Misty’s Magic

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Book I — The Magic Show

Chapter 5 — Misty’s Magic


Misty looked at Kristina with a confused squint.

What is she covered in!? There is no water or or fluid inside the saw box? Why is she acting so bizarre?


She watched as her assistant sat and turned on the edge of the table, slowly and seductively lifting her legs and pushing out her ass and chest as she moved.

That was part of the act, but Kristina seemed… different. She breathed hard and deep, with a possessed look in her eye, and a crooked, deranged smile. She seemed to taunt the audience with her whole body. Even her body seemed different — her breasts and her ass larger, her lips fuller, her dark hair thicker and more wavy.

As Kristina kicked up her legs and turned Misty could see that her pussy was swollen and wet, pushing out around the thin black thong.

“Holy shit… OK… OK, whatever, let’s just get through this, we’re already in, just finish the trick — just finish this last trick!” Misty coached herself as she turned back to their audience of two.

“Okay Kristina, get in the box and let’s do some MAGIC!” she yelled with full enthusiasm and confidence.

VRRRRRvrrrrVRRRRRRR-vr-Vrrrrrr, the saw kicked in again.

“And just to make sure my blade is sharp, I’m going to saw a two-by-four in half!”

Kristina swung her her legs around with her heels high in the air once again, only this time, and she spread her legs far apart as she looked out between them at their audience.

Misty looked out first at Brittany, who was happily watching the show and gave her a little grin as their eyes met.

Then she looked over to Alicia, and who was staring back, straight between Kristina legs. Alicia licked her lips slowly from left to right, and ran her fingers over her cleavage, and then slid her hand inside her shirt and fondled her nipple.

Kristina melted. She slowly brought her legs back together and felt the hot wetness between them, as she turned slowly to go back through the box.

Misty pulled off her hat and tapped it twice with her wand, then pulled out a remote control, a large black rectangle with a few red buttons and a short antenna.

She hit a button on top of the remote and the saw went wild again, throwing smoke and dust in a puff across the stage, floating through the blue lights and lasers, as the electronic music picked up tempo.

This was the big finale.


Nina’s eyes opened, and she watched as Dawn’s face slowly faded away, and the blue fog around her faded to black. She was back inside the box on the stage.

Her body was on fire with passion and lust, and she realized she was forcing herself to squirt out onto Kristina who was crawling over her on the surface of the saw box above.

She didn’t care. If felt – So. Fucking. Good.

She closed her eyes and flashed back to the vision of Kristina riding Misty’s face in the dressing room. She pushed her fingers in and moaned.

“I’m going to fuck you both,” she laughed as she rubbed her clit and moved her fingers in and out. She inhaled deeply and the smell of her own juices and sweat mixed with the apples and cinnamon that followed the witches – even through visions, apparently – turned her on. She was just as horny as she had been when the Sisters has seduced her with their sex magic nine hours before.

She fucked herself with her fingers, moaning loudly and squeezing her tits with her other hand.

Then she heard the saw kick on.


She saw the shadows dance and then the light blocked from one side. Kristina was making her last pass through. She would need to un-tuck and stick her legs out to finish the trick once Kristina made her way past.

Suddenly she saw Kristina’s head poke over and smile with lust and desire.


Kristina couldn’t shake the feeling she got when Alicia looked at her and licked her lips and touched her big round beautiful breasts.

She wasn’t a lesbian! But she craved pussy. She wanted to taste.

She crawled through the box, and let her hands and arms and tits drag and slide through the sweet slick juice which coated everything inside now. It turned her on to feel the juice from her friend’s pussy on her skin.

As she drew closer she could see Nina’s heels and thighs bent together, and just further down her glistening wet pussy plump with lust, fingers stuffed in, shiny and slick.

Kristina grab Nina’s hand forcefully, and pulled it out. Then he plunged her face down into the hole and into Nina’s cunt.

Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy has she slurped the hot metallic salty sweet goodness between her friends legs.

Nina let out a long moan. “Ooooooooh, yesss.”

Kristina lifted her head up with great satisfaction. She slowly continued her slide out of the box, izmit escort letting her hand glide across Kristina’s pussy as she moved past, and then climbed out.

The saw screamed, Vrrrrr vrr vrrrrrrr!

