May 5th. Surprise Jennifer’s Point of View

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May 5th. Surprise Jennifer’s Point of ViewWith my bag in hand I kiss my husband goodbye and tell him I will be back in a few hours. He says to have fun and be a good slut. I promise him I will do just that and I’d be back with a used pussy for him to play with later. I jump in my car and head off to a nearby hotel to meet my long time fuck friend Alec.When I arrived I noticed his vehicle in the lot. I could not wait to get inside and have some fun. I hurry to the room and knock on the door. He opens it, naked, already with a half hard cock. He gives me a hug, whispers something about it being too long and takes my bag. We sit on the bed together and make small talk for a few minutes. He rubs my leg as I play with his cock. As it grows hard in my hand we are both getting more and more eager. Alec stands up in front of me and pushes his hard penis towards my face. I take him into my mouth. He grabs the back of my head and slowly starts fucking my mouth. I do my best to give him good head as it’s obvious how horny he is. Besides, I love sucking his cock. I could tell he was about ready to cum. Seemed rather quick but I take it as a compliment. I must be doing him right. He pulls out of my mouth and more aggressively then usual, pushes me back on the bed, spreads my legs apart, lifts my skirt and slides his dick inside me.This all seemed a little out of the ordinary. Typically when he and I have sex things progress slower. More flirting. More foreplay. But I figured he was just really excited to see me. After all, it had been nearly three weeks since we last got together. Plus, I didn’t have a curfew and he could easily go two or three times. So I figured we could have a quick bang then proceed from there.Alec fucks me hard and fast. After a couple minutes he pulls out and jumps up on the bed and thrusts his cock back into my mouth. I reach up grab a hold and stroke it for him. I open my mouth and push out my tongue. He asks “Are you ready to taste some cum?” I moan as he shoots a bunch of cum into my mouth and all over my face. Little did I realize that would be the first of four facials I would receive that night.I changed out of my street clothes and put on a tiny yellow skirt that Alec likes and returned to the bed where he lay recovering from his climax. He asks me if I like being his little slut. “Yes, I like it very much.” Then he reaches over to the night stand, grabs my travel bag and says “Good I love you slutty. The sluttier the better.” He takes out my favorite illegal bahis vibrating pink dildo and starts to tickle my pussy. “I want you to be very bad tonight.” He flips up my skirt and I open my legs for him. I still had not cum and my pussy is getting wetter and wetter. He continues to tease me but doesn’t bring me all the way there yet. “Lets make this fun.” he says. “I want to tie you up and blindfold you.” Me being very horny and adventurous in the bedroom agree to his idea. Alec reaches into the nightstand drawer and pulls out pink rope a blindfold and black cuffs. First he puts the cuffs on my wrists and ankles then wraps the rope around my legs holding then open. Then he has me put my arms up over my head and links the cuffs together. Now that I’m restrained (although honestly, I could have gotten free had I wanted too) he fucks me with my dildo and puts his cock into my mouth. I could feel it growing as I sucked him. Then he got down between my legs and sucked on my clit. I was about to finally cum when he stopped. He wiggled my skirt up high so it was up around my titties fully exposing everything else. “This will make it even more kinky and enjoyable for you.” He lifts my head and puts the blindfold over my eyes. With slow rhythmic strokes he fucks me. I push back against his cock. I needed to cum. It felt so good. Then he suddenly pulls out and says he has a couple more things he needs to do to me. At this point he could do whatever he wanted as long as he fucked me again… soon. He lifts my blindfold and shows me a little piece of jewelry. “This is for your pussy lips.” I giggled and spread my legs for him to decorate me. Finally, he takes little foam ear plugs and helps me put them in my ears. “These will make it super erotic for you.” I’m thinking okay fine whatever.. just fuck me already. The last thing he said was “I’m going to set up the camera… sit tight be right back.”It was a strange and highly erotic feeling being so vulnerable. I couldn’t see, could hardly hear, tied to a bed waiting for what was next. I only heard muted sounds. Faint shuffling in the room. A drawer opening and closing? My lover was getting the camera set up I assumed. I felt the bed move and a hand on my pussy. The jewelry piece was removed. Then nothing for a minute until my dildo touched my pussy lips again. I lay there completely exposed patiently waiting for Alec’s next move. At first he slowly teased me as I responded with subtle hip thrusts. I moaned as he illegal bahis siteleri worked my cunt. Then suddenly stops. He