Mature Mom Starts a New Life ( Part 3 )

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Mature Mom Starts a New Life ( Part 3 )My third day in Jamaica I woke up around noon Very Sore and with a Hangover! I managed to behave myself the whole day just took it easy to let my body recover from all the pounding it’s taken! I managed to get to bed alone and early! On day four I actually made it up for breakfast I decided to get off the resort go into town too see what’s there. I managed to get a taxi that took me into town I walked around checking out the shops after a while I decided to go for lunch in this little bar, I sat alone the bartender brought me a beer it wasn’t very busy we talked for a while his name was Trevor he owns and lived upstairs from this bar. Trevor was a Big Black Man about 6.4, 34 years old long dreads with a bit of a belly on him. I finished lunch was getting ready to leave when Trevor asked if I would join him he was going to take his boat out this afternoon I looked at him said sure I have no plans as long as we get back early enough for me to get back to the resort. So off we went his boat was about 20 feet with lots of room he toured me around stopping in places to visit we ended up having drinks and again I was getting tipsy! We returned back to the bar after a couple hours Trevor invited me upstairs I said no I should be going he looked to me and said come baby we had a good day come up for a drink and I’ll see that you get back safe, again thinking what the Fuck this is about me I said sure lets go. He opened the door to his apartment we walked in to the smell of marijuana, he poured me a rum and coke I sat down as Trevor lit a joint he handed to me I hadn’t smoked weed since college but again hey this about me I took it and had a big toke of it. I was thinking now here I am in Jamaica in a Jamaican mans apartment drunk and High what could go wrong! Trevor was now sitting beside me I things were silent then he leaned over to start kissing me I was a lost cause çankırı rus escort again as he put his hands on my tits massaging them I was melting, he grabbed the bottom of my shirt to lift it over my head then unhooked my bra, my Fat Tits fell he started massaging licking & sucking them after a bit of this he took off his shirt then got up dropped his shorts to release his Big Black Cock it wasn’t as big as the security guy’s but still very large about 10″ Long not as thick. He came over I dropped to my knees took what I could into my mouth to start sucking it, I put two hands on it my head bobbed as I sucked and jerked his Big Dick, Trevor looked down said that’s it baby you have a great mouth come on Suck that Dick! I continued on for a bit then I could feel him start to tense up I knew he was going to blow, Trevor grabbed both side of my head started fucking my mouth then he exploded with a force I’ve never felt before, his CUM hit the back of my throat I tried to swallow it all but started gagging the excess flowing out the sides of my mouth! Once he was done he released my head I fell back on the floor, Trevor stood there for a minute then came down took hold of my shorts slid them off me, I was laying there naked except for my panties when I said COME HERE AND FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK! This really got him going as he grabbed me put me back on the couch then RIPPED OFF my panties and threw them away. He still wasn’t fully erect he took his cock in hand came over started feeding it semi erect into my CUNT, OH GOD I groaned as he pushed it into me I was so wet again I looked up at him to say STOP TEASING ME with that Trevor RAMMED the rest of it into me I gasped as he hit the back of my womb then started to Fuck me I could feel his harden with every stroke he was now fully erect and ready to give me what I wanted. I felt like such a nasty fucking çankırı rus escort bayan slut I just released yelling at him COME ON FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK I WANT IT ALL IN AND HARD! Trevor looked down his face changed had more of an angry look then yelled back YOU FUCK DIRTY WHITE SLUT! YOU WANT MY COCK YOUR GONNA GET IT! I spread my legs as far apart as I could preparing for the Fucking he was gonna give me, Trevor started plowing my Hole with a vengeance harder and harder with every thrust I started Cumming my entire body was shaking under him as he kept on slamming his Cock into me yelling COME BITCH TAKE IT COME ALL OVER IT! My orgasm was slowing I think he could tell because at this point he pulled out of me there was juice everywhere, he climbed up stuck his dick in my face telling me to SUCK IT BITCH! I took it sucked on it like my life depended on it, I could taste my cum on it I was way over the edge now Trevor pulled out of my mouth then took me, bent me over the arm of the couch them Slammed his Cock back inside me I Grunted with every thrust he gave me I asked him to take it easy he just yelled FUCK YOU BITCH! He kept this on for a while I have no idea how e could keep going I asked him again to take it easy but this had no effect as he kept Slamming my Cunt with his full length, I kept on begging him come on PLEASE CUM PLEASE! He just kept Fucking my Cunt, I haven’t been with a lot of men in my life but never met one with such staying power he was like a Porn Star. Finally he started to ease up the strokes got slower I was really enjoying this I said that’s it Fuck me like that make Momma Cum! Trevor kept on Fucking Slowly my Phat Ass up in the air my orgasm was building again I started shaking again then yelled OH GOD I”M CUMMING I”M CUMMING FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK I was shaking I could feel my Fat Ass jiggling rus escort çankırı then all of a sudden Trevor stuck a finger in my ASS, this drove me way over the edge I almost passed out as a super Orgasm took over my body I lost all control Trevor was now slapping my ass I could feel it heating up with every hit. Once I came down Trevor pulled out of me I got up off the arm of the couch I looked at him asked if he had Cum he, not yet Babe, HOLY SHIT your gonna kill me I said, we rested for a bit smoked and had a drink then got back at it, I climbed on top of Trevor grabbed his Cock to feed into me once fully inside me I started bouncing, grinding his Dick felt SOOOOOOO GOOD sliding inside me, he was playing with my tits his hands were all over me my Tits, Belly, Hips Ass it felt so good! I went on riding him for what seemed like half an hour this guy just wouldn’t Cum, I was having orgasm after orgasm my juice was flowing out of me like a river it was covering his balls and lap my Cunt was making loud squishing noises I wrapped my hands around his neck then ground my Cunt into him harder and harder I looked him in the eyes then said COME ON GIVE ME YOUR CUM I WANT TO FEEL IT INSIDE ME! I picked up the pace with my grinding then could feel his Dick start to harden inside me then Trevor started to moan then let out a loud Groan I could feel his sperm shooting into me I started bouncing and grinding harder on him till he was done unloading in me. I sat there for a minute his cock still inside me. I got up his Limp Cock flopped out there was Cum everywhere I leaned down to clean him up with my mouth, I licked his Cock Balls and Thighs. I went to the bathroom cleaned up then told Trevor I need to leave, we got dressed made our way down the stairs to the Bar. We got into the bar there was about 15 people there we walked through they started cheering I looked around puzzled then thought they must be able to hear everything from the apartment directly above. Trevor got me a taxi back to the resort I could feel his Sperm flowing out of me into my shorts since he ripped of my panties, it was about midnight I made it back to my room showered then went to bed, thinking again WOW what a slut I was being never had this much sex in my life.

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