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MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 42CHAPTER 42: THE FANTASY FEST WEEKEND – DAY 2, PART 2 Now we had to decide how we wanted to play the final round. We agreed that we had already exceeded our wildest expectations. So we would just continue to be ourselves, but this time we would put the focus on Helen. And it occurred to me just how to do that. She was a little taken aback by the idea, but Mom loved it. We all agreed to continue that way. We made sure that Helen understood that we weren’t trying to win this thing by being something we weren’t or by saying things to win the crowd. We were up against the two hottest ‘professional’ dancers. Despite the crowd seeming to love our fun approach, they were also bringing along the hot ones, too. We were already assured of winning something which was never the goal. We achieved the goals expected by Tim which was to go into this situation to expose ourselves before hundreds of strangers and have fun while doing it.As the last round was starting, the other two girls had fully caught onto our strategy of being later in the program and they insisted that we go first. I shrugged my shoulders and went to the first one and gave her a big hug and wished her good luck. Then I went to the other woman and did the same thing. Mom and Helen followed suit behind. We felt better even if the other two women were suspicious of our motives.The back stage supervisor called for the first contestant and we rushed up the three steps and onto the side of the stage. She tried to stop us but Mom and Helen just followed me. The emcee was flustered now because we were out of order. The crowd started clapping upon seeing us but the emcee tried to restore quick order, “Wait, wait, it isn’t your turn. It’s supposed to be by the order of popular rating last round.”I smiled and raised my arms to the crowd and Helen and Mom joined me. “It’s okay, really. The other girls felt like our coming out first would help them. WILL IT?”A resounding, “NO!!” came back.I was walking across the front of the stage pumping my arms up into the air. On cue Mom and Helen stood by the emcee shaking their heads. I made a show of finally seeing them and held out my arms to the side and called out, “What?”Mom boldly took the mike from the emcee who made a show of looking into his empty hands. “Michele, put your arms up in the air like you had them before. Good, now turn to all the good people out there. Now look down.”I did and saw, of course, that my negligee was widely parted and nearly above my hips. I made a show of dropping my arms quickly and smoothing out the front of the negligee. Mom came up to me with the mike and put it in front of me, “I am so sorry, folks. I’m not usually so blatant about exposure.” From the side came, “Oh, that’s a good one.”I put my hands on my hips and looked in that direction with a simple but firm, “Timothy!” The crowd erupted, again. Several of the guys around Tim were giving him high-fives. I looked down at a young woman in front and said, “Boys, they act like hormonal boys.” She nodded and hit the guy’s arm next to her. “Anyway, I was saying … this darn outfit just doesn’t seem to stay in place …”Helen came up and grabbed the mike, “Ha! That’s a classic.” She looked out into the crowd, “Do you want to know why these gowns don’t stay together? What she made us do to them?” A chorus of ‘yes’. Mom was now on the other side of me and each took hold of the location on each side where the other tie would have been and pulled it open wide, “See, right here on each side is SUPPOSED to be another tie. But, no, that was one too many for her.” They had been shown my naked body and the pulling loosened the tie at the top and now my breasts were fully exposed.I took the mike back, “Wait, wait just a minute!” I hadn’t bothered to retie the top. I held up my arms for quiet which just re-exposed my right breast and brought more cheers and hoots and calls for more. I shouted out with the help of the mike system, “Wait, and let’s be fair here. There is an old wives tale that ‘Mother’s always right’.” I turned and stuck my tongue out at Mom and the crowd erupted in laughter and warnings all at once. Mom started coming to me but I put up my hand, “Wait, mother, let’s have the good people at Fantasy Fest decide this, okay people?” More cheers. They were right into our play. “This is the third time you’ve seen us in these negligees tonight, do you like them?”A male in front center yell out, “On you three, yes!”I found him and pointed to him, “Aren’t you sweet.” I looked over the crowd and called over Mom and Helen, “So, do you like these negligees like we have them so they fly open?” Helen demonstrated. “Or if they had two ties and stayed in place?” Mom demonstrated and everything was concealed under the sheer material (?). I then open mine wide and waited and sure enough several of the guys gave us the answer, “Fully open like yours.”We blew the crowd a kiss and walked back to the emcee and just before I got to him I dropped the mike. I looked the emcee and put my hand to my mouth and glanced over my shoulder and bent over with straight knees to pick it up. Whistles and cheers.The emcee took the mike like he wasn’t ever going to let it out of his two handed grip. “Are you three finished?” And another eruption of laughter and cheers came. He leaned into us, “I don’t know if you are going to win or not but this crowd loves you.” He got the crowd quieter and tried to start, again, “I think we can get on with the questions now.”I stepped forward and made a move to the mike but he turned quickly like he was protecting a valuable jewel. “Seriously, we want to play a game with the crowd, it’ll just take a moment.”