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Subject: Memories of the YMCA Part 1 Memories of the YMCA – Part 1 Category: Gay, Adult-Youth This is based on true facts. Names have been changed. I welcome comment, ideas or just any communication after you read my story. I will reply. Please donate to Nifty. Without their wonderful work in providing an outlet for stories that many people like but can’t find, we’d be at a loss. Darren is now 65 years old and lives on his own in a city in Europe. He remembers when he was 14 in 1970 and his dad enrolled him in the local YMCA which was just a couple of blocks from where they lived. Darren was an only child and was a champion swimmer in his school team. Their coach encouraged them to do regular individual practice in addition to the swim team practices if they could get to a pool. So Darren was enrolled 3 afternoons a week from 6 to 7 pm. His parents were very religious and his dad said the YMCA would also instill Christian principles of a healthy body, mind and spirit. At his YMCA it was still mandatory to swim naked, a custom meant to prevent the woollen swim suit fibres from clogging the pool filters even though speedos came on the scene and were much more brief and didn’t lose fibres. They were made of nylon with much elasticity which made them mould and stretch around body parts. His school swim team wore those. Darren was a very good looking boy with blue eyes, blond wispy hair, full lips, beautiful teeth and a dark skin. The competition swimming he had been doing since he was 10 gave him a perfectly athletic firm body all over. His square swim shoulders tapered down to his lean hips and you could see his powerful thigh, leg and arm muscles which led him to win many races. His dad accompanied him the first time to the YMCA and told the trainer to put him through his paces so he could maintain his champion swimmer status and then he left. The trainer showed Darren where the lockers were and told him to strip off, shower and come to the pool. “At this YMCA we have to use the pool naked” he said. This shocked Darren, but then he saw a few other boys and men in the locker area naked, so he just did it and went to the pool. The trainer told him to swim a few laps so he could see his style. There were 2 other boys in the pool and 5 men but the two boys were finishing up their lesson and leaving. Darren learned later that it was mainly men who came there from 6 pm, but there were no slots for Darren any earlier with other boys — they were all taken. It was an Olympic size pool and the men swam to the side so Darren could pass them doing his laps. He was faster than any man there. The men stopped swimming and watched Darren do his laps. When he finished they clapped. The trainer was impressed too. Darren felt a bit embarrassed that all the men had watched him swim and clapped. He was still a bit shy at his age. The trainer told Darren to hop up onto a starting block so he could see him dive in from there and swim. Darren pulled himself up out of the water. He didn’t know that the eyes of all those 5 men were on his firm bubble butt as he did that. The men were treading water and swimming about but watching Darren as he stood up straight on the block. His beautifully cut, partly erect very long and thick penis did not go unnoticed. The trainer told him to get ready. Darren leant forward. The trainer shouted: “Go!” Darren’s powerful legs propelled him under the water quite a distance as he swam fast. The men were watching his butt cheeks as he swam over-arm. The trainer then told Darren to show him his breast stroke. The men did their breast strokes too, always leaving him room to pass them. The trainer asked denizli escort Darren to tread water for a while. They did other exercises. The men swam around and kept glancing at Darren. Then when it was 10 minutes left before the end of the hour, the trainer told Darren to finish with a slow back stroke. Darren floated on his back, his eyes looking up to the ceiling, and his body stretched as long as possible. Then he started to kick his legs fast and continuous – just as he’d been taught. His powerful arms moved in an arc; as one entered the water the other was coming out like a wheel turning. While Darren moved effortlessly along the pool the men were treading water or standing under the water with all their eyes riveted on Darren’s work of art — his voluptuous penis was erect and sticking out of the water as he pushed up with his hips in time with his arm and leg movements. Then it would sink, then appear again. Each of those men had already started to stroke their own penises under the water as they watched. But Darren was oblivious to their presence. He was doing what he did best — swimming. He was used to involuntary erections and wasn’t even aware that he had one. It wasn’t a big deal for him or other boys in the school swim team. Sometimes they joked about