Meeting Sydney Pt. 03

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So after that weekend with Sydney where she dominated me our relationship went to the next level, we admitted we were in love with each other and I was close to moving to Bostom full-time and we needed to figure things out relationship-wise. We were still discreet not waiting to tell people in the office and we were talking about moving in together with me looking for a place in Boston for both of us until we had the talk.

One night after another amazing night of sex we were talking about moving into a new place and going public about our relationship. Sydney admitted there were additional things she would like to do with me that she was into before making this a legit relationship. I was a little shocked and asked if this was not good enough for her and she said this is great but this has woken up something in her and she would rather be honest now vs later. I asked her what more she wanted and she said she likes to make a surprise and to trust her and let her plan something. If I am not into it we can discuss or maybe we go our separate ways. after more talking, I agreed and decided to go with what she had planned.

The next week on a Friday night we made plans to go out, she was dressed very sexily in a short dress that showed off her curves. We had a nice dinner then headed to a bar for drinks, we sat at a corner table where she would tell me what she wanted. after a couple of drinks and sexy talk, Sydney sprung on me that she wanted to fuck another man tonight, and wanted me to sit here while she would look to be picked up at the bar with the hope of it being someone staying at the hotel attached to the bar to do while I waited to know what she was doing. I was somewhat shocked but also hard and horny at the same time. For some reason I agreed, she smiled kissed me left me at the table while she floated around the bar looking to be picked up.

As I sat there watching her I realized I wanted this deep down and this was always a fetish of mine, from the porn I watched to fantasizing about the girls I was with in the past wanting them to fuck other guys and with Sydney dominating me sexually this is what I really wanted in a relationship. I watched her for the next 30 minutes talking to different guys until she had a seat with a guy at the bar where I watched them have a drink and talked. I sat yalova escort there having a drink from a distance and watched this girl I was falling for touching this guy while he touched her at one point he put his hand on her thigh and I watched as it disappeared between her legs, and this made me hard as a rock.

At his point I noticed him pay the bill and they got up and left towards the hotel exit, where I would assume he was a guest and took her to fuck. I sat there alone with images running thru my head of what they were doing until Sydney returned to the table. She sat down looking a mess, like the mess you look after a good fuck. She proceeded to tell me what happen, Craig, the guy at the bar obviously was into her which led them to go back to his room, they started to kiss and rub each other in the elevator, and once in the room and the door was closed she fell to her knees and took fished his cock out of his pants and took it in her mouth. She said she blew him for about 5 minutes until he stopped her pulled her up and put her on the bed and ate her extremely wet pussy out. He ate her getting her good and wet and then they fucked for a while in many different positions. As Sydney was telling me this she also had her hand under the table rubbing my cock thru my pants making my already cock harder. She then took my hand and put it between her legs as she was telling me that after fucking for a while he finally came in her pussy, and at this point, she put my hand in her panties to feel the cum in her pussy, his cum. She then said she cleaned his cock off with her mouth as she moved in to kiss me. She then looked in my eyes and said now take me back to my place and clean my pussy up for me you bitch, I didn’t think twice as I paid the bill and we left.

We left the bar and walked the 15 minutes back to her place, and I don’t think a word was even said. Once in the apartment, I tried to kiss her right away but she stopped me and said to follow her into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom she laid down on the bed and told me to strip while she watched. I took off everything as she pulled her dress off and just had her panties on. She then said tell me what you’re going to, between the drinks I had, how horny I was, and knowing what she wanted I said I want to eat your pussy. She then asked once in my yalova escort bayan pussy, and I said another man’s cum. She then slowly pulled her panties off and threw them to me and said put them on, I did what I was told, and then she said from now on that is the only type of underwear you’re going to wear, understood and I said yes. As I stood there wearing her panties she was spreading her legs and spreading his lips apart and I can see cum, and she said tell me again what you are going to do, and I said standing there I am going to eat another man’s cum out of your pussy.

She then had me get on my knees and told me to crawl to the bed, then onto the bed and between her legs where my face was inches from her pussy, and she then said beg me to eat my pussy. I knew what she wanted, hell I knew what I wanted from all the years of watching porn and fantasizing about this and proceed to beg her to eat another man’s cum from her pussy. She made me beg like this for about 5 minutes before she let me eat her and clean out her pussy. So there I was wearing panties eating another man’s cum from her freshly fucked pussy, while she kept telling me to get used to this because she will be fucking others, and most times I will be cleaning her out like the bitch I am.

After she felt like it was enough, she had me roll over, fished my cock out of the panties, and took my cock in her mouth, I believe I lasted 10 seconds before I blew a huge load in her mouth. Well, there was a reason she took it in her mouth because she then came up and kissed me giving me most of all my cum back for me to swallow, once again showing me who is in charge. She then adjusted my panties as we fell asleep in bed a sweaty mess.

The next day we woke up showered had breakfast and did our own things running around doing errands, but Sydney made sure she was true to her word and I was wearing panties. We finally hooked up late in the day when she said we were going out to dinner and then for drinks like the previous night. We went for a romantic dinner and then we went back to the same bar as the previous night, and sat at the same table and ordered drinks. I started to think that I was in for another night like the previous, but that changed after about 30 minutes of us just sitting there and having a couple of drinks. Sydney then said escort yalova she believes in doing on to others as done to you, as I sat there wondering what she meant she told me that she wanted me to fuck another girl, similar to her fucking a man the night before. She then pointed the bar to a woman sitting at the bar and said that’s Pam someone she knows and she is expecting you, now go have a drink with her flirt with her and then go back to her room, to eat her pussy and fuck her. As I sat there trying to figure out if she was kidding or not, she told me to go, she then kissed me and said enjoy, and don’t clean up because she wants to taste her on me afterward while I tell her all about it.

I went to the bar and introduced myself to Pam and sat with her while we had drinks. as we had drinks and talked which led to sex talk, followed by some touching, I noticed Sydney watching and enjoying herself. Pam had brown hair and was in her mid 30’s, and after two drinks we headed up to a room she had there. In the elevator, we started to kiss, and once in the room and the door was closed we start to shed clothes before she fell to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and gave me an amazing blow job. I then pulled her up putting her on the bed where I ate her clean-shaven pussy which she loved, pulling my face and rubbing my face all over her pussy. After a bit, we started to fuck 1st missionary, then doggie, ending with her riding my cock until we both came. I laid there for a couple of minutes before getting dressed, when Pam noticed the panties making a comment that it was kinda sexy as I was embarrassed, she then walked me to the door and I left returning to the bar with Sydney.

Once Sydney saw me she gave me a kiss, commenting that she tasted good on my lips and we then left returning to her place. Once in the apartment, we stripped down hopped into bed, and Sydney and I kissed so she can taste pussy on my lips and face, then she gave me a blow job telling me to tell her about what happened with Pam, tasting her pussy on my cock. I blew my load in her mouth after telling her all about it as she then kissed me giving it back to me. Sydney then got up and came back to the bed holding the face strapon, placing it on me, and riding my face until she came, what a sexy night.

The next morning we woke up in bliss and had a great Sunday and without saying much we knew we both had a great weekend and were ready to take this relationship to the next level.

Part 4 Where Sydney and I introduce Bisex into the relationship.

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