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By Blueheatt

I’m Benny. We were all growing out of our gawky 13 year old stage. We had formed a ‘Wanker Club’ because we were getting ‘NO’ pussy. We would sit around one of our bedrooms and wank to hot girls we all knew, including our sisters and mom’s.
We challenged ourselves to wank in risky places for bragging rights. At school was a risky place. We all had found places to wank real quick there. Restroom stalls, under stairs and storage rooms.
Then one afternoon, we all met the unexpected….


She over heard us that day and burst in Tanner’s bedroom catching us all. We were all moaning a little still wanking when it happened. She shocked the shit out of us as we scrambled to put our dicks away. She said: “Don’t anybody move!” We stopped in our tracks and froze. Sean and I were on Tanners bed, and he was sitting in a chair. She came over and sat on the bed slowly. She looked excitedly at Sean and then my dicks, then at tanner the same way. She smiled and said: “Everybody just stay as you are.” We were all shook up at being caught, but didn’t move. Our hearts were pounding as she got on her knees and looked at us, but with a look of glee. Melinda was real hot to look at. Big tits, nice body and pretty face.

She said: “Well….what do we have here, three dicks. What should I do about this. Tanner began to giggle. “Do you think this is funny Tanner?” Tanner said: “Yeah…kinda.” She said: “Have you told your friends about me Tanner?” “No”…he replied. “I told you there is nothing wrong with masturbating, but to let me know, so I wouldn’t interrupt you guys….didn’t I?….I said that I like too masturbate too, and I might want to join you guys. Didn’t I say that Tanner?”….

(Melinda was Tanners MOM!)

“Yeah…but that’s embarrassing mom.” Tanner said. “Well….let’s get this embarrassment thing over with.” Melinda said. She began to undress. Oh my god….a real live woman, with big tits and everything was stripping for us. Our dicks started getting hard again, their was no way to stop them. Melinda was ‘the hot mom’ to think about in our club. We all had wanked thinking about her. Tanner would tell us about seeing her in her bra and panties and we would all shoot big ones thinking about her. She had long reddish hair, big tits and a body to die for. Now she was taking clothes OFF right in front of us! Sean and I were pissed that Tanner hadn’t told us about her offer to wanked with us as we wanked, yet we understood about it being your own mom and all.

Tanner thought…
… oh my god, she’s doing it….well…that’s my horny mom. Dad would shit if he knew she was doing this, and might kill all of us 14 times with a dull knife! I’m sure not going to try and stop her, I’ve wanted to see her naked forever myself. She’s always had ‘that’ look at me and like to rub me and feel my butt as I grew up. She would wash me when I was little and wash my little dick over and over again. I figured that all mom’s did that and didn’t think anything about it…except I liked it. This is embarrassing but…..damn she looks hot. I don’t know how many times I’ve wanked, pretending I’m fucking her……

….my heart is jumping. I’ve wanted to do this for along time. I overheard Tanner talking about the wanker club one time.
“Boys, I know about your little ’Wanker Club,’ and I’m making myself the newest and FINAL member. We’re now going to have some real fun.” I said.

Benny continued…
We all watched at she slowly peeled off her house dress and let it drop to the floor. Oh god, no bra or panties and she was NAKED! She slowly did a turnaround and massaged her big tits. Three dicks stood straight up. She smiled and walked up close to each one of us and held her tits and rubbed her full bush pussy. Did she know that we were about to cum without even jacking? She knew what she was doing and got on her knees right in front of me first. She opened my knees and rubbed my upper legs….then started putting her mouth real close to my dick. She blew her warm breath on my dick.

That did it, and I shot cum like never before, with out even touching my dick. She looked delighted escort kocaeli as she kept rubbing my legs. She then moved over to Sean. His eyes were in shock as did the same thing. She rubbed his leg and blew her breath in his dick. He grabbed his dick as he came, not wanting to cum right on her face. She grabbed his hand and in one jack he shot. She let the cum go on her cheek. We all just stared in shock. Now her son Tanner. He slumped back in his chair and closed his eyes. Both her hands went around his dick. He shot big and she just let the cum go on her face. She moaned and started rubbing her pussy real fast. She jolted her hips and moaned again. I think she had a girls cum, and then lost her breath.
She stood up, picked up her dress and smiled at she left the room with cum still on her face.

Sean and I both told Tanner…”Tomorrow man, tomorrow!, let’s do that again.” He said he’d let us know.
This was a Friday, so tomorrow was out at his house…..but Monday afternoon was ‘on’ he said.
Melinda thoughts drifted back to Jr. High school….

….My secret fantasy is coming true. Young boys make me so fucking hot, and now I have three of them to do as I wish. I’ll make them good and horny, then watch them cum as they wish they were fucking me. I want to feel their body’s. Make them all excited as hell for me, then make them cum for me. I’ve suppressed this for years. I’ve only had Tanner to arouse me in the past, but now I’m going to let them watch me finger myself, feel my own tits and body and then we’ll all climax big.