“A game? What do you call what you were just doing?” The crowd got quiet, waiting for the reaction.“No … no, I … I mean … no, that was … that was my Mom’s fault.”She didn’t need the mike, “WHAT!?!?”I put up my hand towards her, “Okay, okay, you’re right. That was my fault.” I turned to the crowd, “Sometimes mothers are right.” I shrugged my shoulders like I didn’t believe it. More laughter at Mom’s expense.The emcee was looking at his watch but I wanted to keep this going for our conclusion. “Just a short guessing game for the good people. We need a table cloth or large towel.” A large towel was immediately thrown onto the stage. I pointed to two guys in the front and motioned them up and said to them quietly, “Thank you.” I kissed each on the lips. “Oops, are those your girlfriends?” They were so I went to the front and got onto my knees and motioned them over and gave each the same kiss and touched their breasts, “Having fun?” They were.I instructed the guys to hold the towel up in front of us and we went behind it and move our positions around. We raised the bottoms of our negligees and bent over at the waist and spread our legs. The mike was brought over to me, “Good folks of Fantasy Fest, this is a simple game. In a moment you will need to identify the virgin pussy.” Then the towel was dropped to the floor. We stayed like that for several moments and I thought this had backfired on me. There had been a gasp when I said it and a murmur went up through the crowd but nobody shouted it out. I yelled out, “Come on, people, it can’t be that hard.”A woman’s voice called out, “We just like the view!”Finally, someone took mercy on us and called out, “Helen in the middle.” We straightened up and turned around all smiles and waving to them.The emcee came over still holding the mike with two hands, “Wait a minute. The last two rounds you dropped two bombs on us. Michele is a submissive to Tim, her husband. Barb, Michele’s mom is also married to Tim. Now you are telling us that Helen is still a virgin.” He moved to Helen, “True, Helen? Or a ploy?”“What’s wrong with being a virgin?”“Oh, nothing. But living with those three? You guys opened this subject up, so, tell us, really? You’re a virgin?”“Yes, I am. That’s not to say I am a complete innocent. Like you say, I live with them. But I’ve never been … you know … never that.”“Hell, this is Fantasy Fest, right folks?” A huge cheer went up. “This is no place to play word games, Helen.”“Okay … then … I’ve never been fucked. Better?” Another cheer went up. She said it in front of over three hundred people.“You guys always seem to be out here for longer than planned, but I think we’ve all enjoyed it. What do you folks say?” Giant cheers. “But one last series of questions and I am almost hesitant to ask, but here goes … Helen, do you have a boyfriend?”“Yes, yes I do. At least I think of him that way and I hope he thinks of me that way.” We hadn’t rehearsed this part but hoped the questions would follow the progression from me to Mom to Helen. We just asked her to be honest to the questions, to be honest to herself.“This might be a little person, but …”“But this is Fantasy Fest, right?” She got them going, again.“Exactly. Shoot, they may take my job away next year and give it to you three.” Laughter. “So, Helen, a boyfriend, still a virgin, are you waiting for marriage?”“Oh, no! No. You see I didn’t have a very good life up to the time I found Michele. I had a family all my life but that wasn’t scratching the surface to what I found with Michele, Barb and Tim. So when they told me to take things slowly, don’t rush into anything, get comfortable and secure before taking new steps, that’s exactly what I did. I mean, you get one chance at first times and first times should be perfect, right?”A woman from the crowd shouted out, “Good for you, Helen. Good for all of you!!” Applause and cheers.The emcee was walking back and forth in front of us and stopped by me as the cheers started dying down, “And everyone thinks it takes raunchy to win this thing. I’m almost am afraid to ask this next question.” But he walked back to Helen. “Helen, your boyfriend … is he here tonight watching you?”“I hope he’s still here. He’s the reason I am doing this. Well, sure, also to support Michele and Barb.”“Okay … I had Michele and Barb point out their husband, will you point out your boyfriend?”“Sure, but …”“But, what?”“Well, you … you already know him.”