Melanie Ch. 01

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No, honey–I never slept with Melanie!

Yeah, I did. Fortunately, she won’t tell my wife Amanda (her former friend) and I certainly never will. Back in college, Melanie was such a slut that any guy who hung out with her was automatically assumed to be fucking her. I was the exception. I was her reliable guy friend, and as much as she turned me on, I also couldn’t shake the image of her with a dozen other guys that I knew. More than once, I got her out of bad situations late at night or drove out to some distant house to collect her the morning after. For a year or so, I also dated Sarah, one of her closest friends. To make things even stranger, I actually first met Amanda because she lived in Melanie’s dorm…it’s funny how things work out!

Because of my time in the Navy, Melanie and her friends graduated a couple of years before me. To make things especially interesting, she ended up living with my ex-girlfriend Sarah in Boston the following year. We had parted as friends–she had moved on to grad school and was working for an advertising firm in the South End. Melanie was (unbelievably) working for an accounting firm.

The two of them were glad to have me visit, but things were a little strained until we started pub-hopping. Looking back, I’m sure Sarah was worried that I wanted to start things up again, and I also think she was wondering if I would hook up with Melanie. I have no earthly idea what Melanie was thinking–she was a creature of impulse. Me? I didn’t really know, either, but I was glad to see them both. None of that mattered, though, once we were back in our familiar routine of appetizers and drinks, walking from place to place in the cold winter air. Then we just had fun. After a night that ended in an Irish bar in Belmont with all of us dancing and singing along to the Celtic band, we hopped in a cab and made our way back to the little apartment they shared in the North End.

I could tell Melanie was horny–she was giggly drunk and she had been hitting on every guy in every bar since 10 o’clock. I sat beside her in the backseat, and she leaned forward or across me constantly, letting her breasts, hands, and thighs rub against different parts of my body. Sarah sat up front and chatted with the driver. He was great, pointing out different cool buildings and telling us about them as they passed.

Melanie draped herself across me at one point to see down the river as we crossed the Charles River. One hand rested on my thigh right next to my semi-hard cock. When she sat back up, her hand stayed there, squeezing lightly. The side of her hand nudged me repeatedly, and almost immediately I knew it wasn’t an accident. To cover my response, I asked the driver about a gleaming tower coming up the right side of the cab. He answered, and the three of us peered out the windows, me leaning across Melanie’s body for a change. As I did that, I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her close, and whispered, “Don’t start something you’re not going to finish” in her ear. I still remember the way her hair smelled, and the heat of her body tight against mine for a moment.

She gave me a sexy little smirk, slid her hand a little higher to give my cock a squeeze, and whispered back, “I won’t. I never do.”

With that, she leaned forward toward the gap in the privacy screen, pushing me out of the way and getting into the conversation with Sarah. Coincidentally, this let her move toward the middle of the backseat, and her head and shoulders blocked anyone’s view what was going on. Her left hand rubbed my cock some more, and she tucked her foot up on the seat, hiking her skirt up and exposing the striped white panties beneath. With an impatient glance over her shoulder at me, she pulled my hand into her crotch and patted it. I got to work. I rubbed her mound repeatedly, caressed her inner thighs, and ran my fingers over the silky fabric along her slit. I could feel the heat building, and soon her panties were damp with excitement.

Maybe a description is in order here. Melanie was 5’5″ tall, and her mother was Spanish. She had long, wavy brown hair, full lips, and dark brown eyes. She tanned easily and even in the winter had alluring golden skin. Her hips were broad and sensuous, and she had a heart-shaped ass that made me (and every other man) imagine its contours in spectacular detail. She also had full 36-D breasts that she loved to show off, and although she dressed provocatively, she never crossed the line into slutty-looking. In fact, she had a great sense of style.

Melanie was clearly enjoying my attention, and she began rubbing her palm up and down my cock as it lay trapped inside my jeans. I decided then to amp things up a bit. I moved my hand as high as I could inside her skirt and then starting from her belly, I slid my hand down slowly, my fingers slipping behind her panties, caressing and stroking her as I went. To my amazement, I found her completely shaved–a relatively rare thing back then! Curling my hand lower, I dipped Tekirdağ Escort my first two fingers between her pussy lips, spreading her juices along her slit and up across her clit, letting them glide back and forth. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes slightly, but kept chatting with the two in the front seat. Her hand kept up enough motion on my cock to keep me hard, but I could tell I was getting to her!