I’ve always wanted to watch boys shoot their cum. I’ll keep doing more each time, and soon I’ll have all three of them cuming in my mouth…that’s what I want to feel, and hear them moan.

I remembered back to how those wonderful glory days all got started…

My boyfriend in Jr. High school snuck me in to a very remote boy’s restroom. He had me sit on a stall toilet. He took out his boner and started jacking it. He put it close to my mouth and had me suck on it. I was very sexually excited. I sucked it until he shot cum in my mouth and moaned. We did this several times over several weeks. Soon he reached down and put his finger in my slit and rubbed my clit as he shot cum in my mouth. It was the best orgasm I ever had. He just had to tell some of his friends and soon other boys did it to me too. I was thrilled at the attention I was getting.

Most all the boys really liked me a lot, a few called me a ’cum whore’, but I didn’t care at all. I was popular in school.
Tanner’s dad doesn’t like to do that very well. He just fucks me quick and that’s it. Now I’ll get these boys to do it again.

She had us all come in her bedroom. She only had a robe on. She told us to take our pants down and just watch her while we sat side by side on her bed. She stood in front of us and let us watch her take her robe off. She watched with delight as our dicks got to full erection. She had us all lay back as she started in feeling us up. She felt our balls and dicks over and over. She moaned a little doing this. We all put our hands behind our heads and watched her as she played with us. She had this excited wild look in her eyes as she got more and more excited. She scooted us all back and got up on the bed, her legs facing us. She opened her legs wide and said: “Well…lets all wank!” We all watched her. She played with her pussy as it got all wet.

She stuck her fingers inside and moved them in and out. We all jacked slow, not wanting to cum yet. She felt her beautiful tits and moaned. Then she started rubbing her clit thingy. She moved her hips up and down as she watched us all jack faster. She yelled: “Oh god…now!”, and started fingering herself real fast with both hands. She knew that would make us all cum….and it did. She watched us cum with her wild looking eyes as she moaned and bucked her hips up and down. We all shot big ones up in the air as she moaned louder. She gasp for breath and then closed her eyes and moaned……and moaned.
Melinda moaned in her thoughts…..
Oooooo god … that was heaven…..watching them triple cum as they watched me….oh kocaeli anal yapan escort my god that was hot….I just had the best climax I can ever remember……I can’t even think about next time…
Now it’s my turn. My parents kept me shielded from boys growing up. I wanted to be felt up, and to feel them sexually. I have a good husband but I have desires beyond once a week in bed for 15 minutes. I need some sexual excitement and now I have some. I have plans for them that may make their little balls explode…….
Sean thought….
Wow…Tanner’s mom is a sex machine and she wants to wank with us…we gotta be the luckiest 3 guys in the world. I ain’t never seen a woman wank before, that was awesome. She’s got the hottest body I ever seen. I’m already to do it again tomorrow. Talk to her Tanner. Tell her we all love her or anything to do more wanking.

Tanner told us at school there was a ’Wank Club’ meeting that afternoon. My cock got hard right then and I had to tie a jacket around my waist to hide it. We all waited at Tanners house for her directions.
Tanners mom wanted a ’one on one’ with each one of us. We all flipped a coin to see who went first with Melinda, one on one. Sean won and Tanner and I waited downstairs while he went up.

“Come on in Sean, and shut the door. Let’s have a new kind of wank…Ok?….
He nodded his head like I knew he would. I wore this new shortie robe to watch his eyes scan me and get him good and hard. I loved to watch him get all horny looking at my pubic hair showing, and my cleavage. I whispered to him: (“…what we do together is just between you and I. Not a word to the others…Ok?….just tell them we wanked…you understand don’t you Sean.”)

I rubbed his boner at we stood there.
Now my little wanker, it’s time to teach you to lick pussy, and for me to do the jacking on your nice boner. I had him lay on my bed with his pants down. I laid next to him on our sides, only 69. My pussy is now staring him in the face. I bet it’s the first one he’s seen up close, all wet and ready to lick. I’ve got his boner all to myself now. Hold on Sean, your going to get sucked on till you cum. I whispered: (“…it’s ok Sean, you can feel and even lick my pussy if you want.”) I love his little trembling fingers feeling my pussy. I lifted one knee and scooted my pussy right to his lips. He gasp and slowly stuck out his tongue. I thrust my pussy at him and moaned. That did it, and he was licking my pussy like a hungry tiger. Young boys cum fast so I quick took all of his boner in my mouth. Now he moaned and jerked. No need to jack him he stiffened up and I felt his hot cum pumping my mouth. I pulled his head in tight to my pussy and humped his hot tongue. I worked up a climax by rubbing my clit on his tongue. Wow, he shot again as I worked his boner back and forth in my mouth. He kept licking my pussy like a good little wanker. We both laid over and just enjoyed the cums we just had.
After a while, I reminded him about ‘our little secret’ and not to tell the others. His eyes were glazed over as he nodded his head. He started kissing my tits and feeling me all over. It was tempting not to let him fuck me right then, but I had plans. I finally got him out of my bed and told him to send up the next one.
I was next. Sean wouldn’t tell me shit, but he sure was happy looking. I opened Melinda’s bedroom door slowly. She was on her bed naked! I stopped my dick from cuming as I didn’t look right at her for a minute. She said: “Come on in Benny, let’s wank together. Take your pants down….shhhh…what we do in here is secret from the others…Ok?” I nodded. I was real nervous and did what she said. She had me lay with my dick at her head. I was now looking right at her pussy. She lifted up one leg and I felt her hand on the back of my head, pushing my mouth into her wet pussy. My natural urge was to lick it, so I did.

