Mom and Me

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Mom and MeI had just finished my sophomore year in high school, I had earned my driver’s license, and I was having a blast. I was doing some odd jobs for the summer, but I was really just goofing off and enjoying the freedom that you are allowed once you begin driving. I think my parents were just as happy as I was, as I was out of the house a lot more, and less reliant on them. All in all, it was a great summer.It was a cool Friday evening, and I was heading to my best friend Dave’s house. His parents were gone for the weekend, and we were having a summer blowout. Everyone was going to be there, and I could not wait to show up.”Bye mom,” I called to her as I headed towards the door, “I will probably crash at Dave’s, so don’t leave the lights on.””OK Dennis, just be careful,” she admonished me as I slammed the door. Jumping in the car, I cranked the radio and was off. The warm air ran over my face as I hung my arm out the window, tapping against the door with my hands as I sang along with Dave Matthews. It was going to be a great night.Turning down the street to his house, I laughed out loud as I saw the jumble of cars scrambled around his house. There were cars on the sidewalk, in his driveway, some on his lawn, and even some on his neighbor’s lawn. I parked at the end of the street and made my way down.Entering the front door, Dave called out to me immediately.”Dennis! Say b*o,” he yelled, holding a beer aloft for me, “What took you so long?” Walking over to where he was I grabbed the cold beer in my hand, toasting him and taking a long drag on the bottle.”Hey man,” I responded to him, my eyes taking in the people crammed into his house, “Is Jenny here?” He laughed out loud, telling me that that was the first question that everyone else had asked upon their arrival, and then he pointed to a small cluster of people.”She’s in there somewhere,” he told me, “I think she is in the middle.Jenny had become the class babe, and she had a natural Southern California beauty about her. She looked very much like Lindsay Wagner, the actress who played the Bionic Woman. She had golden brown hair that hung straight past her shoulders, and she had a long and lean body that drove everyone crazy.We had all grown up together in a small coastal town and we had all been friends throughout grammar school and high school. Jenny had been a tomboy growing up, engaging in football and wrestling with the guys. She was everybody’s best friend, and then she reached puberty. As she got to high school, her natural beauty blossomed, and her body took an amazing shape. Overnight she went from our best friend to our best fantasy. You cannot even begin to comprehend how many gallons of sperm must have been jerked off when thinking about her. She was everyone’s fantasy girl.I headed over to the group to say hi to everyone, and she was sitting in the center. She jumped up and said hi to me, and we chatted a little about how the summer was going. Just as I was getting comfortable and thinking that I maybe had a chance with her at the party, Dave called out that it was drinking game time. To get everyone in the mood, we began with the “Name Game.”Demonstrating our immaturity to anyone who happened by, we progressed into “One Up, One Down,” and we finished with a rousing round of “Thumper.” By this time everyone was hammered. Dave then decided that we should play seven minutes in heaven. This was his own concoction, whereas everyone put their names in a hat, and two were drawn. The two people would spend seven minutes together in a closet, and there were no rules for activity when you were inside. He set up two bowls, one for boys and one for girls.As the game started, the drinks were flowing more heavily. I backed off on the alcohol and waited my turn in heaven. I was hoping that I would get a good pick. I laughed as Dave’s name got picked along with Charlene Desmond, the class cow. Charlene was nice enough and friendly with everyone. She was just unfortunately blessed with a huge body and an ugly face. Serve’s him right.As soon as they were in the closet everyone began laughing and making remarks about the unlikely couple. The closet was surprisingly quiet, and we wondered what was going on in there. Seven minutes later they emerged, Dave’s hair a mess and his shirt untucked. He came right to my side, filling me in on the details.”Man, she is a pig,” he told me quietly, the crowd growing noisy again as two more names were drawn, “But she sure does suck a mean dick!” I looked at him with incredulous eyes as he just nodded his head. It was not until the guy behind me pushed me forward that I realized that my name was the next picked. I stood in the center of the room as I awaited my partner, Dave’s face glowing with a huge smile.”Cindy Stevens!” the girl picking the names cried out. A smile came to my face as Dave smiled back and nodded. Cindy was a nice looking girl from a wealthy family, and she had a reputation as a girl who fooled around. Long brown hair, with