Finally, she gave up the pretense of jerking me off. She sat back, fumbled in her purse, lit a cigarette, and continued to block the view from the front seat as best she could. I kept my hand busy while looking innocently off out the window on my side, and I could feel her body start to tremble. She lost the thread of the conversation up front a little bit when I sank those two fingers into her pussy, and I felt her clamp down on me. I left them deep inside her and pumped her as discreetly as I could…that did it for her! With a deep, shuddering exhalation, she came hard. Then, as cool as a cucumber, she flicked her ash out the window, shifted in the seat to pull her skirt down, and jumped back into the conversation. The driver and Sarah had no clue.

When we got to the North End, the lights were still on at our favorite cappuccino place down the street. It was just after 1:00 am, but they stayed open late. Melanie said she wanted dessert, smiling innocently. I said I could go for an espresso or something. Sarah was tired and her buzz was fading, so she said she would skip it and go to bed. She hugged Melanie and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “The couch is all set up for you,” she said as she turned to go.

“Thanks,” I said with a smile. “Good night.”

She crossed the street, and I watched to make sure she got inside before turning away. Still beautiful. Long lean legs, sweet ass, freckles across her nose, and straight strawberry blonde hair in a low ponytail swinging as she went. She waved as she ducked into the doorway of their building, knowing that I would be keeping an eye on her to see her safely home.

“Such a gentleman!” came a mocking voice close behind me. Full breasts pressed hard against my back as Melanie rested her chin on my shoulder to whisper into my ear. “I bet you’re thinking about that sweet little ass again, aren’t you?”

I was, actually, but I had more immediate concerns. Turning to face her, I kissed her for the first time, savoring the sensation of her darting tongue tip. I let this go on for a long moment before biting her lower lip and breaking the kiss. My hands, of their own accord, had come to rest on her hips so I pulled her against me firmly.

“I’m thinking about THIS ass right now!” I assured her as I gave it a squeeze from both sides.

She smiled knowingly and said, “Good. That’s what I want you to be thinking about!”

Her soft belly rubbed enticingly against my crotch as we kissed again, and I knew she could feel my hard cock trapped between us. As great as it felt, I didn’t want to spend the rest of the night dry-humping under a street light. I grabbed her hand and tugged her into the gate of a little brick building with darkened windows. She followed along without question or complaint.

In the little courtyard, there was a row of ornamental evergreen trees that screened us from the sidewalk. I pulled her back into my arms, grabbed her ass firmly once more, and kissed her savagely.

“I’ve been thinking about your ass for years!” I told her with heat in my voice. “You’ve got me hard as a rock, and I’m not going to stuff it down and go get some dessert!”

Her eyes were wide and beautiful, and she was smiling seductively. “I said I’d finish it…” she said and then kissed me. “I just didn’t think you meant in the street!”

I leaned back against a wide brick pillar and unbuckled my jeans. “That’s exactly what I mean!” I told her as I pushed down my boxers and let my cock spring free to slap against my shirt.

“Oh, my!” she said happily. “I guess I did cause you a problem!”

With that, she put her leather shoulder bag on the ground and dropped to her knees on it. Pulling my shaft down to horizontal, she wrapped both hands around me and stroked and twisted gently, spreading my precum all around. She licked once from the base to the tip, and then her amazingly hot mouth sank down fully until her nose rested against my stomach. Clearly, she had had a lot of cocks in her mouth, but I wasn’t one to complain. Her skilled lips and hands worked rapidly, driving me along toward my reward. Each time she sank all the way down on my cock, she was humming happily–the buzzing was a treat against my shaft. In just a few minutes, I was ready to cum. “Melanie…” I began. She paused her bobbing, looked up at me, and smiled. Then she went back to work with a vengeance, sucking hard on the tip, lashing it with her tongue, and using her hands to milk my shaft. With one final thrust, I exploded into her mouth, and she swallowed greedily, drinking down Tekirdağ Escort Bayan every saved-up drop.

I leaned back against the pillar to catch my breath. Melanie licked me clean and stood up, tucking my cock back in my pants, and said, “Let’s get some real dessert now!”

