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Subject: Misunderstood, Chapter 37 (Gay Adult/Youth) MISUNDERSTOOD By Wes Leigh This is a work of fiction intended solely for the entertainment of my readers; any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and is protected by copyright laws. The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author’s consent. If you enjoy this story, please support the Nifty archives today with a thoughtful donation by visiting fty/. Chapter Thirty-Seven Almost everyone had left. Only Dallas and Wings remained, having arranged a full week vacation, which they planned to enjoy to the fullest. At the moment, they were laughing and berating each other in the library, where they were competing in a game of Mario Cart. Blue shouted insults at both of them while he awaited his turn. Gray chuckled to himself from the kitchen as he diced mushrooms for the lasagna he was preparing. A loud shout followed by groans and Blue’s high-pitched cackle told Gray the game had concluded with a winner, a loser, and a delighted heckler. Then Blue’s laughter turned to screams, so Gray knew the younger man was paying for his harassment at the hands of his two friends. “GRAY!” Blue screamed from the library. “Help me!” Gray turned to see Dallas and Wings carrying Blue into the living room. Blue kicked and struggled in their arms, but they held him securely and carried him to the couch, where they tossed him down and fell on top of him, holding him while they tickled his sides and thighs. He jumped and squealed, fighting them off, but with only two hands, he couldn’t fend off every attack and was crying for mercy in seconds. “You gonna stop being a turd?” Wings asked, pinching Blue’s nipple. “He can’t help it,” Dallas said with a laugh as he clamped his fingers around Blue’s knee. “He’s a six-foot tall turd.” “STOP IT!” Blue screeched, rolling around on the couch, trying to escape. Wings lifted Blue up and slid onto the couch beneath him, holding Blue’s upper body in a tight hug. Dallas grabbed Blue’s legs and did the same, positioning Blue across their laps. Blue relaxed and let them hug him. His eyes twinkled as he said, “Sorry I was a turd.” Then he added, “But y’all drive like grannies!” Dallas pinched Blue high up on his inner thigh. Blue squealed and cried, “Hey, watch it. Those are my balls!” Dallas laughed. “If I had pinched your balls, you would’ve known it.” Blue giggled and relaxed, reaching up to tenderly stroke Wings’ cheek. Then he sat up and hugged Wings around the neck, kissing him lightly on the lips. Leaning forward a bit more, he pulled Dallas’ head closer and kissed him next. Then he took Dallas’ hand and held it as he leaned back against Wings’ chest. Gray stood in the passage between the kitchen and living room, watching Blue with his two best friends, and Gray’s heart ached a little, with a pang of tenderness and a tinge of jealousy. He turned and walked away, irritated with himself. Blue had given him no reason to be upset, and yet he couldn’t help how he felt. Two men, both of whom had been Blue’s lovers in the past, were holding him in a tender embrace. And Gray wasn’t sure how he felt about that. *** In bed that night, Gray tried to put the incident on the couch out of his head, but he couldn’t. After gentle, but passionate love-making and a tender bath together, they’d curled up in bed. Blue was now snoring softly, while Gray lay on his side, staring out the window, unable to sleep. He kept recalling the kiss between Wings and Blue, so tender and sweet. And the way Dallas smiled after Blue kissed him, with fondness and affection. The issue bothering him the most was the age difference, Gray decided. He was 28. Blue was 19. It hadn’t seemed that big a deal before, but now, for Gray, those nine years seemed to be rising up like a wall between the two of them. Dallas would be around 21, he figured, and Wings would be 23. Both of them were closer in age to Blue, and the three of them seemed to form their own group. Three youngsters who tolerated the old man. Gray tossed the blanket aside and sat up. He knew he wasn’t an old man, but it was hard not to think of himself that way. He walked, naked and barefoot, to stand in front of the fireplace. In the light of the flickering flames, he examined his body. He wasn’t as trim as Blue and Wings. He wasn’t as muscular as Dallas. His cock was shorter than Blue’s and much shorter than Dallas’ monstrous appendage. He didn’t know how well Wings was equipped, but he wouldn’t be surprised if his was the smallest cock of the lot. Judging by the two hours of passionate screams they’d heard coming from the bedroom below, Dallas and Wings had amazing endurance when it came to making love. He and Blue did too, although it had been a while since they’d enjoyed sex quite as much as those two lovebirds apparently did. Gray thought back to the day Blue had returned to