“Helen, how could I possibly know him … you mean …” The crowd was so quiet we could hear our bursa escort hearts beating in the excitement of this coming together.Helen leaned into the mike, “Tim, honey? Raise your hand, again.”The crowd was stone silent for a second, then, “TIM! TIM! TIM! TIM! …”The emcee waved his arms and called out over the mike, “Folks, quiet! One more thing.”The crowd quieted enough for him, “I think we need to meet Tim.” Cheering out his name they were in agreement. Tim came up onto the stage and went between Helen and Mom, took each around the waist, raising their negligees in the process. Mom noticed and slapped his hand and shook her finger at him. More laughter.“Tim, just time for one question: Do you ever get any sleep with these vixen around the house?”“Sleep? I can sometimes get an hour in between them coming to me.” We jumped him in playful reaction. All three of us took hold of him and walked off the stage waving to the cheering crowd.After the other two contestants were finished, we were all called back onto the stage for final voting. I have to admit that I was embarrassed when we won. We didn’t perform the way all the other contestants did or had in the past. But we had fun, satisfied Tim’s expectation and won $1000. After being handed the check, I waved it high and shouted out, “Thank you! This will pay for body paint for tomorrow night! See you on Duval tomorrow night!”We collapsed at a table and a waitress was there immediately looking nervous. Tim said we’d have another round. She said that so many people were buying us drinks that there had to be 60 or 70 already registered. What did we want to do? Helen leaned in and suggested that we give them to the other contestants. Great idea. In moments the music was interrupted with a request for all the contestants and their parties to please come to the stage area. There were 30 to 40 people up there and discussion with the same waitress and she pointed to us. We held up our glasses and saluted them.After that drink, we asked about the black-out party outside. Everyone was game to see what it was. We found a place to bag our clothes and secure them so we did. We girls stripped completely and Tim to his boxers. We were handed glow sticks and we danced in the darkness except for the glow sticks everywhere and the video screens. Some of the video screens had porn showing, some were of zoomed in shots of dancers. Then I found a couple playing a replay of the contest. That felt weird, we were on tape.We danced for about an hour until it was about midnight. The party was still going strong but we knew Helen had another agenda, or at least we still hoped she did. Besides, we had all been touched so much on the dance floor that we were ready for more intimate touching with a lover. We got our bag of clothes, put our heels on and the negligee and left everything else in the bag. We had no idea where our thongs might be. They may have become souvenirs, perhaps.We were about five blocks from The Pilot House and we immediately got off Duval Street to have a little more quiet for our walk there. Mom and I walked together holding hands behind Tim and Helen who had a tight hug of his right arm. She had the fingers of her left hand intertwined with his right hand and his arm pulled into her body. Mom and I smiled at each other as we watched her. This was definitely going to be the night and she was working out how to approach him. I might have suggested jumping his bones right here on somebody’s front lawn, but that might not be the romantic, intimate experience she was hoping for on her first time.She was looking up at him as they walked. She was paying no attention at all where they were going, she was just attached to him and following wherever he was going. We moved a little closer sensing that something was going to happen in their comments pretty soon. Then we heard her start, “Tim?”“Yes, Helen.”“Did we accomplish your challenges to your full satisfaction today?”“Completely, I couldn’t be more pleased that all three of you accepted them so willingly and took them on so fully. Why?”“Just wondering. I don’t know about Barb, but it was certainly the furthest from my comfort zone that I have gone.”“For Barb, too. If either one of you had declined parts of today, I would have understood or maybe even expected it. We may need to have a discussion soon to determine if there is implication here for a revision of limits for me to relate to for Barb and you.”“Tim, did you mind when I identified you as my boyfriend? I mean, we never really talked about that before.”“You handled the question perfectly, Helen. He ask you and you responded how you felt. When he followed up, you clarified that you helped I felt the same. It was completely honest, and I am very flattered that you feel that way about me. Honey, I hope you know I feel just as strongly about you. In our family structure I am not sure what I would call it but I haven’t really felt the need to put a word to it, but that one would be very good. But …”Helen visibly tensed at the ‘but’ and held on a little tighter still, “But?”