so we want to give you a memorable gift also to commemorate your success in your studies. Tell me what do you want?’ I was the school topper. What I wanted was obvious, but I was hesitant to tell him though he forced me to. ‘Dad, I know this might upset you, but since am going away soon, and we will all be separated, I want mom’s love’ Saying this, I closed my eyes, and was mentally ready for a tight slap, but to my surprise, he said ‘ Haha, I told you that it is natural for boys at your age, so just for a few hours okay?’ he said and smiled. I had now got enough courage, and I told him ‘I am not joking, I really mean it.’ He was completely normal on hearing this, and his hands were still on my cock. My cock grew even more harder and he could feel it. These words that he said bursa escort bayan made me feel the happiest and proudest guy on Earth ‘Yesterday, I told mommy that you were lying naked and masturbating, and today by checking your computer, I was sure about your intentions. Then, your mum told me that before you left for higher studies, we owed you a gift, and this is that gift. She wants the both of us to train you for your future.’ On finishing this, he handed me a packet that was on the table. I opened the packet and found a DVD containing four soft-core Indian porno movies, one of which’s trailer, I had watched on masalapornmovies and badly wanted to watch the real full thing. Before I asked him any question, he said ‘These are the only movies that I have seen while fucking your mum, and you inherit them’ I was truly overjoyed.He told me ‘I want to have some photographs taken while fucking your mum, and I think I have got one fit for the job’ He told me to get the camera and go to his room fast, and I did it even faster. I then remember each incident as clearly as if it had happened yesterday, because this day was one not to forget. As I entered my parent’s room, my mum was lying on the bed with the same top and bottom on. She gave me a wild smile, well by now everything felt wild for me. My father was standing near the door, and a few centimeters below him, stood his rod, must be about 8 inches as well, which I could see through the dhoti clearly as he had removed his underwear. I also removed my underwear but kept my dhoti on. My cock now stood erect and was easily noticeable, to which my mom and dad cheerfully commented. By now, my 8 inch tool, which now had a mind of its own, was begging to me to take it out. This fact made me feel even more and more horny. As I clicked the first shot, my dad was caressing mom’s legs. Slowly, he smoothly dragged his hands up her as she gave a brief and sexy moan, and the movement of his hands was stopped by her erect nipples that stood up and blocked his way. I could see this clearly through her vest, and was so taken away by it, that I totally forgot about the camera. He suddenly turned back to me and said ‘Akhil, today I want you to have your mother’ and he stood up. My mom was moaning loudly and she said ‘AHHHH….Akhil, COME AND JOIN US…THIS DAY IS MY BODY FOR YOU’ I gave the camera to my father and lied on the bed. I now got the courage to do everything. I touched my mother’s nipples for the first time in my life and a chill ran through me. I then slowly dragged my hand to her cleavage, and put my hand in it through the vest to feel her tits. They were so soft and spongy. I had already started to ejaculate some premature cum. Padma snatched away my dhoti, and now, I was totally naked in front of my dream girl. It was an out of the world feeling. To my surprise, she took my cock straight into her mouth, and started pumping it up and down. It felt so ticklish. By now, my father had taken about 9-10 photographs. Padma signaled him to join in too. He immediately removed his dhoti, and pounced on the bed. I then started to follow what they told me to do. Suresh took his hand to her boobs and started pumping it. She moaned ‘AHHHHHH….ANNHH…OOOOOHHH….SURESH…..FUCK ME….’ Suresh took both his hands and pulled out her semi-transparent vest. I could now see her massive juicy melons hanging with erect brown nipples. It was the best sight of my life, and a feast to my eyes. I was holding my cock, shaking it, as I noticed more of her body. Her boobs were about 36c and sagged a bit. On the boobs, her mangalsutra was hanging. About 12 – 13 cm down was her cute belly button. Round it was a temporary sticker tattoo, which I think she had purposely put on to turn me and Suresh on. The tattoo was a picture of a steel bling, and on one side was written the world’s most wonderful thing, ‘SEX’. She must have got it when they went out in the morning, from a sex shop. I then took the camera and took a pic of Suresh pressing Padma’s boobs. He ran his fingers through her body, and were both French kissing with occasional sexy moans from Padma. Padma’s hands were too busy dangling with Suresh’s cock. Suresh dragged his hand through her right boob down to her belly button, while the other hand was still massaging the left boob. He gave her a slight tickle on the belly, to which she deeply moaned…AHHHHH….and then proceeded his hand to her pussy, which was covered by the salwar bottom. He made her lie on the bed, and lied on her. This made her boobs get squeezed of which I took one of the best photographs of the day. She then turned sideways to look at me and said ‘Ooops, looks like we forgot someone here hun’ Suresh loked back, while his mouth was licking Padma’s nipples. She raised her head a fraction and said ‘WHAT ARE YOU STANDING THERE AND DOING DARLING? TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT’ Suresh stood up to remove his punal (a sacred thread worn by Brahmins) from his body because it was getting in his way. Padma stood up to remove her mangal sutra and as she did so, I told her ‘I WANT TO SEE YOU LIKE THOSE GODDESSES IN THE MOVIES YOU GAVE ME’. ‘how?’ she asked, and I continued ‘ I WANT TO TAKE SOME PICS OF YOU WEARIN SEXY CLOTHES, AND THEN SLOWLY REMOVE THEM TO UNVEIL YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY’. She was so proud on hearing this. She said ‘STRIP TEASE – PERFECT’ and walked towards the cupboard. I and Suresh watched her while I held my cock and Suresh was rubbing his chest and cum was dripping out of his cock on the black bed sheet, and made a contrast.She opened the cupboard and pulled out a pink transparent saree. She took it with her into the bathroom to change. After less than half a minute’s wait, this sex goddess, who was apparently my very own mother came out with a gleaming smile.Her asset’s were wrapped over the pink transparent saree. I could see her melons hanging and dangling as she walked towards us, and for the first time now, I could see her pussy that was covered by a bunch of black hair. I wished she always dressed like this, as it looked way more sexier than in the bra. She looked at me and asked ‘HOW’S IT?’ ‘Way Fucking Better than the Goddesses on TV’ said I. I then gave the camera to my dad and slowly walked towards her. She grabbed me and fell me on the bed. On doing this, her pallu fell on me and her left boobie dashed escort bursa out. I laid down, and ordered her to lie on me. I pulled her pallu and she landed herself on the naked me. Since we were almost the same height, her pussy came on line with my cock, and poked it. OUCH she said, and giggled. Her pussy was warm and had a lot of energy on it that, it made my prick shoot out some more pre-cum. It shot on her saree and wet it. She giggled and said ‘HMM,, SO FAST?’ I was a bit embarrassed, but dint say anything. Both her tits came into contact with my chest. Suresh took many photos of all this. I took my hand and reached it to feel her ass through the saree. It was so soft and spongy like a baby’s cheeks. She said ‘AKHIL, STRIP ME’ while breathing heavily…I immediately took my hand to untie her saree. To help me do this faster, she rolled on the bed, and came out nude…Damn, the sight was beautiful. Padma’s pussy looked so hungry for cock. Suresh started masturbating so hardly and fell on Padma, on a 69 position, with his mouth right below her hairy cunt. His cum dripped all the way and onto her boobs. I eagerly kept on clicking photos with one hand while masturbating with the other. Suresh’s cock was still shaking in pulses every second and his cream kept on shooting out to her boobs while he had started to suck her pussy. She was holding his lubricated cock which kept on slipping out of her hand due to a lot of cum, but finally managed to hold it as she directed it straight into her mouth. Suresh’s joystick kept on pumping out more and more cum which completely smeared on her face and she swallowed it too. When Padma did this, Suresh, who did not realize anything happening as he was thouroughly enjoying himself licking and suck her cunt, stood up with a horny moan, and squatted on Padma. Padma started taking it in and out, and accelerated to a great speed. By now, both my mom and my dad had attained ‘Nirvana’ in sexual pleasure, and nothing mattered to them anymore. Taking this opportunity, I went next to them and lied in the opposite direction. I took my mouth to her cunt and resumed from where her husband had left. I sucked it passionately and hardly, though a first timer, I think my excitement made me excel. This took her excitement a 100 times further. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing it deeply. This made me ejaculate real fresh cum, which for me was a first time as before it had only come out by thinking or seeing porn. I was overjoyed that my mom, a sex bomb was the first lady to pump my instrument. Her other hand ran through my father’s hairy chest, and I could hear it being rubbed so hard that it could have caught fire, while she took his rod back into her mouth. I never before knew that she had a lot of energy. His hands were still massaging her cum filled boobs.Since she occasionally took out his cock out to breathe, cum dripped all over her face, on her eyes, ears, and boobs. This continued for the next 5 minutes. I realized that we were in a family threesome. Randomly, she left my cock, and took Suresh’s cock out of her mouth. He stood up followed by me and her. She grabbed my cock again and got into the doggy style position. I knelt down in front of her on the bed and she took my cock into her mouth again. I wanted to pull it out because I was about to ejaculate but she understood what I was to do, and did not allow me to do so. By now, it was too late, and I had already shot my juice into her mouth. She swallowed my juice and whatever was left out, started to drip out of the mouth. A lot of mine and Suresh’s cum had smeared all over her body and much on her boobs that they looked like a snowcap on Mount Everest. She was enjoying this like a bloody whore. She started moaning heavily and said ‘SURESH…HONEY…AHHH…MHHH……GET ME SOME ENERGY…’Then, Suresh went to the cupboard nearby and opened a drawer to take out a new packet of Benson & Hedges cigarettes and a matchstick. He opened another platform to take out a new bottle of Johnny Walker and three glasses. All these things were well stocked which seemed surprising to me because I had never thought my parents drank or smoked. He brought them and placed them on the side table. He took out a cigg and lit it. He had a puff before Padma snatched it off his hand and started smoking it. The way she smoked resembled those sexy teen girls who are chain smokers in porn sites. Suresh opened the bottle and poured some whisky on her boobs as she lied on the bed, and he drank a bit. The whisky started flowing down her nipples to her navel and to her pussy. She was still smoking heavily, the third cigg, and now Suresh took one for himself as well. All this made me extremely horny and I took out a cigg for myself and started smoking. I had smoked atleast once a day in my college/in nightclubs along with friends, but this was the first time in front of my parents. My mother now had started drinking with the bottle as Suresh and I took our share in our glasses. Suresh then took out another full new bottle from the cupboard and started pouring it on my mother’s boobs. Then he licked the whisky off her right boob while I licked it of the left boob. It tasted exotic after mixing with her boobs. We kept on licking her boobs. Smoking, drinking and masturbating continued for the next half hour, and the room was filled with smoke and the smell of whisky. All this accelerated the sex mood and the atmosphere gave us a feeling of being in an orgy with so much of alcohol, cigarettes and sex around, though my mom was the only female.By the end of the hour, Padma was completely drunk. She had drunk much more than the two of us together. She started making horny sounds and said OHHHH….AHNH….BOTH OF YOU….COME AND FUCK ME NOW…..COME YOU BASTARDS…My mom’s such language made me and my dad sure that she was now in desperate need for hardcore fucking. My dad got on the bed, clinged one hand on her boob and pulled mom towards him. She bent down and he held his hard cock and guided it straight into her cunt. At first, I noticed that it was not that easy for him to do so, but finally after 3 to 4 hard and rough pushes, he succeded. It entered into her cunt as she started screaming in pain.SORRY GUYS BUT I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO FINISH NARRATING THIS INCIDENT BECAUSE OF LACK OF TIME DUE TO MY EXAMINATIONS….I PROMISE TO DO SO BY THE END OF THIS WEEK AS MY XAMS ARE ABOUT TO FINISH. BUT IF YOU LIKE MY REAL LIFE INCIDENT, AND THE WAY I PRESENTED IT TO YOU, PLEASE MAIL ME on SO THAT I STILL HAVE INTREST TO FINISH THE STORY

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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