Memories of Lust

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You slip into your bikini. You’re usually more of a swimsuit kind of girl but he insisted on you letting yourself go a little and relaxing, this was his private pool after all.

It was a dark blue number with small fruit printed into the fabric, innocent and innocuous enough but still you felt a little bare, like his eyes could be all over you. You didn’t want to admit It, but this thought excited you to no end. You had no idea what the next 24 hours would bring.

You step into the pool, the water is pleasantly warm and refreshing.

The pool is reasonably sized with a small Jacuzzi area to one side. No sign of him yet, you’ll just enjoy yourself alone for the time being.

To be honest you were grateful to get the free time with him this weekend. You rarely got much time away from your busy schedule, and with him in town it was hard to turn down the chance of rekindling your somewhat distant relationship.

You cast your mind back to the last time…. that day on the couch when you ended up first with his face between your thighs, then with your panties aside entirely as his full length was thrust into you. Your sınırsız escort face burned a little as you remember the intensity, the words, the way he pumped you full of his semen so relentlessly and with no holding back. You bite your lip a little as the thought brings back that warm feeling in your belly.

Suddenly you feel a hand reach around your stomach. A warm, firm hand that at first surprises you and then reassures you. You feel the familiar hot lips against the back of your neck and shoulder and you feel yourself give in. You almost fall into him, feeling the stiffness of his member through his shorts. Annoying boundaries of cloth you wish could just go away and leave you to your hot, risky freedom.

His hands trace over your firm stomach and breasts and you feel his hand slide under your top. The sensation of him cupping and holding your breasts is a warm feeling that feels like it’s spreading from your belly across your whole body.

He turns you around to face him, deep colourful eyes search yours before they close in time with each other, your lips coming together in a sweet longing şırnak escort kiss that you feel you’ve waited years for.

Your lips continue to dance and lock as your hands work to free his manhood, thick and hot between your fingers. Before you know it your bikini bottoms are gone too, just a discarded boundary by this point.

He lifts you up and places you on a raised platform within the pool, your hips now level with his. Your lips continue to touch, your tongues swirling around each other as he draws closer to you, ever closer.

You feel it. The pressure against your entrance. The longing desire to be penetrated, the heat. You feel him advance, beginning to spread your wanting pussy apart with his cock. Filling you inch by inch and instilling in you the old lust. The desire to be taken. The desire to be full.

He obligingly gives his full length to you, his heavy balls, full of that precious seed now flat against your ass. You dig your fingernails into his back as he begins gliding in and out of you.

You recall the countless times you’ve felt this cock inside you, the clumsy beginnings and the taksim escort experience that came with your time together. His knowledge of your shape, your kinks and how to best fill your womb.

His movements get deeper and more rhythmic as you tighten your grip. He is going so deep that your cervix catches his tip with every thrust inside you. You’re completely wrapped up in each other. Going deeper and deeper. Until you feel the heat.

The throbbing heat. You know you’re going to cum, and when you do, he’ll knowingly fill your petite little womb as deeply as he can with what could be weeks worth of his semen. The time couldn’t be more of a coincidence, you know full well you’re ovulating, you’ll get pregnant for sure with so much cum. It’s too late. You don’t care anymore. If there will be consequences so be it.

You lose your thoughts as the waves of orgasm wash over you.

Throb. Throb. Throb. You feel the heat spreading and the feeling of your womb getting pumped full by the thick rod spurting bursts of fertile seed directly into your cervix.

Your eyes roll back as you let your pussy be impregnated by him. You’re his. He’s claimed you again.

Mutually out of breath, you kiss each other. Smiling and laughing.

Whatever the future holds, you’ll cherish it together. You hold your hand over your belly. So full, so hot. You begin thinking of names for your future offspring.

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