Me, Mario and Maurice

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“Move it in deeper…” he said in a low and strained voice.

I slowly pushed the dildo in another inch or so. His dick twitched. I reached under and started to jerk him off. He gave a moan of pleasure. I kept a light grip on his dick as I lightly stroked him. He adjusted himself better on the bed for me to have better access to his dick. But by spreading his legs wider he took the dildo in his ass another inch. He grunted and bit down on his bottom lip. Even though his eyes were closed. His body couldn’t stop jerking from my stroking. I decided then the dildo was in far enough. I turned the switch on. The vibration’s sound came in a low hum as it was clicked into first gear.

Mario eyes flew open and bucked back against the dildo in his ass. His golden lean body tremor from the pleasure that it was receiving. His black short hair was wet from sweat and curled lusciously around his ear. I wanted to kiss his delicate ear but I stopped myself and kept stroking his hard-on. He is really muscular but lean. His Italian blood gave him a natural athletic body that he kept toned by playing volleyball. He gripped the bed sheets even tighter as I flicked the switch into a higher gear. He couldn’t hold back and started to groan out loud. His body kept jerking uncontrollably and I couldn’t maintain a good grip on his cock. His frustrations made him fell to his side as he started to pump the life out of his cock. His face went from compiled frustration to ecstasy as he rolled on his back, legs agape and hand pumping even faster on his member. He arched his back, stood on tip toes and pumped furiously his dick as finally a loud groan erupted from his mouth as he held his member to the air and climaxed. His cum spewing high from his tip fell all over his body. Jets of cum flying into the air to splash back down on his abs, legs and the bed. For the last time he fell to his side and pulled the dildo out from his ass. His body was still convulsing from the pleasure he’d just experienced.

I rubbed his back and tried to soothe the tension in his body. Mario turned over then and looked at me. An innocent smile played about his pink full lips as he raised his head up. I leaned in to kiss his lips softly. His brown whiskey colored eyes was filled with satiation. I stroked his body where his cum had just fallen. And while looking into his eyes, I raised my hand to my lips and licked my fingers. I love tasting him and he does too. I leaned in to kiss him again as he tasted his cum in our kiss.

“Was that any better than the last time?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I wish I could control myself better.” he said disappointedly. “I like the feel of it, but my body is still to sensitive to control it.”

“Mario don’t worry you will soon be able bahis siteleri to enjoy it, sooner or later.” I said reassuringly/

I kissed him even more and within no time was he hard again. I love this man that can get hard from my kisses but even better that he is willing to play into my fantasies. For months, I have been opening Mario up to the idea of anal sex. At first he was not to keen to the idea but being Mr. Macho-Italian-Guy that has to satisfy his girlfriend every needs, he gave in. We started with butt plugs, going from small to big. And the times he kept it in extended, from minutes to hours and finally a day. Once I made him keep it in for a whole day. I wore dresses without panties as an encouragement. So, he could fuck me whenever he wanted. Those where the best two days of my life.

Mario loves to make love to me and with his stamina he can go on for days if I let him. We were out, walking about in the mall. As we entered the mall’s elevator, he stood directly in front of me. I couldn’t help myself but to touch his ass where the butt plug lie embedded. I keep caressing his ass as my hand slid up my dress. I crouch down to spread my legs wide to touch my self even more fervently. Mario looked at me in my crouch position. He pulled me to stand. I tilted my head back so he can kiss me. He looked at me and leaned in. Just before I could feel his lips against mines. He pulled away. I saw confusion in his eyes as he turned his head away. His expression told me how we couldn’t do this in a public area. Especially, since there are camera’s everywhere in a mall. But I guess my pleading eyes got the better of him as he pushed me against the elevator wall and kissed me hard. His knee coming in-between my legs. I heist up my dress and wrapped a luscious leg around his waist. He then grabbed my thigh pulling my body closer to him as he brought his hand between us and onto my wet crotch.

Upon feeling my wetness, I knew there was no turning back for him. I braced myself for the best fuck I was ever going to have. My hips kept bucking against his stilled hand. I hoped to at least feel a long slender finger curled in to my wet pussy with slick ease. But Mario, my protector and thinker, pulled himself away and in a nick of time. As the elevator doors opened. We left that elevator and mall as the security guard with an annoying face looked after us. As we reached the parking lot he opened the back door and I tried to hop into the back seat of our truck. Before my other leg could have left the ground I felt Mario hands on my waist. He pulled me back down and bend me over the back seat of the truck. He flung my dress over my head and whipped his cock out in recorded time. I felt the tip grazed my clit as it slid up and in. With canlı bahis siteleri one stroke of his hard-on he was in my sheath. My wet walls holding him tightly and sucking him deeper. He started pumping his dick into me before I can even get accustomed myself to his size. Mario is really long and hard. I was happy that it was a slender 10 inches instead of a thick 10 inches. I wouldn’t be able to take it alive or dead.