“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” He pulled his arm out and put it around her and pulled her in close as they walked a little slower. We were only a block and a half away at this point. “Helen, dear … you mean a tremendous amount to me, as you do to Michele and Barb. Michele has come to think of you more and pulled you in as her sister … fully as her sister. I’m not sure how Barb would describe you in her relationship to you but it might be the same as me. There is some awkwardness with any word or label: boyfriend, girlfriend somehow just isn’t complete. They can be used for casual or deep relationships.”“Do you have something in mind that feels better?”“No, I don’t. I don’t know what any of us expected when we first offered for you to stay with us for a while. But I know what’s happened in the meantime, Helen. You’ve captured all of us by just being the person you are.” He looked over his shoulder to us and knew that we had been close enough to have heard the whole thing. He jerked his head to indicate for us to join them and we moved off the sidewalk to the residential street. Mom went to Tim’s left side and took his waist while I went to Helen’s right and did the same. Tim looked at Mom on his left and then to his right at me and then Helen, “As I was saying, you’ve captured all of us. We, the three of us, my wives, we’ve not discussed it in specific words, but … well, I hope I’m not stepping out of bounds here, but … I like you as part of our family, Helen.” He stopped in the street and I realized we were at the gate to The Pilot House. “I don’t mean that to be demanding or restricting or pressuring in any way. You’re young and I would understand if you discovered new things and met new people and found someone you wanted to spend your life with. That’s what growing up is meant to do, prepare you for making those decisions and give you the confidence to go off on your own. I’m rambling, aren’t I?”“Maybe, but I like it. It’s important for me to know how you feel.”He took her face in his hands and kissed her on the lips, then pulled her into his arms and hugged her. He looked at each of us with a contented smile, relaxed and comfortable with our situation. “What I am trying to get out, Helen, is that I love you. Not as a ‘sister-in-law’ type thing or a family member or a relation, but … as a lover. Michele and Barb are my wives, so there is a difference somehow that is reflected in the mutual commitment we made that binds us. But I feel similarly for you.” He pushed her back just slightly to see her facial reaction, and satisfied that she wasn’t panicked, pulled her back into his arms. “I haven’t known exactly how to express that without a fear of scaring of you.” He separated her again and held her face. “You deserve to have the freedom and security to create your own life however you want it. You weren’t given that growing up. We’ve tried to provide some of that direction and in the process have developed our own feelings and desires for you as someone we care about like family but also as a very sensual woman.” He took a deep breath and looked to us, then back to Helen. “Let me put it this way, if you found happiness outside our family group and home, I would be very happy for you. But, Helen, if you remain happy with us, in our family and home, and you decided to stay as we are now … I would be even happier.”Frankly, I was shocked he got all that out. This was not a man given to long expressions of his feelings. And, as far as I was concerned, he was right on target with my feelings. I closed the gap and hugged her from the side and soon felt Mom doing the same to Tim. Tim chuckled, “Looks like its unanimous.”Helen turned to each of us and kissed us. When she came to me, I asked her, “Are you going to tonight?”“I want to.”“Do it.”She came out of my arms and turned to Tim. We were still standing in the street, it was very dark and quiet. The large trees along the street shaded the street lights giving everything a flickering light shining on us as the breeze moved the branches. The same light breeze moved our negligees away from our bodies. We had become very comfortable in our nudity outside with just this little bit of sheer covering.She hugged Tim and then put her hands up to his face and looked into his eyes. “Tim, what you just said to me was beautiful. I have been hopeful that my living in your family was not a burden to you. How you expressed your feelings for me proves my impression and confidence in you. And … I have found that I love you, too. I have been afraid of that feeling that I have felt for all of you. I didn’t want to seem like a silly, little girl overreacting to her emotions. But, I am not. I feel that strongly for all of you.” She looked quickly to me and I nodded. She looked to Mom and she nodded, too. “Tim, I … I know more than ever that I want you to … okay, I know we’re standing in the middle of the street but … and maybe this isn’t the best location to ask this … but … tonight, I want … I want you to be my first, I want you to love me fully tonight. Will you, Tim?”He pulled her into his arms, put escort bursa an arm behind her knees and lifted her off the ground, her arm around his neck. He turned to Mom and I standing next to each other, “I trust there is no objections to my fulfilling this young woman’s request?”