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When I was twenty, I was fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who enjoyed sex as much as I did. (Well maybe not quite as much as I did). At the time, I would frequently have parties at my apartment. This one particular Saturday night, everyone seemed to be having a good time. There were about twenty people, including my boyfriend, Ron, and me.

As the night wore on, I had a few drinks. I wasn’t what you would call “drunk”, but I was feeling no pain. During the evening, Phil, Ron’s best friend was especially attentive. He made many efforts to “accidentally” brush up against me. And he placed his hand on my back casually sliding it down over my ass. Or grabbing me for a quick kiss on the lips, pressing his chest against my size 40-D’s.

I don’t mind admitting that he was turning me on, and I could feel that my panties were moist. I was puzzled with his actions, but didn’t really have time to question them, chalking it up to him having a little too much to drink.

Around 2:00 a.m. everyone had left, leaving me, Ron, and Phil. The three of us were sitting on the sofa, talking with me in the middle. Ron pulled me closer and started kissing me. I could feel his hands sliding up and down my back. Then I felt a hand on my breast. I knew instantly that it wasn’t Ron, so I turned and saw Phil smiling at me.

“Do you mind?” he asked.

I looked around at Ron, and he was smiling too.

“Not at all,” I smiled back.

Phil’s touch was so different from Ron’s that my nipples were instantly erect. He had stopped rubbing, but left his hand cupping my tit. I shifted slightly causing his hand to move against my hard nipple. I couldn’t help but moan softly as Ron leaned in to kiss me again.

All kinds of thoughts were flooding my mind. Was this really happening? Thinking ‘had they planned it?’ I decided to see how far they would go, secure in the thought that Ron would stop what was happening before things went too far.

Phil moved up behind me and the two of them pulled me into a group hug of sorts, the only difference being, their hands were all over me. Phil cupped each of my tits into his huge hands. I had never seen such large hands on anyone! And I wondered if what I had heard was true? Big hands…big? Ron slid his hand up my skirt and was rubbing my pussy through my panties.

“Oh fuck,” he said, “she’s wet already!”

I let them lead me to the bedroom. My heart was racing as the two of them took turns removing articles of my clothing. I remember it being very sensuous because with each item they removed, they kissed and licked whatever skin was exposed.

Phil knelt before me and slid my panties down over my ass. As the cool air hit my pussy I could tell I was very wet. My nipples stood out begging for attention! I turned to each of them, removing their shirts and jeans.

Ron stood there in his boxers and Phil was naked under his jeans. God I love that! At this point I was too turned on to even consider stopping what we were doing! Even if they wanted to!

I kneeled down between them. I watched Ron’s hard cock spring forward as I pulled his boxers down over his ass. It bounced as he stepped out of them.

Then I turned to Phil and wrapped my hand around the shaft of his hard thick cock. Mmmmmm, I was in heaven! I had a cock in each Ankara escort hand, demanding attention from me! I could feel my pussy getting wetter. I didn’t know where to start, so I continued stroking both cocks in my hands.

Moving closer to Ron, I slid my tongue over the head of his cock. “Mmmmmm,” he moaned the minute I made contact. I took his head into my mouth while I kept up my stroking of each shaft.

It was so hard to concentrate, but I managed. Then I moved over to Phil’s cock. The head filled my mouth. He was much thicker than Ron, where Ron was longer. The best of both worlds!

At one point, I tried to take the heads of both cocks into my mouth. I don’t think they liked the idea of their cocks touching, but I had always wanted to do that and I was in control. That felt great! I moved my tongue around both heads and they soon forgot their trepidation. I was sucking and licking them at the same time. My hand moving up and down their shafts, then down to their balls, rubbing and massaging them.

Then Ron stepped back and pulled me to my feet. His hand went to my tit, cupping it as he rubbed. Phil worked on my other tit. The feelings that were washing over me were so intense. And when they both lowered their heads to suck on my nipples, (;) I was a goner. Both nipples were being sucked on at the same time, but with different techniques. Amazing!!

