Me, My Nidhi, And Him

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Me, My Nidhi, And Himdeleted \his story started when I started college. Just in 2 months, I got a girlfriend. I was good looking and quite rich. So I had a lot of female attention and I finally chose Nidhi. She was hot because she was curvy and tall. But the most peculiar feature of her was her bust.She had two massive boobs and I would fantasize them. As soon as she accepted my proposal, I wanted to press them and it happened. I took her to my place where I pressed her boobs like hell and then fucked her. Sex was not a big deal for her because she was not a virgin.She had two ex-boyfriends and she had sex with both of them. But from that day, our sexual spree began. I was mad for her boobs. We would meet every alternate day at my flat and I would fuck her like a whore. She turned into my whore in a few months and would urge me to fuck her.I was gifting her expensive stuff. So she was happy and she was gifting me her priceless boobs and vagina and so I was happy. We would also go on a trip every month where I would end up fucking her for 70-80% of our time. This continued for a year.Till then, I had fucked her in almost all positions, accomplished all fantasies of us. Slowly boredom started enclosing our sex life. My interest in doing sex with her was going down. Then one day, we started watching porn together. Initially, it was a normal fuck.But then I changed the videos to those of kinky BDSM stuff. And finally ended up in cuckold videos where a guy gets his girl fucked by another guy in front of him. Both of us were turned on and I told her that I would do the same with her. She smiled and told me that she would love that.We started smooching each other and ended up fucking. But after that, we didn’t talk about that as we were not serious about it. See, when we would be horny, we would abuse each other, say bad things. But as we were done, we would turn normal as if nothing happened.Since that day, while fucking, I would say that I would let some other guys fuck her and that would make both of us hornier. We knew that we didn’t want that in real but our sexting and turning on revolved around that. One day, Nidhi got a fracture near her knee and I took her to the doc in a nearby hospital.As we entered his cabin, the doc seemed very handsome and masculine. He had a regular gym-goer body and he was a treat for the girls. Nidhi looked at him and passed me a wicked smile. I understood that she was crushing on him. I smiled back.That was our rule, whenever we would see a hot girl or guy, we would pass each other a wicked smile. The doc asked about her problem and told her to show the knee. She was wearing a top and shorts. He held her foot on his thigh and stretched her knee.He was touching her thigh and legs but instead of feeling bad I was feeling a bit erotic. During examining, he was touching her thighs and legs and I didn’t want him to stop. Later that night, I was thinking about that and I got a boner. Cuckold fantasy was getting real for me.Her fracture took a month to recover and we could only kiss and a bit of makeout during that. When she got all okay, we jumped on each other and I told her how erotic was I feeling when the doc was touching her. She also told me that she felt awesome.After that day, every time we would fantasize about that doc and it was hell exciting for us. But the idea of doing this in real had struck my mind and I didn’t kaçak iddaa know how to tell Nidhi. So I started doing some small voyeur jobs. Like I took her to the tattoo shop coz she was much interested in it.She wanted it on her nape. But I insisted she took that on her back so that her backless dress would turn sexier. She agreed. I, Nidhi and the tattoo guy went to a closed space. He told her to remove her top. She passed me a wink coz she knew I was enjoying that and then removed her top.She was in her bra and the tattoo guy sat beside her. While tattooing her, he was rubbing and touching her back and I found I had an erection. He then told her that the strap of her bra was posing the problem for the machine. I immediately told him to unhook the strap and do it comfortably.The moment he unhooked them, I just wanted to shag but I controlled. He then did his job, hooked them and she wore her top back. Later I asked her how she felt, she teasingly replied with how I felt. I told her honestly that I had an erection.She laughed and told me that getting touched in front of her boyfriend was erotic for her too. That encouraged me and I continued with my little