Meet Through Chat App for First MM Pt. 02

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It had been about a week since I had my first experience with another man. We had kept chatting online, including sharing more pictures and masturbating together while talking about how much I liked what I had done. There was generally some conversation about other things that he would like to do to me, as well as telling me a couple times a day that I needed to come suck his cock again. There was always a pretense that we would hang out and watch TV or play video games or something, but I knew if I ended up over there, I would be on my knees with him in my mouth without much delay. It was practically all I thought about during that week, although the discussions about him bending me over and using my ass had me furiously stroking myself a couple times.

“I bet you have a tight little hole. I’d like to bend you over and use my tongue on it then fuck you hard until I filled your ass full of my cum,” the message read.

If my hand hadn’t already been wrapped around my cock it would have gone there immediately. “Mmmm yes sir, grab my hips and pound that tight ass hard,” I sent back.

“Are you playing with your cock thinking about me fucking you and shooting inside you? You want it don’t you? Tell me how bad,” he said.

“Yes sir, it’s so hard thinking about that big cock stretching my little asshole. Please give it to me. I want to suck you and get you hard and wet until you tell me to turn around and put my ass in the air for you and then have my breath taken away as that big head pushes inside me,” I typed back. I knew it wouldn’t take long before I made myself cum as I was furiously fucking my hand at this point.

I set the phone down next to me and used the middle finger on my left hand to rub and push against my asshole. Some of the lube that I had dribbled over my cock and balls had ran down between my cheeks and I used my finger to rub it around more, coating it and my hole. I had used a finger and some plugs on myself and knew how much I enjoyed being stretched as something was pushed in. I was staring at my phone to see if another message came through as the fingertip slowly started pushing in past that tight ring. It relaxed somewhat as the finger slid in, still squeezing tightly, but allowing me to push my finger most of the way in myself.

Just then another message popped up. “About to cum thinking about being the first to take you,” it said.

My hand slid to the base of my cock and gripped tightly as I erupted, shooting stream after stream of cum on to my belly.

He sent me a picture of his semi hard dick and a similarly cum covered stomach. Ankara escort “You should be licking this up,” the message said.

“You made me cum so hard thinking about being fucked. I would gladly lick it all up,” I typed back with my finger still buried inside myself.

There really wasn’t much more messaging after that, it was kind of late and we were both exhausted. I used a towel I had next to me to clean up and went right to sleep. I woke up a couple times that night, on my stomach with my legs spread and my dick hard. I don’t remember the dreams but figured they were a continuation of my text conversation from the night before.

The next day at work was busy enough I didn’t really have much time to think about him or look on my phone to see if there were any messages. I checked after getting done at the gym that night but still hadn’t heard anything. As I sat down with a glass of whiskey in front of the TV, I sent him a message to see what he was up to. I didn’t hear anything back for the next couple of hours and ended up heading to bed after several more drinks and feeling a little tipsy. I had been in an almost continual state of arousal since that first encounter and was a little disappointed there wouldn’t at least be some sexting happening. I woke up a couple hours later, around 3am, and saw I had a message.

“You need to suck my cock again,” it said.

I didn’t figure anything would happen since it was so late but decided to respond, “You’d like it in my mouth again?” I hit send and was surprised that it was almost immediately opened.

“Yes, come suck it right now. My roommate is asleep in the house though, so you’ll need to message me when you get here, and I’ll open the garage far enough for you to get in. You can’t make any noise and you’ll have to suck it in garage,” the message said.

My initial thought was it sounded too risky. I could just imagine his roommate going to see why the door was opening at that hour and walking in on some guy giving his roommate a blowjob. All of that went through my head, but my message back was, “Ok, I’ll be there in about 10 minutes.”

I threw some shorts on, grabbed a shirt and put on tennis shoes. I was out to my car within a couple minutes of saying I would come service him again. The drive over was just as nerve wracking as the drive over was the previous week.

“Park down in the middle of the block,” said the message I received about halfway over.

I simply replied, “Yes sir. I’m only a few minutes away.”