I was beyond exciting. I just went ahead and felt her butt and tummy as I licked. Then I felt warmth on my fat little dick. Oh god…it felt wonderful as I looked down as saw my dick in her mouth. izmit yabancı escort I couldn’t hold back the cum as I jolted and out it came. She immediately started fucking my tongue. She moaned, shook and I shot again somehow, right in her mouth again. I moaned and so did she. I saw stars and heard angels in my head as my dick tried to cum some more. She made it feel out of the world……..

I lay there in la la land when she said: “Go get Tanner”….
I took one more lick and weakly got up and staggered to get my pants up. I went downstairs with a big grin as I passed an excited Tanner on the way up. Sean and I just sat there all weak…we didn’t speak a word…..
After a while Tanner and his mom were still up there, so Sean and I left to go home.

Melinda’s thoughts about Tanner….
This is my baby, and now we are going to wank together. It’s feel up time for us. I had him take off all his clothes, so I could feel him all over. My boy was hot for his mommy and we liked it. We just lay and felt us for a long time. He was going to be a lover ok, he kissed my neck so hot and felt my nipples so gentle as I felt his big boner gently. His hand gently felt my pussy so good. I was shaking hot for him now. He need no direction as he slid down and started licking my pussy. Then he got up and put his boner between my tits and started slow fucking them. I felt his legs and butt all I wanted. I started teasing the end of his boner with my lips and tongue. He couldn’t take that and let go with a big load of cum in my open mouth. I let him enjoy it all. Then I started sucking it in my warm mouth. He jumped as his big dick had never been that sensitive. He started kissing me like a girlfriend and we felt each other faster in a furious frenzy. I had wanted him, and he wanted me for so long, I just opened my legs for him. We didn’t touch his boner as it just slid right in.

That’s when we heard dad’s car pull in the driveway.
Tanner was like a spring and jumped off me and sprang into his room and shut the door. I staggered to get my robe and ran to the shower, closed and locked the door. We had lost track of time and I quick took a shower and rubbed my pussy in the warm water thinking about the feel of Tanner in me. When I finally came out, dad was out in the garage tinkering with something. I quick fixed the bed and got dressed. Tanner stayed in his room except once to check on me and to feel my tits and pussy real quick….
We all had a nice dinner. (…tanner and I slowly but gently rubbed our legs together under the table.)
The wanker club went on twice a week, but it was always one on one with Melinda. Sean, myself and Tanner never said if we fucked her. Melinda and I did everything but fuck. I think it was the same with Sean. She gave me blow jobs, hand jobs and I came on her tits and pussy. She was our female wank buddy, and it was great….but…
I always wondered if Tanner ever fucked his mom……..

One Friday morning Tanner and his dad went camping for the weekend. That afternoon it was just Sean and I.
Melinda decided on a threesome for us. By now we all just got naked in her bed. We all lay sideways as I faced her Sean was behind her. We were making Melinda hotter that she’d ever been. Two guys feeling tits, pussy and her body along with kissing her. She kept moaning and then I felt her take my boner and put it in her pussy. She reached between her legs and started putting Sean’s boner in her pussy too! We were both going to fuck her….oh my god, this was it.

We all fucked like wild animals. We all moaned as she felt so damn good. She was feeling us, kissing us and fucking us like I had only dreamed about. Sean and I began to moan as our cum was almost here….Melinda held our butts and fucked like a yelling machine! I shot, I felt Sean shoot and Melinda yelled loud and she bucked like a horse and came hard. She shook like a leaf and bit my neck and pulled Sean’s hair. I couldn’t count the number of cums Sean and I shot in her. She held us all tight together as Sean and I were in heaven now. She kept saying: “…oh baby yes, oh baby yes, over and over and over.
Strange…the only one she ever called ’baby’ was…Tanner.

I decided to keep Tanner’s and my personal live private. Benny and Sean both asked me flat out one afternoon if Tanner and I had full on sex.

I just smiled…..

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