cuckold acts. But the real story occurred when we went to Shimla after a few months. We checked in the hotel in the morning.We had a quick sex session and then we went on sightseeing. We came back at around 8 pm. We ate and refreshed. When I started kissing her, Nidhi came up with an idea. She dared me to fuck her in a public place. I rejected that since it was impossible.So, she came up with a plan that we would do that after midnight when roads would be empty. That was exciting and I agreed. We drank a bit and went out at 12. There were some people still roaming and we started searching for a place where there was no one.We walked a lot and finally, there was a bit of darkness on the corner of a road and we could see no one. We went there. I started kissing her and pressing her boobs. She was wearing a one-piece. I pulled her panty, turned her back and started fucking her from behind.She was moaning and this was a hell exciting experience for her. Suddenly I was patted on my back by a hand. I had a strong adrenaline rush. I got afraid of my maximum. In my reflex, I got separated from Nidhi and put on my pants. Nidhi immediately put on her panties.We then turned back and our fear exaggerated seeing it was a policeman. He shouted at us and told us that he would get us behind bars. I immediately started requesting him to not do so and we will give him whatever he says. He got a bit silent and asked about us. He took my wallet and seized my identity proof.I told him to negotiate with us and that too outside the police station. After a lot of requests, he said us to follow him. He took us to a hotel and told me that he would go inside and book two rooms – one for him and another for us. He would call me after a few minutes to tell us the room number.The same happened and we reached the room. There was no one there and we got a bit relaxed. Nidhi told me that she believed the policeman wanted to fuck her. I teasingly asked her was that a problem for her and she burst into laughter. But we wanted to come out of that mess.So we were waiting for him to come and started kissing each other. The door opened suddenly and he saw me kissing Nidhi and pressing her boobs. He smiled and said we guys were too kaçak bahis horny every time. We said sorry to him but he said us to relax and be friendly with him.He gave us a brief intro. His name was Ajay and he was married. Though he had lots of money, he was sad because his wife had left him 2 years back. He then asked about us. After having a brief formal conversation, he started being kinky.Ajay: Since when have you guys been together?I: More than a year, sir.Ajay: Since when have you guys been fucking?I: Same time, sir.Ajay: You assholes can’t wait I know, that’s why you guys want girls forI and Nidhi passed a half-smile.Ajay: Why is she not speaking anything? There she was moaning so hard. Tell me how many guys have you fucked bitch?Nidhi: Two, sir, him and my ex-boyfriend.Ajay: You are a poor lad, Mohit, you could not get her virginity. How many times have you fucked both of them?Nidhi: Many, didn’t count, 70-80 times with Mohit and 4-5 with ex-boyfriendAjay: Wow, she is fucking experienced like hell.“So here is the condition of you guys going out of here. I have not fucked for a year, I want to fuck this hot girl right here. I won’t force. I want to do happily with your consent and trust me you will have the most amazing sex of your life. I will give you half an hour to think. If you are ready, wear this while I return.”Ajay took out a short one-piece, put it on the bed and left the room. Nidhi teasingly told me that he is there to complete my fantasy. I got instantly turned on and told Nidhi to accept his proposal as it would make us free too. Nidhi was a bit hesitant but after our conversation, she agreed.I told her to go change. I was getting horny and she came back. She was looking at the lustiest and yummiest girl ever born. That dress had fitted her perfectly in her curves and her boobs were something to die for. I grabbed her wildly, started kissing her and pressing her boobs like I always did.Suddenly somebody held my t-shirt from the back and pulled me to made me sit on the couch. He was Ajay. He just grabbed Nidhi and started smooching the bitch. He had put his lips on her lips and was biting her in between to show his desperation to fuck her.He then turned her back, made her lean on the wall. He took her dress up and started pressing her thick fleshy ass, and eventually, he was spanking Nidhi’s ass. She was moaning smilingly as if she was having the wildest sex of