Modest Meghan’s Sexual Awakening: Part 1

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Meghan wasn’t your typical “sexy” girl. She was what most boys would describe as “cute” or “pretty,” maybe even “too sophisticated.” But she wanted to be sexy. What those boys told Meghan didn’t matter to her anyways. She wanted a man to just take her and fuck her. Meghan knew she was attractive but didn’t fit in with the typical skinny tall blondes at her school. She was 5’3”, curvy but toned, with size C-cup breasts, bright hazel eyes, and long brown hair that fell softly past her perky nipples.Meghan was raised to be prim and proper and had a respectable reputation in her hometown. She was always modestly dressed, nails neatly polished, and never had a perfectly curled hair out of place. She had good posture, good grades, and good standards. But she was sick of being “good.” She wanted to be bad. Very bad. And that’s what she set out to do.When Meghan arrived at college her freshman year, she was eighteen years old and in a new state. She knew no one at her college and nobody knew her. She could be whoever she wanted. She yearned to be more experienced with sex and told herself that her only goal the first semester Göztepe Escort was to lose her virginity.During the first month, she dated some boys in her dormitory here and there, but none seemed right. Meghan had always been attracted to older men, even though she thought they wouldn’t even notice her as a viable sexual partner. She felt she was boring. Too cute and sweet for any older man to fathom wanting to fuck her. Everything changed once she met her Psychology teacher, Professor Daniels.Meghan sat front row, as she always did in the classroom, and stared in awe at the handsome and brilliant Professor Daniels. Now he was sexy. He appeared in his early forties, dark brown hair, short trimmed beard, and crystal blue eyes. Mmm she felt herself getting wet just looking at this man. Knowing this was involuntarily happening to her body, she blushed and buried her head in her textbook. Only half-listening to the lecture, she decided to organize a plan to seduce him. He was the one. She was an honors student and extremely organized, so she did what any good student would do and proactively Göztepe Escort Bayan made a to-do list in her calendar. It was only October, so she had two more months to sleep with Professor Daniels until the end of the semester.Meghan started fantasizing about what it would look like for her to be this naughty student and not her usual modest self. She knew she needed some new clothes and sexy lingerie to update her wardrobe to begin seducing Professor Daniels. She planned to stop by the mall on Friday after classes. She started to add this to her list, when all of a sudden…“Ms. Meghan, would you mind answering the question please?” Professor Daniels interrupted her thoughts and her head whipped up.“Umm,” she hadn’t heard the question and began to turn red with embarrassment. She always knew the right answer in class and wondered if any of the students were staring at her and silently judging.“I said, who is the founder of psychoanalysis?”, he reminded her gently. Ugh why is his face is so hot and distracting, she almost wished she had an ugly teacher instead, that way she could Escort Göztepe actually focus on the lecture material.“Oh, that’s Sigmund Freud,” Meghan stated assuredly, regaining her confidence in the classroom.“Very good, Ms. Meghan,” he commented and gave her a little wink that made her stomach do flips.Phew. That was a close one, Meghan thought to herself. She always wanted to impress Professor Daniels and never let him down. She better figure out this to-list later once back in her dorm room; she wanted to give her full attention to her sexy professor.~ ~ ~ ~ ~Meghan was exhausted. She just returned to her dorm from shopping at the mall. She spent all day convincing herself she looked hot in her new lingerie. She was so nervous the cashier at Victoria’s Secret was judging her, so she tried to be quick. She was used to shopping at department stores for clothing that properly covered her body, not purposely showed it off!Meghan dropped all her new clothes on her bed and began to evaluate. Which clothes should I wear this week? She thought about her options. She didn’t really know where to start.“I guess I can wear this black push-up bra with a tight white blouse. You can see through it, and that’s sexy right…” she remarked to herself out loud, “and I’ll wear this navy skirt, it’s short, so I’ll wear the matching black lace panties in case he looks up my skirt during class?” she asked herself quizzically.

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