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Subject: Mazza Tweets Back (4) This is a fictional story about this incredibly hot bear of a guy that lives in the UK. I met the hit dude online through Twitter. Just clicking from one guy to another as you do online. But he was so fucking gorgeous to me i had to strike up conversation. Liking and sharing his hot images. I have actually had back and forth with him a few times. But that’s it. Nothing more.Sucks because I would jump on his hot body and dick any day he asked me to. So this is for the hot twitter bear. Thanks for saying hi. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mazza Tweets Back (4) … Here I was on my knees now. Here in some foreign place after meeting up with the hot Mazza from online. I was here in his old home town and in a deserted city park that had seen better days. Here with his pants pulled down to his knees and staring at his meaty crotch bulge. This was where I expected to be with him not long after we met. But I didn’t take into account that I would be here with him out in the open. I mean anyone passing through this old park could stumble across us in this position. But Mazza didn’t seem to care much about such things the hunk had me where he wanted too. On my knees an preparing to service his big dick. I looked at the studs fantastic bulge of his dick. Just that wonderful full looking package was enough to feed my hunger. “Well then” I finally said “Since we are here” “Lets get this big boy out” So I reached for his package and rubbed at it. Feeling the size of his dick through the briefs that stood between me and it. It kocaeli escort felt great. Better than I hoped. It certainly felt bigger than I assumed too. So yes I had to get that great dick out. The one I had only seen online before. The dick I had lusted over for many many months. I pulled down his briefs. Grasping at the waist and just pulling them down to free that cock I so wanted. I was now stared at the mans cock as it hung there before me. Yeah it was pretty big, even in its current semi flaccid state. I reached for him and took his fantastic dick in my hand. Holding it almost gingerly as I prepared myself to suck in him. Just licking at my lips as I pulled on him with a few slow strokes. “Such a great looking dick man” I said to him. “Suck” he just said. So I did. Right there in this old public park and out where we could possibly be seen I took his dick. I pulled myself to the hunks cock and took him into my mouth.pulling my lips over the head and shaft. Mazza moaned as he felt me do this. “Yes man. Oh yess” he moaned. “That mouth feels soo good man” “Yess. No more, more” My mouth moved up and down his quickly swelling dick. He was fully erect in minutes. A nice full near eight inches if stud dick. And I was very much in a state of unquenched hunger as I sucked on him. Sliding up and down with fervor. The big hunk of a man was slowly pushing his hips at my head as he fed me. Fucking my head woth his big cock. Then he would thrust with force and force his big dick into my throat. Causing me to gag on his big dick as he punched into it. I had to push off his meaty thigh to get it dislodged kocaeli escort bayan from my convulsing throat. Then pulled off his bug cock again. Gasping for much needed air. “Fuck” I huffed as I got my air “That is one big dick man” I looked at the studs cock. It truly was an intimidating looking thing. The big long and meaty shaft capped off by a head still a bit under the foreskin. But it was a stunning looking thing for sure. I licked at my lips after getting the air I needed. For I was planning in going back down his big cock. That was for sure. “You like my big cock?” He asked I just nodded to him. Letting him know that I fid like his big dick. But did I like it. Even beyond the fact that he had choked me with it, I still like the big meaty thing. He’ll I loved it. So I grasped at the shaft again. Wrapping my fingers around his sizeable cock. Feeling it meatiness in my hand. It was truly that best looking cock I had ever seen Then I opened up my hungry mouth again. Then I pulled myself down Mazzas big dick again. Slurping along the long delicious shaft. Getting the hot stud to groan again. Sighing as he felt my mouth move down his big dick. Feeling at my hungry tongue licked along the flanks of his big dick. “Awe fuck. Fuckk!” He moaned again “Your mouth. Oh mam your mouth is so good” “Suck on my dick. Yesss” “Oh yes baby. Just like that” “Yes. With the tongue. Hmmf” I continued to worship his big dick more. Slobbering more on him. Trying to suck him back into my throat on my own. Pulling back just enough to take in some air. “Awe fuckk!” I would gasp as I came off him. “Fucking izmit escort best cock. Shit” The hot hairy man held at my head again. And he started to fuck my head again. But not so rough now. Just a steady thrust as my mouth worked his big crank. I was still having difficulty with his schlong as it was still a big fucking dick. So even thought it was enjoyable, I had to keep pulling off his dick to get air. And this went on fir several minutes. My fave was covered on my own drool by the time he finally pulled away from me to say he wanted to fuck me. “Awe fuck man. That’s it dude” he huffed “Gotta stop man” “Wanna get at that ass man” “Turn around and drop your pants” I looked up at him as I was freed from the gagging cock. Looked at the hot guy as he held on to his big dick. He was gonna fuck me. Here in the park. I thought about it. Was there a chance we would be caught? I wasn’t sure at how utterly empty the park was. So I got up and did as he asked. Pulling down my pants and then showing Mazza my butt The hot hairy guy smiled as he looked at my backside. Obviously liking what he saw. He grabbed me and pulled me to a bench there and told me to bend dow over it. That he was gonna eat out my hole. “Get down there man” he commanded. “Gonna eat that ass” “Get it ready for my dick” I was on the ground again. Leaning against the bench and straddling the back with my hand. Then Mazza moved behind me and dropped down to his knees. I felt his hands on my buttocks. Grasping to my tight butt cheeks. He quickly spread them to get to my hole. Then he spit at my hole. The loud loogie he hit me with was very wet. “What the?” I huffed in surprise Then Mazza shoved a finger I to my ass. A hard long finger. I groaned at the action… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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