“Heck, no, we have no objections. In fact we’re coming with you.”“What?”Helen kissed his lips, “Yes, they are. We discussed this and I want them to be there when you take me for the first time. Besides, sex among us is not a private activity, is it Mr. Hawkins?”He laughed, “No, it most certainly is not. Would one of my wives mind getting the door? I don’t want to chance that she might change her mind if I put her down.” At that we all laugh.Helen kisses him again as we enter the lobby. “Not a chance, I am yours now.” The woman behind the desk looked up and smiled. Although the hotel had rules about public nudity normally in the commons area, Fantasy Fest partiers frequently had trouble getting to their rooms after the craziness and the rules were relaxed almost out of necessity for the late night returning participants.As we approached our room door, I asked Tim, “Where is the room key, I’ll open the door.”“My front right pocket.”Helen responded immediately, “Oh no.”“What do you mean by that?”“Michele, we all know you. Don’t do anything that causes him to drop me, not now.”“What about now?”“Are you k**ding me?!” She looks up and down the short hall and lowers her voice, “I’m about to finally get my first fuck, that’s what. I don’t want to break or sprain something now.” She has a huge smile on her face and we all chuckle and my hand dives into Tim’s pocket searching for the room key-card. I find it too fast so I continue moving my hand around feeling some something else. I find it and it is straining against the fabric of his shorts. I take hold of it through the pocket material and stroke it as best as I can.Tim reacts with a jerk but holds Helen tight in his arms. “Oooooh, be careful woman. I have a sweet, young thing in my arms here who has dibs on that for the next while.” Helen smiles.I pull my hand out and forget the key and go back in, stroke him again, “Hmmmmm, Helen, dear, he feels like he is very anxious to satisfy your request.”Helen curls into his chest and neck a little deeper and almost coos, “Sooooo, is Tim already hard for me? Hmmmm?”“You women are awful teases. Will someone open this door so the teasing can stop and the playing can start?”Inside the room Tim puts Helen standing on the floor and unties her negligee and takes it off her. She kicks her heels off and stands in front of him. As I am taking off my negligee, I whisper into her ear, “Undress your man, honey. Then, once he is naked, make sure he is ready for you, just the right hardness you want. Just like you’ve seen us do so many times. Love his cock and love his body. There will be times during it all that your senses will be overwhelmed and it will become all about you, but then return to giving attention to him. When you are both focused on the other, it is wonderful. And this man will definitely put his focus on you and your satisfaction.”She stepped right up to Tim and pushed her hands under his shirt, over his shoulders, and down his arms, taking the shirt with them. Her hands touched his chest, like it was the first time she ever had the chance. Even though she had done this part before, she approached it like it was the very first time. Her hands explored and gently touched, stroked. He hands came down his sides to the top of his shorts and moved to the front and the snap closure there. She unsnapped it, took hold of the zipper and slowly lowered it. She pushed his shorts to the floor, knelt down and removed his sandals first, then his shorts. She ran her hands up his right leg to his boxers, across the front and stopping at his cock for only a second before going down his left leg. She moved one hand back to his left and raised both up to the waist band of his boxers. She looked up at him, seeing him watching her hands as they slowly moved the boxers down. When the top of his cock came into view, she leaned forward and kiss it and licked it as she pushed them down to his feet. She let him step out of them as she took the head of his rigid cock into her mouth. He was plenty hard and rigid but she was doing what she had heard Mom and me say, a form of the Golden Rule, ‘Please your lover the way you would like to be pleased’. She was now pushing her mouth down over his cock and Tim released the first moan as the result of her attentions.He bent over and encouraged her up to her feet. “This is supposed to be about you tonight.”“Well, according to my mentors, dear, it should never be about one person. But thank you.”He led her to the bed and up onto it and into the center. She looked into his eyes the whole time, “What should I do, Tim?”“Do? Just enjoy for now. We’ll start like this to get you used to the feeling as I slowly work for full penetration for the first time. Then get you used to my being inside you. Then, we can get adventurous and try whatever you fancy.”