Half an hour later, I was finishing my espresso and Melanie was sucking the spoon of her gelato seductively. “Why didn’t we ever hook up at school?” she asked with her usual bluntness.

I didn’t want to say that she was too skanky for me, so I moderated my response and told her that there was too much competition. She smirked.

“You ended up with Sarah, though.” she said. “That must have been fun!”

“It was. I love her a lot. We had a good time, but when you guys graduated, it wasn’t like we were about to get married or anything.”

“I get that. I also get that she’s sweet and preppy and clean and everything. It kind of hurt my feelings that you were with her sometimes, like she was better for you.”

This was not a path I wanted to travel down!

“Listen…I loved Sarah. We were good together. You were always busy with other guys. It wasn’t a competition between you two, and it still isn’t!”

“So what’s different about tonight?” she asked.

“Tonight,” I said in a level voice, “is payback for all the times I helped you out, and all the times I thought about how fucking sexy you are, and how many times I thought about other guys fucking you. Tonight, and this weekend if we can be cool around Sarah, is all about how much time we can spend catching up on what we missed out on!”

“I’ve never seen you this intense!” she said with a grin.

“I’ve never had you on your knees before,” I responded with an equally horny smile.

“And?” she asked in a questioning voice.

“And I want a LOT more of you!”

“So let’s get out of here!”


At two o’clock in the morning, we tiptoed inside the apartment and softly closed the door. Sarah’s door was closed, and Melanie opened it gently to check on her. She was back with good news: “Sleeping like a baby!” she said with a delighted smile.

“Babies don’t snore,” I told her. “Sarah does when she has too much Irish, though! She’ll be down for the count if she’s anything like she was at school.”

I hadn’t explored the place before, so I looked down the hall. The bathroom was open next to Sarah’s room, cluttered with a familiar jumble of hair and makeup products. Melanie stepped inside, smiled at me, and said, “I’ll be right out!” before closing the door.

Her bedroom had to be the next one, but the door was closed there as well. The hallway opened onto a small living room with a kitchen behind it. Past that was a small balcony looking onto the quiet back street at the rear of the house. The couch where I was to sleep was a pull-out, but not pulled out yet. The whole thing was small, but well-maintained and uncluttered.

I ended up at the refrigerator, glad to find a pitcher of ice-cold water. Guessing correctly which cupboard held the glasses, I poured two tall drinks and went out onto the balcony to have a cigarette. I sat in the middle of an old wicker couch and looked out over the chilly skyline.

When Melanie came out, she was a sight to behold. Her hair fell loose past her shoulders, framing her face perfectly. She was wearing a t-shirt nightie with a wide-scooped neckline that covered her to mid-thigh. Her sexy little feet were bare, and she was carrying a fleece blanket.

“God, it’s getting cold!” she said. She sat beside me and then swung her feet up to rest on the other side of my legs. “Keep me warm!” she said, lighting a cigarette of her own.

I flipped the blanket over my legs and hers, wrapped an arm around her to hold it over her shoulders, and tucked the other end behind me. We sat like that, smoking and sipping water, for several minutes. The closeness was both peaceful and arousing, but we had plenty of time.

When the cigarettes were done, Melanie turned her body a little more toward me. Her lips nuzzled my neck, and my free hand moved to her leg under the blanket. I began stroking her thigh from knee to hip, enjoying her smooth skin and the sensation of her lips against me. The warm fullness of her breasts against my chest was making itself known as well, and I could feel myself getting turned on again.

“What was that you said about payback?” Melanie asked me in a soft voice.

“I’ll show you,” I told her with a growl. At that, I pulled her in for a real kiss, our tongues teasing each other passionately. My hand moved to her ass and pulled her closer, while the other one dropped from her shoulder to her other hip, urging her into a straddling position on my lap.

When I felt Melanie grind herself down onto my throbbing cock, I knew we were both ready for more. I unbuckled my belt without breaking the kiss and pushed my pants and boxers as far down my thighs as I could reach. Escort Tekirdağ Melanie helpfully raised herself out of the way.

