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Subject: Men of Dragon Ball Z Donate to Nifty so we can keep writing and sharing stories! The next day Goten went to Capsule Corp to see Trunks. “Hey Trunks!” He yelled from the sky whilst waving. “Hey Goten.” Trunks replied, walking towards Goten. “Come on, I got a new Gaming console, you get goggles and it takes you into the game.” They both walked to Trunks’ bedroom, Trunks started setting up the game whilst Goten sat on the bed. “Why are you over soo early anyways?” Trunks asked whilst fiddleing with wires. “Just needed some room, my dad and brother kept looking at me weird…” Goten didn’t want to get his dad in trouble but he was only telling Trunks, they tell eachother everything anyways. “Why?” He asks, turning to see his friend. Goten started telling the story on how he sucked Goku’s dick. “Wow…” Trunks said with an obvieous tent in his trousers. “Yeah… Not only was his weiner a lot bigger than mine but it also had hair on it.” Goten said innocently. “Well yeah… It’s called puberty.” Trunks said whilst felling his dick through his trousers. “Have you got hair there yet?” Goten asked. “A little.” He said, slightly going red. “Let me see.” Goten said reaching down, quickly shoving Trunks’ trousers down. “Goten, wait!” He shouted. Trunks’ dick quickly sprung up, light purple sprouted from the base of his dick, with a few coming off his balls too. “Yours is bigger than mine too.” Goten said sadly. “You cant just shove peoples trousers down! And duh, I am older.” Trunks hit Goten on the top of his head. “Ow!” He said, rubbing the small bump on kızılay escort his head. Trunks’ trousers were still bunched up around his anckles and his dick was pointing straight at Goten. “Do you want me to show you what I did to my dad and Gohan?” He says reaching out, stroking his best friends dick. Trunks could reply, he was frozen in place. Goten’s hand was gliding up and down with his other hand stoking Trunks’ balls. “That feels soo good…” He moaned “Yeah? Dad and Gohan both said that… Watch this, they really enjoy this.” With that he moved forward, taking Trunks’ cock head in his waiting mouth. Swirling his toung around the tip. “Oh… my… Ugh!” Trunks grabbed his friend by the head and started slamming it into his crotch. “This feels soo good!” Trunks was also moving his hips, his balls periodicly slapping off Goten’s chin. Goten decided to move on a little further and started stroking Trunks ass hole, slipping his finger in Trunks quickly unleashed cum into Goten’s throat. “Mmmm….” Goten moaned. Trunks’ knees were weak, no one has seen him naked since he was a toddler, nevermind touched him like that. “That was amazing Goten!” He said, breathlessly. “Do you want me to return the favour?” He asked. “Yeah!” He said excitedly, Goku and Gohan hadn’t offered him and seeing as everyone liked it he wante to see what all the fuss was about. He quickly undone his trousers and kicked them to the side, his dick was smaller than Trunks’ and was hairless, except from the just bairly visable hair that rested at the base of keçiören escort his dick. Trunks moved forward and sucked his friends dick. Soon Goten came in his best friends mouth. “Wow! I can see why everyone likes it” He said laughing. The boys played on the console until the sun went down. “Bye Trunks!” Goten said, flying and waving as he left. ‘I wonder what my dad’s dick is like…’ Trunks thiought to himself. He knew Vegeta was in the shower so he could just ‘accidently’ walk in and have a look. Standing outside the bathroom door he could hear the shower running. ‘It’s now or never.’ He thought, slowly, he reached forward and quietly turned the handle. The door slowly opened and he couldn’t believe what he saw. His father was leaned against the wall in the shower, his eyes shut and his hand was quickly pumping his cock. His wet, neatly trimmed pubes clung to his body as his balls bounced. “Oh… My…” He was quickly interoupted as Vegeta opened his eyes. “Trunks! What the fuck! Don’t you knock!?” Vegeta quickly wrapped a towel around himself. His hard rod was still sticking out. “I.. I..” Trunks’ eyes were glued to the tent that pointed straight out at him. “Get out!” Vegeta yelled. A ligtbulb went off in Trunks’ head and he quickly ran forward, ripping the towel from Vegeta and put his dick in his mouth. “Aahh!” It’s been a while since Bulma and Vegeta had sex with her long working hours and him training all the time. Trunks bobbed up and down, gagging a little as his nose reached his fathers bed of pubes. “Fuck… Take escort ankara it!” Vegeta yelled as he started frusting. Remembering what Goten told him earlier he took the cock out his mouth and started sucking on the large balls whilst wanking him off. Vegeta’s dick was slightly longer than Goku’s but wasn’t as thick, his balls were ever so slighlty smaller too. Like Goku, Vegata and Trunks still had their foreskin. “Oh.. Yeah!” Vegeta let out soft moans and his balls were dipped in and out of his sons mouth. Trunks’ free hand started roaming, he started groaping his fathers ass. He slowly moved his hand closer and closer until he slid one of his fingers in. Vegeta would often do this himself when he has a wank. “Suck my cock again boy!” He demanded. Trunks had no problem with this so he licked from the bottom of the large balls to the tip then engulfed it hungrily. Vegeta’s hips were moving rapidly, his balls hitting Trunks’ chin with a loud slap each time. “Ohh. Oohh!” Vegeta was getting closer and closer to cumming and he knew it. “I’m cumming!” Vegeta yells, shoving his son off his dick. One hand was holding Trunks in place as the other rappidly stroked his dick. Trunks wanted to help still so he kept his finger moving in Vegeta’s ass and played with his fathers balls at the same time. Vegeta let out a long, rough moan as large dollops of cum flew out, covering his sons face in a white slime blanket. Vegetas breathing was heavy, he kept stoking his dick until it was completely deflated, making sure to get every last drop out. Trunks’ tongue whiped all the cum from around his mouth then scooped it off his face and ate it. He then went forward and sucked his dads flaccid cock, getting any last drops that where there. “You tell anyone about this and I’ll kill you.” Vegeta says, grabbing his towel, wrapping it around his waist as he left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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