him after spending the summer in Amarillo. THAT had been an incredible reunion. Three orgasms each in the morning, a short break for lunch and a walk in the woods, then back into bed that afternoon for two more orgasms. Blue had really drained him that day. They hadn’t done anything quite so crazy since. Gray stared into the dancing flames. He wasn’t sure he could repeat that performance. He wasn’t sure he wanted to. He wrapped his arms around his chest and sighed. Marrying Blue had seemed like the ultimate dream come true. No more pretending. He could be himself with the one man who loved him as he was. Who didn’t mind that Gray was reserved. And thoughtful. Careful. And boring, boring, boring. He mentally kicked himself. Who was he kidding? Blue was a wild, energetic, sexy kid. Playful and teasing. Outgoing. Entertaining. How long would he want to put up with someone like Gray? Especially when there were young men like Dallas Anderson out there? Handsome, muscular and hung like a horse. Gray jumped when he felt warm arms sliding around him from behind and a naked body touching his. Blue’s lips touched the back of his neck, kissing ever so gently, then sliding along the skin to his ear. Teeth batman escort nipped his ear lobe. He turned to face Blue and saw only tender love in the aquamarine eyes staring back at him. “Couldn’t sleep?” Blue whispered. Gray shook his head. “A lot on my mind, I guess.” “You wanna talk about it?” Blue asked. Shrugging, Gray pulled Blue into a hug. “Nothing to talk about. Couldn’t sleep. That’s all.” Blue snuggled up against Gray, shivering slightly. “Your tummy is warm from the fire. Nice.” His hands slipped down to Gray’s butt. “But your ass is cold.” He turned them both so that Gray’s back was to the fire. Blue began rubbing his hands all over Gray’s back and butt cheeks. “That’s better,” he sighed, resting his cheek on Gray’s shoulder. Gray hated himself for saying it, but he had to know. “Blue, do you still love me?” Blue pulled away, surprised by the question. “Huh? Why would you ask me that?” Gray bit his lip. “I need to know. Do you? Do you still love me?” “Of course, I do!” Blue pulled away and stared at Gray in confusion. “I don’t understand why you’re even wonderin’ about this, my dude.” Gray walked slowly to the bed and pulled off the thick comforter. Then he walked back to Blue and took his hand. Leading him over to one the chairs in front of the fire, Gray sat down and urged Blue to sit in his lap. Then he wrapped them both up in the heavy blanket. As he hugged Blue to his chest, he sighed and admitted, “I feel like I’m too old for you.” Blue wasn’t expecting that. “What? Why?” Gray shrugged slightly. “Just watching you with Dallas and Wings. You guys are all young and wild and …” His voice trailed off. Blue was still baffled. “Yeah? I don’t get it, dude. Were we too loud when we were playing around today?” Gray shook his head. “It’s not that.” “Then what is it?” Gray sucked in a breath and blew it out, exasperated with himself. “Dallas and Wings are your age. And they’re like you. Wild and crazy. Extroverts.” His voice softened. “And sexy.” Blue was beginning to get the picture. “Gray, it isn’t like that.” Gray said nothing, staring at the fire. Blue turned Gray’s face so he had to look Blue in the eye. “They’re just friends. Yes, we’re all young. We’re all goofy and loud, because that’s just how we are. And I know they’re hot as fuck and sexy too, but so are you. You’re my lover, my friend, my husband. I didn’t marry you because you were rowdy like me. I married you because you love me and keep me grounded and make me feel secure.” Gray sobbed and tears collected in his eyes. “I’m just not sure you’ll always feel that way,” he admitted. Blue stroked Gray’s cheek. “I’m pretty darn sure I will, my dude.” “But how can you be so certain?” Blue thought for a moment, then said, “You remember that dog we adopted out a few years back? Angel was her name, but she wasn’t no angel. She was always gettin’ upset at other dogs, and we had to warn her family not to have any other pets.” Gray nodded. “I remember.” “Well, then, do you remember what you said to me after we dropped her off? About how important it was for them to accept her just like she was?” “Yes.” Blue looked intensely at Gray. “What you said stuck with me. You told me the same thing was true for us. That you and I went through some tough shit growing up, stuff that scarred us and made it hard for us to open up to other people. You told me you were afraid to be yourself, but I helped you to stop bein’ afraid. And you helped me too. I was fucked up from those years on the streets. I didn’t think I deserved to be loved and treated right, but you showed me different. We deserve to be loved, scars and all. That’s what you said, Gray, and you were right.” The tears began trickling down Gray’s cheeks. “That was the past, Blue. I’m worried about our future.” Blue