Michael’s cove

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Michael’s coveLike many people over the years, Michael had moved here to the beach after a nasty divorce. The whole process, the fucking lawyers always with their hands in his pockets, a judge that was interested in her re-election campaign and then there was the cheating, fucking slut of a wife left him drained. He had gone through months of hell as they disected every part of his life over the last 18 years. All he wanted now was to lay back, relax in his little, private beach house and enjoy some time for himself. The house wasn’t much, but it was his and they never found out about it in the divorce. He had purchased it years ago through his company (which she now owned 51% of), and transferred the title into his college buddy’s name. It was quiet here. Away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists and snow birds. It gave him the solitude that he so badly needed. The living room looked out toward the sand dunes with their ever changing shapes, pristine white with a touch of green where the dune grass dotted the landscape here and there. His deck faced the pendik escort west and always had a soft gentle breeze. This is where he would spend countless hours watching the endless struggle of the setting sun as it fought to keep the ocean waves from extinguishing its hot, fiery mass of light.The more he thought about it, the more he realized that maybe he should have done this years ago.. At night he would open his upstairs bedroom window andlet the cool, crisp clean air fill the house. He could smell the ocean as the relentless, soft choir of waves would roll up up on the sands. The stars would sparkle like diamonds across the sky dancing as they enticed the moon to rise, silouhetting of the palm trees against glistening waters of the small bay. He had everything except what he truly wanted…someone to share it with…He did not get many visitors out here. Oh sure the occasional adventurer or beach walker, but the seawall at the far end of the bay kept most people away and the currents at the north end were so strong, that kartal escort most people wouldn’t even think about challenging it. In the morning, he would take out his sea kayak for a little stroll around the bay. After all it was good exercise and he really hated jogging. Besides the Sea Kayak gave him a sense of danger, an adrelline rush, fighting through the waves, navigating the currents and fighting the hot sun as it beat down on his muscular body. He was good shape for someone in his late 40’s. He could still feel very comfortable without a shirt on and he knew his ample package was more than most ever thought about having. Although, as long as it had been since he had been able to use it, he was beginning to wonder if it still worked.It was about 7 when he went downstairs to start the coffee and pour himself a bowl of cereal. As he stood in the kitchen in his underwear, he saw her on the bay, riding her kayak. Her strokes were smooth, yet powerful, as she glided across the calm waters of the early morning. She was maltepe escort about 150 yards off shore and moving slowly, but steadily across the mouth. Michael wondered where she had come from? His little secluded hideaway was a good 3 miles from the nearest boat dock and even further from the marina down the coast line. He picked up his binoculars and study her. He could see the sweat glistening off her body as she stroked the water with her paddle. Her light yellow bikini top buldging with every stroke, her legs tanned to perfection, gently swaying back and forth with the motion of the kayak. There was a just a glimmer of her chocolate brown hair tucked under her pink ball cap. He could tell it was long by the buldge it left in the back. As he watched her, he could feel the excitement begin to grow inside of him. Something he had not felt for many months. She was beautiful, curvy, tight muscles, strong and elegant all at the same time. It seemed like hours he watched her as she rode back and forth across the shallow waters of the bay. Once she had turned and started to head inward towards him and the shore line, only to turn away and head back to where ever she had come from. Slowly, ever so slowly, she disappeared around the point. Leaving Michael incredibly aroused and lost all at the same time. (END OF CHAPTER 1)(STAY TUNED FOR MORE…)

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