a nice figure made the package complete. We went with the crowd as they ushered us into the closet.”Hey Dennis, how are you?” she asked me with a smile, the alcohol evident on her breath, “Let’s get comfortable.” She pulled her shirt over her head and stuck her breasts in my face. As I licked and sucked on her nipples she rubbed my cock through my pants with her hand. I was extremely hard as I devoured her nipples, the erect little buds between my teeth, and she was really rubbing me raw through my pants.”Lean back,” was all she said as she dropped to her knees in front of me, unzipping my pants and pulling out my rock hard cock, “We only have a couple more minutes.”She engulfed my cock in one swallow, her hand stroking me as her mouth bobbed up and down on my cock. Dave and I liked to refer to the technique as the “Serk and Jerk,” and her hands and mouth had me bursting almost immediately. She moaned around my cock as she slurped, my cock pulsing in her mouth. I was so shocked at what was going on that I merely slumped back against the wall, my body slack except for my cock.My climax jumped on top of me before I even knew it, and my cock erupted into her mouth. She stroked me dry, coaxing every bit out of my cock. As she stood up and stuffed my limp rod back in my pants, we heard people knocking on the door to tell us that seven minutes were up. She leaned in and kissed me as she walked out the door.Dave was totally cracking up at the look on my face, and I walked over to him. I looked at him and said, “Ditto.” He laughed out loud, and we exchanged high fives and went off in search of more beer.The night went on in a similar fashion, various games and good times running about. I had stopped drinking just before midnight, my heart just not into it. I walked out back and sat on his porch as I was pondering life. I am not sure why I got so into being alone and thinking, but I was content to look up at the night sky and just think. In the middle of a deep thought the door slid open and Jenny came out.”Hey Dennis, whatcha doing?” she asked in her perky voice. My heart blew up as I turned to look at her, she had been the star of every masturbation fantasy since freshman year.”Ahhh, I just needed a break from the madness,” I told her, moving over and letting her join me on the bench, “It got a little crazy in there, and I needed a break. How about you? I saw your pack of admirers.””Denn, that is why I am out here,” she said with a frown on here face, “Why can’t it be like old times? No one wants to just hang out with kadıköy escort me, everyone wants to go out or just get in my pants. I just want it to be like it used to be.”As she sat down with me I realized that she was right. No one included her in just hanging out, as the guys all wanted to get in her pants, and the girls were all jealous. It was a tough predicament that she was in, and we just talked about it.We ended up chatting for an hour or two, discussing everything when she surprised me by asking me to give her a ride home. Now, if we had not had that conversation already, I would have immediately thought about getting in her pants. I wanted to play it right, and I decided to play it cool. We walked around the side of the house to avoid everyone and their questions, and she grabbed my hand as we walked to my car.I had a tremendous erection as we walked, caused merely by her hand in mine. It was an amazing feel and I was a little pissed when I had to let go to let her in the car. I shut her door and went over to the passenger side. Sliding into the car, she again surprised me by sliding over and leaning on my shoulder.”Dennis, you have been the only one who has been a friend,” she told me, my cock throbbing in my pants, “And I am so glad that you are taking me home. I know that I do not have to worry about you trying to jump my bones.” I laughed nervously with her, my ultimate dream plans vanishing in thin air. She remained on my shoulder the whole way to her house, and we kept on talking.”Listen, give me a call,” she told me as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, “Let’s get together and do something. I had the best time talking with you tonight.” I sighed as she glided from my car, her incredible body swaying the whole way to her door.Although I was happy that she wanted to hang out with me, I could not wait to get home and jerk off. My cock was throbbing the entire ride home, and all I could think about was how soft her hand felt, and how hot her lips felt on my cheek. I was dying to get home and relieve myself.I killed the lights as I turned into the driveway, not wanting to wake mom and dad. They did not expect me home, so I was extra careful and quiet, not wanting to disturb them as I entered the house. I entered through the garage and quietly stepped into the living room.”Mmmmnng, yes, oh, oh, mmm, ahhh, ohhh,” I heard coming from their room, the sounds of the headboard slamming into the wall came out as a steady rhythm. I stopped dead in my tracks. My parents were fucking like a****ls! I could not believe