wiped away the tears with his finger. “I’m gettin’ there, my dude. I ain’t all that different from Angel. She and I both got our rough edges, and folks gotta accept that about us. There was a time when you did just that, Gray. You accepted me the way I was. Wild and crazy. It’s who I am. Probably who I’ll always be. It’s gonna be real hard for me to change, Gray, and I ain’t so sure I wanna change. I like bein’ a goofy dude. I thought you liked me that way, too.” Gray laughed and said, “I do, Blue. I don’t want to change who you are. I just worry that you won’t want to stay with a boring, old guy like me.” “You ain’t exactly in an old-folk’s home yet, Gray.” Gray snorted. “I think they’re called retirement communities, champ.” Blue laughed. “Whatever they are. The thing is you ain’t old, Gray. And you ain’t boring either. You and me are different, but we go together. Like horse shit and fruit trees!” Gray couldn’t help but laugh at the silly grin on Blue’s face. Blue stopped grinning and said, “We’re a perfect match. I won’t trade you for anyone. Now Wings and Dallas are special to me too, because they’re my friends. They’re the best friends I could ever hope to have, and I’m gonna love `em forever. They mean the world to me, but you mean more.” “I do?” “Yes. Gray, you’re my heart and my soul. I can’t live without you. Wouldn’t want to.” Gray sobbed and hugged Blue, kissing him tenderly on the cheeks and lips, hoping everything Blue had said was true. Blue returned the kisses with equal passion, loving the man who held him secure in his arms but wondering what he had done to make his man doubt him so. The emotional storm was over, leaving mostly love in its wake, but also two cracks in the foundation of their marriage. For one, it was worry. For the other, it was confusion. *** Dallas frowned as he glanced in the rearview mirror. They had just passed the Oklahoma/Texas border, and Amarillo wasn’t far now. He thought about Blue and Gray and how much fun they’d had during their visit, but he was also worried. There seemed to be tension between the two newlyweds, and he couldn’t put his finger on the reason for it. Wings watched Dallas drive, noticing that his boyfriend was deep in thought about something. “Okay, bro. Why the frown? What’s eatin’ you?” “Huh? Oh, nothing important.” bayburt escort Wings laughed. “It sure don’t look that way to me. Come on, lover boy, something’s bothering you. Talk to me.” Dallas grimaced. “It’s probably just my imagination.” “Maybe,” Wings admitted, “but that’s why you should fill me in. Maybe the two of us can figure this out together.” Dallas glanced over at Wings, then looked back at the road. “Did it seem to you like there was–I don’t know–some kind of problem between Gray and Blue?” “That last day before we left?” “Yeah,” Dallas said with a nod. “It wasn’t your imagination. I saw it too,” Wings replied. “They weren’t hanging all over each other like they normally do.” “And they kept looking at each other weird. Nervous or upset or something,” Dallas added. “Yeah. And I think I know why.” “You do?” “I think we caused it, bro.” Dallas looked over at Wings quickly. “What?” Wings pointed at the road, reminding Dallas to pay attention to his driving. “It’s nothing we did intentionally, bro. But you know how Blue feels about us. That day on the couch, when he kissed us, he made it clear he loves us as more than friends.” Dallas shook his head. “But he’s married to Gray. Are you sure about that, Wings?” “Dallas, you grew up with Blue, but I LIVED with him for almost a year. I’m almost positive he had a crush on me back then, and I think, deep down inside, he still loves me. He probably doesn’t realize it, but I can tell. And, Dallas, he loves you too.” “But how can he love us when he’s married to Gray?” “He loves Gray, too. More than he loves us, that’s for damned sure, but it don’t change the fact that he loves us too.” “I don’t know, Wings. We’re friends–best friends even. But that doesn’t mean he loves us.” Wings shrugged. “You can believe it or not, bro, but I’m telling ya’ that kid has a big heart, big enough to love Gray for the rest of his life and still have enough love left over for you and me, his best friends forever. The problem is … I don’t think Gray understands that.” “And that’s why there was tension between them?” “That’s what I think,” Wings replied. “I don’t know much about Gray. Haven’t been around him enough to get to know him. He might be possessive or jealous.” Dallas frowned. “I doubt that. I mean, I don’t know him that well either, but what I do know is he doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy who would be jealous of Blue’s friendships. And he sure didn’t seem like a guy who would try to be domineering or possessive. Just doesn’t fit.” “Then it must be something else,” Wings said. “Not sure what it is, but I do know one thing. I don’t want to come between those