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me and momOne day, me and my mother went to a wedding ceremony of one of our neighbors as part of the bride’s entourage.All of us went in a hired bus. Since there were a lot of people, there was a crowd in the bus. On the way to the wedding,my mother got a seat at the front while me and some of my neighborhood friends stood at the back. On the way back, Ma (mom) did not get a seat at front,we sat in the last row. Ma was at the corner, then me, then my two friends and then other people.Since maximum people tried to fit in to this row, there was no space between us and I was “plastered” on Ma. My mother is quite a plump lady andit was difficult for her to sit in that way. After some time Ma got up from the seat and said, “You guys sit comfortably. I will stand for a while.If my feet get tired then I will sit again.” This was a two-hour journey and by this time there was only one soft light glowing at the front of the bus,the back was dark. After some time, I felt that Ma’s buttock was touching my face lightly; when this happened, Ma would adjust her stance and stood straight again.The seat in front of Ma had a very high betsobet yeni giriş back and Ma was resting her head on that seat back. From time to time Ma was dozing off,the whole bus was silent and almost everyone was sleeping. At this point, my friend Suman told me that he wants to sit by the window.I gave him my seat and sat next to him. Now Suman was to my right beside the window and on my left was my other friend Rahul. Ma, was standing with her eyes closed infront of Suman,resting her head on the very high back of the seat in front of her. Rahul, who was sitting to my left, had collected a large bouquet at the wedding.Rahul had fallen asleep with the bouquet on his lap, this made our side hidden from view of other people on the bus. Suman was staring out the window.After a while I noticed Ma had leaned a bit too much on the front seat and her butt was touching Suman’s face. But instead of moving his face away,he kept it there and was enjoying the touch. I behaved as if I was sleeping but was observing the incident through the corner of my eye.Now Suman looked at me intensely, trying to betsobet güvenilirmi ascertain whether I was sleeping. He must have felt that I was asleep because he then put his hand onmy mother’s full-figured,44-inch butt. To my surprise, he then started to slowly caress my mother’s butt with his hand Ma stirred a bit and he immediately removed his hand andlooked outside again.Ma took a good look back and resumed her previous position of standing with her head resting on the seat in front. After about 10 minutes,I saw Suman leaning forward slowly and placed his face on Ma’s butt. There was nor reaction from Ma. Sumon then started to lick Ma’s butt over the salwar.He thought Ma was asleep but she was not. I could clearly see that Ma slightly turned her face backwards to look back and kept on standing pretending to be asleep.By now Suman was caressing both his hands on Ma’s ass. He was simultaneously rubbing his face on her butt and caressing it.Suddenly I realized Ma is also slowly rubbing her ass on his face. This emboldened Suman and he started to roughly squeeze Ma’s butt with both hands.Then betsobet giriş he raised the hem of mom’s salwar and tried to open the kameez. But Ma put her hand back and stopped him by holding his hand.He removed his hand and was sitting idly now. Imagine my surprise when I saw my mother herself lift her salwar and slowly lowered her kameez.The kameez had an elastic band not the ones which had string to tie it with. Ma returned to her previous stance and Suman resumed caressing mom’s ass.This time he put his hand inside the salwar and lowered the panty. Looking around, he lifted Ma’s salwar and he gazed at Mom’s fair drum-like ass using thelight of his mobile.I could also see that Ma’s ass was very fair in complexion and was shaped like a big urn. Then in front of me he started licking my mother’s ass.After a while he unzipped and pulled out his penis. Now he was squeezing my mother’s ass with one hand and with the other he was stroking his rod.Then he tugged Ma’s hand and indicated her to do something. Ma now stood straight and lifted the salwar over her waist and lowered the kameez and panty further.Then she slowly lowered herself on my friends lap. Once on his lap, I could clearly understand that Suman was giving upward strokes with his penis into my mother’s cunt from behind.In the same time he was squeezing both her tits with his hands. This went on for some time and then everything quieted down.

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