it, and I moved closer to their door, which was open. The bed rocked and banged into the wall on a steady pattern, my mother’s moans and groans filling the air. They knew that I was not coming home, and I am sure that they had a wild night. I moved closer to the door, dying for a peek.My mother was no Jenny, but she was attractive in her own right. She had light blonde hair that was cut short in a conservative fashion, and she had an athletic body. She played tennis and golf quite regularly, and she kept herself tan and in shape. My dad was fitness buff as well, playing tennis and golf with mom, as well as playing on the company softball team. I had always known my mom was attractive, but I had never thought of her in a sexual way. Peering through the door, that all changed.Mom was on all fours as dad slammed into her from behind. Their bodies were rocking together, causing the bed to slam into the wall, and I could see her breasts swaying under her chest. She continued to cry out and moan with each thrust, and I groaned to myself as my dad reached up and yanked her hair back. This caused mom to throw her head back and just her chest back. I started to rub my cock in my pants.”Oh yes, fuck me Steve,” my mom cried to my dad, “Fuck me, mmmmm, ohhh.” If I thought that I was hard when I was holding Jenny’s hand, my cock was now petrified. I hid in a corner that gave me a great view but kept me hidden. I pulled my hog out, stroking myself as I watched my father fuck my mother. Man, it was so fucking hot.I was amazed at how much they were into this. I mean, come on, it was mom and dad. But they were going at it like Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct,” that’s how hot it was. I was jamming away at my cock when my mom pulled herself forward and rolled onto her back.”Oh yes, give it to me Steve, mmmm,” she moaned out to my dad, who proceeded to slide on top of her and pound the shit out of her. Mom’s face was wrenched tight in pleasure, and my cock was close to the bursting point as they went at it. I lost it when mom lifted her ass up to meet dad’s thrusts, the sight of her pushing back at him caused me to lose it, and my cum spewed forth all over my hand.I caught as much as I could, and then I quietly snuck upstairs to my room, wiping myself clean with tissue. I took a leak and then turned into bed, my parents being the first to replace Jenny in my masturbation fantasies since last year. The summer looked to be getting better by the minute.I came down from room the next morning and surprised my mom.”Dennis! What are you doing home?” she asked me with a curious look, “When did you come in?” As she said this I thought that she might be worried about what I saw.”Ahhh, the party got kind of lame,” I told her as I sat down at the kitchen table, “I took off after awhile. I think I got home around 3 or 4. I was quiet as I did not want to wake you or dad.””Well, as long as everything is alright,” she said, comforted by the fact that I “got in” well after they had finished fucking. I sat down to breakfast with the naked visions of my mom and dad fucking dancing through my head. It was tough to sit there in front of her and not say or do anything. It was my little secret.The weekends began to take a regular form, with me staying out late and sneaking back to catch them going at it. Jenny and I began to hang out and do things together, and with my fantasy world focused on my parents, my sexual drive towards Jenny lost its steam. I still would love to be with her, but I was enjoying our friendship more now that my focus was on my parents. Her and I became closer and closer as the summer wore on.It was a late July night when I snuck back into the house to check on mom and dad. Jenny and I had gone to the movies together, her light good night kiss keeping my cock hard until I arrived home. I took my usual position and stared at mom and dad with my cock in hand. They had chosen a new position tonight, and I was thrilled to find mom on all fours facing the end of the bed. This way she was looking almost right at me, her tits swaying towards me. I began to jerk off in earnest.Things got strange that night as I watched them. Mom’s face was turned up towards me, and I had the weirdest feeling that she was staring right at me. I was hidden pretty well, so I knew that she probably could not see me, but it felt like her eyes were on me. This caused my cock to swell even more than I thought possible. I came pretty quickly after that.For the next couple of weeks I would notice them in that position and I always had a feeling that she was staring at me. Lately, she began to moan even louder than normal, her explicit words sending electric charges running through my body. My orgasms grew more intense as their lovemaking grew wilder.My dad had to head out of town on a business trip for the weekend at the beginning of August, and I was üsküdar escort off with Jenny on that Friday. Returning home after the movies, my cock was in the usual state of hardness that Jenny always brought on. Sneaking into