places the vibrating dildo on my pussy and a shift in weight on the bed. He must be repositioning himself. Maybe he is going to fuck me now. Instead I felt to dildo begin to move again. He became more aggressive. It was not a real cock yet, but it felt so good. I was happy to be getting filled up. At least I was getting fucked. I was his slut to do with what he wanted. I was getting closer and closer to orgasm as he pushed the toy inside me. My mind ran wild. I could not wait any longer. I came. An explosive orgasm. He continued to thrust as I climaxed… Alec steps off the bed puts his mouth next to my ear and speaking loudly asks “ You like being a dirty whore? Are you ready for more?” Alec had never talked like that to me before but I figured it was all part of the game. “Yes please. I want more.”I felt movement all over the bed, multiple hands on my body. I didn’t know what was happening or how to react. I did nothing. I let it happen. Someone was licking my pussy. Someone was sucking my nipples. How many people were there? Which one was Alec? Was my husband there? I gave myself away. I didn’t care who was there. With muted senses I surrendered.I was fucked and fed cock for what must have been an hour. I wondered who they were. It didn’t matter. I opened my legs and let random cocks enter my married pussy. They traded places one after the next fucking me. I sucked every cock that was put near my face. I was being used and gang banged by a group of strange men and I loved it. I opened up and let them dump their load into my mouth . Before I could even clean the cum off my face another dick was inside my cunt. I lay on my back being passed around and used. I was there for their pleasure. I was their plaything. Their fuck toy. Their cum dump. And I loved every minute of it.With wet cum on my lips and another cock fucking my cunt I’m soon expecting another load of to be deposited in my mouth or maybe in my pussy this time. He pulls out. Then nothing for a minute. What happened where did they go. Alec removes the earplugs from my ears. He asks how I’m doing and if I’m having fun. I assure him I am and I start to ask him questions. He tells me to be quiet and just enjoy it. I try to take off the blindfold but he insists I leave it on. He unties me, I lay back as the vibration starts again on my pussy.I opened my legs and let whoever canlı bahis siteleri was still in the room play with me. I felt another toy entering my ass. Alec was full of surprises tonight. Normally, I’m not too big on anal sex but tonight was different. I let them fuck both my pussy and my ass. I climaxed repeatedly as I was being filled with rubber toys. Another cock enters my willing mouth. It was big and thick. I worked him wanting to taste more cum. Instead, I was told to get on my knees. Together they fucked me. One cock in my pussy a second in my mouth. I came again for like the sixth time that night. On my back again, I’m getting fucked good. Fucked hard. I’m told to open my mouth. I do as I’m told and someone drops more cum onto my lips. Alec says I need to show my husband the cum on my face. I momentarily pose for the camera then I’m pushed back on to my back again and my legs are pushed apart. At this point I realized Alec had not even participated yet. He was just filming. I am being used by group of complete strangers. I’m still not even sure how many men were there or if my husband was there. Alec says “shit” and announces that the camera was dead. He says, “Your husband is going to be mad.” Then giggles. The guy fucking me finally unloads on my stomach. I lay there beat up and exhausted but fully satisfied. “Don’t take off that blindfold.” Alec demands. Few minutes pass there is laughter and mild celebration in the room. The door opens and I hear a voice say “Thanks Jennifer I had fun. You are an true slut. Nice job.” The door closes. Alec removes the blindfold. He is standing over me smiling. I gently slap his face and smile back. We both laugh and eventually settle into the hot tub where of we talk about the crazy evening that had just transpired. He gives me the details about how he and my husband set the night up together. He tells me about the videos my husband showed him. “I kind of figured I was probably not the only one that got to enjoy you.” He says. I’m reassured he is not offended or turned off how dirty I can be. Now he is fully aware that I am not just a hot wife with a special friend. He knows what he has in me.Back to the bed he gives me a nice slow soothing deep fucking filling my slutty worn out cunt with a final load of cum. Shortly afterwards, I gather my things. He kisses me goodbye. We make plans for another day. I leave the room. I start my car and start for home. As I’m driving I look down at my bag and see the video camera. I remember I am not done yet. My husband will be ready to reclaim my dirty pussy the minute I walk in the door. But that will be after I yell at him for revealing to my favorite boy toy what a cheating cock loving gang bang cum slut I really am. 

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