Mom Caught Us…. Part One

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Mom Caught Us…. Part OneMom Caught Us….Part OneThis work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. If you enjoy it, be sure to look through all of my other stories, also.IJason Howard stood in the near the window, the blinds were adjusted down to block the sun of his upstairs study, but still gave him a good view of the patio, where his fourt(ee)n-year-old daughter, and her best friend lay on lounge chairs sunbathing. It was early Saturday afternoon, and his wife was out shopping with friends, something she did more and more these days. It was as though she valued the company of her friends, more than she did being with him. The truth was that Tammy’s feelings toward him had changed long ago, a fact that he’d realized over the past five years. At some point in the past, their marriage had simply become a marriage of convenience, they rarely talked much anymore, and sex between them was nearly nonexistent.In the beginning, when they were first married, it was as though the two couldn’t get enough of each other. They made love several times a week; Tammy would drop by her husband’s small insurance agency at least once a week, and the two would invariably end up making love on his desk. Even during the pregnancy, and once Casey was born, the young couple’s craving for sex seemed insatiable. Then the fires began to dwindle to the point where they made love maybe once a week, soon a week became two, and before long it was a month, Jason wasn’t sure when it happened because it came on so slowly.One night, a little more than a year ago, Jason noticed that Tammy was just lying beneath him, while he fucked her pussy with long hard thrusts, something she used to enjoy. Her expression was bland, bored, and she stared at the ceiling as though she would rather be anywhere but where she was. The next time they made love, five weeks later, he noticed the same dull expression on his wife’s face. It was at that moment that Jason decided he no longer wanted to make love to his wife. Not long after, perhaps a few weeks, Jason began cruising the Internet and looking at the various porn sites. While the actual contact of a woman was preferable to masturbation, the various sites opened a new door for him. And it wasn’t long before he became addicted to masturbating while looking at nude pictures of hot, sexy women, and young girls taking a big cock in their mouth or pussy or ass. After a few months, he found that he preferred sitting in his study looking at porn and masturbating, then spending time in the family room with a woman who obviously cared little for him. And Tammy soon became little more than peripheral noise in his life.One of the categories he became obsessed with was young teens. He loved looking at a young girls completely nude with long, shapely legs spread wide to expose their shaved, wet pussy. He enjoyed picture galleries of teens taking on an older man; he would imagine that he was that ‘Older Man’ thrusting his cock into their pussy and fucking them until he filled their pussy with his hot seed.Jason wasn’t surprised when he finally began to notice Heather Wallace, Casey’s best friend. The fact that he’d become obsessed with nude photos of teens on the Internet, made it only inevitable that he would eventually notice her in a sexual way. He tried not to make his interest in the young fourt(ee)n-year-old redhead conspicuous, which is why he was standing in the shadows by the window, and looking down on her from his study.Heather was beautiful; there was no doubting that. Like his daughter, she was tall and slim, with small tits and a small, well-rounded ass, also her slender legs seemed to go on forever. He thought she looked somehow innocent, yet also naughty. He knew it wasn’t possible, but he’d give almost anything to make love to Heather Wallace.IIThe computer was on, and the image of a young brunette with long legs spread wide, revealing a shaved, pink pussy, filled the screen of the monitor behind where he stood. Jason was naked, having disrobed close to an hour ago, so he could indulge in what had become his favorite pastime… masturbating while looking at sexy young girls, naked and ready for a man’s hard, throbbing cock.When he’d heard the voices of Casey and Heather on the patio ten minutes ago, he stood and hurried to the window, hoping to get a glimpse of the young girl that never failed to arouse him. He wasn’t disappointed, both girls were wearing skimpy bikini’s, and the tiny thong that Heather wore revealed a stunning expanse of her tanned butt-cheeks. He stood staring at her with wide, lust-filled eyes as he slowly stroked his hard, seven-inch cock. “She’s pretty, isn’t she?”Jason let out a cry of surprise, and whirled around to his left. He’d been so engrossed with staring at Heather, that he failed to notice when Casey got up and went into the house to pee. Now he stood facing her, utterly naked, with his hard cock in one hand. He was so surprised that he didn’t even try to cover himself.”You want to fuck her, don’t you, daddy?””Casey – “”It’s