As they both played with my tits, we moved to the bed. They lay down, settling me between them. Our arms and legs became a tangle of skin. They had my legs lying across each of them, spreading my pussy wide. They ran their hands down my inner thighs and over the sensitive junction leading to the swell of my pussy lips.

I think at one point they each had a finger in my cunt at the same time. Phil’s thick long fingers almost felt like a cock. “Ohhhhhhhh, that was nice.” I cooed.

He continued to move one in and out even after Ron pulled his out.

Phil moved down between my legs and started licking my pussy. He made several long slow licks all the way up my slit. Oh! That was amazing! My clit was barely sticking out between my pussy lips and each time he did that, his tongue would lightly brush against it, driving me totally insane! I slid my fingers into his hair and pushed his face into me, grinding my pussy against his mouth.


Then he pushed his fat finger into my cunt and finger fucked me hard and fast. I could see my juices flying all over the place. Then while he sucked my clit he continued to finger fuck me. I had several good hard cums, gushing my juices all over his face.

While Phil was finger fucking me and sucking my clit, Ron moved up by my face. I was stroking and sucking his cock. He held the back of my head and pulled me up onto it. Fucking my mouth.

I could feel the head of his dick hitting the back of my throat and sometimes pushing into it. My hand reached up under his cock and played with his balls. He was so hard. I think it really turned him on to see another man’s head disappearing in between my thighs, licking my pussy.

After I had orgasmed for the umpteenth time,Phil pulled away from me and moved up between my legs. He approached me while stroking his cock. I reached down and wrapped my hand around it. I was still sucking Ankara escort bayan Ron’s cock. I guided Phil’s cock into my cunt.

Oh damn, he pushed it into me slowly. I lifted up against him forcing it in deeper. Ohhhh it was so thick! I could feel it spreading me open.

Then he started fucking me, pushing and pulling his cock in and out nice and slow. I had two cocks in me at the same time! I couldn’t believe it. I was so turned on, I was nearly out of my mind with lust! I wanted to scream “FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!” but I couldn’t with a mouth full of manjewels. All I could do was moan around it.

Then I heard Ron say, “OH FUCK BABE! I’M CUMMING!!”

Great gobs of cum shot down my throat as I gulped it down. Then I felt Phil give one big thrust and he was cumming in my hot pussy! That was the most erotic thing I have ever done. My body swallowing up the salty cum of two men! At that point, I think I would have done just about anything they suggested!

Phil collapsed on top of me and Ron beside me. I could feel cum trickling out of my pussy and running down the corners of my mouth. I was reaching out with my tongue and licking Ron’s cum off my lips.

Phil took my face in his hands and kissed me. I was so shocked! Didn’t he know Ron’s cum was all over my mouth. He moved his tongue over mine, and I knew he tasted Ron’s cum. That turned me on sooo much. I felt my pussy throbbing as we kissed.

Phil’s semi hard cock was still resting between my pussy lips. As we kissed, I started moving against him and grinding my clit on his cock. Ron was lying there, pinching and squeezing my nipples, as he slowly stroked himself.

We dozed off for a while and when we woke up, I was once again in the middle, and I was spooning Phil while Ron was spooning me. I have never felt anything so nice as that. Wedged in between two hard bodies. Wow! It was awesome!

I started moving my hips slightly. Rubbing my ass against Ron’s cock and my pussy rubbing Phil’s ass. I could feel Ron’s cock getting hard as I continued moving against it. He slid his arms around me pulling my ass back against him, and pushing into me.

I moaned softly as Phil turned around and lifted my leg. Then Ron moved up between them and slid his cock into my pussy from behind.

As Ron thrust his prick into my pussy, Phil rubbed my clit. “Ohhhhhhh fuckkkk, tha drives me crazy!” I moaned.