“Are you okay, Tim? I mean, the first time I took you in my mouth you …”“Yes, I remember. And I am good. Your nasty sister apparently knew about this possibility tonight and she asked and gave me a blowjob in the dark of the party tonight.”Helen looked to me and smiled, “She’s not nasty, she very attentive to others.”Tim smiled at me, too, “And she is very good at it.” He looked into Helen’s eyes as she lay spread out in front of him. Mom was on one side of the bed and I was on the other. Tim picked up her legs, bent her knees and spread her out completely. He slipped a finger along her pussy lips and then slid it inside. He smiled down at her, “You are very wet, my dear. Are you ready?”“Yes, I am, make me a woman, Tim.”“No, I can’t do that, you are already more of a woman than most I’ve known in all the ways that are truly important. But, I can further initiate you into becoming a lover. Will that do?”“Oh, god, yes!”Tim was between her legs with his cock lined up with her pussy. She raised her head to watch her first penetration, looked up at him and smiled before returning her attention to her pussy and his cock. He held his cock in one hand and braced himself on the bed over her. He slid his cock head along her pussy lips and slightly into her hole and back along her lips. She shuddered. I could see her body shudder with the first contact and anticipation. He held his cock at the entrance to her hole and looked at her. She was still watching intently, her breath ragged already, as he entered her so just the head was inside. He paused and looked, her mouth was open and her eyes were on fire.She looked up at him and then to Mom and me in turn, she was smiling wide, “God, I’m finally going to do it. I knew I wanted Tim to do it and now he will.”Tim inched in further and further, moving slow and deliberate like he was waiting for something. Then I understood. I moved my head to his and softly said, “You can relax, honey, it’s sweet that you were so concerned. Her hymen is broken. She’s ready for you and needs you. Take her now like she wants you to.”He looked into Helen’s eyes and they smiled at each other. “Ready, love?”“Oh, yes, Tim, I want you inside me completely, please, now.”He was holding himself above her, the head of his cock just inside her pussy, he flexed forward and slid nearly all the way inside. He moved forward slightly and eased the rest of the way in. Her head was thrown back, her mouth was open and she cried out in a long, low call, “Ooooohhhhhhhh … my … godddddd … yesssssss!”Tim pulled nearly all the way back out and slid back in and stayed in place for a moment fully embedded in her. Her legs instinctively raised and her ankles crossed over his lower back. She raised her hips up to receive him on the next thrust which was more direct and forceful. He was slowly building up his pulling back and pressing in, over and over and over. She reached out to his neck and pulled his head down to her and she engulfed his mouth and lips with hers. He started pumping harder and she separated their mouths and cried out and was holding on tightly, pulling him down or her up, her legs seemed to twitch and I then knew that she was experiencing her first orgasm on a cock. The extra fluids made her pussy that much more slick and Tim pounded in and out as she went through her orgasm. She called out in pleasure and disbelief as her body shook and her pussy clamped down on his cock, without her control.Tim slowed but kept pumping into her. When she seemed to be recovered somewhat, he pulled completely out of her and she seemed disappointed based on the groan and look on her face. I looked at Mom and we seemed to be thinking the same thing. We love this girl so much and we are getting to see her fucking for the first time, see the reactions in her face and body as she experiences each thing new. Once Tim had pulled out of her, we both moved in on her. I went to her breasts and nipples while Mom went to her mouth. We were quick, just teases and reassurance for her that it was continuing. As we lifted away, Tim was intently searching her face, “We aren’t done, yet, young lady.” He indicated to me to lay on the bed with my head near him. I knew immediately what this was going to be even if Helen looked confused. “Now, on your hands and knees over Michele. You might as well start getting used to this position. I suspect we’ll be seeing you in it plenty in the future.” Helen did as requested. But Tim saw Mom sitting on the edge of the bed and didn’t want to exclude her. He had Mom sit between my legs and spread her legs in front of Helen. “Good. I like that a lot better. Now we are all involved.” He put his hands on her hips and looked down between her legs at me. I smiled up at him and wiggled my tongue indicating I was ready. “Do you know why Barb is in front of you, Helen?”“Yes, sir. I am going to eat her pussy while you are fucking me.”“And, what about Michele?”“I can only guess that she is going to be kissing and licking us at the same time.”“Very good. And how does that make you feel right now knowing all that is about to happen?”“I bursa escort bayan want it all, everything, please, I want to be fucked, again.”