Mister Africa Comes To Ottawa

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I was tracking down my prey for ages before I got the drop on him. Yeah, I knew he was prey material the moment I laid eyes on him. It’s summertime in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. A lot of young guys and gals take to the streets, strutting their stuff and having fun. I love it. I go out ready for prowling. Five feet eleven inches and 140 pounds of sexy, caramel-skinned ebony temptation. I’ve got short, spiky Black hair, a slim yet curvy figure, killer legs and a nice round ass. Roselyn Armand is the name.

Here’s a little back story about me. I was born in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. My father Franklin Armand is Haitian and my mother Jacqueline Tremblay Armand is White, of French Canadian descent. I have an older brother named Trevor who’s studying at McGill University. Presently, I’m taking psychology as a summer course at Carleton University. When I’m not in class, I’m out there trying to get some ass. And I usually succeed. Now, back to our show. I was telling you about my latest conquest.

Oh, he was delicious to look at. Tall, broad-shouldered and dark-skinned. He had immigrant written all over him. You could have made him a Poster Guy for Mister Africa. The brother was darker than Hollywood movie superstar and tax evader Wesley Snipes. I had to get myself a piece of him. When I spotted him crossing the street on Mackenzie King bridge heading to the Rideau Shopping Center, I basically followed him. I was supposed to go to Hurdman Station to catch the number four bus to Carleton University but I thought homework could wait. I had to get myself a piece of fine Black ass.

And so I did. I followed Mr. Tall, Black and Handsome throughout the mall. He looked really good in his superbly bright red silk shirt, Black silk pants and Black Timberland boots. It was really hot outside so I don’t know why he was dressed like bahis firmaları that. Like I said, I took one look at the guy and knew that he wasn’t a local dude. I followed him to the food court, where he ordered food from the good folks of Manchu Wok and sat down not far from the exit.

As he sat down and began eating, he quickly made the sign of the cross. Oh, that’s so cute. A good Christian lad. Hmmm. I just can’t wait to corrupt the hell out of him. I was raised Adventist but the last time I went to church, professor Michael Ignatieff still led the Liberal Party of Canada. I sat in the chair opposite him, and he looked at me, shocked. I smiled and asked him if the seat was taken. He shook his head. I smiled, and sipped my Pepsi while nibbling on the Subway sandwich I just bought. I could tell that my presence was making Mister Africa uncomfortable. Especially since I wore a bright blue tank top and White shorts so damn short that they should really be considered underpants. I could also tell that he was trying hard not to stare at me but he was failing miserably. I smiled, and asked him where he was from. If you live in Canada and you’re not of the Caucasian persuasion, people will ask you that question at least once a week.

Mister Africa smiled at me and told me that he was a proud citizen of the Kingdom of Swaziland. He introduced himself as Joseph Nakomo. A newcomer to Canada and a first-year student at the University of Ottawa. He spoke in heavily accented English. I smiled at his pearly White teeth. I’ve got a thing for African men. Especially Bible-thumping African guys like Joseph Nakomo here. Good Christian guys from Africa are fun to play with. I once went out with a Somali guy and his mindset was too controlling for my liking so I ended up dumping him.

Somali guys are way too into the Islam thing. They don’t realize that women in kaçak iddaa Canada aren’t used to men who think they run the show. We live in a feminist-dominated society, you know? Men don’t run shit up here. They just think they do and us women allow them to indulge their illusion. Yeah, I’ve got a heartfelt restraining order against Ibrahim the Somali guy from Mogadishu. He almost turned me off all African guys but I decided to just be more selective in my hunting practices, that’s all. Joseph Nakomo here looked harmless enough. And once I got him talking, he turned into a real chatterbox.

In the span of half an hour, Mister Africa/Joseph Nakomo basically told me his entire life story. He loves soccer. He came into the world the first day of February, which makes him an Aquarius. I was born on the first day of November, which makes me a feisty Scorpio. Hell yeah. To my immense surprise, this six-foot-four, superbly dark-skinned stud with the shiny White teeth and innocent brown eyes was only twenty years old. I’m twenty three. Damn. I don’t usually go for younger guys because they’re so damn immature. With Joseph Nakomo I faced a unique dilemma. The guy is simply hot. Already a lot of chicks inside the Rideau Shopping Center were checking him out. Fat White chicks especially. But also some Jamaican women, Nigerian women and Somali women. You’ve got to understand that in the City of Ottawa, Black women aren’t used to seeing Black couples sitting down having dinner. And I must say that Mister Africa and I looked good together.

Well, Joseph and I exchanged cell phone numbers. He was staying at his aunt Gertrude’s place in the suburb of Orleans, twenty minutes from downtown Ottawa by car. I was surprised that he had an aunt named Gertrude. Wow. Like I said, he’s so damn African. Anyhow, I ended up going to the premiere of the movie The Avengers with him. Joseph kaçak bahis didn’t know Ottawa too well. I took him to the Blair movie theater off Ogilvie road near the bus station and we had a nice time. As it turns out, he was a big fan of Samuel L. Jackson. And he told me with a wink that he had the leather jacket to prove it. The thought of seeing Mister Africa in shiny Black leather caused my pussy to twitch. Hot damn.

After the movie, I invited Joseph over for a quick drink. He was reluctant. Apparently, African Christians don’t believe in drinking. Hmmm. I thought the King of Swaziland had multiple wives. Surely these African polygamists didn’t abstain from everything good for you. Joseph assured me that he and his family were good Christians who didn’t believe in polygamy. I smiled at that. I sat him down in my living room and left him there, watching a rerun of Supernatural on the Space Channel. When I came back, I was butt naked. Joseph gasped. I smiled and walked right up to him. He seemed shocked by my boldness and averted his eyes. I smiled and told him to relax. He told me he had to leave. I stopped him dead in his tracks. I wanted to get laid, damn it.

Since Joseph seemed adamant about resisting me, I played the innocence card. African guys are outrageously naïve. I looked Joseph in the eyes and told him I was a virgin. And he bought it. I told him I wanted him to be my first. And I felt Mister Africa’s resistance melt away. When I kissed him, he didn’t pull away. He pulled me to him and we began making out. And just like that, we made love. He was a virgin too, that he assured me. Oh, well. I took good care of him. I got him naked, and we did our thing. I was gentle with him. Kissing him and fondling him before taking his long and thick, uncircumcised African cock and inserting him inside my tight pussy. Oh, yeah. He fucked me so good I forgot he was a first-timer. We went at it for hours. It was awesome. Old dude left me sore for days. I didn’t mind, though. He was awesome. I think I found my great adventure for the Summer of 2012, ladies and gentlemen!

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