Then Phil lay down beside me, with his head towards my legs. He continued rubbing my clit and I took his cock into my mouth. I believe every woman should have this experience. It was WILD! Ron was pussy-pounding!! Phil was massaging my clit! and I was sucking Phil’s hard throbbing cock!

I was moving my mouth back and forth on Phil’s cock with the same rhythm Ron was fucking my cunt. Then I saw Phil’s head disappear in between my legs. He was flicking his tongue over my hard and swollen clit, as Ron fucked me. I was moaning around Phil’s cock, rapidly sliding it in and out of my mouth. Ron kept up his pace, while he pinched and pulled at my nipples. Fuckkk, what I was feeling was incredibly hot!

It seemed we all started to cum at once. Phil was the first to let go, spewing his hot cum into my mouth. He thrust his hips forward, jamming his hard cock down my throat. I swallowed hard, trying to Escort Ankara take him all in. Then Ron grabbed my tits hard and filled my cunt with his hot creamy cum! Phil continued his assault on my clit. Sucking and licking it hard until I came, into his mouth and all over Ron’s cock!

Again, we lay side by side resting for a bit. Then I was on my knees between them, alternately sucking their cocks clean. Licking up and down their shafts and over their balls. Then we lay down and went to sleep. It was a late morning for us.

I was the first to wake. Both cocks were standing straight up! But I figured it wasn’t for me, but just because they had to pee. But I played with each of them anyway. I wasn’t letting this opportunity pass me by, no way! It didn’t take long for them to wake as I moved my hands up and down their stiff cocks.

“Ohhhhhh I gotta piss like a racehorse!” Ron said with urgency.

We all took turns peeing, and since I was the last to go, I jumped in the shower. Well, imagine my surprise when they both got in with me! The two of them washed me top to bottom, sliding hot soapy water over my swollen pussy lips; I did the same for them. Soaping up their stiff rods. Only one thing feels nicer than a hard slippery wet cock and that’s two slippery wet cocks! After we dried off, we went back into the bedroom, hot and horny again, ready for one last session!

Phil had wanted to try something. He lay on his back on the bed, his cock standing straight up once again. He told me to straddle him, lowering my pussy down over his cock, which I did without hesitation!

He made a few pumps into my already wet cunt and pulled me down, pressing my tits against his chest. He then told me to push down on his cock. Raising my ass in the air, which I did. Then Ron straddled the both of us, lowering himself so his hard cock was pressing against my ass hole; Phil grabbed my ass, pulling my cheeks apart then Ron slowly slid the head of his cock into my ass. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I was so full of cock, I was near passing out.

Phil started fucking me, thrusting his hips up and down. As he pushed me up slightly, my ass would ride up on Ron’s cock. Oh fuck! It was incredible!

I was grinding my clit against Phil’s pelvis, and it was driving me crazy. I had four hard cums in about twenty minutes. My whole body was trembling and shaking.

The guys said they could feel each other’s cocks sliding into me.

It didn’t take long for them to cum. Phil spurting his hot cum into my cunt and Ron pushed his cock into my ass as far as he could as he filled me!

I could feel cum oozing out around both their cocks! Once we calmed down a bit, Ron pulled out of my ass and collapsed on the bed. I was so weak I couldn’t move off Phil. I lay there panting, with his cock deeply embedded in my twitching pussy.

“Ohhhh fuck! that was hot!” Phil said, and Ron agreed.

“Hon, are you okay?” he asked.

I could barely speak above a whisper. “Yes,” I breathed deeply.

Later that night, Ron and I were making supper and I started talking about our previous evening. I thought they had planned the whole thing and he tried to convince me I was wrong. It had been many years since that time and to this day I still think they planned it. I had hinted several times I would like a repeat performance, but it never happened. But they sure left me with some great memories. Memories, which get me hot and horny every time I think of what we did that night.

I would like to thank MistyMorgan who edited my story.

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