okay, daddy.” Casey softly kaçak iddaa said, as she stepped further into the room, and pushed a strand of blond, curly hair back from her face, while she let her blue eyes travel slowly up and down his naked body. For a long moment, Casey rested her eyes on his hard cock before raising them to his face. “I bet you want to put that big, hard cock in her pussy and fuck her until you cum in her.”Jason finally found his voice. “I’m so sorry… you had to see this, baby.””I’m not, daddy,” she seductively whispered, with a wicked gleam in her eyes as she stared at him. “Heather is very beautiful, and it’s only natural that you would be attracted to her,” Nodding at the computer monitor, she added, “And you apparently like young girls.””But I’m old enough…” Jason’s voice petered out, and he stared shame-faced at the floor. His cock began to soften.”Old enough to be her daddy?” Casey finished. “Lots of girls our age fuck guys who are your age, Daddy.” She grinned wickedly, and closed the gap between them, until she was standing no more than three feet away from her father. Jason wanted to back up, and put distance between him and his young daughter, especially since he was completely nude, but he couldn’t move. Standing naked in front of his beautiful daughter was so awkward and he was very embarrassed.”Go ahead and jack off, daddy,” Casey said suddenly, taking him by surprise. “Let me watch you stroke your cock.””Casey…!””C’mon, daddy. I’ve already caught you doing it, just finish and let me see you cum.”Jason just stood and stared at his daughter. He couldn’t believe that she had actually asked him to jack off for her. The entire episode was humiliating beyond words, and he wanted more than anything, to be anywhere else, but naked in front of his young daughter.”Jack it, daddy,” she said softly.”This is wrong, Casey.””No, it isn’t, daddy.” Casey looked into his eyes for a long, quiet moment. “I want to watch you jack off. I want to see your big cock cum.”In spite of reservations, he felt his cock begin to harden. Casey saw it becoming erect also and grinned broadly. His breathing was once again harsh in his throat, as it had been before his daughter walked into the room. His pulse raced, and in no time, he was fully hard again. He took his thick shaft in his fist and began stroking on it slowly, a drop of pre-cum oozed from the purple head.”Very nice,” Casey murmured.Jason watched his daughter, as she stared at his cock with wide, eager eyes. He jacked it slowly, and stared at her pretty face while a million new thoughts bombarded his head. Chief among those thoughts, was how sexy she looked… standing there in front of him, dressed only in a skimpy bikini and looking even hotter than her friend. He couldn’t help but want her, what he was doing felt curiously arousing. He found that he liked putting on a show for his young, sexy daughter. And, after all, who were they hurting? He suddenly didn’t care what others would say, if she wanted to watch him jack off, even if it was a little risqué, he didn’t care.”You have a nice cock, daddy,” she purred.”You like watching me jack off, you’re so naughty!””Oh, yes!” she said, looking up at him before quickly dropping her gaze back to his manhood. “Do you like stroking your cock while I watch? Does it make you hot, daddy?”He chuckled; the tremulous sound of his voice odd in his ears. “In a strange way… yeah, I do.”Casey’s wet, pink tongue slipped from her mouth, and slowly licked full lips, that had become dry. The look of her tongue, and her sexy lips sent a shiver of excitement deep into his stomach. Without warning, an image of her delightful lips wrapped around his cock, while she sucked him came to mind. He tried to push the uninvited thought away, but it kept coming back. Before long, even though he knew better, it was all he could think about.But wanting Casey was so wrong, it was bad enough that he was letting her watch him stroke his cock, but letting her suck him off was something he just couldn’t wrap his brain around. Never had he thought something like this would happen to him. He couldn’t have imagined an experience like this in his wildest dreams. But that was mostly because he had never viewed Casey as a sexual object. She was his daughter, and it simply hadn’t occurred to him before. Fathers and daughters don’t generally get involved with each other like this.The closer he came to an orgasm, the more he wanted to see her naked body. He wanted to see her with her legs spread wide, just as he’d seen other young teens on the Internet. The overriding desire in his mind, as he continued to stroke his cock for his daughter, was being between her slender legs and thrusting his cock deep inside of her young, wet pussy. He was aware that his new inc(e)stual fantasies were wrong, but he couldn’t help it. He had gone beyond all reasoning.III”Get on your knees, Casey,” he said softly. The words had slipped out of his mouth without even thinking about uttering them. As soon as the last word left his mouth, he stood looking down at her. kaçak bahis She raised her eyes to his and looked back at him without speaking. He