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Mom and daughterIt happened when I was f******n. No, I didn’t have sex at that age. It was when I discovered my love for members of my own sex. Surprising as this may sound, it was my mom’s fault.You see, in our house, if the bathroom door is shut, that means someone is using it and you don’t enter. If it is open, it is free for use. My parents have done a good job of enforcing this in our house. So it came as a surprise one morning when I went to the bathroom to take a shower, and walked in on my mom, already taking a shower. Now, if one of my siblings had forgotten, it wouldn’t have been such a surprise. But my mom?!? She was one of the ones who enforced this rule. And then it happened. I was in awe of her body. I know, you’re probably thinking, “You’ve seen her body all your life, what was different about this time?” Well, this was the first time I saw her naked body. It’s a bit different. The exact curve of her breasts and ass. The complete lack of sagging anywhere. The fact that she had already had three k**s, yet her body looked like she hadn’t ever given birth. It was amazing. After spending some time staring, I silently closed the door as I left and ran to my room. From that moment on, I fell in love with women. Now, I was scared to tell anyone. I was worried that it was wrong. Everyone at school always joked about gays and lesbians. So it was hard from that point on to feel totally included. Now for the stranger part. I dreamed of finding someone exactly like my mom, in every fashion. I wanted someone with the same body, same attitude, same everything. I idolized my mom from that point on. I began treating her with more respect, and got more respect back. I even improved my schoolwork, hoping to make her even more proud of me. I didn’t really understand why I did all this, especially considering that I would probably never see her naked again. And that first view would be ingrained in my head, never to be forgotten, for the rest of my life. I still went out with guys on occasion, but nothing serious. I wanted them to think I was still straight, as I was worried about what they would think if they knew the truth. And the truth finally came out.It was yesterday that it happened. It was mid-July, and it was the summer after my freshman year in college. It was a week before my 19th birthday. The twins, my younger sister and brother, were with some friends at the pool. My dad was away on a small trip to New York. It was just me and my mom. Now, we had grown closer over the years, going shopping together, going out to eat. And I was thankful for it all. It gave me more time to enjoy her body. I still hadn’t told anyone my secret yet, and as far as everyone knew, I was straight. But then it happened.We were at a clothing store, and instead of making me wait outside the dressing room, my mom just had me join her. I was so nervous and excited at the same time that I sat on the bench the whole time. She took off her shirt, and I got my first peek at her 36C breasts in along time (I checked her drawer once for the size). She was artemisbet yeni giriş wearing a bra, but that didn’t matter to me. She stood there for a second and looked at herself in the mirror. She even looked to me and asked if I thought she still looked beautiful. Of course I told her yes. I even jokingly told her she could model if she wanted. She laughed and picked up the shirt she was trying on. It was a tight shirt, and that was very apparent when she put it on. I had a hard time not trying to rub myself in front of her. I encouraged her into buying the shirt, and after stopping at the food court, we went home. When we got home, she went upstairs to put things away, and I joined her to chat. Now, this next part is all kind of a blur, and I still have no idea why I did this. When we got upstairs, I sat on the edge of her bed as she pulled the shirt out of the bag and walked over to her dresser. As she bent over to put it away, I silently tiptoed over to her. When she stood up and turned around, she was startled. Then without warning, I put my arms on her cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss. She didn’t resist, but that might have been out of shock. And like I said, I have no idea why I did this. She was so startled, that she even allowed me to insert my tongue. After some time, I broke it off, then began to profusely apologize. I explained that I wasn’t sure what happened, it was such a blur, bla, bla, bla. I think she bought it, as she didn’t get mad. We sat on the bed and I just began to cry. She held me and pulled me against her chest, which didn’t help much. We just sat there like this for a little while. She was rocking us a bit, and her chin was on the back of my neck. Her arms were wrapped around me, and my face was just above her left breast. Like I said, it didn’t help much. In fact, it helped so little for the situation, that I couldn’t help but reach up and feel her breasts. I felt her chin pull away from my neck as she slowly pushed me back up into and upright position. Then she gently grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her breast. I was just barely able to pinch her nipple as my hand left her body. I felt embarrassed, but at the same time, I could already feel something stirring inside. I began explaining everything. How I saw her at f******n. How I feel in love with women. How it was because of that that I feel in love with her body. How I’ve been hiding it for all these years out of fear. After about half an hour of spilling my guts, she pulled me closer, careful to have me lean against her shoulder this time, and held me. I’m not sure how long this lasted, only that it ended when I put my hand down her pants. Only this time, she didn’t remove my hand. She just closed her eyes as my hand explored. This fuelled me even further as I felt the lack of panties down below. This surprised me, and without thinking, I pushed in my index finger. I heard a slight moan as I did this, and I quickly pulled it out. Now what came next surprised me even further. I had pulled my hand out of her pants artemisbet giriş when she moaned. At that moment, her eyes opened and she looked at me. Then, without saying a