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Milking for MikeIt’s been 6 weeks after the delivery of the c***d I delivered for a friend and her husband. My best friend Carol and husband Mike couldn’t have a c***d of their own, so Carol approved of Mike and I having a few good rounds of sex and him coming in me to get pregnant. Carol’s didn’t have eggs that could or would except sperm.I remember the night I got pregnant; Mike and Carol were fooling around on my back patio by the pool. I came outside to see Mike’s face buried in between Carol’s thighs. She was moaning with great delight. I set the tray of wine and cheese on the table, and then walked over to see Carol caressing her hard nipples. I reached over to suck and massage each nipple.As soon as I began to suck her right nipple, Carol let out a loud moan as she came in Mike’s mouth. Mike was stroking his dick, before he slid himself deep into her wet pussy. Carol asked if she could eat my pussy while she was being fucked. I jumped on the opportunity. I quickly dropped my shorts and panties, and then straddled over her face. I let out a quick moan as her tongue rimmed my pussy. Mike looked up to me and reached for my breasts.Mike said he couldn’t wait to see my breasts full of milk. He wants to drink from my hard tits the sweet tasting milk. He massaged my tits before leaning forward to suck them to a hardened state. The harder he sucked on my nipples the more excited I got. Carol was getting her pussy pounded hard from Mike. I lifted off her face and went behind Mike. I bent down to get a closer view of his dick sliding in her pussy.I couldn’t resist the pink puckered hole just below her pussy. I licked my pointer finger, before sliding it into Carol’s ass. She grunted just a bit, and then began to moan as Mike and I were working her holes. Carol lifted her legs high and wide for Mike to fuck her to an orgasm. I pulled my finger from her as she began to come. Mike pulled from Carol and said that it was my turn to get a good pussy pounding.Mike pulled me around as he planted a huge kiss on my lips. I began to stroke his dick, when I felt the stickiness of Carol’s come. I squatted to suck her juice balgat escort from Mike’s dick. Mike sighed as I took him into my throat. My left hand stroked his balls, before working their way to his ass. I found his tight opening and slid my finger in. Another moan came from deep inside him. I pulled away from his dick and looked up to see him smile.Mike turned me around to lean over the arm rest of the couch. He spread my ass cheeks to get a view of my wet pussy. His dick slid in with ease. He rammed me a few times, and then pulled out to eat my come. Then he filled my pussy again with his thick cock. I lifted my right leg to rest on the chair, for him to fill me all the way.Carol said in the easy chair and fingered her pussy and toyed with her nipples as her husband fucked me. She asked if I would lick her swollen pussy. I replied with a hell yes. Mike moved to sit on the couch. I sat on Mike’s dick and Carol straddled in front of me, for me to lick her very red swollen pussy. I fingered and licked her sweetness, while Mike pounded into me harder.When Mike was ready to come, Carol moved away. Mike moved me to stand against the wall as he entered me again. He lifted my legs to be around his waist as he filled me full of his hot seeds. The three of us collapsed on the couch. Carol kissed Mike and said she knows that tonight was the night of magic. It sure was, a couple of months later is when I found out I was pregnant. Mike and Carol took care of all my medical expenses and all the legal procedures of the adoption. Even though Mike is the father, we still had to get it legal. The months went by, until the day of delivery. Both Mike and Carol were in the delivery room with me. I didn’t have a hard or long delivery, considering I had 2 c***dren already. Carol was so excited when baby William came from my pussy. She was jumping up and down that she almost fell. Mike held my hand and helped with my breathing exercises.The doctor asked if I wanted to take something to dry up my milk. I told him no. I was going to breast feed William for a few weeks. The doctor was confused, knowing batıkent escort that the baby was being adopted, but didn’t question it any further. The next couple of days in the hospital, Carol was in the room holding William every moment she could. When William was hungry, Carol would hand him over to me, for me to feed. William had a great suction on my breast, every time. I wished that Carol could feel the powerful suction her son had. When she asked if it hurt, I told her it was like Mike sucking her nipples, making them so hard that they poked through her shirt and made the neighbor jealous when he saw them. We both laughed and remembered how his wife slapped him for drooling.The next few weeks went by; I pumped my breast every day for the couple to feed their son. Carol would come over most of the time during the day, to pick up the bottles. I would have William suck me at least once a day. Mike surprised me with the empty bottles one night. He came in through the wooden gate of my backyard. I was doing laps in my pool, when he said hi. I was shocked, but excited to see him in person. Normally he would drop off the bottles and leave. Not tonight. It’s been 6 weeks and I’m horny. When I saw him standing above me in a pair of loose shorts, I could see up his pant leg and see his semi limp dick.I pulled myself out of the water and led Mike to have a sit at the table. I don’t need to feel embarrassed with my naked body. I got Mike and me a beer, and then joined him at the table. Mike was telling me that Carol wants me to stop with the breast milk. She caught him drinking some of the milk one night. I laughed when he said he so wanted to try it. That’s when Carol said enough was enough. So, she’s been giving William bottles of formula, to break him.I noticed she would make a face when I would have him feed, the past few days. Mike said it was just earlier this week that Carol caught him. Mike and I chatted about how he and Carol have been doing so much better with their relationship, since now they are parents. The house phone rang and I ran to answer it. I was talking çankaya escort with my boss, when Mike came up from behind me with a stiff dick poking me in the back. I told my boss that I needed to let him go and I would see him in the morning.I turned around to see Mike smiling at me. He looked me in the eyes and said he wants to be baby William. He wants some of mommy’s milk, straight from the source. He lifted me into his arms then took me to my bed. He laid me down, and then began to kiss me. He asked if it was ok for him to do this. I nodded as he kissed me down my neck to my right nipple. Licking first, and then light sucking. Then he went to the other breast. Teasing me until I began to lactate. My milk began to drip when Mike squeezed and sucked harder. I gasped as he sucked each one. I had forgotten how it felt to have a grown man suck my milk. My ex-husband used to suck me dry. My c***dren had a hard time digesting it, so they were on formula.As Mike sucked my nipples, I stroked his dick. I fingered my pussy and begged for his dick. Mike filled my hungry pussy with his thickness. He said I felt so good. I asked if he and Carol have made love, since the baby was born. He said no, that she was too busy with watching the baby. That’s when Mike took me and kissed me gently. I wrapped my legs around him tightly and asked for him to be deeper.Mike lifted up to suck my nipples again, and then worked his kisses to my hot wet pussy. He licked and flicked my nub til I was screaming with joy. When I came, he sucked my pussy hole til he couldn’t get any more come, then lifted to put his dick back in for some more. Mike and I made love for a couple of hours. When we both had our orgasm, Mike and I got in the pool to play. We played with each other some more. I told him how much I have missed him and Carol coming over for play time. He said that Carol had gotten cold and she needs to have some sex to lighten up. I told him that someday soon, I will seduce her and I will get her all horny for him.Mike then kissed me again, as he entered my pussy again. We made love in the pool, with him coming in me again. That could be dangerous, but I didn’t have a care in the world. Before Mike left, he sucked my nipples again; he said he needed a night cap. I told Mike that he could come over anytime he wanted to have some playtime. Mike said it won’t always be playtime; he would make love to me more often.

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