Mario kept hitting me deep in my pussy. His balls slapping hard against me. I was pinned to the seat gripping the leather interior. So much male hardness was around and in me. My body was melting from the scent of leather and our sex. His grip on my hips dug deeper with each thrust but it wasn’t enough. He lifted his leg onto the railing of the truck and placed his other hand on top of the doorway. A loud clank was sounded as his ring hit the metal of the roof. This position restrained my movements as my high-heel foot slipped from the rail and met the other one on the ground. I tip toed, still to meet his thrust head on, stretching my high heels, arching my back, leaving my rear end high up and exposed for him. His eyes never left my body as I was fucked fast and ferocious from behind. I can hear Mario’s moans as he kept stuffing his cock into me. His intent was more on embedding himself inside of me than the intense friction of our movement. It was just thrust after thrust of his lengthy cock, filling me up until I bit into the leather seat. Mario leaned in turning my head to his face him, nibbling my bottom lip as his other hand slid up my dress and on to my breast. My position was restrained even more as his hand caressed my neck, the other on my right breast and his teeth lightly locked on to my bottom lip. It kept me from moving back against his hard cock. As he slammed himself even more into me, rocking the truck in the process. His thrust became even deeper penetrations as I felt his body convulse. As his orgasm approached, he reached to hold both of my hands in his, locking our fingers over my head as he reared up and expelled his sexual energy into my wet slit. It felt as if, I was being stabbed by his cock as he pulled all the way out to slam back again with force into my wetness. His thrust was deep and slow as he pulled back again only to slam and gyrate with a sensual rhythm against my plump ass. Each swivel and turn from his hips made me wetter as his dick felt even more pronounced in my vagina. His body curved around my rear end that stood high and open to him.

With one last thrust I heard his breath escaped from him and felt his cum leaked from my opening. I climaxed then from the sensation as he lifted my leg with one hand and the other went under my dress and over my clit. He began to work my canlı bahis clit as my pussy convulsed over his dick that splatter even more cum into my pussy. His hand, holding my leg, released it. The other was soaked with our ecstasy juices. He then brought his hand to my lips to be tasted and sucked on. Slowly, my orgasm began to subside as he fell over the back seat upon my back. In our aftermath, it was then we heard clapping. Mario reared up looking about him while his dick stayed deep with in me. He wasn’t hard but there was a good 7 inches left in me. I moaned from the sudden movement and stood up to have a look. Just then I saw him.

Maurice was an open gay friend of mines from work. We would always hang out with each other. I remember once showing him a picture of Mario. I knew my boyfriend was handsome but the bulge in Maurice pants told me that my man was drop dead gorgeous. Maurice was a white muscular male, he was more build for the army than the office. He was 6’5 while Mario was 6’3 and poor me was 5’8 in heels. His dark blond hair was not as curly as Mario but more playful, fluffy even. His face was strong and hard as his gray eyes was soft and inviting. He is a sexy man, but he was gay. You would only notice his preference when ever a male college would pass by the water cooler.

Maurice walked up to us and patted Mario on his shoulder. “Nice performance, I would have passed by if it weren’t for your ring…”Maurice said pointing to Mario’s ring.

Just then it dawned on me. During our lovemaking when Mario placed his hand on the opening of the door to get a better grip. His ring had hit the metal top and made a loud sound from metal hitting hollow metal. It was that thud that probably caught Maurice’s attention. (and the rocking truck, of course.)

“You know that butt plug you got up the ass. It is really a good way to get you started on anal sex. Why I should recommend that you should use a ribbed vibrator while doing your girlfriend. But there is nothing that beats the feeling of a good cock up the ass.” Maurice said as he eyed my boyfriend from head to toe.

His eyes fixed to where we were still connected, but was thankfully covered by my dress. “Thanks Maurice for the heads-up.” I said and pushed him back a bit.

Maurice didn’t move. I had to turn standing in front of Mario so he could use me as a shield to put his luscious cock back into his pants and zip up. Mario moved to the front seat as I was telling Maurice goodbye.

Maurice pulled me in and whispered: “You know I saw everything. You should have a threesome with you, me and Mario soon. Keep up with the training as I told you and soon he can take me on.” he said pointing to his crotch. Maurice showed me how hard he was and the bulge at his crotch was huge. I winked at him and walked away. Poor Mario, he had no clue to what my plans were for him. He turned to ask me what we were talking about and I told him that his ring was a beckon for gay male predators.

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