Meg Pt. 06

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Cum Swallow

Meg was grateful it was Sunday, because she hadn’t slept well. Mitch, on the other hand, was still sound asleep when, around 6am, she gave up on any more rest and got up. Still wearing just a t-shirt and panties, she went to the kitchen and started mixing together pancake batter.

Mitch came out into the kitchen when she had cooked more than half the pancakes on a small pan on her stove. A stack of pancakes steamed on a large plate.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Good morning. I made breakfast.”

“Oh. I don’t usually eat breakfast. But I’d take a coffee.”

Flustered, she turned on her coffee maker and got a mug from the cabinet. He was wearing only his boxers, and he was partway stiff underneath. He sat at one of the chairs at her table.

Meg flipped another batch of pancakes onto the plate and poured more batter on the skillet as the coffee dripped into his mug.

“Cream and sugar?” she asked when his coffee finished.

“I’ll take cream,” he said, and she fetched it from the fridge.

He watched her flip pancakes, taking small sips of the still-hot coffee.

When she finished cooking, she said, “Are you sure you won’t eat?”

“No, I’m not usually hungry until noon. But I’m up for other stuff when you’ve finished eating.”

Meg got out tinfoil and tented it over the plate of pancakes. “These will stay warm enough. I can wait to eat.”

Mitch took one last sip of coffee and then got up and walked to the bedroom. She followed him in. She lay on the bed and he climbed on top of her.

He kissed her full on the lips, and she wished she had taken the time to brush her teeth, but he didn’t seem to care. His tongue slid over hers, and his hands groped at her t-shirt. He stopped kissing her long enough to pull it over her head and then his lips were on hers again as one of his hands grabbed her breast.

She knotted her fingers in his hair, holding him close against her. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in tighter.

He pulled away and pulled off her panties.

“Wet again,” he murmured. “You’re really easy, aren’t you?”

“I like you better when you don’t talk,” she said. He smirked at her and slid two fingers inside of her.

“Don’t worry, I know exactly what you like,” he told her as he started moving his fingers in and out.

She wanted to slap him for his arrogance, but she forgave it this time like she had forgiven it so many times before, because what he did was giving her so much pleasure.

He finally pulled out of her and stepped out of his underwear. Meg got on the floor on her knees and took Mitch in her mouth. He moaned then, and he seemed almost vulnerable as Meg flicked her tongue over his member. In this moment, he didn’t know what was coming, and he let her take control of his pleasure.

Meg paid attention to what made him tense, made him take in a sharp breath, and she melded her mouth to his needs.

When adiosbet yeni giriş she finished, she handed him a condom and he expertly slid it on. He turned her around and, both of them still standing, Meg bent over the bed, he slid in behind her.

“Damn, for an easy chick, you’re tight,” he murmured as he slid in and out, easing her walls open.

Meg wanted to argue that she wasn’t easy, but she couldn’t. She thought of how easily she invited him here, and wondered if maybe he had a point.

He picked up his pace until he fell into a steady rhythm. She was reminded that he was a drummer in high school, completely responsible for tempo.

He reached one hand around and pinched her nipple and she squeaked.

“You like that?” he whispered in her ear.

“Yes,” she said. “More.”

He toyed with her nipple and all too soon she was orgasming, unable to control herself. She arched her back, leaning back against Mitch as he growled and plunged deeper into her.

He slowed to let her relax. Then he told her to climb on the bed, which she did. He climbed behind her and went back inside her. He slapped her ass three times in quick succession and she moaned again.

“You want more?” he asked.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Please.”

He slapped her other ass cheek and then started thrusting more vigorously. She knew she wouldn’t last long, and soon enough her hands were clenched around the blankets and she was muffling her voice in the covers as her whole body tensed and clenched.

Mitch seemed to be finishing too, because he didn’t let up his speed, and Meg fell into a third orgasm, crying out as he grunted and tensed inside her.

“Ahh,” he finally said and pulled out of her.

He immediately went to the bathroom to clean up. Meg got dressed for the day and soon Mitch was out and dressing himself.

“Here, put your number in my phone,” Mitch said. “I might text you sometime.”

Meg did so and handed the phone back to him.

“I need to get going,” he said. “But that was fun. Good way to start the morning. I’ll see you around.”

He walked to the living room, put on his shoes, and then went out the door.

His coffee mug was half full. Meg took a sip – it was still warm. She took a longer sip and then filled a plate of pancakes for herself. She ate alone that morning, then did dishes and cleaned up.

It was past ten, and Meg thought she might try to take a nap, coffee be damned, when she got a text from Alex.

“Can you meet up for dinner tomorrow?” he asked her.

“Sure. I’m free. Where?”

He named a diner in Stoneham, which was about halfway between their homes.

She busied herself with cleaning again, trying not to think about the way Alex’s hand had felt on her back the night before, nor of Mitch pressing her against the car door as he kissed her.