two.” “Me either,” Dallas agreed. “I care about them both, and I’ve never seen two people more in love. Whatever is going on right now, they just need a little time to work it out.” They drove in silence for a few miles, each lost in his own thoughts. Dallas nervously glanced over at Wings. Wings laughed and asked, “Now what?” Dallas sighed. “I don’t want this to come between Gray and Blue. But I also don’t want it to come between you and me.” Wings stopped smiling and asked, “Is it coming between us?” Dallas frowned as he thought about how to answer that question. “The thing is, Wings, I don’t even know where we’re headed, you and I. Do we have a relationship? Or are we just lovers?” Wings fell silent and stared straight ahead. He took a deep breath and said, “We’re lovers. And we’re friends.” Dallas nodded. “Okay. I can live with that. But I’ve got to be honest with you, Wings. I think I may want more than that from you.” Wings looked out the window at the frost-covered Texas plains. When he spoke, his voice was subdued. “Dallas, you know my history. You know I’m HIV-positive. And you know what it would do to me if I gave it to you.” “And you know I don’t care about that, right?” “How can you not care about it, Dallas. I think about it every day. I think about it when I take my meds and when I go for my check-up’s. I worry about every phone call I get from the doctor, wondering if this is the call that tells me it’s reached dangerous levels again. I think about–” Dallas put his hand up, interrupting. “I’m sure you do, Wings. And I can’t fault you for worrying about all those things. But there’s just one thing you haven’t mentioned.” “What?” Dallas placed his hand on Wings’ leg and gently squeezed. “You’ve forgotten that I have a choice in this too. I know what you’re dealing with, and I want to face it with you. Because–” he paused and squeezed again– “I love you, Wings. I think I’ve been waiting all my life to find the right guy. For a while, I thought it was Blue, but it turned out he and Gray were meant for each other. Then I met you at Blue’s graduation, and I realized that maybe, it was MY turn to find the man of MY dreams.” Dallas stopped, noticing that Wings was staring at him with a crooked grin. Dallas chuckled and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?” Wings smiled. “I didn’t know you felt that way about me.” Dallas felt his cheeks turning red. One of the curses of being a red-head was blushing so easily. “Maybe I should have kept that last bit to myself.” Wings unsnapped his seat belt and leaned over to kiss Dallas on the cheek. “I’m glad you told me.” “You are?” “Yes, and you should know that I would love to be the man of your dreams. I’ve been telling myself that I can’t let us keep going like this, that I need to break it off before I fall in love with you, that it would be easier to break up before we go that far. But, Dallas, I think it’s too late.” “You mean–?” “Yeah. I think I’m in love with you. And if my health doesn’t scare you off, I want you to be the man of my dreams, too.” A huge grin spread across Dallas’ face. Wings kissed Dallas again, then slid his hand down Dallas’ chest and rested his fingers lightly across Dallas’ groin. “What are you doing?” Dallas asked. “Are you a road head virgin?” Wings asked, with a smirk. Dallas chuckled. “Yeah,” he admitted. Wings raised an eyebrow. “Then I think it’s time we popped your road cherry.” In no time, Wings had bebek escort unsnapped Dallas’ jeans and worked them open. Then he slipped his hand inside Dallas’ boxer briefs and worked his thick cock out into the open. Dallas looked around nervously. What if someone saw? Or they got pulled over? He let off the gas, dropping to a few miles under the speed limit, just in case. He couldn’t see what was going on. Wings’ head was in the way. But he felt Wings’ tongue caressing the end of his cock, causing it to fill up rapidly. He shuddered as Wing’s licked all around the cap and down the sides. He put his free hand on Wings’ back and rubbed, urging his lover on. Wings was impressed once again with Dallas’ amazingly thick cock. It stretched his mouth to the limit, and he loved the smell and the taste and the feel of Dallas on his tongue and in his throat. He used his tongue to coat the huge shaft with saliva, then began sliding it deeper and deeper, gagging slightly as it entered his throat, then swallowing as he pushed his way down. Dallas moaned. He loved the way Wings’ throat muscles caressed the end of his cock. Blue was the first and only guy to deep-throat him. Then he met Wings, and Wings was able to do what Blue never had: take Dallas all the way to his pubes and stay there, swallowing, massaging, making his cock throb from cap to base. Just as he was doing now. Dallas groaned and stretched, then noticed he was doing twenty miles an hour over the speed limit. “Fuck!” he exclaimed, taking his foot off the gas. Wings