it, but that was all. No-one had ever touched his penis. Because of all the thrashing about that Darren’s backstroke produced in the water, the trainer couldn’t see what the men were doing under the water. When Darren stopped his back stroke the men stopped stroking their penises, swam a bit to get rid of their erections and started getting out of the pool. Their hour was up too. When Darren got out of the water, those men had gone and there were a few other men gathering to use the pool. The trainer talked with Darren on the side of the pool and congratulated him on his technique and speed. The trainer said he would devise a programme that would maintain and even improve his performance. Darren was very happy and thanked the trainer. Then he headed back to the change room. On the way he passed a door with a sign which said: “Sauna. Boys under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.” He’d never had a sauna before and wondered what it would be like. When Darren got to his locker, three of the men from the pool were there. The trainer had told Darren to shower before entering the pool and that it was good to get rid of the chlorine in the shower after. So he got into the communal shower where one of the men from the pool was showering. The other two men had already showered and were chatting as they were getting dressed. The man in the shower smiled at Darren who gave a half smile back. They finished showering quickly and went to their lockers to dry off and get dressed. Darren’s locker was very close to the man he had just showered with. The man told Darren what a great swimmer he was, shook his hand and introduced himself as Tim, and the other two men who were a bit further away also said “what a swimmer.” They all asked Darren’s name and he told them. Darren didn’t realise that they were watching him dry off with his towel and then slip on his underpants over his firm butt. He had turned his back to them, so they couldn’t see his penis. One of them said that the two men not in the change room had gone straight into the sauna from the pool to dry off there. Then the three men left and said goodbye to Darren as he finished getting dressed. Darren thought they were nice guys who looked to be in their 40s or 50s. Then Darren left and walked the two blocks to his home. Two days later, Wednesday, Darren was at the YMCA for his second dikimevi escort session at 6 pm just as Tim, in his 50s, was getting out of the shower and heading for the pool. Tim said, “hi Darren” and smiled. Darren smiled back and said “Hi”. After Darren had been in the shower he went to the pool where there were just 3 men, including Tim, and a boy younger than Darren who was learning to swim. The other men from Monday night were not there. The boy stayed in the shallowest corner of the pool with his trainer. Darren’s trainer had his schedule ready and got straight into it with exercises, laps, etc. Tim did laps glancing now and then at Darren. Tim noticed how the other two men couldn’t take their eyes off of Darren and he smiled to himself and gave the men a wink when he knew the trainer wasn’t looking. The boy finished early and, at the end of the hour, the three men and Darren left the pool together all naked as the regulation said. They picked up their towels on the edge of the pool and put them over their shoulders, walking away from the pool naked . Tim was walking behind the other men talking to Darren — asking him how his swim team was going etc. When they passed the sauna the older of the other two men — he was in his late 50s — opened the door and said: “I’m drying off in here”. The other man said he wished he could but he had to get away. The man with the door open turned to Tim and Darren and said: “Anyone else coming in?” Tim said he would, and turned to Darren and said: “You want to try the sauna Darren? If you do I can be the adult that accompanies you.” Darren hesitated. He had been wondering since the last time what it was like inside a sauna. Tim saw his hesitation and said: “Come on in. It’s really good for sporty bodies like yours. You can leave whenever you want.” So Darren said: “OK. Thanks.” Darren had got to like Tim. He didn’t know that Tim was perving on Darren’s body every chance he had and he didn’t see the two men wink at each other. The three of them entered and closed the door. It was fairly dark inside. The other man shook hands with Tim and said his name was Robert. Then he shook hands with Darren and said how much he enjoyed watching him swim. The sauna was large with very dark corners here and there. Robert said: “Follow me” and the three of them walked past two men who were sitting on a bench talking in low voices. Robert headed for a darker corner further away and said “let’s settle down here.” Tim sat down and told Darren to put his towel on the bench to sit on and sat next to him. Robert sat on the other side close to Darren. You could only see