had gone too far… he’d let his fantasies, and his wicked lust take control without giving it a thought. Yet, there was a strange look on his daughter’s face, and before he could take back the words, she suddenly dropped to her knees in front of him. Without waiting he took a step forward and let go of his throbbing cock.”Take my cock in your mouth, baby,” he heard himself say. The words were shaky, revealing the level of his arousal.Casey smiled, as she wrapped her long, soft fingers around his thick shaft. “Are you sure, daddy?”Jason nodded.With her hot eyes on him, Casey pulled his cock down until the curved shaft was level with her mouth, and she began licking at the pre-cum seeping from the head. Jason groaned loudly, as she cupped his balls with her free hand and continued to tease him with her tongue, licking and kissing the fat shaft, circling the bulbous head with her hot, wet tongue. The feel of his daughter’s tongue drove him mad with desire, and it was all he could do to keep from spraying her beautiful face with his seed.Suddenly, Casey impaled her mouth with her daddy’s cock, and began to bob her head madly up and down, as she reached around with her hands and gripped his ass cheeks. Her long red nails bit sharply into the soft skin and he groaned. Up and down she bobbed her head, taking him deep inside of her mouth, before releasing all but the massive head.”Yeah… suck my cock, baby!” he hissed through clenched teeth. “Oh, Fuck! My little girl is sucking my cock so good!””MMMMMmmmmooohhh!” she hummed around his throbbing shaft.Jason took his daughter’s head in his hands, and began fucking her sucking, greedy mouth. He combed his fingers through her curly blond hair, while he stared at her sexy lips, wrapped around his shaft, as he fucked her sweet mouth. He babbled nonsensical words as he fucked her sucking mouth. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he exploded deep inside of her mouth.”I’m gonna cum soon, Casey!” he gasped. “I can’t hold off much longer.”Casey raised her eyes to his in a silent plea and gripped his ass cheeks tighter. Jason pushed his cock into her mouth one last time, and pulled back until only the head remained inside. He cried out with passion as his cock exploded and filled her little mouth with his seed. Rope after rope of cum shot from his cock as he stood holding her head in his hands, and staring down into her pretty eyes.When she had taken the last drop of his seed, she pulled it from her mouth and looked up at him. She parted her lips long enough for Jason to see the puddle of thick, white cum on her tongue, and then she closed her mouth and swallowed while he watched. Jason groaned loudly, and nearly dropped to his knees on trembling legs. It was the most erotic sight he’d ever seen.Casey stood and wrapped her arms around his neck. Father and daughter stared at each other without speaking for a long moment. Then she rose up on tiptoe and pressed her lips to his. He tasted his cum when she parted her lips, and took his tongue inside, and Jason groaned softly into her mouth. “I don’t know what to say,” he said when he finally broke their passionate kiss.”Don’t say anything, daddy,” she said softly.”I feel bad about, well, doing that to you.””Don’t,” she smiled. “I think you needed it, as badly as I wanted it.”Then she stepped back and turned to leave. At the door, she turned and looked back at her father. With a bold grin on her face, Casey said, “We can continue this later, if you like.”Then she was gone, and Jason remained standing near the window for several minutes, before he finally walking back to the desk, and slowly dropped into his chair. His eye caught the young teen on the monitor, and he looked at her for a moment before he shut down the computer.IVFinally dressed, Jason sat at his desk long after Casey and Heather had gone back into the house. He couldn’t believe what had happened. Never had he entertained sexual fantasies for his daughter. Although he was aware that Casey was gorgeous, he simply hadn’t been attracted to her, mostly because she was his daughter. He replayed the incident with his daughter, starting from when she first spoke, and startled him beyond belief. The almost casual way she had stood near the door, running her eyes up and down his naked body, and then settling her gaze on his hard cock had his body quivering and his mind swirling with perverse thoughts. Then Casey’s request that he jack off for her. His daughter had wanted to watch him masturbate and cum! And he could still see her staring at him, her beautiful eyes alive and excited as she watched his right-hand jack on his hard cock. Even now, as he remembered, he felt his cock begin to harden again. Without consciously thinking about it, the thirty-seven-year-old father began to rub the growing bulge in his trousers.He could still hear his own words, as he told his little girl to get on her knees, and he remembered the long seconds that illegal bahis passed as she stood staring at him, before she finally complied had been frightening. He thought of the impish way she grinned, and the shameless glint in her