Outside the box, Misty removed her pink magician’s hat again, set it on the floor and tapped it twice with her wand. Then she reached in and pulled out a two-by-four longer than her.

Brittany laughed and applauded, edging up on her seat. She looked over at Alicia and noticed she had her hand all the way in her shirt, squeezing her tit, and that her skirt was riding up her legs, now nearly up to her waist.

Oh my god is she getting turned on by this?

Brittany frowned at her friend for a second, but shook it off.

No way, probably just buzzing from the wine and forgetting herself. It’s just us, just let her be…

She looked back to the stage and laughed as Misty continued pulling the large board from her hat.

Misty managed to get the board all the way out and turned it sideways, then laid it across the top of the box, sliding under two hooks on top.

“Let’s give it a test!” she laughed as she stepped back and held out her remote. In all the years of doing this act, this part always made her nervous. If she set the blade down too far she could actually cut Kristina, who was making her last pass through the box. It was all part of the act, to add another element of “danger” — but this particular danger was very real.

She saw Kristina’s head poke out from one side of the saw box, her ass just visible on the other.

Misty pressed the bottom button carefully and the saw eased down, and revved up to a steady loud growl.

As the teeth hit the board there was a brief brrrzzzzzz and sawdust flew onto the stage.

In an instant it was through and the blade quickly dipped down about halfway into the box before rising back up.

“Whoops!” Misty laughed

Kristina looked back at the saw that nearly cut her, and then out at the audience.

Brittany applauded again. Alicia sat, fondling her breasts beneath her shirt and watching Kristina intently.

Misty held the two pieces of board, one in each hand, and then tossed them to opposite sides of the stage with a clatter.

“As you can see, the saw is real too,” she said with a wink, as suspenseful electronic music intensified.

Kristina crawled all the way out of the box, and Misty walked around to her.

Misty looked at Kristina with quiet confusion. Her face and clothes seemed even wetter than before, and she was breathing heavily, smiling like some mad woman. Her chest heaved and Misty could see that her tits along with her thighs and ass were obviously — somehow — larger, or fuller, threatening to tear out of the skimpy blue and black lingerie, now inexplicably wet and shiny in places.

Misty thought she saw neon blue rings forming around Kristina’s pupils. Kristina seemed lost in her own mind as the stared out at the theater seats.

She looked seductive, and that was part of the act, but there was… something else…

“Well, are you ready Kristina?” Misty asked, trying her best to push on and not sound nervous, though she was – very.

“Oh, I am ready,” Kristina laughed in a sultry voice, unlike Misty had ever heard. She felt butterflies in her stomach.

Kristina stared at Alicia. Her heart pounded in her head and between her legs and she saw Alicia staring back, longingly, now fully groping her left tit just beneath her dress shirt, which was nearly wide open. She slid her hand from her knee slowly to her thigh.

Kristina blinked.

Suddenly the whole auditorium was vibrant bright blue, and she saw Alicia standing with both tits out and her hair out of control, one leg thrown up on the theater chairs, and her skirt hiked up over her ass.

Brittany was down on her knees, her top naked, as she eagerly slurped Alicia’s pussy, lacy pink panties pushed over to the side.

Kristina’s nipples shot out and her cunt ached in want. She couldn’t wait to touch herself, and she reached up to grip her own tit, as Alicia nodded at her smiling, knowingly.

She blinked again and everything was back as it was, Alicia still smiling and nodding at her, but still in her clothes, Brittany sitting next to her looking on oblivious excitement at Misty as she continued on with that act.

“Wow…” Kristina whispered, drawing out the word as she took in her new world.

“Okay Kristina, go ahead and lay down and let’s get you cut in half!” Misty commanded, as she laughed nervously.

What the fuck is happening? she thought. Everything was going great? They’ve already given me the job? All I have to do is finish this fucking saw trick! And now my assistant is weirding the fuck out!

She watched Kristina slowly lay down on her stomach and pretend to stick her legs back out the other side of the box. She would of course be sliding them into the hidden angled space beneath the box and Nina’s legs would come out instead.

“Great… OK…” izmit anal yapan escort Misty whispered. She clapped her hands together in front of her and wrung them over the wand and she stepped to the other side.

“Let’s do it!” she said regaining her composure, and she strode on to the other side.

She watched the box and her heart stopped for five full beats as she waited for the legs to come out.