pulled off and asked, “What?” Dallas laughed and admitted, “Kind of lost track of our speed.” Wings chuckled. “That’s the first thing a road head virgin has to learn. Use cruise control.” Dallas snorted. “I’ll remember that when I buy my next car.” Wings went back to work, sliding his mouth over Dallas’ cock right down to his bright red pubes. Wings swallowed rapidly as he squeezed Dallas’ hairy balls. Dallas kept his eyes on the speedometer this time, but his attention was on his cock, which was throbbing now and begging for release. Sensing that Dallas was close, Wings pulled off and began bobbing rapidly on the top few inches of Dallas’ cock. Predictably, Dallas moaned as his cock hardened and his balls pulled up tight against his body, squeezing out pulse after pulse of creamy cum. Wings swallowed quickly, catching every drop Dallas ejected, then sucking out the remaining tangy juices. With a deep sigh, Dallas said, “That was fucking amazing, bro.” Wings sat up and kissed Dallas. His tongue was tangy with the salty juices now coating it. “No longer a road head virgin,” he said with a smile. Dallas turned and asked with a sexy leer, “You want to drive for a while?” *** Three men and two women, all dressed in suits with stern expressions on their faces, sat across the table from Cameron Schaeffer. Sitting next to Cameron was his new lawyer. One man read from the open folder in front of him. “Your sentencing has been appealed by the American Civil Liberties Union.” He nodded to acknowledge the lawyer next to Cameron. “The ACLU asserts that your civil rights as a gay man were violated during your trial. They are requesting a new trial with their own lawyers taking over your representation.” Cameron smiled. He’d been talking to friends, and his friends had been talking to other friends, some of whom had political pull. This hearing was therefore something he’d expected sooner or later. The man continued speaking. “Rather than subject the government to the excessive cost of re-trying your case, we have reached an agreement with the ACLU to consider an early release. That is the purpose of this hearing.” He turned and gestured to the woman next to him. She opened a folder of her own and consulted her notes. “Mr. Schaeffer, our records indicate your behavior while in custody has been excellent, except for one incident involving a Mr. Alan Wright, your co-defendant in your trial. Our investigation of that matter concluded that Mr. Wright instigated the contact and that you exercised restraint during the encounter. Therefore, your record remains spotless.” Another woman spoke up. “I have reviewed your education records. They show you have been most cooperative during rehabilitation classes. You have completed the coursework assigned and earned excellent marks from all teachers. You have also acted as a mentor in the Reintegration Workshops, once again earning praise from the workshop leaders.” One of the men looked at the other members of the board and said, “I’ve been working with Mr. Schaeffer on conditions of release. He has identified a possible parole location with friends in Oklahoma City. I visited the home and found it to be a positive environment where he will have a good support network. There is also a good potential for employment in the area. I see no concerns regarding his choice of parole location.” The first man spoke again. “Is there anything else the board would like to discuss?” A man who had yet to talk raised his hand. After receiving permission to speak, he turned to Cameron and asked, “What assurance do we have that you have learned your lesson, Mr. Schaeffer? How do we know you won’t be back in front of a judge sometime in the future?” Cameron gave them his most sincere smile. “I never said I was innocent. In fact, I admitted I pulled the trigger and shot at the car, but I was misled by Alan Wright. He said someone was stealing the car, but he never told me it was his son. He also assured me over and over that he was taking his son back to Texas to get him away from a pedophile. I was only helping out because I thought it was the right thing to do. I never meant to break the law, and if I had known all the facts, I can assure this board I would have left immediately and gone to the police myself.” Cameron’s lawyer placed his hand on Cameron’s arm to stop him. “These are all facts that were not allowed to be admitted into evidence during the trial. They form the basis for the appeal the ACLU plans to file if Mr. Schaeffer is not released from prison. We can go into more detail, if you wish.” The first man glanced at the other board members and received brief nods from each of them. Turning back to Cameron and his lawyer, he said, “That won’t be necessary. I’m certain Mr. Schaeffer will be an exemplary citizen upon his release.” The end of MISUNDERSTOOD, Chapter Thirty-Seven

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