the house, I was surprised to hear moans from my parent’s room. With dad away, I had no idea what was going on. I snuck over to my usual hiding place to see what was going on.I almost screamed when I found my mother sprawled on her bed, her hands shoving a huge dildo into her hot pussy. Without dad’s body on top of her, I had a much better view of her body. As I watched and stroked myself, I was further shocked by her words.”Oh yes Dennis, give me your cock, yeah,” she cried out to my bewilderment, “Mmmm, yeah, give to mommy, fuck me with your cock.” She continued to moan and fuck herself as I pumped my cock, her words doing more for me sexually than my hand had ever done. I was really getting into it when she called out again, her face thrown back against her pillows.”Oh yeah baby, give it to me,” she cried, her body shaking against the fat dildo, “Yes, stroke your cock, beat that big hunk of meat for mommy.” At this point I was shocked. Could she really see me? Was she really talking to me or just fantasizing. I was not sure of what to do until she screamed again.”Mmmmm, oh, yes, I am going to cum, give me your cock, cum for me baby,” she groaned out, her body pumping against that dildo in the same manner as she pumped against dad, “Give it to me, make me cum, help me Dennis, yes, yes!”Fantasy or not, mom had me crazy and I stood up, cock in hand. I walked into her room and she looked directly at me. She explained that she had caught me watching them a couple of weeks ago, and that it was incredibly hot for to think that I was turned on by my own mother. She told me that her orgasms were extra intense when she knew I was watching, and that she put on an extra effort for me whenever she caught me peeking.”Does dad know?” I asked, a little nervous about standing in front of mom with a throbbing erection. She shook her head, telling me that it was our little secret.”Dad is not here, and I need you to make love to me, Dennis,” she told me, shocking the hell out of me, “Fuck me, fuck me Dennis.”To say that I was shocked was an understatement. I was incredibly thrilled, and I wanted to fuck the hell out of her, but it was my mother. I gazed at her naked body, her breasts swelling on her chest with erect nipples. Her hands were clamped on the dildo that was still wedged in her hot pussy.”What do you mean, mom,” I asked her, putting my foot entirely in my mouth, “I don’t know if this is right.” I could not believe that I said those words as soon as they slipped from my mouth, but I had to make sure that this was not some dream or fantasy that I was stuck in.”Denny, I don’t care if it is right or wrong,” she purred back to me, my swollen cock throbbing in my hand as a reminder to me, “I am so hot, and I have been so hot knowing that you were watching me. Isn’t this what you want?”She did have a point there, it was what I wanted. She helped me with my final decision by removing the dildo from her twat and placing her hand on my cock.”Oh you have a nice cock,” she told me with a smile, her hands running along my shaft, “Nice and big like your father’s. Are you a virgin Denny?”Her bluntness surprised me, and I was a little taken aback. But it is not too often that you find your mother stroking your erect cock, so I went along with her questions. I nodded no, and I explained to her about the things that I have done.”Have you ever fucked a woman who knew what she was doing?” she asked with a sexy smile on her lips. I had to shake my head no. The only girls I was with were as experienced as I had been. It had felt great, but it was always a little awkward and embarrassing, and I confided as suck in my mother.”Well, get in bed with me and let me show you how a woman does it. I could not believe it, but I did get into bed with my mother, my clothes dropping from my body.I groaned as she wrapped her body around mine, her hands grabbing onto my back as our bodies came together. She moaned back at me as she felt my engorged shaft dig into her body, her legs wrapping around me and holding me tight.”Dennis, mmmm, you have such a nice body,” she moaned, running her hands through my hair and supping my face, “Do you want to fuck me?” I looked at my mother, not really comprehending what she was saying, just completely in awe at the situation. “Dennis, would you fuck me?” she repeated, my mind still not functioning. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and she rolled me onto my back.My mom slipped under the covers and wrapped her lips around my cock, the incredible feel of my mother causing shivers to race through my body. I cried out as she wrapped her hands around me, her hands stroking my shaft as her lips slid over it. I was in heaven, and my mother was the clouds. She took her mouth from my cock, pushing the covers down and looked up at me, her hand slowly pumping my shaft.”You have suck a hot cock honey,” she purred to me, a smile on her wet lips, “Has anyone ever deepthroated you?” I shook my head no, and held on for dear life as my mother impaled herself on my cock, her lips sliding straight down to my balls. The feeling was incredible, as my mom took my entire cock into her mouth, her lips and tongue slurping away as I lie buried in her throat. Amazing.”Oh shit mom, that is so good,” I cried out as her mouth slid back and forth on my cock, the head of my cock bumping into the back of her throat, “Jesus, I am going to cum!!”I could not help it or even try to hold back the onslaught of orgasm. If anything, I felt my mom increase her suction on my cock, her lips and tongue working overtime to suck me further into her mouth. I cried out as I came, my cock blasting off into my mother’s throat. I was amazed at how she sucked it all down, my cum pouring down her throat.My cock continued to spurt and spit into her body, her lips coaxing every drop of my cum from my body. It was the most intense orgasm that I had ever had, and my mother was the person to share it with.”Mmmmm, I love your cock Denny,” she cooed to me as my cock remained hard. I was young, only 16 and my recuperative powers had to be far better than my father’s. She squealed out as she felt my hard cock twitch in her hands.”My pussy is so hot for you, fuck me Denny, give it to me,” she begged, her hands pumping my cock as she climbed up onto my body. She spread her legs across my hips, straddling my body with her own. She held my cock in her hands, rubbing it against her steaming gash, eliciting groans from both of us. It was an amazing feeling as my cock head rubbed over her wet pussy lips, mom’s hand driving my cock against her body.”Oh Denny, I love your cum, I love your cock,” she moaned to me, my body responding to her words and her feel, “Oh yes, I am going to love you baby, feel it honey.” I mumbled something in response as the velvet feel of her hot pussy was rubbing against my cock. Her juice was dripping our along my cock, and my body gurgled and groaned in response. My mother was making love to me, my own mother.”Oh baby! Oh baby!” she cried as she slipped the head of my cock inside her pussy, “Oh honey, you are so big, so big for me, fuck me Denny!” She continued to cry out as she slowly slid her body down onto my own. It was an incredible feeling as my body returned to hers, my cock sliding inside tuzla escort the tunnel that I had originally emerged from. “Yes, yes, yes, your cock feels so good!”I lifted my hips up, my body pushing against hers, pushing myself deeper into her. She grabbed my hands and pressed down against me, my hips raised off of the bed as we forced ourselves together.”Oh god, oh fuck Denny,” she groaned to me, my own voice lost in all the passion, “Your cock feels so fucking good, oh yes, oh fuck!” We began to hump against each other, my body jumping and dancing in a hurried, rushed fashion. “Easy baby, let mommy show you how,” she called to me, putting a stop to my jerking motions.”Yes, that’s it baby, let mommy ride your cock,” she purred to me, nodding her head at me, “Yes, yes, yes, just hold your cock up, oh yes, that is it!” She moaned as she rode me, her body closing and clamping on my cock as she rode me, totally in control. She moved my hands to her hips, letting me guide her as she rode me, our bodies bouncing and grinding together.”Mmmmm, ohh mom,” I moaned back to her, most of my words getting stuck in my throat, “So good, so good.” My body fell into a solid rhythm with hers as instinct took over. She was clamping down on me, her body driving mine deeper and deeper into hers. We kept calling out to each other, the amazing feelings putting us both on an incredible edge.”Oh yes Denny, you fuck me so good, oh honey,” she cried out, her body twisting on top of mine, “Yes honey, your cock is so good…I am going to explode all over you!”Mom threw herself backwards, her arms falling back against my knees. Her chest jutted out as she slammed herself on my body like this, the new position causing my cock to rub against and tug on her clit. It was too much for her, and she exploded all over my cock, her body sitting up straight and pressing down on me.”Jesus Christ!!!! So good honey, oh baby, mommy is cumming all over you,” she screamed as her body came all over me, the hot slick juice streaming down my cock. “Oh fuck me Denny. I want you to cum inside me honey, let me feel it.”She rolled me over, pulling me on top of her and wrapping her legs around my waist. She pulled me into her body, the orgasm opening and completely lubricating her incredible pussy. I began to drive down into her, my body slamming into hers as she urged me on.”God your cock is big, give it to me,” she begged as my cock drove into her body, my shaft soaked in her juice, “God yes, yes, fuck me silly baby!” We worked up a great pace, her legs around my ass and her pussy around my cock. She even reached down and rubbed her fingers over her clit, sending herself on another orgasm. I could not believe how crazy my mother had become.”Yes, yes, yes,” she cried as spasm after spasm wracked her body, the cum drooling out of her and all over the bed. “Oh honey, cum for me, shoot your cum in my pussy, yes, yes!”I