Melissa’s Golden Fun.

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Melissa and I had been together for almost a year.She was mature for her nineteen years, and I was just a little under a year younger than her. She had taught me loads and I loved her for it.  One evening I was in her house, her parents having gone out. As per usual we were sitting in her living room making out, it was fun being able to kiss a girl knowing she enjoyed kissing me back.  She broke off mid-kiss.  “Sorry Sean, I need to pee.”  I don’t know why but I blurted out.  “Can I watch?”  She looked taken aback, then regained her composure.  “Sure.” She led me by the hand to the toilet. Then in front of me pulled down her Jeans and her panties. She opened her legs as wide as her jeans around her ankles would allow and slowly started to pee. I could hear the trickle and watched in awe as a steamy jet of golden liquid flowed from between her legs.  As she peed I could feel my arousal in my trousers and pulled it out. I could not help myself and started to stroke myself as she finished peeing. She smiled up at me and took a paper towel to wipe herself clean.  “Wow Sean, me peeing really does turn you on.”  She pulled up her panties and jeans and led me up to her room. She made Escort side me undress, as she stripped off too. We lay on the bed together naked and held each other close, my penis poking her in the belly. We started to make out once more and she held me close in a position so that my cock slid inside her.  We started to rock slowly, making her pussy slide up and down my cock. Her body rocked against me, her breasts gliding against my chest. We were both in heat, our passion had overtaken us. I rolled us over so I lay on top of her. She held me close, wrapping her legs around my waist. I pounded her as hard as I could and I could feel that I was close.  Melissa seemed to sense the inevitable and looked me in the eyes. “Cum inside me Sean, I need to feel all of it shooting inside me.”  I groaned and nodded, showing I understood. It wasn’t long before her body started to shake, I could tell this meant the start of her orgasm. I knew one thing for sure if she came, so would I. I pounded her pussy harder, burying my head in her neck. I kissed and pecked at her neck as her hands roamed my back, pulling me closer.  Her body shook violently, as her pussy gripped manavgat escort my cock tightly. Her groans spurred me on, and I pounded hard. Her body shook underneath me as another orgasm rippled through her body, I don’t know if it was me or her but I seemed to be doing something right as she groaned my name into my ear.  I could not hold back any longer a flooded her pussy with my cum. It seemed like a river flowed from me into her as jet after jet erupted from my cock into her tight hole. We lay there panting and pecking at each other’s lips. Melissa rolled us over so she lay on top, she rested her head on my shoulder and soon we fast asleep in each other’s arms.  I awoke about an hour later, Melissa sitting at her desk in the corner of the room. She was wearing hot pink lace bra and panty set, she had obviously taken a shower as I could smell the shower gel on her. I walked up behind her and lovingly massaged her back. She looked up and smiled at me.  “Sean, I’ve been thinking, since me peeing turns you on so much why don’t we have some pee fun?” She nodded to her computer. On the screen, I could see a posh looking girl peeing over another alanya escort bayan girl. My cock started to stir making Melissa giggle. She told me that the next day, while at college, we should both drink loads of water and try to hold it all in till we got home to play.  The next morning, I awoke in Melissa’s bed, I hadn’t bothered going home. I watched as my beautiful girlfriend got dressed in front of me. She wore a white blouse with a grey mini skirt and black knee high stockings. I whistled, making Melissa aware that I was awake. She turned around and gave me a peck on the lips.  “Good morning sleepyhead. Now remember to drink lots of water, so you can pee all over me. I am going to pee on you too. It’s gonna be so hot.”  All day at catering college I drank water, and had to cheat once or twice and use the toilet. By the time it was time go home I was almost bursting. When I got to Melissa’s house I was let in by her mom but still had to wait for Melissa to arrive home. When she did she looked like she was in agony. She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. We both quickly stripped and walked into the bathroom. Without saying a word Melissa stepped into the bathtub and motioned me to follow. She told me to get to my knees beneath her and she lifted one leg onto the baths edge so her pussy was angled towards me. I don’t know why but her exposed cunt above my face made me lean forward and lick it.  Melissa gasped as my licking her seemed like opening a tap.

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