her life. He then said that he forgot to lock the door in excitement and went to do it.As he was coming, Nidhi removed that one piece and now she was in that black bra and panty. I can’t describe how sexy she was looking then. That curvy milky body of her was glowing in the background of her black bra and panty covering her assets well.He came and stood in front of her, perhaps he had never fucked such a sexy girl before and that’s why he was noticing her. Nidhi took his hands and placed them on her busty boobs. He started pressing them softly and Nidhi took his hands and directed them to do that harder.He was pressing her boobs harder. she took his face and immersed it in her chest. He was turning mad. He was kissing her chest and, in a go, he removed her bra and threw it. Nidhi’s busty big boobs came out. He was licking one and pressing the other.Her nipples were in his mouth and he started biting them. Nidhi started moaning harder and he was doing it like an a****l. illegal bahis He continued for 10 minutes and then turned her back and threw it on the bed. Removing his shirt, he started licking her back and then came down on her ass.He was spanking her and licking her ass. Nidhi rose up, started smooching and went on top of him to kiss on his chisel chest and broad shoulder. She went down, removed his jeans and his hard rock dick was visible from his underwear. She rubbed them and then threw his underwear.It was massive, I admit it was longer and thicker than mine. Nidhi was rubbing it, then she looked at me seductively and started blowing him. Firstly, she was stroking it and half of it was inside her mouth. As she took all of it inside, I grew mad seeing her doing that.I took my dick out in my hands. She was stroking his dick taking it in her mouth. But her hairs were coming in front of her face. So I rose up, curled her hairs in my hand and pulled her by her hairs so that she could blow Ajay better. Ajay was going mad.Within 10 minutes he rose and threw Nidhi on the bed. She was all nude. He went to the bottom, started kissing her feet, licking her thumbs, then her legs. Finally, her voluptuous thighs. He then spread her legs to see her brown sexy pussy. He rubbed it and then started licking her clit.Nidhi was growing mad and she pulled his face to her vagina. He was not stopping to lick. Nidhi got extremely crazy, pushed Ajay and told him to fuck her. He brought his dick to her pussy when she was lying. He rubbed her clit with his dick and Nidhi took his dick to place on her wet pussy.One stroke of Ajay and he was inside her and Nidhi had a hard moan. I had also become extremely hard and was stroking mine on the couch. Ajay then penetrated deeper to make all of his dick enter inside the bitch. Nidhi was moaning with pleasure.With every increasing speed, Nidhi’s moans were getting louder and that was turning both me and Ajay on. Ajay fucked her like a slut for 5-7 minutes and then turned Nidhi back. Between her ass, he pentetrated his dick and Nidhi rose up to come in the doggy style.Ajay while holding her boobs started thrusting his dick inside her pussy. That inside outside continued and Nidhi was moaning. I knew that was her extreme pleasure moment. Then Ajay lay on the bed and brought Nidhi on top of her. He adjusted his dick on her pussy and Nidhi sat over it.In a stretch all of him was inside her and Nidhi was jumping hard. Ajay was moaning and pressing her boobs hard. It was enough. I had been extremely excited and I rose up to join them. I started kissing Nidhi on her back and when she lay on Ajay, my dick was on her ass.Ajay told me to insert my dick in her ass. Nidhi had not done anal before but I had no time to think. I spread her legs and put my dick on her ass when her pussy was already filled by Ajay’s dick. I thrust but it was not getting inside easily. I was trying and ultimately, a part of mine got inside her asshole.Nidhi moaned harder and was on the verge of crying I thrust more and was inside her asshole. Now both of her holes were filled with dick and she was getting mad with pleasure. We kept doing this for a few minutes. Then Ajay said that he was about to cum and I was too.We took our dicks out of her and she laid on the bed. Both of us placed our dick on her face and in a second, ejaculated our juice on her face. We were heavily exhausted but happy. Nidhi was the happiest. We looked at each other, smiled and Ajay told us to stay there the whole night. We told him that we wanted to stay.See you in the next part, friends. Thank you.

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