Mike’s Sister, Sarah Pt. 2

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Mike’s Sister, Sarah Pt. 2Chris woke up early the next morning after having barely slept. No one else was awake so he took the opportunity to get dressed and leave quietly. He hurried to his car, still panicking from Sarah walking in on him in that state. She saw everything, she hated him, she was going to tell Mike, he wouldn’t speak to Chris again. Chris’ mind was going over every possible bad outcome and repeating itself over and over again. He had to go. He started up the car and drove home.It was coming up to the next Friday, Chris and Mike weren’t hanging out this Friday night because Mike was at a conference for the weekend. They had spoken during the week but Mike hadn’t mentioned anything about Sarah, or more specifically, the time she walked in on Chris masturbating to pictures of Sarah. Maybe she hadn’t told him? Chris wouldn’t blame her, it’s not exactly something he would want to talk about if he had been in Sarah’s position.Chris had finished work on Friday and went home to relax. He was planning on having something to eat and then spend the night watching television. He was halfway through eating his food when he heard his phone ring. He walked over to answer when his heart sank. It was Sarah calling. The panic started again, the bad outcomes started shooting through his mind. He needed to answer it, ignoring it would only make things worse. “Hello?” “Chris? It’s Sarah.” The tone of her voice wasn’t friendly, this was going to be a difficult conversation.“Hey, Sarah. How are things? Chris replied.“Listen, Chris, I can’t just ignore what happened and I want to sort this out between us. Mike sincan escort is away for the weekend and I want to talk to you. Come over whenever you can and we’ll talk, OK?” There was no place Chris wanted to be less in the world, the last thing he wanted to do was to confront this situation and go through it again.“Look, Sarah… I don’t know if-”“Chris. I haven’t mentioned anything to Mike and I don’t plan to, regardless, you need to get over here. It isn’t a request.” She sounded stern, Chris felt he was out of options here, but this option seemed to be the lesser of evils. “OK, I’ll finish up here and I’ll set off. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.”“See you soon.” She hung up the phone. What does she want to talk about? Why hasn’t she said anything to Mike? Chris was asking himself these kind of questions over and over. He was relieved that she hadn’t told Mike but he didn’t want to ask either. He finished his meal, grabbed his keys and set off to meet Sarah.He pulled up outside the house, the last thing he wanted to do was to walk through that door but he knew he had to. His heartbeat raised, he could feel his pulse getting faster as he approached the door. He knocked on the door and a few seconds later Sarah answered. She greeted him in regular clothes, nothing like the outfits she usually posts pictures of online. She had a pair of jeans on, training shoes and a hooded jumper. Standard casual/comfortable/relax in the house clothes.“Hey, Chris, come on in.” She seemed rather relaxed, maybe this conversation was going to go well, Chris thought. He stepped into the house and removed his shoes. “Thanks, escort sincan Sarah. Look I know what happened upset you and-”“Relax, man.” Sarah interrupted. “Mike isn’t going to find out because 1. I don’t really want to have that kind of conversation with my brother and 2. This isn’t the first time that I’ve walked in on someone masturbating.”“Oh, OK?” Chris replied with confusion. He was glad that Mike doesn’t know but he didn’t want to go into the last part with her that much.“However, that doesn’t mean that I’m just going to let this go.” Sarah replied with a smile on her face. “As far as I’m concerned, you owe me big time.”“I do?”“Yes. Now wait here, I’ll be back soon.” She turned headed upstairs. Chris took a seat on the sofa he had slept on the previous Friday, he cringed as he replayed that moment until Sarah came downstairs. She wasn’t alone. He recognised the girl from one of the photos on Sarah’s account to be her friend Charlotte. She was wearing leggings and a white vest top, he could see her nipples poking through her top. It would have turned him on in any other scenario but this wasn’t the time.“Charlotte, this is Chris. I walked in on him jerking his cock over one of my photos.” Chris’ heart sank again, he felt humiliated. Degraded. His head fell into his hands, he desperately wished for a hole to open up in the ground and suck him in, never to return.Sarah looked at him and knew he felt ashamed. She gave a little smile before saying, “Chris, this is Charlotte, I once caught her rubbing her pussy to me in the shower.” That’s what she meant by saying this isn’t the first time she sincan escort bayan walked in on someone, Chris thought. He lifted his head up, his face still with a look of confusion on it. “What?” He asked, assuming he misheard her. “You heard correctly.” Sarah replied. “I was having a nice shower and I saw her with her hands down her pants, rubbing her little pussy. She’s been paying me back ever since.” Chris had no idea what was going on, he turned his head to look at Charlotte and she had a naughty smile on her face. This confused Chris even further. What was she smiling about? Wondered Chris, Is she enjoying this? They locked eyes for a while before Sarah broke the silence.“You like her, Chris? Isn’t she beautiful? Hasn’t she got an ass to die for? Charlotte, give Chris a spin.” Charlotte walked over to Chris, standing in front of him. She turned around slowly, lifting the back of her top off to show off her perfect ass.“Yeah, she’s… she’s very pretty!” Replied Chris, he was both confused and slightly horny about the situation. “I’m glad you think so. Charlotte, cover his eyes.” Sarah demanded. Charlotte hurried over, sat next to him and placed her hands over his eyes. “Good girl.” Sarah said. Chris couldn’t hear what was going on and with Charlotte’s hands over his eyes, he couldn’t see anything either. He was slightly nervous, he had no idea what was going to happen next, but when Charlotte removed her hands a few minutes later, he was shocked beyond belief. Stood before him was Sarah in a leather corset which both pushed her breasts up but also covered her nipples. Attached to the corset were some fishnet stockings and she was wearing a black thong. She had her hands on her hips and a naughty smile on her face across her face.“We’re going to start your payback now, Chris.” Sarah declared.Charlotte let out a little giggle.

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