renewed my efforts, my hands clamping on her hips as my cock slammed into her. She began pushing back at me, setting my memory running. As I fucked into her, all I could think about was the sight of mom lifting her ass up to meet dad as I watched them fuck. It was too much for me too handle, and my cock erupted inside her body. My cock blew up all over her insides, my i****tuous seed splattering all over her insides. Our juices intermingled together, our cries screaming to alert the world.As my cock spit into my mom, I fell forward on top of her, our arms wrapping around each other, our arms holding and cradling each other. It was a tender moment after our wild fuck, and I could feel her pussy squeeze my cock as it stopped spitting into her. Her wet pussy clamped and squeezed my shaft as it began a descent from her insides.”Honey, you are a marvelous lover,” she whispered to me, little kisses flying all over my face, “You are magnificent.””I still can’t believe we did this!” I blurted out, my mom laughing back at me. “I cannot get over how wild you were, how wild you have been with dad at night.” She explained to me that when she hit her mid 30’s, that something went crazy inside her body. Luckily for her, it was when I had started driving, and when I was supposed to be out of the house.She told me that she could not get enough sex, and that her and dad just fucked their brains out every night. For some reason, she could just not get enough cock, and finding me watching her just heightened the intensity of the pleasure that she felt.”I have watched you checking us out, stroking your cock,” she told me, her hand slowly grazing over my cock, “It got me so hot to think that you were stroking yourself while you watched me. I never really thought about having sex with you until I saw you tonight. Seeing you watch me tonight made me crazy.”Smiling at me as she finished her statement, she moved her mouth down to take my cock again.”Unnnggh,” I groaned as her hot mouth closed on my cock once again, “So fucking hot mom, your mouth is incredible.” She started bobbing her head on my cock, her hot, wet lips sliding up and down my erect shaft. She got my cock nice and wet with her saliva, and then pulled her lips from my cock.”I love how hard you get for me,” she told me as she pumped my cock with her hands, “And how fast you get hard again. You father could never manage this many times in one night.” She stared at me as she slid on top of me again. She placed my cock in her slit immediately, no foreplay this time. She sank down on me, the incredible furnace of her insides closing around me.”Yes, Denny,” she cried out as my cock sank home, “Fuck me, fuck me with your great cock!” We immediately fell back into the rhythm that we had taught each other earlier. Her wetness clung to my cock, and I leaned up to take a nipple into my mouth. She continued to cry out, thrashing her head about and calling my name out.I had gotten some confidence by now, and I pulled her off of me, pulling to all fours.”I want to fuck you from behind mom,” I told her as I aligned my cock with her hot pussy, “I got so nuts when you faced me and dad slammed into you from behind.” She laughed and told me that she was staring openly at me and watching me stroke my cock while dad fucked her. She started to grunt as I slammed into her.”Oh, Den, ungh, aahhh, Denny, ohhh, yes, ahhh, argh,” she screamed to me, each thrust banging into her. I had my hands on her hips and was really slamming into her, her body rocking on the bed and pushing back at me. As I pushed forward, I could feel her body swell around me. I increased the pace as I felt her body squeeze around me.”Oh yes Denny, faster baby, fuck me,” she moaned out as I fucked her, “Hurry baby, I am going to cum. Yes, cum with me baby, cum with me!” We began pushing and grinding against each other, each of us pushing the other to the orgasmic edge. Mom was first there, screaming out as her pussy showered me in her juice. I slammed forward, holding my cock completely buried as I came.”Ahhhh, yes, yes, so good, so hot,” I cried out as she moaned against me, both of our bodies erupting against the other. I pulled on her hair, turning her head sideways and kissing her as we came. Out tongues dueled as we came together, my cock pumping load after load of my cum into her body. I could not believe how wet she was, and my cock and balls were coated in her juice.We fell asleep in each other’s arms, our bodies intertwined together. We awoke together in the morning, and we spent the majority of the day in bed. We made it out of bed for some lunch, and then raced back to bed. When dad returned, we kept our trysts secret, stealing some opportunities to share a bed together. Mom was daring enough to blow me in the morning while dad was in the shower.My mother had become my lover, and we explored new fantasies and ideas with each other, constantly pushing the limits to what we can do. Dad is going away for a whole week next month. I can’t wait.

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