“Excellent.” And he slammed into her this time. This time there was no subtle entry, a little at a time. This time he positioned himself and slammed his cock fully into her pussy in one hard thrust. The thrust rocked her forward and harder into Mom’s pussy and Helen groan deeply and long as Tim began pounding into her, his hands on her hips, holding her as he pounded in, pulling nearly out and then thrusting back inside. In and out, over and over he pumped into her hard. For me it was a moving target of his thrust pushing her pussy. One moment I was licking her pussy lips and clit and the next I was licking the base of his shaft and balls. On the other end I could hear Mom groaning out her pleasure. As Helen was licking Mom’s pussy, her mouth would be forced into the pussy creating contact with lips and clit.On and on we went. Mom held Helen’s face to her pussy for moments as extra stimulation while I took hold of her clit between my lips and then teeth about the same time that Mom took both of her breasts in her hands and started squeezing. And through it all Tim continued his assault on her pussy. I had her clit in my mouth and Mom had both nipples between her fingers and Mom said ‘now’ and we both pulled hard and at the same time Tim pressed into her to hilt. She came again. Gloriously she came. She collapse on top of me and pulling herself off Tim in the process. Her face still buried in Mom pussy but she was immobile there, no activity was happening, Helen as breathing well but was quiet. She moaned several times as I felt her legs on either side of my head continue to twitch. “God, you guys! I thought the first orgasm was good, but this one was … amazing.”I tried wiggling out from under Helen which caused her to roll onto her back. I got up and went to the kitchenette. I opened one of the cabinet doors and removed a bottle of champagne I bought earlier and hid there. I then took out four fluted glasses. I popped the cork and poured the champagne. Mom had gotten up and was sitting with Tim outside on the balcony. I then woke Helen up where she had dozed and helped her out to the balcony, also. I then returned with glasses for us. Helen focused and commented in surprise, “Champagne? You had champagne?”“Honey, you said you wanted to have your first time while we were in Key West. Mom and I just wanted to be prepared.”“But Champagne?”“It’s a special occasion. You felt that way about it and we agreed. So champagne.”We were all still naked. Tim got up, put his glass on the table next to his chair and took Helen’s from her and put it on the same table. He then took her hand and pulled her out of her chair and backed her to his chair where he sat down and pulled her into his lap so she was sitting across his lap. He then returned her glass and with his, clinked it in salute. We then did the same. He had his free hand roaming over her breasts. She turned her head to him and he captured her mouth with his and they kissed while he continued to fondle her breasts. When he broke the kiss, “How do you feel, dear?”“Ahhh, well, a little tired but wonderful.”He leaned to her ear and softly clarified his question, “I mean your pussy. How does your pussy feel?”“Oh, ahhhhh … yes, well, it feels wonderful, too.”“Not sore?”“No.”“Good. Then we’ll change this seating arrangement.” I looked at Mom and smiled at her. Tim was going to give her as much as she wanted tonight. He stood her up and turned her so she was facing directly away from him. With his knees together, he pulled her back to him which forced her to open her legs and straddle him. As she was ready to sit down he held his cock straight up in the air and she noticed. She glanced back at him and saw his smile and she knew what he wanted. She grabbed his cock with one hand, holding her glass with the other. She moved the head of his cock slightly as she sat and penetrated herself on his cock. The third time already tonight. As she sank down, she sighed and moaned as she sat on his thighs. She wiggled slightly for a moment and then leaned back into his chest. Again his hand went to her front and began fondling her breasts. Only this time his hand would occasionally stray down lower over her stomach and finger her filled pussy and her clit.Her head was back on his shoulder and her eyes closed as she enjoyed these new sensations. I brought her back with my question to Tim, “How are you doing, honey? She has cum twice already and you haven’t yet. I see you are keeping it up.”“Your blowjob at the party was the trick. What a sneaky wife you are.”Mom reacted, “Blowjob? At the party?”This had Helen’s interest. She was sitting with Tim cock up inside her pussy and he was squeezing and stroking her breasts and pulling on her nipples. But this was a different conversation. “A blowjob? Why did you give him a blowjob at the party when we would be having sex when we got back here?”I smiled at her, “Not too bright is she? About this, anyway.”Mom came to her defense, “She’s young and new to all this. Dear, she wanted Tim to cum early so …”The light bulb went on, “Ohhhhhh, okay … you mean so he would last longer with me.” She twisted around and tried to give him a kiss. “I would have been happy with once with you. But I have to admit, this repeated fucking is really, really, REALLY nice.”