Fuck Nina… Hurry the fuck up! Please don’t fuck this up…

At last she saw the black heels wiggle out, toes down in perfect sync with Kristina as she pushed herself in further through the box.

Thank you Nina…

Misty sighed in relief. She looked to her audience to see if they had perceived any of her doubt.

Brittany looked excited and happy as ever, smiling with wide eyes at the edge of her seat.

Alicia, however, seemed to be… enchanted by Kristina. She just stared at her, with her hand in her shirt…

What the fuck? Is Alicia a fucking lesbian? Is she seriously feeling herself up at my fucking show? Oogling my fucking assistant?

Misty laughed to herself but also felt a twinge of jealousy at the thought.

She was also disturbed. She had heard both ladies were somewhat eclectic, but she never imagined either would be so brazen as to feel themselves up…




Misty’s face felt hot, and she felt dizzy as she watched Alicia fondling her tit.

Wow, was the wine that powerful? Keep it together Misty, we’re almost there…

She looked back down at Nina’s legs, and realized her panties were pulled down to her garters.

“Oh my god what in the actual fuck Nina!?” she muttered.

It’s fine – it’s fine, they may not even notice…

She looked out over at Brittany, still smiling and excited.

“Let’s start the saw!” she shouted, overly excited and full bravado in hopes of snapping Alicia out of her daze and distracting both guests from Nina’s…



sexy bare ass…

She stared for a moment. Nina did have a perfect, full round ass. Misty stared as Nina lifted it up, pushing up from her knees slightly. and Misty could see her swollen pussy, glistening and soaking wet, dripping, and reflecting off the blue stage lights and lasers.

She saw the juice and sweat spread down her thighs and the backs of her legs, and now smeared on the blue velvet top of the saw box.

Misty knew she should be repulsed but she… wasn’t. Not quite. Not at all.

She had never seen a woman’s vagina like this, in person, wet and shaved and swelled up and pulsating with red hot desire.

Her eyes moved to Nina’s tight bleached asshole, and then back to the pink and brown folds of her pussy.

Misty wondered why hers had never looked like that. She wished she could feel that. She wished she could experience that level of raw desire, even for a night.

“Oh yes!” she heard Kristina cry out and she snapped back to reality. Kristina had her eyes closed and was crying out as if she was being fucked. Misty should have been angry and alarmed. But she felt… turned on. She watched Kristina for a moment as she moved her body back and forth. For an instant she thought her tits might burst out of her top. She wished they would.

“Oh my god what am I doing,” she whispered, panicked, then quickly announced “time for the saw!”

She grabbed the remote control from the top of the box where she’d placed it. She mashed down on the top button and the saw went out of control with a screaming VRRRRRRRRRRrrrRrr!

She was trying to drown out Kristina’s moans as well as her own thoughts.

She stood behind the box and watched her assistants. It was clear that Nina was fingering or otherwise stimulating Kristina inside the box.

Kristina held her gaze on Alicia, as Nina fingered her inside the box. There was no mistaking it now, her eyes were glowing blue neon.

Alicia had breasts completely out of her shirt now, and she spread her legs wide to reveal lacy pink panties, damp with desire. Her eyes began to glow in the same light blue neon as Kristina’s, as she began moving her fingers over the thin pink material.

Brittany looked confused and she watch the stage. She stared perplexed for a moment and then turned to Alicia and saw she had her tits out and rubbing herself through her panties.

“Alicia! Alicia what the fuck!?” Brittany yelled.

But Alicia held her gaze on Kristina, who’s nipples were now peeking out over the top of her corset. Her tits bounced in a slow rhythm as she pushed back onto the unseen force pleasuring her in the box.

Misty watched as Brittany’s face turned to panic. She pulled on Alicia’s arm and pleaded. “Alicia! Hello!? Wake up!”

Alicia ignored her, and kept moving her fingers over her panties as she stared at Kristina and licked her lips with a smile.

“Alicia! What are you doing!? Fucking pervert! And this!? We can’t use this in our show! This is an out-and-out izmit yabancı escort sex show!”

Alicia continued rubbing and groping her tits and nipples.

Suddenly she shifted her gaze to Brittany.

Brittany could see neon blue rings glowing in Alicia’s eyes. That when she knew – she was under some sort of spell… or magic? She looked angrily back at the stage, at Misty.