the forms of the men and Darren because it was very dark. Tim told Darren it’s ok to talk but softly so it doesn’t disturb others. Then Tim talked across Darren and said to Robert in a low voice what a great swimmer Darren was. Robert said: “With a body like he has, no wonder.” Tim said how well Darren concentrated on his exercises in the pool and what a good-looking boy he was. Darren didn’t say anything but he heard all they said and thought it was nice of them to say those things. Robert rubbed Darren’s back and said: “Good. You’re starting to perspire. Nothing better than having your body rubbed in a sauna — that’s what we usually do in here in the heat if we can find a buddy.” Tim placed a hand on Darren’s knee and rubbed slowly up and down his legs, then moved upwards to massage his outer thighs. “Does that feel OK Darren?” Tim asked. Darren didn’t say anything. Darren had never had anyone touch him like this before. The heat made him feel good, but he was a bit scared that these men were dikmen escort rubbing some of his body in this very dark corner. Darren was glad it was dark because he would have been embarrassed if it was in bright light. It made it sort of more acceptable in the hot darkness but Darren was still a bit scared and was wondering if it’s ok to do this. Robert was now massaging Darren’s neck with one hand and rubbing across his chest with the other. Robert noticed that Darren’s nipples were hard. He took one of Tim’s hands and placed it over the nipples so he could feel. “Mmmm, very nice” said Tim. Darren didn’t realise that his nipples were hard and that the men had noticed. Darren had a strange feeling in his body as their hands worked slowly with Tim gently pushing Darren’s thighs apart so he could rub up inside his thighs. Darren’s penis shot up rock hard in response to Tim’s hand rubbing up and down Darren’s inner thighs. Tim knew this would tease the boy and make him fully erect so he purposely didn’t touch his penis yet. He wanted Darren’s penis to crave to be touched so he did more tease rubbing up and down his inner thighs and eventually cupped his testicles, squeezing them gently. “Oh” said Darren. He reached down and tried to push Tim’s hand away from his testicles, but by then, Tim had grasped Darren’s rock hard penis in his hands and Darren whimpered and tried to move Tim’s hand. Tim whispered in Darren’s ear: “It’s ok Darren. Men do this to each other all the time. This is what saunas are for — so we can relax completely. We won’t hurt you. Just want you to feel good.” And Robert whispered to Darren: “A body like yours needs this attention Darren. Older men always help boys like you. It’s tradition. It means you are a big boy and men will be your friends and look after you. We know what you need young buddy.” Tim let go of Darren’s penis. Before Darren knew it, Tim was on his knees in front taking Darren’s beautiful cut penis right down his throat and sucking gently on it. Robert was sucking on Darren’s nipples. Tim knew that Darren would come very fast, so he quickly took his penis out of his mouth. Darren had never had such a wonderful feeling with Tim’s warm mouth wrapped around his penis. He didn’t know what was happening to his body. Tim sat back next to Darren and he and Robert kissed Darren’s neck and nipples while their hands were all over his body. They moved him slightly on his side so they could feel his perfect butt cheeks. Then Robert whispered to Tim: “Let him cum now — he needs the release. I think this is his first time being touched.” Darren didn’t understand. He was confused. But suddenly Tim was on his knees again with Darren’s work of art deep into his throat. He sucked gently and Darren’s penis started to throb. The two men knew he was about to shoot cum. They held him tight as his 14 yr old fresh, warm sperm exploded down Tim’s throat, and Robert whispered into Darren’s ear: “Good boy Darren. That’s the way. Let it happen son. Feels good doesn’t it?” Darren involuntarily pushed his lean hips forward thrusting his penis harder into Tim’s throat and he let out a gasp as his body shook. Tim gulped down every drop. At the same time Tim and Robert were masturbating hard and they shot their loads onto the floor and on Darren’s thighs. The two men held Darren tight as the shaking of his body gradually subsided. They said they hoped Darren had enjoyed it. Darren didn’t say anything. He was spent. They all left the sauna for the showers. Robert and Tim said good night to Darren and said they hoped to see him here again soon. Darren gave a half-hearted smile. He was embarrassed and left. The two men left together a few minutes later and chatted briefly outside the YMCA saying what an incredible boy Darren was and how it was rare to find one so well hung with such a perfect athletic body and so good looking. They hoped to see him again soon. To be continued.

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