With that accomplished, I slid my palm across her pussy once again, and she responded eagerly. My hand came away slick with her juices, and I used it to lubricate my cock as I held it upright beneath her. She sank down just a bit, trapping the head in the volcano heat of her opening, then swirled her hips teasingly.

“Is this what you wanted?” she asked seductively.

“Yes!” I told her as I grabbed her hips and pulled her violently down onto my lap. Her eyes went wide with the abrupt fullness, and her back arched, pulling her away from my kiss. Holding her hips tightly to keep her in place, I ground myself deep inside her, letting her feel every inch and forcing her clit into contact with my pubic bone with every rotation.

“Oh, fuck…that feels so good!” she said with a gasp punctuating each grind against her most sensitive spot. “Your cock feels so hard inside me!”

“That’s because you’re a beautiful, sexy woman and I’ve been wanting to fuck you for years!”

“I’m glad we waited,” she said breathlessly. “This is just right!”

Instead of answering, I loosened my grip on her ass and pulled her in for another kiss. “I think so, too!” I told her, urging her hips into motion.

She knew what I wanted, and with her knees firmly planted beside me on the couch cushions, she began to ride me in a hypnotic rhythm, swiveling her beautiful hips and ass back and forth, up and down, and from side to side. Each movement caused my cock to feel different sensations from her slick pussy, and I knew she was hitting all her own spots as well because her eyes closed in pleasure and she began to bite her lip, a little frown of concentration developing on her face.

The blanket had slid down to my knees, allowing me full access to the gorgeous body writhing in front of me. My hands left her ass reluctantly, but I was soon holding a full breast in each hand while my thumbs and forefingers stroked her nipples through the soft material of her nightie. The were already erect, but I felt them grow firmer and longer as I teased them.

Melanie was doing all the work now, and the combination of pleasure and exertion brought a flush to her face and chest. Her hands were gripping the back of the couch as she worked her magic on my rigid cock. I wanted to feel her more completely, though, so I slipped my hands under the hem of her nightie and went to work on her bare breasts once more.

The warmth and weight was exactly as I had imagined. I pinched each nipple in turn, bringing a gasp once more to her lips. Smiling down from above me, Melanie whipped her nightie off over her head and returned to her efforts. She even leaned in a little closer, beckoning my attention. Not wanting to miss out, I kissed each nipple, then moved from one side to the other, sucking firmly while teasing the other side with my fingers.

“Oh, fuck, yes…they’re so sensitive!” she moaned. “You’re gonna make me cum!”

“Good!” I said in reply, sucking extra hard and thrusting myself up for once to bump against her cervix. “I want to feel you cum all over me!”

Melanie’s motion changed then from the sensuous swirl she had been giving me to a more regular deep fucking motion. At the top of each stroke, my cockhead barely stayed inside her. At the bottom of her descent, I was fully engulfed and she ground her clit against me. After a few dozen strokes like that, I could feel her belly start to twitch.

To help her along, I grabbed each breast with my thumb under the nipple and began biting the prominent little peaks, giving each one a few moments attention before switching sides. Melanie’s motions became more determined, and with a sudden moan, her back arched at the bottom of her stroke and she froze, her pussy pulsating as waves of orgasm flooded through her. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly without moving, letting her ride the feeling out.

I’ve always been jealous of women for the orgasms they can have, and this was no exception. It must have been a full minute before Melanie’s back muscles unlocked, and she began to sag forward. Her hair was sweaty as it fell onto my chest, and she was breathing hard into my neck. Not wanting her to get cold, I pulled the blanket up over her steaming shoulders.

“Holy shit…” she said between breaths, “…that was amazing!”

“Mmm,” I said intelligently as I kissed her hair.

She looked up at me with a serious face. “I haven’t cum that hard in a long time!” she said.

“You must have been waiting for the right guy!” I told her with a smile and a kiss.

“That’s definitely you, then!” she replied.

“And now it’s definitely MY turn,” I told her with a wicked grin. I paused for just a moment to kick my pants all the way off and then grabbed her ass again.

Lifting her slightly, I turned us around so that her but was on the edge of the couch cushion. The blanket trailed onto the floor enough to cushion my knees, and I pulled myself all the way out of her pussy. I was so warm and turned on that I whipped my shirt and sweater off over my head– the cold Boston air felt good on my body as I returned to my task.

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