I didn’t get another message but when I turned in to the neighborhood and drove Ankara escort bayan past the house, I saw the garage door was open about 2 ft. I parked several houses down and walked in the quiet night air back to the partially open door. The light was very bright coming from under that door and I dropped to my hands and knees to crawl under. It took a couple seconds for my eyes to adjust from outside and saw him standing by the opener. He was wearing jeans, t-shirt and boots and pressed the button to close the door the rest of the way. It sounded extremely loud in the quiet night and seemed to take forever to close those couple of feet.

“Hey,” I said. He simply put his finger up to his lips in a shushing gesture and I nodded my head. I pulled the shirt over my head and set it on a cabinet next to me. I pulled my shorts off as well and did the same with them. I had no underwear on again, so not much more than 30 seconds after crawling into his garage I was standing naked in front of him apart from my tennis shoes. I remember how bright those fluorescent lights were and I felt a little subconscious standing there with no clothes on and a throbbing erection, so I decide to get on my knees and see what he did. He didn’t bother pulling his pants down and simply unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out.

While it was light enough to see that first time with him, it was still pretty dark. This time I had no trouble making out every detail of his cock. I was still amazed at the size of the head but was kind of disappointed I couldn’t get at his balls. I didn’t worry about it long though and just opened my mouth and took him in. He was just starting to get hard as my mouth closed around him and I sucked him in deep. I just held him in my mouth for several seconds until he swelled up big enough that I had to back off a little to avoid choking.

I didn’t waste any time after that and began sliding my mouth up and down his cock, coating him with my spit and running my tongue around the head and underside as I went. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down a little so I could see his tight balls. I was pinching my nipples and tried to look up at him when he started slightly pushing in and out of my mouth. I hoped it was a sexy look and he saw how much I wanted to please him but not sure whether I pulled it off or not.

He pulled out of my mouth and harshly whispered, “Lick my balls!” I put my hands on his ass and pushed my face in until his balls were pressed against my mouth. I desperately ran my tongue over them, licking and bouncing them with my tongue as his wet cock rubbed Escort Ankara against my cheek. I was massaging his ass with both hands as he was grinding against my face. After a minute or two, he pulled back so that big cock head was in front of my face again and I eagerly went back to work using my hands on his ass to help slide his hard dick in and out of my mouth. I still couldn’t take him all but tried to get as much as I could each time I slid down on it. My own cock was straining at this point, I was so turned by being naked in his garage while he was still mostly dressed, trying to quietly service his big cock so we didn’t wake his roommate.

He had one hand on my head and had reached down with the other to pinch my nipple. I had told him how sensitive my nipples were and that I loved playing with them and had decided to see what my reaction was. I moaned around his cock filling my mouth and lost all abandon in sucking him. I wanted him to feed me his hot cum again and to prove that I was a good little cocksucker. I heard him whisper, “Close,” and I slid up and down him a couple more times before taking him as deep as I could. I felt his hand on the back of my head holding me in place as thick ropes of cum splashed against the back of my tongue and throat. I started swallowing, eager to take everything he gave me. I held him in my mouth, my hand running along the underside of his balls until he was done and pulled his cock out. He was standing there in front of me looking at me on my knees. I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock and started jerking myself off. I was looking at him as he watched me stroking myself. I was using my left hand to rub and squeeze my own balls and rapidly sliding my right hand up and down my cock. I could feel the pressure building and knew my orgasm was close and would be big. My knees were spread wide and I was pumping my hips as much as I could. My cock jerked in my hand and started spurting hot cum against my chest and stomach, as well as some that poured out coating my cock as I kept stroking.

I knelt there recovering while he grabbed a rag and handed it to me so I could wipe myself off. I felt a little awkward as he watched me get dressed but also happy that I was able to get him to shoot in my mouth again.

He opened the door partway like before and I remember kind of mumbling a thanks to him and I ducked under the door. I drove home kind of in disbelief that I had hopped immediately out of bed in the middle of the night to drive over to give my second blowjob of my life. I had told him I wanted him to be more dominant and tell me what to do, so I think his message just telling me to come do it made me not really think about it and just do what I was told.

I felt like I really liked touching and sucking cocks and wondered when it would happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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