eyes, as she kneeled at his feet, as she looked up at him. It would have been humiliating had Casey told him ’No’ but she hadn’t. He also recalled way she wickedly smiled when she took his cock in one small hand, and began to lick and suck it. The memories had all been so thrilling, that he could feel his heart beat faster and his cock begin to throb.Then, as she was leaving the room, his daughter had told him that they could continue if he wanted. Jason sucked in a deep breath as he remembered. Casey had always been somewhat forward, seldom taking an inhibited attitude with anyone. The intense expression of passion on her face, as she stood for a moment at the door, looking back over her shoulder at him, had been a brazen invitation… and he was going to accept.IVTammy came home around five, and prepared a quick dinner of sandwiches and salad, telling Jason and Casey that she wished she had time to make something more appetizing, but she and some of her close friends had decided to play Euchre that night. Although Jason was disappointed, as usual with his wife’s lack of concern for her family, he let it go. The news that she would be out with her friends that evening was welcome, since he would have that time alone with Casey.As Tammy made that announcement, he glanced at Casey and was pleasantly thrilled to see a small, knowing smile on her beautiful face, as she looked casually at him. The meaning had been clear to him; she was also thinking of the opportunity they had to be alone together, to continue what they had started earlier in his study… he nearly groaned with anticipation.”Well, I’m headed off for a quick shower,” Jason said when dinner was over.”And I have thirty minutes to meet the girls,” Tammy said, as she pushed back from the table. “You two will be all right without me?””Sure mom,” Casey said, as she stood and began clearing the table. “Dad and I will be fine.”Thirty minutes later, after a long hot shower, Jason pulled on a robe and left the master bedroom. He could hear Casey’s blow dryer when he passed the hall bathroom, and smiled. An electric-like charge of eager expectation passed through him, knowing that his sexy young daughter was getting ready for him. He could almost visualize her sweet, sexy young body; naked and willing, as he spread her long legs and pushed his cock deep inside of her wet, hot pussy.He stopped suddenly as he entered his study. The overhead light and lamps were off, but several candles were lit and cast the room in a dim, romantic light. He sucked in a deep breath. There was a subtle, sweet aroma coming from the scented candles that he didn’t recognize. Jason walked slowly into the room and stared at the romantic effects. “Do you like it, daddy?”Jason turned and looked at his daughter. She was standing just inside the doorway, dressed in a short cotton bathrobe. Her eyes were on him, her full lips spread in a sensuous smile.”I do like it,” he nodded.”I was hoping we could resume what we started earlier.” Casey seductively said, as she crossed the floor, until she was standing in front of him. “Do you still want Heather… or me?””After what happened earlier?” He chuckled softly. “Heather is the furthest thing from my mind.”Casey shrugged and grinned. “It wouldn’t matter. She isn’t into guys.””You mean…” Jason’s brow arched as he stared incredulously at his daughter.”Yeah… she likes girls.” Casey laughed and touched his face with one, soft hand, “And before you ask… I like girls, too. But I prefer guys.””I didn’t know…”Casey smiled and shrugged her slender shoulders again. “It doesn’t matter. At the moment, all I want is my handsome, Daddy.”Jason canted his head to one side in thought. “Listen… just for the record, why did you decide that you wanted me?””It’s hard to explain,” she said. “I saw the way you were looking through the window at Heather, and I knew that you would fuck her, if you got the chance. But again, she doesn’t do men… and, I know that you and mom…. don’t have much of a sex life, so I began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with you. One thing led to another and suddenly I wanted you, I had to seduce you.”They stood looking at each other for a long moment, neither one speaking. It was becoming such a bizarre day, that Jason almost felt like he was asl(ee)p, and had dreamed the entire day. Without a word, Casey stepped back a couple of feet from him, and slipped out of her bathrobe. She looked at him with a smile on her pretty face, as she stood gloriously naked before him, and struck a sexy, provocative pose.”Do you want me, daddy?””Oh, yes!” he exclaimed breathlessly.Part Two…. to come soonTo Readers who like my stories…Thank You for reading, hope you enjoyed a look into my naughty imagination. Please tell your Like-Minded Friends about my Stories and Page…. I want more Friends to share my Hot Stories with! My Stories can Only be Posted for Friends to read….so send me Friend Request, and I will consider adding you to my List of Friends.Check back to My Page often to read new parts, and new stories…also leave a Comment.

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