Meg had dithered in front of the mirror adiosbet giriş the next morning, trying to pick a nice outfit. She kept remembering how Mitch called her easy, and she flushed as she looked at her blouse, wondering if it was too low cut. She ended up changing it, choosing a more conservative plum-colored top.

She wore a black skirt and black sandals. She pulled some of her hair back with a barrette.

After work, she drove to the diner. Alex met her outside, leaning against his car. He smiled as she drove up. They got a table and Meg, belly growling, immediately started perusing the menu. She got a lemonade to drink and sipped it while she looked.

“How was your day?” Alex asked her as she decided what she wanted.

“Uneventful,” she said. “I’m working on a few different projects right now, but they’re all going smoothly and ahead of schedule.”

Alex smiled. Meg chose something and closed her menu, setting it on the table.

The waitress came and took their orders and then they were left alone. Meg took another sip of her lemonade.

“I actually invited you here to talk about something,” Alex said.


“Yeah. Well, uh,” he said and cleared his throat. “I don’t really know how to say this. Look, I saw you and Mitch on Saturday night. And I was really jealous. And it made me realize… I guess what I’m wondering is if we might try again and see where things go?”

Meg blinked and said, “Oh.”

“I know, that kind of came out of the blue,” Alex said. He was fiddling with his straw wrapper.

“It’s okay,” Meg said. “I actually liked going to the bonfire with you. And not because of Mitch, but because you found me someone to talk to, and you made sure I felt comfortable. You’re a nice guy – you’ve always been a nice guy. I just haven’t dated anyone in a long time.”

“We can start over,” Alex said. “No baggage from before. It’s just – I know you deserve so much more than Mitch.”

“Would you have asked me out if I hadn’t hooked up with Mitch?” Meg asked him.

“Eventually,” he said. “I think my feelings came back the minute I saw you at that wedding.”

The waitress returned with their burgers and fries. Meg, eager for a distraction, started eating right away. Her head was spinning.

She had dated in college, going out with two different guys. One had been demeaning and wanted her to cater to his wishes. Another was completely oblivious to her needs and was always ditching her to be with friends. After that, she’d slept around but never went steady with anyone. It was liberating to not have to worry about anyone else.

But a part of her missed that. And she’d thought of Alex through the years, thought that maybe if their timing had been different, something could have happened.

“Will you at least tell me what you’re thinking?” Alex asked. She noticed he had barely touched his own food.

“I’m wondering adiosbet güvenilirmi if they have strawberry milkshakes,” Meg said.

Alex smiled. When they were in high school, he lived within walking distance of McDonald’s and he would get a large strawberry milkshake for them to share. She had always been a fan of vanilla, but with him, strawberry seemed to be exactly what she needed. They would sip it while walking through the woods back to his house. Once they sat on the grass outside the McDonald’s and sipped the milkshake and talked about anything and everything.

“I’m willing to try,” Meg said. “Because I still have feelings for you, too. And I don’t want to wonder what could have been.”

Alex reached across the table and she put her hand in his. And he beamed again, with that smile of a man who had just seen the sun when he had never expected to see it again.


The diner did have strawberry milkshakes. They shared a large one together. After Alex paid for dinner, he walked her to her car.

Alex hesitated outside her car door, then kissed her on the lips.

Meg was brought back to the band room her junior year. She’d only dated one guy before Alex, and that guy had been a slobbery mess who didn’t know how to move his lips.

It was jazz band practice, and all the concert band kids were sitting around doing homework while the jazz band played. Alex and Meg were sitting against a back wall where the band teacher couldn’t see them. They’d been talking softly, holding hands. They’d been dating for a month, and she could tell he was nervous. Just from how nervous he was, she knew the kiss was coming, but when it did, it still felt like a surprise. She had been looking at her lap, fiddling with one of the ties on his black sweatshirt that she wore. His sweatshirt was oversized and warm, and she loved that when she wore it, everyone knew it was his. And she looked up and suddenly his lips were on hers.

When Meg’s sister had told her about kissing, she’d told Meg that when her first kiss came, she’d know what to do. But that hadn’t happened with her first boyfriend. She’d been disappointed, wondering if there was something wrong with her, that she didn’t enjoy kissing.

But with Alex, she felt a flame ignite inside her, and the hope she had lost was restored. She could kiss forever if the lips were like this. They were firm and precise, knowing exactly where to press against hers. His breath was warm on her skin. She knew she was in a band room with over a hundred people, but they were shielded from most, and she didn’t care about the rest. He left her dizzy and elated.

As Alex kissed her by her car outside the diner, she remembered exactly why she loved his kisses. She couldn’t help putting one hand on the back of his head. One of his hands slipped around her waist.

After a minute, they came up for air, slightly breathless.

“Good night, Alex,” Meg said.

“Good night, Meg.”

She climbed into her car. He stepped back and watched her pull out, his hands in his pockets. As she pulled away, the corners of his mouth twitched upward, farther and farther until he had the widest grin on his face.

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