Misty cranked the saw up full throttle, and dropped it down into stabilizer box.

With a VVRRRRKKRKKKKRRRRRRRkkk! the blade whirled through the box and then cut the table in two with ease.

Smoke and and sawdust filled the air and covered the stage in a cloud.

“Kristina how are you feeling!?” Misty yelled out, half desperate, half laughing at how out-of-control the whole thing had become in just a few seconds.

She was hell-bent on finishing the act.


Misty lifted the saw blade from then middle of the saw box and then shoved the halves apart. She turned them so that that Kristina’s tits and Nina’s ass faced the front of the stage. She pushed them closer to the audience.

Kristina lifted herself up on her arms as she forced her breasts out of her costume and mouthed “give me your pussy” to Alicia. Alicia answered by pulling her panties over to the side and continued to run her fingers over her wet folds, more aggressively now.

Misty watched her, and she felt her heart race as a strong humming vibrated between her legs. She closed her eyes as she bit her lip.

She saw herself in an empty blackness, laid down on some dark pedestal. She wore her pink heels, her pink panties and her pink hat, the rest of her naked.

The humming grew, and she watched her nipples become stiff with arousal.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. She gripped her wand tight. She looked down and saw that her panties had become dark with wetness.

Suddenly three women appeared in a puff of blue smoke behind her with a “swoosh!”

Misty tried to cover herself but found she could not. Nothing was physically restraining her, but somehow she couldn’t move her arms to cover herself. She could sense their energy, and a part of her… she… she wanted them to see her.

The humming intensified as she watched them approach her, slowly. All three were scantily clad.

The Latina wore a black and red see-through bra, her round tits and rose nipples pushing out. A sheer black G-string harnessed her between the legs, shaved black slit visible as she moved barefoot to Misty’s right.

The shorter brunette wore a sheer blue nighty pulled tight against her large breasts, and danced around her waist, not quite skirting her bare ass and her pink pussy, topped off with her trimmed mound.

She smiled sweetly at Misty as she took her hand. The Latina took Misty’s other.

Her heart pounded and she felt dizzy, as smells of apples and cinnamon and vanilla and citrus swirled around her. The humming intensified, growing from between her legs to her whole body.

She knew it was wrong, she wanted to fight it, but she could only smile back and bend her legs in as she tried to suppress the hot and wonderful vibrations.

She watched the vision, watched as she closed her eyes with an “hmm,” as the two beautiful women caressed her.

“Misty…” the brunette said, softly, sweetly as she stroked her arm from her wrist to her shoulders with her long red nails. “It’s so nice to meet you,” she said lustfully as she breathed into her ear.

Misty got goosebumps. She opened her eyes and was no longer watching the vision, but in it, as she felt the gentle scratching of the nails on her shoulder. She felt her panties get hot and wet as the humming intensified.

“I’m Dawn, and that’s Mirabelle.”

The Latina smiled at her, then moved her eyes over Misty’s lips, and neck, and then her tits. She smiled as she looked back to her eyes, and began running her nails softly across Misty’s chest and back down her arms.

She felt confused… and paralyzed… and incredibly turned on, feeling the two gorgeous women gently caress her skin, and feeling the warmth of their bodies and breath on her face and arms and ears and neck.

Her nipples stuck straight out and her panties became soaked. She wanted to resist, she knew it was wrong… but she was frozen… and somehow… she liked…


She loved it.

“And I’m Josephine,” another voice spoke over her head.

She looked up to see the tall, busty brunette in a purple see-through robe. Misty could see Josephine’s slit beneath the thin material, only inches from her face. She could feel the warmth from it.

She felt uneasy as she looked into Josephine’s eyes, which glowed with blue neon plasma.

“What was in those orbs?” Josephine asked softly, curiously.

“Huh? Oh, uh… um, just baby oil, dyed baby oil…”

Josephine looked perplexed.

“So how did you transfer your helper to that aquarium?” she asked with a curious smile, as she brushed Misty’s hair over her ear gently with her long purple nails.

“There’s a secr… well… a magician must never give up her secrets,” Misty said, softly and politely, as she smiled at Josephine nervously, then let out a soft “ooh,” as Dawn cupped her right tit and brushed her nose against her ear.

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