“I just wanted you to have the best first time possible. You have a wonderful man to do that for you.”Tim kissed her shoulder, “So, how is it so far?”“Wonderful! Much better than I ever imagined. No wonder there is so much fucking around the house and yard. Wait … you said ‘so far’?”“Well, sure, we’re not done, yet. At least I hope not. Helen, is it okay for me to climax inside you?”“Oh god, yes, Tim! I want that, too. I am on the pill. I want very much for you to cum inside me. That will make tonight and my first time complete.” She looked at us questioningly, “Is that silly? It’s just that Tim” she looked back over her shoulder to him “you are the only man I have ever been able to trust and I trust you completely. I hope this weekend shows that. Like you two women, I love this man so intensely that I am sometimes scared if it can really be real. But every time I have that scared feeling, one of you have unexpectedly done something that totally and completely proves to me, again, that my love and your love for me really is very, very real. So you see, it is very important emotionally for me to have Tim’s sperm inside me when I go to sleep tonight.”I smile at her and Mom is doing the same. The intensity coming from Helen is affecting all of us. Mom touches her arm, “Helen, dear, that is what we want for you. We want you to experience that kind of love, like the love the three of us have been able to share. We want this for you.”Helen stirred on Tim’s cock, she took his free hand and moved it to between her legs and onto her penetrated pussy. She glanced at Mom and me, “I like this. You knew I would, too. Will I feel this, again?”“Again? Why not? We told you before, we are not exclusive, we are inclusive. Yes, we have friends that we sometimes have sex with, but you are not a friend, Helen. You are family. You are a part of us and have been for a while. Inclusive, Helen. It is okay with his wives for Tim to love you. It is okay with Tim if we love you.”Tim pushed her up and off him, “It is time, love. One more position for now.” He took her into the bedroom and lay on his back, his cock standing up. “You know what to do. This time you are in charge of the pace.” She smiled at him and climbed onto the bed and straddled him, took him in her hand and slowly settled over him until he was buried deep inside her. Then she started moving her hips up and down on his rigid shaft. She would stop momentarily to kiss him and suck on his lower lip and then discovered that she could do both at the same time. He grabbed her breasts as they moved gently above him and even nibbled on the nipples with his teeth. I could see he was struggling to maintain some control but that slowly he was losing that battle.I saw the strain on his face and the muscles of his stomach and legs tighten to hold on but I also saw that Helen was beginning to shiver, also. Her third orgasm was quickly approaching and the biggest question wasn’t if they would both cum but if they would cum together or one first that would stimulate the other to also cum. Mom and I were watching from the other bed. I was spooned into her back and was gently playing with her breast. When they did climax it was noisy, filled with groans, sighs, and cries of relief. Tim had been amazing in his holding out to give her the maximum amount of satisfaction. But when he finally did climax and send his seed into her, it must have been incredible. Helen’s eyes suddenly shot open at the feeling and she called out, “He’s cumming, he’s cumming inside me. I can feel it.” She fell into him and smothered him with kisses as both their bodies shook from their release.Mom and I rolled into each other and shared our own kisses until it occurred to me how quiet it was in the next bed. I pulled up and looked across to them. They were cuddled together and both were asleep. Mom and I kissed and got up to close up the room. I got the wine glasses from the balcony and closed the balcony door most of the way but not quite completely. It’s nice to wake to the sounds of birds. I pulled the blinds because I was intending to sleep later. Mom pulled the top sheet over the two and then waited for me in the other bed. We cuddled and whispered for a short while but soon fell asleep ourselves.I was happy tonight had worked out so well for Helen. I was also wondering what tomorrow night would bring. We knew Tim intended body painting and joining the Duval Street Promenade. Walking with hundreds or thousands of people while wearing only a layer of paint? How does that feel? Do you feel dressed or naked? What does it feel like when the airbrush adds paint to your body? What is it like to know a man is doing the painting and he has his eyes on your pussy as he is applying paint? All these things were passing through my mind because Mom, Helen and I had asked those questions earlier in getting ready for this trip. Tomorrow night we will find out.* * * CHAPTER 43: THE FANTASY FEST WEEKEND, DAY 3 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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