word, she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. Her shoes were already off, and she quickly stood up and removed her pants. For the first time ever, I found out that she did shave her pussy, except for a thin stretch above her pussy. Sitting back down, she scooted a little ways up the bed, and then invited me for more. I hesitated, not expecting this. She then reached forward and grabbed my hand, pulling me closer. Kissing me, she then placed my hand back on her pussy and said, “More.” I didn’t need any more encouragement. I sat between her legs and began playing with her pussy. I know, it seems wrong. You never imagine that you might be playing with your own mother’s pussy. But here I was, playing with it. Gently massaging her clit between my thumb and index finger, my middle and ring fingers inserted inside. My other hand against her thigh, pushing it out further than it was. Taking my fingers out, and twisting my hand a bit to allow my tongue access, all while still massaging her clit. Using my other hand to spread and hold her pussy lips apart as I dart my tongue in and out. Listening to the gentle moans she is letting out as her right hand slowly slides down to try and help me. Listening as her left hand grabs her breasts and starts to play with them. Her legs as she wraps them around my body, locking her feet together. Removing both hands from her pussy and just attaching my mouth to the whole thing, sucking and sucking away. Taking her clit between my teeth and gently pulling on it. Jiggling my head side to side as I enjoy the taste of her womanhood. It was all worth it. And then it happened. She let out one long moan as her juices suddenly flooded into my mouth. I quickly tried to gulp down as much as possible. It tasted so sweet. I don’t think I can describe it much better than to say that it is one of the best tasting treats I’ve ever had. Better than the taste of my own juices.As her orgasm began to settle down, and her tasty treat began to slow down to a trickle, I stopped swallowing. I began to collect it in my mouth. Then, when I couldn’t hold any more, I just lifted my head and began to massage it all over her mound and inner thighs. When it eventually stopped, I shuffled my body up onto hers, and kissed her, letting her taste herself. It would end up being a long kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth, as she tried to lick up every last taste of herself. When we eventually broke it off, she gave me a quick peck, then rolled me off of her. At first, I was worried, and disappointed. Maybe she came to her senses and realized what just happened. But, it ended up that she was just removing her shirt and bra. Tossing them off the bed, she then moved over to me and began removing my clothes for me. I just laid there as she removed my shirt and pants. She didn’t touch my bra or panties though, which surprised me at first. Instead of just artemisbet güvenilirmi removing them like everything else, she bent down and began pulling my panties off with her teeth. It was sort of interesting, as she would continually stop and lick my body as she did this. When she got those off, she moved to my bra. Since I was wearing a bra that connected in the front, I didn’t have to roll over. This time however, she just grasped my bra and ripped it open, exposing my little 34B breasts. I’ve always wanted breasts like hers, but came to realize I would never have them with out having surgery. She then began to lick my breasts. Every last inch of them. My hand began to explore my own mound, with some insertion, as she just continued to lick my breasts.Later that day, I found out that my mom had a thing for breasts. She loved breasts. She told me that she would often go online just to look at pictures of women’s breasts. I was shocked. I never figured my mom would like women. I did find out that I was the first one though. Apparently she had never exercised her interest in women. That sort of made this whole thing much more special.When she finished with my breasts, she slowly moved down to my stomach, then to my pussy. As she took over what I was doing, I began to play with my breasts. Apparently, she had some other interests, as she kept trying to insert more fingers. She was up to three when it began to feel tight. She started to add a lot of spit, and eventually forced in the tip of a fourth finger. She wasn’t able to do much though, as it was so tight that there was no freedom of movement. She then removed two fingers, and lifting my rear up a bit, she began to finger fuck me. Then it happened. Out of nowhere, I felt her tongue running its way around my asshole. She even gave both my cheeks hickeys! Then, without warning, she forced her tongue into my asshole. Now, I’m not sure if she had done this with dad or not, but this was my first time. And it felt good. She seemed to know what she was doing. The way she forced in her tongue, and where it poked around. The way she would force in a wet finger and twist it around. The way her tongue would run around the very rim of my hole. It felt fantastic.It didn’t take long after that for me to finally orgasm. And did that orgasm come fast and hard. Mom lost her grip on me at one point I was bouncing so hard. When it eventually subsided, she did the same thing I did, and kissed me. I explored her mouth with my tongue, and the taste was sort of weird. It took a minute to realize that the taste was a mixture of my pussy, her mouth, and my ass. I can’t say it was the best taste I’ve ever tasted. Especially compared to the taste of her sweet nectar, but it wasn’t bad either. We spent the next hour exploring each other’s bodies. We tried on lingerie for each other, and I even got my pair of panties stuffed inside me. It was a weird feeling. Then we took a shower together, followed by some quick and intense cleaning up before anyone came home. We managed to finish cleaning about 15 minutes before the twins got home. I’m hoping this isn’t a one-time deal, and that we do this again. I will have to talk to her later, when I get the chance. Right now, I’m just so excited about what just happened, that I have to tell someone, which is why I’m writing this for you.

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